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Casting a film based on my own life was surreal.
As I sat in the bustling Hollywood studio, surrounded by stacks of scripts and headshots, I couldn't help but feel a mix of excitement and apprehension. Being tasked with casting a film based on my own life was surreal, to say the least.

For the role of my father, a steadfast and hardworking man with a gentle demeanor, I immediately thought of Tom Hanks. His ability to portray warmth and integrity on screen would bring my father's character to life in a way that felt genuine.

As for my mother, a resilient and nurturing woman who always put her family first, Meryl Streep seemed like the perfect fit. With her talent for embodying complex characters, I knew she could capture my mother's strength and unwavering love.

Choosing actors to portray my siblings was a bit more challenging. My older brother, with his mischievous grin and adventurous spirit, reminded me of Chris Pratt. His charisma and charm would make him a natural choice for the role.

My younger sister, on the other hand, possessed a quiet grace and intelligence that reminded me of Saoirse Ronan. Her ability to convey emotion with subtlety would bring depth to the character.

And then there was me. The protagonist of this story, navigating through life's ups and downs with determination and humor. As I scanned through the headshots, I couldn't help but feel a pang of uncertainty. Who could possibly capture the essence of who I am?

And then, as if by some twist of fate, there he stood. Timothée Chalamet. With his classic appeal and timeless charisma, he seemed to embody the very essence of my existence. It was as if he could seamlessly step into my shoes, depicting both the struggles and triumphs with an innate authenticity..

As I finalized the casting decisions, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride. These actors and actresses, each bringing their own unique talents to the table, would help tell my story in a way that felt honest and true. And as the cameras began to roll, I knew that, with their help, my Hollywood doppelganger would come to life in a way I never thought possible.
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