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"A good friend will always stab you in the front."
Once long ago there was a family of 4 trolls. A mom,dad and two kiddos was the make up of this family.They lived deep in the woods they had no friends to speak of really and no pets. The name of this family of trolls was Red-beam who lived here all their lives.However that all changed one day in late July when a weird truck with slime covering it and large amounts of thick black smoke coming out of it's tail pipe pulled up. Out of the truck jumped two small trolls that looked about the same age as the two trolls that already lived in the woods.Two bigger trolls got out of the front two women trolls and walked around to the back of the truck.The bigger trolls looked around and headed to the big cave in the near by hill about 30 feet away. They walked in looked around and came back to the truck and got a big sign out of the cab of the truck. They walked back to the cave and pushed the sign into the ground,upon moving you could read the sign.The sign said in big red letters No Trust-passing ,Beware of the Boomhuffers . Well that was a relief this meant hopefully they would be minding their business because the Red-beam family didn't like company ever.

Little did they know it wouldn't be that easy because this family liked to be all alone with no neighbors.These trolls would go to great lengths to make sure they were all alone.They had a quote they lived up to "A good friend will always stab you in the front." They loved this quote and believed in it with all their crooked black hearts. The first thing they would do is unpack and set up camp in the cave,then they would wait for the kiddos to go out and play and send their two kids out with some stink weed on a log. All trolls loved this treat.Small little trolls wouldn't be able to resist this. The kids would lure them in with this treat and then offer to share it. This would be a shocked because trolls never shared they just take.So usually after a time or two of doing this they would befriend the kids.After that the rest was easier because the family was then caught of guard with the friendly trolls ,however glad to have stupid neighbors they thought they could mistreat. Most trolls would decide that they would just use these trolls and then dump them after they had gotten everything they wanted because trolls don't really have friends.However little did these trolls know that it was all a set up. This family of trolls would always trick them , friend them and then make sure that they had a unforeseen accident. Then the Boomhuffers would be all alone until they would be discovered by the humans in the nearby village. Because of their pollution of the water and forest they would always be discovered and would be ran off. See this family of trolls were slobs of the worse kind that didn't know how to lay low and keep quite. So they ran from village to village never being able to stay anywhere for long.Trolls don't really have friends like ever because they are nasty creatures at heart. They can however fake friendliness for a little while if they felt the need to.

So as usually they set out to do just what they always did and it was working or so they thought. They seemingly had befriended this other family of trolls.However this family lived by a quote too, "If it's got to be you or me it's gotta be you." They also live by one more quote also. "A good friend will always stab you in the front." Hummmm where have we heard that one before I wonder? So one day the Red-beam family who had no intentions of losing their life or home to the new family came up with a plan of their own to get rid of these fake friends.So they played along with the fake friends. One day they tricked the family into taking a drive to get a bunch of stink weed that the family told them grew in the deepest part of the forest. These trolls were very greedy and since they thought that the family was buying into their con they had no reason to doubt the story.So they all jumped into the truck and head east.About 5 miles out they came to a steep curve in the dirt road and tried to hit the breaks and discovered thy had none,so over the cliff they went,down down,down never to be seen again.

When the trolls didn't come back for two days they knew their plan had worked .The Red-beam family who had spent years in these woods moved into their cave on day three. Not knowing the family had set up bombs -all around the cave just in case anyone tried to come in and steal their stuff.Just as the family was getting comfortable the booms went off. Luckily the oldest child was out playing in the swamp and didn't get blown to bits. When this troll heard the explosion she knew her family was gone, The RED-beams where dead."You just can't trust a troll,however I am so glad to be rid of them all." She laughed and skipped home happily and cleaned up the mess in the cave and turned it into her She -cave. She lived happily never after and she never no never trusted any other trolls and therefore lived a long life. The moral of the story is, "A good friend will always stab you in the front." Maybe a better moral is to just never ever trust a troll of any kind.

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