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the Great Cicada Invasion of 2024

{bThe Great Cicada Invasion of 2024


In the merry month of May
The cicada emerged
from their 10, 13 and 17
Years of slumbers.

A triple brood eruption
Trillions fly about in a great frenzy
To mate and die.

Amid a heatwave,
A restaurant in DC’s Adams Morgan
Just Too Many Cookies

Features cicada-inspired cuisine
including chocolate-fried Cicadas
And that is the end of the story.

Merry Month of May
end of the story
too many cookies

personal note:
I was in DC during the last big cicada eruption in 2003. I had heard that the sound of the cicadas was used as a found music theme for the 1955 classic Sci-Fi movie, “Flying Saucers” which was filmed during a Cicada infestation. I saw the movie on DVD the next day I heard he Cicadas in full glory.
Co-Pilot provided more background
tell me about this year's CIcada infestation and also tell me about the classic Sci Fi movie about flying saucers that used cicada sounds as its theme music.
Certainly! Let’s dive into both topics:
1. Cicada Infestation in 2024:
o This year, trillions of periodical cicadas are emerging in the United States. It’s a remarkable event because it’s the first time since 1803 that two different broods are emerging simultaneously.
o There are two groups of periodical cicadas:
 13-year cicadas: These emerge every 13 years.
 17-year cicadas: These emerge every 17 years.
o The emergence of cicadas depends on soil temperature. They typically emerge when the soil reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit.
o In 2024, they are expected to appear sometime in May or early June. However, the timing may vary based on location. Southern states like South Carolina might see them as early as April, while cooler states in the upper Midwest might experience their emergence in June.
o Cicadas spend most of their lives underground, and once they emerge, they mate, molt, and then die. Their offspring will bury themselves into the soil and remain dormant until the next cycle.
o Despite their large numbers and loud buzzing, cicadas are not dangerous to humans. They primarily feed on small branches, and most trees remain unharmed during their brief above-ground lifespan12.
2. Classic Sci-Fi Movie with Cicada Sounds as Theme Music:
o The movie you’re referring to is “Silent Running” (1973).
o The film features a mixture of marvelous scoring by Peter Schickele and the ethereal folk voice of Joan Baez.
o Schickele composed two main theme songs (with Diane Lampert), which were performed by Joan Baez.
o The juxtaposition of Baez’s haunting vocals with the hi-tech science-fiction visuals creates a unique atmosphere.
o “Silent Running” tells the story of Freeman Lowell, a botanist trying to save Earth’s last remaining forests aboard a spaceship orbiting Saturn.
o The movie’s themes of environmentalism, loss, and isolation are beautifully complemented by the music.
o Schickele’s orchestration evokes both the beauty of nature and the foolishness of humanity, creating action, mystery, and suspense.
o The film’s three charming robots (Huey, Louie, and Dewey) also have sensitive melodies in the soundtrack.
o Overall, “Silent Running” stands out for its emotional impact and memorable music3.
Feel free to explore the buzzing world of cicadas and enjoy the sci-fi nostalgia of “Silent Running”!
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What do cicadas sound like? These noisy insects might be in your state this year
Learn more
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oh i was thinking about a mid-50s movie called Flying Saucers or something like that filmed during a cicada infestation in DC
I apologize for the misunderstanding. It seems I initially misinterpreted your request. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a specific mid-50s movie titled “Flying Saucers” directly related to a cicada infestation in Washington, D.C. However, I can share some information about other sci-fi movies from that era and their connection to flying saucers:
1. “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers” (1956):
o Directed by Fred F. Sears, this classic sci-fi film features an alien invasion plot.
o The movie revolves around flying saucers attacking Earth, causing widespread panic and destruction.
o While it doesn’t specifically involve a cicada infestation, it’s a notable film from the 1950s flying saucer genre.
o The special effects, including the flying saucers, were groundbreaking for its time.
2. Cicada Sounds in Sci-Fi:
o Although not directly related to the movie you mentioned, it’s interesting to note that sci-fi films often used unique sounds to create an otherworldly atmosphere.
o The high-pitched sound associated with flying saucers in many 1950s sci-fi movies was often created using a musical instrument called the theremin.
o The theremin produces eerie, oscillating tones without physical contact, making it perfect for sci-fi soundtracks.
o Miklós Rózsa, a composer, pioneered the use of the theremin in Hollywood musical scores.
o While not directly tied to cicadas, the theremin’s haunting sound contributed to the overall ambiance of these films12.

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