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by Andi
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A poem about Love!
Our journey started on a sunny April day.
The birds were singing with all the may.
I saw her across the 3rd grade playground.
My interest in her was certainly not confound.

I wanted to join her in conversation,
but found her busy, to my frustration.
It wasn’t until after school
that I was allowed to talk to my lovely jewel.

She was walking home in the smoldering heat
and I ran to meet her in a merry greet.
This was the first time we came into contact,
certainly not the last one and that’s a fact.

We grew to become the better of friends
but friends was not how it was supposed to end.
In high school my love began to bloom
and I found myself longing to smell her perfume.

Did she return my infectious love?
Sure enough, for soon she was my belove.
In high school we were the cutest of pairs
we went through life without any cares.

And then to college we were sent
and things began to slowly descent.
Freedom was now her major issue
and I found myself buying a lot of tissues.

She told me that we could never be
oh, how very wrong was she.
I decided to let her have her space
and we ended it in a quick embrace.

Over the years I meet many others,
but often I would rather date their brothers.
There was no one who could compete with she
solitude was in the cards for me.

Ten years after college it finally transpired
I once again found the one I desired.
She was still as lovely as the 1st day I saw her
and the rest of my life happened like a blur.

Three months later we were finally married
and next to each other we will be buried.
I always knew that she would be mine,
it just took her time to see the signs.
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