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Coverage is essential at a job - a rhyming working poem.
We need a special morning wake up,
Brush our teeth and shower clean;
Grab some coffee for that shake up.
Fight through traffic so, so mean.
Walk in with a sense of purpose,
Measured, organized, and steady;
Speak politely, take some notice -
Escalate with sights at ready. 
Peaceably, we find a rhythm -
Working habits, neat and staunch;
Feel the need, no shallow schism.
Lunch time’s here, to break, we launch!

Strolling even, stomachs full,
Then return, complete the day;
Average shift without much bull -
Featured humor, friends’ hooray!
Much is needed, changing gears -
Got to see them for a task;
Glad you’re helping, person cheers -
Not an issue, great, huge ask!
Heading there to grant assistance,
At the door, announce our presence -
Job’s described, there’s no resistance;
Now completed, fullest essence.

Getting set to wrap things up,
Stopping points to be achieved.
Elevator now rings up;
Shift’s now over, quite relieved!
For a paycheck, we admire
Avenues of coming primes…
Truest wisdom, what’s on fire
Makes these days, does back our times;
When we’re wired, cooperating,
Sharing pieces intertwined,
That company’s anticipating
Growth in profits, staffing kind…

Newly paid, we mustn’t worry -
There’s no deficit in values;
Active souls in such a hurry
Process things, and pay their dues;
Not surviving layoffs, RIF’s…
It’s all about the bottom line;
Decision making - and’s, but’s, if’s -
Overreaching’s surely fine.
In the end, what wears us out
Is locating one who’s vouching
For our greed, there’s no, no doubt
When we climb, our life’s not ouching…

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