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by Joy
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When the tooth fairy is caught...
My tooth came out during the day,
I held it up, stopped to play.
Under my pillow it was bound,
With Kleenex wrapped around.

In stealth would come the prize,
So I'd prance with great surprise,
All that windfall for me to keep,
I could hardly wait to sleep.

When Mommy came in to kiss and tuck,
I thought she wished to steal my buck.
Easy money for her to use,
I told her, "You give me the blues."

"Oh Dear!" she said, "Let's see!
Look here, I caught the tooth fairy!
Would you believe her sneaking in
Inside your sheets with a grin?"

It was the most wondrous sight,
I exclaimed with sheer delight,
"Let her out! I want her free,
My friend I need her be."

A tiny fairy, real phenom,
She sat sulking on Mommy's palm,
Wings of stardust aglitter,
She looked mad, she was bitter.

Her halo, in lavender hue,
She stood up feeling blue;
Her fairy face sparkling ire,
She stomped her feet with fire.

Slowly her shape shifted,
Into a tooth she drifted.
Before I could count to ten
She became my tooth again.

I put her back, without a song,
"Under my pillow you belong,"
I said, feeling like a wreck,
Afraid of getting a check.

Cash was what I aimed for,
With a bird at hand, I'd score.
Next morning I was aglow,
"Two Dollars! Wow! Geronimo!"
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