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by Naomi
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A song by Sue Thompson and wriiten byJohn Loudermilk jn 1961
I was in Grade 3 when the song was very popular
I told myself upon hearing this on the radio Top Ten Hits
" Movies...we do not have it in our vilage snd also in our town.
Then in 1970 it was popularized by our local movie actress who recorded this song in her version and inspite of the
sadness of the song, I Love it.
It was Vilma Santos our movie actress who sang it.

I was in 3rd year High school when we had an Open Forum with our Father Director in School at the Assembly Room that can accommodate 500 students..

Our Father Director usually in the middle of the Open Forum as a break would let me sing a song and another student a male student to sing first. Then I followed.

I sang and I strummed my guitar when requested to sing.
When ir was my turn to sing, I asked everyone first:
" Is it okay if I sing a sad song this time ,'?'
Nobody answered. Complete Silence.
Then Father Director said:
Yes...Any song please...

I strummef my guitar and then hummed in a crying voice

Hmm oh oh oh

Then the students yelled
":Sad Movues "
I strummef my guitar again and started to sing.
Complete Silence....
" He said he had to work
So I went to the show alone
They turned down the light and turned the projector on
And just when the news of the world stsrted to begin
I Saw my Darling and my brst friend walk in..

Though I was sitting there, they didn't see
And then they sat right down in front of me
And when he kissed her lips
I almost died snd in the middke of the colored curtain
I started to cry...

Oh.. sad movies
Always make me cry
Oh sad movies
Always make me cry...

So I got up and slowly walk down home
And Mama saw the tears and said what's wrong
And so to keep from telling her a lie
I just said Sad Movies
Make me cry.

I just said, Sad Movies
Make me cry...

Ohh ohhh
Ohh ohhh
Sad movies make me cry.

As I stopped singing, Nobody clapped . Very un usual
Then Father Director Said...
Naomi, You make us cry too.
Then he clapped his hands and everyone followed.
Later some students aporoached me and requested to have a copy of the lyrice of the song...

In the next open forum as Father Director wsnted me to sing again.. the students vhorused saying
Sad Movies please..and may we sing with Nsomi , Father ?
Yes. Of course.. Father Director replied.
Then as I sang the song... The students sang with me and this time...No more tears.

Yes.. that Song means a lot to me..as I let all the students
Enjoy the sad song.
Sweet Memories
This Song was originally sang by
Sue Thompson and was written by
John D. Loudermilk in 1961

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