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Write Five Stanzas in Shadorma format on the subject of Fire

Flickers rise.
In ancient rhythms,
Beauty's Blaze,
Danger cloaked,
Nature's raw, dual essence—
Creation and ruin.

Warmth radiates,
Against cold, stark nights,
Gentle glow.
Safe haven,
Fire's tender arms cradle,
Whispering of home.

From shadows.
Cooked bounty,
Fire, humanity's oldest friend,
A guide through history.

In your eyes,
A spark ignites souls,
Wild, fierce love,
Burning paths,
Transforming hearts with its heat—
Ashes to Phoenix.

Forests weep,
Under crimson siege,
Balance tipped,
Strive to mend what's torn apart—
Respect's flame reborn.

Author's note: "The Writer's Cramp New Prompt, due May 1 -2024" 11:59 PM. Write a series of five Shadorma. Topic = Fire, 30 lines, not counting author's note.
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