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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2320085
Class clown does his act.
Andy said, “You people need to smarten up!” He spoke slowly, enunciating each word.

Fred Clark suddenly appeared from the hallway. “Well, wonder of wonders!” he said. “Don’t look now, Mr. Sykes, but I’m standing behind you!” Mr. Clark said these words with delicate precision, which is the way he always spoke, which is why Andrew Sykes was, at this very moment, standing on Miz Sander’s desk imitating Fred Clark to the enjoyment of the eighth grade.

Andy stood up straight, now, hands by his side. We sat down at our desks and waited.

Mr. Clark walked up to the front row. “Where is Miz Sanders? Why is she not here?” he asked. “Where is Miz Sanders?” Andy lip-synced from above Clark’s head. He waved his hands, blinked his eyes, and waddled his jowls until Mr. Clark turned around. Instantly, Andy was looking serenely out the window. He seemed lost in deep thought.

“Whenever there’s a disturbance, Mr. Sykes, whenever there’s this laughing nonsense, you’re always in its center,” Clark had his hands clasped behind his back. He looked hard at Andy. “Why is that?”

“Without me, this place would be very dull indeed,” Andy said.

It was then Miz. Sanders walked into the room looking surprised to see the school principal standing there.

“Mr. Clark,” she said, happily. “Thank you! I’ll take it from here.”

Mr. Clark stormed out of the class, and Miz. Sanders turned to face Andy still standing on her desk. “Sorry I’m late,” she said. “Now, let’s see the show!”

Andy hunched his shoulder, blinked his eyes, shook his jowls, knitted his eyebrows, and clasped his hands behind his back. “You people need to smarten up!” he began.

We sat back and watched the master. Without him, this place would indeed be very dull.

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