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by Ryyth
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Continuation of story " A box changed my life "
When I opened the door, there was a strange figure with big, ominous red eyes staring straight into my soul. I couldn't even see who or what it was. Then I woke up in my bed.

"Tell me, who was it at the door last night?" Ryuk asked Catherine.

"A strange figure with big red eyes? You must be imagining things, Ryuk. It was your dad. When you opened the door, there was a lightning strike, and you fainted," Catherine explained.

Suddenly, the alarm clock rang. Ryuk looked at it and started panicking. "It's time for school already? I'm getting late. I gotta hurry. Catherine, you can look for any fish in the fridge," he said, hurrying down the stairs to get ready.

Catherine retorted, "What do you take me for, a cat or something?" But Ryuk was already out the door.

As he walked down the street, he realized it was raining and he had forgotten his umbrella. "Here it is," said Catherine, standing behind him with an umbrella.

"Thanks," said Ryuk.

Catherine transformed into a cat and started walking on the wall, following Ryuk. "You shouldn't transform in public like this. Someone will see. And go home, Catherine, it's raining; you'll get wet," Ryuk said.

"We can get wet together," said Catherine with a playful smile.

Ryuk, with a stressed expression, whispered, "It's strange though."

"What's strange about this lovely weather?" asked Catherine.

"It has never rained in Ohara for three straight days. I've been living in Ohara for more than a decade, since I came here after my—" Ryuk stopped the conversation as they reached the school.

The scene shifts. Ryuk entered the classroom and saw students sitting in groups, celebrating something.

"Ryuk! Come here," called a guy from one of the boys' groups.

Ryuk got scared. It was the same group that usually bullied him. Their leader, Ging, asked him to come sit next to them. Nervously, Ryuk walked over and sat down.

Ging, a tall guy with a hefty build, came and sat next to Ryuk. Ging lifted his hand towards Ryuk. Ryuk closed his eyes and tried to move away, but Ging patted his back.

"Happy Friendship Day, my beloved friend," Ging said, and made Ryuk wear a friendship band.

Flabbergasted, Ryuk whispered to himself, "Beloved friend..." He replied in a low, scared tone, "Thanks, and same to you, Ging."

The door opened, and the teacher entered the classroom. Everybody got back to their seats and greeted the teacher. The teacher started taking attendance. Students were replying, "Present, sir," as their names were called. Ryuk, sitting by the window, was looking outside, thinking about the strange things happening over the past two days.

Then the teacher called Anya's name—the same girl who had rejected Ryuk. "Absent, sir!" replied one girl.

Ryuk turned around toward the bench where Anya usually sat. He was shocked because Anya, a girl who never missed a class, was absent. "What a strange thing," Ryuk whispered. "Well, everything has been strange these past two days," he thought.

The bell rang, signaling the end of school. Ryuk walked back home, passing by a park near his house. He saw someone he recognized. When he looked closely, he saw Catherine sitting on a bench, appearing to talk to someone not clearly visible. As he walked closer to the park, he saw she was sitting alone.

He approached her. Catherine noticed him. "Hey, Ryuk, how was your day at school?" she asked.

"Well, it was... good," Ryuk replied, sitting next to her.

Catherine noticed the friendship band on Ryuk's hand and asked, "What is it?"

Ryuk explained, "Today is Friendship Day, and friends give these as gifts to their precious friends."

"Hey, Ryuk, are we friends too?" Catherine asked.

"Yes, you can say that," Ryuk replied.

"Then I want to give something to my precious friend too. This, this is—
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