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by KS23
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2320567
Some truths just must remain buried.
Time traveler Warren Gates gazed at the mansion, tall and imposing, a relic of a bygone era. For Gates it held a special significance, as it was once home to his great-great-grandmother, Abigail Walton, who had met a mysterious demise. Curious to uncover the truth behind the enigmatic death, Gates embarked on this journey back in time.

As he skipped through the years, he observed his ancestor, a figure of beauty, grace and elegance, moving effortlessly through her life, her presence commanding attention and admiration.

And he couldn't help but notice her close ties to several prominent figures in the world of high finance. Conversations filled with innuendo and whispered alliances hinted at a world far more secret than he had imagined. It was clear that behind the facade of morality and manners lurked a society of more proletarian values.

But as the fateful day of his ancestor's death approached, a strange phenomenon occurred. His vision blurred, faces and places morphed into indistinct shapes, and the truth slipped through his grasp like sand through his fingers.

Frustrated, he turned to a fellow time traveler, hoping to find clarity. "I need more information," he implored. “Why can’t I see what really happened? And learn why?” But to his dismay, the other traveler offered only a solemn warning.

"It seems that you are not meant to know the true story," she said, her tone somber. "To unravel the mysteries of the past might be to alter the course of your own timeline, and perhaps that of countless others. Some truths just must remain buried."

With a heavy heart, Warren Gates returned to the present. Back in his one bedroom apartment, he grabbed a beer from the old fridge and turned on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
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