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A girl finds an old oil lamp, and makes a friend
In a quiet town shrouded in mist and green,
A young girl roamed, her eyes keen.
Curious and bright in her simple blue dress,
Seeking adventure, nothing less.

Among the brambles, under the golden sun's gleam,
She found an odd lamp; it began to seem
More than just metal, it had a mysterious vibe,
"I had no idea," she thought, unable to describe.

With a gentle rub, the air began to twist,
Out popped a genie amidst a magical mist.
She stepped back, and her heart skipped in surprise,
They were frightened, both caught under each other's eyes.

The genie, wise, with a mischievous grin,
It spoke of three wishes, where dreams could begin.
His voice, playful yet lonely, a spirit untamed,
Wished for freedom but never blamed.

The girl pondered, her dreams vast,
Could she win an adventure with the genie as her guide?
She wished for tales to live and stories to weave,
An endless quest, they both would conceive.

On their final quest, a riddle-wrapped treasure,
"Answer with care," the genie said with pleasure.
She thought with heart, and to everyone's surprise,
She won the prize under the watchful skies.

With cleverness and kindness, she asked her last,
"For your freedom, Genie, may you be uncast."
With a grateful smile, he granted her boon,
In the glow of the enchanting moon.

Before he left, he whispered a spell,
A feast appeared in a joyous carousel.
Everyone had cake, in laughter and delight,
Under the stars, into the night.

The Girl in the Blue, with tales bold and new,
Learned magic in connections, pure and true.
Her adventures became the stories she'd read,
Living a fairytale, by curiosity and kindness led.

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