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The town is strange and this pair might be the strangest
It was dark outside, more specifically 9 pm around closing time the weather outside was insufferable, to say the least, and the ride home was practically suicidal. Although even that was better than being stuck in this crappy grocery store surrounded by hung-up dead animal carcasses. The freeze room was as you'd expect freezing, in his hand he had a plastic bag filled with animal meat. It was dark and he was struggling to find a light switch. Suddenly he heard a rustle in the corner of the freeze room, he exited and came back with a sturdy baseball bat.
oh yeah, you cheeky fuck I've had my experience with rodents, and believe me im not exactly merciful..
he took a deep breath and let out a deep chuckle, one two three.. he swiftly swung his bat around, almost hitting something.
You pest.. your no rat either that or your a fuckin fat ass one that's for sure.
He wrapped his hand around the person's neck, lugging them towards the light switch, and finally turned it on. He saw a person 5'6, with messy blonde/light orange hair, wearing all black with a gun held to Axis's head. The fuck he said confused, squinting his eyes trying to get a good look at them. He still had his hand gripped around his neck,
awfully silent ain't ya oh yeah shit you can't breathe oops sorry.
YOU PSYCHOPATH WHO THE HELL RESPONDS LIKE THAT TO A MERE RAT?! the mysterious person said breathing heavily
oops well me I suppose he responded shrugging.
The person dressed in all black pushed him to the ground still holding a gun to his head,
calm down tiger jeez he said sighing, now let me get a good look at ya, he roughly grasped onto his face examining them.
W-what the fuck?! hm, you had pretty bad eye bags, and freckles a shit ton.., your uniform or "disguise" is partially covered in blood, that's odd I don't recognize you.. and you're a cutie well ain't that a bonus.
The person's face was beet red at this rate, g-get of me.
Whatever ya say toss the body bag in the corner we can discuss that later. Jeez doll, who the hell did ya kill they scratched you up pretty bad.
He got up and reached out his hand for the other person to take. My name is Axis, Axis Winter what may your name be doll face?
The person took his hand..im uh... Bez
what type of stupid name is that?! I mean suits the person ya could've been a lot more sneaky is all im saying he said grinning ear to ear at how pissed off the other person was already. Axis was around at least 6ft tall indefinitely, he wore a white collared shirt with rolled-up sleeves, had dark blue jeans with a black belt, and was wearing a red apron covered in animal blood. His hair was black, and a mix of wavy and curled. He had some sort of curtain bangs and layer cut in his hair, seemingly cut by himself. In terms of physically he had tanned skin, on the heavier side causing him to be surprisingly curvy for a man, and judging by his bat swinging earlier he was certainly rather strong. Bez was wearing a black turtleneck, black hoodie, and baggy black ripped jeans explaining the noise that was just him stumbling over them... (BRUH).
soo who'd ya kill edge lord?
none of your business..
Axis stared at them alright dear i mean i could just tell the police..
you sure are a pain fine FINE i hit i just, got drunk yesterday and had to clean up my mess..
Aint you charmin', cmere, Axis picked him up and placed him on the cashier counter and wandered to the back and came back holding a hot chocolate, and a cup of iced coffee with too much too much-whipped cream.
It's cold, I noticed you were shivering earlier.
Why the hell ya acting so WEIRD?! like you just saw me dragging and hiding a dead body in your freezer.
Eh, let's just say you're not the only freak over here, I've had my eye on ya for a while and call it creepy but I think im more aware of your tricks than you.
As he was saying this Bez was sipping on his hot chocolate cautionsly, and suddenly choked.
Creepy much he muttered.
Ill be right back, they bolted off to the washroom he dug into his pockets pulled out a photo of Axis, and held it close.
I can't believe he fell for it, I mean I wasn't completely lying...I did some of those bastards did have it coming, they were getting too close ugh I could just kill them. if I hadn't already- it was dark outside, and I had too much to drink the day was shitty from the beginning, so I was like fuck it i accidentally went haywire ate at one fancy restaurant and ordered wine and then it just felt too good. Then I drove by here, and that bastard cashier kept chatting it up with him, smiling and making him laugh. Of course, of was pissed off I was just going to scratch them up a bit, but then that fucker went on their phone and started talking shit! Bez cracked his knuckles, and grit his teeth at just the thought. He didn't wanna focus on what they had said but it was something about his body and how lame he was. Of course, they would never say it to his face, he could beat them up but him being him would prefer not too.
Are you good? not tryna leave through a window or something?
C-COMING Bez replied.
so the weather outside seems hellish, he chuckled haha hell the irony. So like I was saying how ya planning on getting home?
well, i took the bus here so I seem rather screwed, he said groaning hating everything.
Eh, I've gotta get home soon, I suppose I can drop ya off. Bez's heart skipped a beat, he twiddled his fingers trying to seem casual.
FOR SURE!! I WOULD LOVE TO- I mean uh fine I guess if you insist he said rolling his eyes.
Whatever you say princess Axis said not taking him seriously.
the pair got into Axis's car, it seemed old but pricey, it was hard to see his car under the impenetrable copious amounts of snow but it seemed bright red. He got in the black leather seats, and on his window were a pair of light pink fuzzy dice, Axis looked in the mirror and fixed up his hair. Suddenly smiling, what is there something on my face, what's with all the staring the Bezy he commented slyly grinning, I- Bez's face was bright pink he hastily pulled up his hood to cover his face, embarrassed of how flustered he was.
I wasn't idiot.. he mumbled to himself. Hey, i don't mind, please stare more as long as I get to see those pretty eyes of yours staring right back at me.
Axis leaned over to the other seat and held Bez's chin up. Bez's breathing grew heavier nervous at how close he was lips about to touch, you know you're pretty.. Suddenly Axis threw off his hood, pretty gullible HAHAH your bright red, you look like a damn tomato. Somehow he was the caught serial killer and unfazed and more annoyed/embarrassed by this. It had been around 2 years that he had been what some could call "stalking" him, although in his defense he wouldn't exactly call it stalking more like protecting him. And he had never seen this playful side of his with people always so guarded off and cold. Of course, he was strong it was clear but that didn't stop others taking advantage of him, laughing at him behind his back but cowering in fear when called out. But on the often occasion that they weren't exposed, he would take care of it. He hated how those bastards didn't know anything about him how sweet he was, how he was a massive cat person and would feed and adore the stray cats outside his apartment, or how he never once complained about having to deal with kids and instead would play along instead of being annoying by them. His heart was so big and yet..yet NO ONE SEEMED TO NOTICE! Just thinking about this made him grit his teeth and almost rip the cushions of his car from anger.
Were here ya okay doll. Oh, shit im so brain-dead I accidentally drove to my place instead, welp I suppose I've just gotta drive on back..-.
He replaced his hand on the drive stick looking behind him. Suddenly Bez held onto his hand, DON'T, I mean.. uh im fine with this..he let out a sheepish smile, uh ignore that..but I don't mind if you don't. Axis's eyes widened, with his heart beating faster he held onto his hand, looking away startled by how worked up he was over a simple jester. They walked into his house, and into his room an axe was hung up on his wall and many band posters. In the corner of his room, he had a coat hanger filled to the brim with all red and plaid jackets and dirty clothes. On his bed laid an orange tabby cat snuggled up to a black cat with red-dyed tipped ears. Aren't they cute, Axis said walking up to them. He decided to look around a bit more close to his bed was a white desk. Messy, filled with all sorts of random junk such as dirty dishes hidden in the drawers Bez admittedly giggled a bit upon seeing them, little notes which were given to people that seemed meaningly full (to him), all sorta of chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and a small spray bottle with something in it that smelled like mustard gas..? Now I've gotta change for bed after it has been a long day can't you agree? He stretched his arms over his head, revealing his midriff. Causing Bez to die, blushing. Axis threw his shirt at him now get outta here unless you want see me change or something but then I'll have to charge ya he said chuckling to himself seeing him scurry away mumbling thank you. He looked at his washroom he was certainly well-groomed he'll tell ya that. He had mountains of hair products, skincare and body care supplies all neatly arranged. He noticed that there was a crack in his mirror seemingly from a gunshot. He soon after hopped out, just wearing the plain white shirt he was given with boxers. uhh, do you have any pants? he asked hiding behind the doorway. hm, I don't think so why are ya asking..? he walked into the room embarrassed. can't you just wear the pants you were wearing before they got blood on them he responded anxiously just remembering what Axis had walked in on him doing earlier. Welp, that's sad he said shrugging nonchalantly. He was wearing a dead pool shirt and a pair of red, black, and hints of white plaid pajama pants. He ruffled Bez's hair before going into bed. Coming or what? O-OH YEAH s-sorry. No need for a cute thing like you to apologize.
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