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What if love could be seen, heard, written and learnt? Remember that feeling of falling?
When I first met you, we were supposed to be friends,
Who would have thought that I'd love you in the end.
You felt it too, didn't you?
Those feelings that seem to get so big in the chest,
Something so beautiful, it aches within you.

Let's go back to that night, the rain drizzled upon us,
Drenching us in hopes and promises we never made,
Hand in hand, side by side, we danced our way out,
The smell of dewy earth, the sound of your voice and the sight of you,
That night even the moon couldn't do enough justice,
To the beauty of me and you.

Your eyes- searching my face,
As if they wanted to speak a thousand words, or scream out loud for the world to hear,
Our lips spoke none, and yet,
When your gaze met mine,
In a breath, before I could see,
Before I knew, I was falling for you.
And you, you knew it too.

I didn't just fall for the perfect you,
Or how your eyes spark when you laugh,
The tint of your lips when you pucker,
I didn't just fall in love with the way you moved in sync with mine,
Or the way your laugh made me smile,
I didn't just fall in love with all those long silent walks,
And how you wanted a small talk,
Or how in a room full of people your eyes looked for me,
Or how you let me win time and again,
Seeing me happy, was that your only gain?

I fell in love with all those countless minutes I spent with you,
With the way I felt having those butterflies back in my belly,
I fell in love with the way you put me on the safe side of the road,
And how you never let go off my hand,
I fell in love with the feeling of your breath,
And the whiff of your air.
I fell in love with the patience you hold with me,
I fell in love with the way you carry me beyond me.

To the world we fell in love standing at the bay,
To me i fell in love all throughout the way,
With everything you are and everything you'd be,
Honey, I fell in love with you the way one falls asleep,
Slowly and then all at once,
The words won't fair how or when I fell for you,
But the side of you, you never liked,
I fell for that too.
Forever is a long time to be,
Let's begin with one day at a time,
Let's hold hands, look at each other, walk together, dance on the quiet roads,
Let's sing and romp, and fall and rise together,
Because together is the best place to be.
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