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Incident 35-B, German U-boat encounter with Organism 35, dubbed "Theta".
On February 3rd, 1943, a German U-boat captained by Elias Adler was performing a combat mission through the North Atlantic and encountered an anomalous organism. The submersible was in a 'wolf pack' of 9 U-boats, tasked with attacking an American convoy funneling supplies to the isolated Great Britain. The U-boats opened fire at 2:34 am, with multiple supply ships hit by torpedoes. The DPA has reason to believe that the disturbances caused by the blasts from the torpedoes likely disturbed the organism, resulting in it lashing out. Approximately 4 minutes after the initial attack, Adler's submersible was attacked. The ship's hull creaked and groaned as it began a steady descent. We have reason to believe that "Theta" had begun dragging the vessel deeper into the depths. Captain Adler, based on the groans of the hull and the unnatural movements of the vessel concluded that they were likely being attacked by a creature. Despite disagreements with some of his crew, Adler's orders prevailed and he demanded they fire one of their remaining torpedoes in a desperate bid for the creature to release the vessel. The crew fired and the torpedo launched from its bay. Whether it struck the creature before arming causing it to flee or if the creature was distracted by the armament is uncertain. Regardless, the organism loosened its grip and left the submersible alone as the captain ordered the submersible to ascend.

Upon reaching the surface, Adler assessed the status of the vessel. The U-boat was severely damaged, being almost entirely inoperable. They were quickly spotted by British convoy escorts and promptly surrendered. The crew were visibly shaken and seemed all too eager to leave their battered vessel. The British sailors aboard the escort inspected the vessel and found a multitude of deep gashes wrapping around the circumference of the submersible, each gash being roughly 15-17 inches long. Accompanying the gashes were large circular marks that were roughly 10 inches in diameter. The rudders and propellers of the U-boat were found crumpled with large chunks missing. The leading theory is that this organism was likely a very large cephalopod, with the gashes and circular marks being a result of the hooks and suction cups of the creature's tentacles. Judging by the size of the markings, we can determine that this creature could have been 150 feet long, this being the lower end of the estimates.

The current whereabouts of organism 35 and others of its species are unknown. These creatures are highly elusive and have evaded DAP tracking for decades.
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