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Jonnathan is finaly home. My brother is finally home.
         The tension was killing me. Dad told me I had to do my homework, but I couldn't concentrate. I was supposed to be writing a paper for my English class, but it didn't matter. All I could think about was John coming home.

         Judy was in the kitchen, cooking, something she does when she's nervous. Dad was sitting is his chair in the living room, reading a newspaper and pretending that he wasn't nervous, and Jackie was playing with her dolls, oblivious to anything else.

         The knock on the door brought us all out of our little worlds. I immediately jumped up and poked my head out of my door. Judy, or mom, was walking out of the kitchen, wiping her hands off on a towel. Dad was folding his newspaper into a small rectangle. I walked out into the hall and was right behind mom when she opened the door.

         A new person stood on the doorstep. His eyes were sparkling and bright. Clear and blue. His smile was full, and cheerful. His hair was black, thick, and combed. His body was strong. He was tall. His face would have made any of the girls I knew swoon. A small ring of silver was pierced through his Eyebrow. He wore a Black leather coat that was long and hung down past his thighs, over his worn jeans. Black Harley Davidson Motorcycle boots finished his outfit. He looked at me. A grin spread across his face. His voice was deep and clear. He reached his arms out to embrace me with the words, "I'm home." I couldn't believe it. My brother John was home.

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