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Important things for me to remember
What percentage of life
Is spent in sleep,
Or awake-- but unaware?

Make the miraculous leap
Of a brain state deep
With enough sleep-- to repair.

I need to sleep till I wake up WITHOUT AN ALARM, so that I can think clearly again. I've run on inadequate sleep for so long that concentration is taking a lot of effort. I need brain repair sleep. It's not just a bipolar thing. Everybody needs at least eight hours every night. "They" say you can't catch up when you get behind--but isn't it wonderful to try?

RULE OF LIFE: Everything a lady needs, ought to be found in her purse. Essentials only! Women develop back injuries from carrying purses that are too heavy. I know, because I'm one at age 57 who will admit I've done this to myself. Yes, I have chronic back problems. Have I learned? What do you think? I've learned my purse whould be lighter than it is, but having the extra than essentials tames my problems with cosmetic anxiety.

RULE OF LIFE: Don't re-use a dish/utensil left in the sink without first washing it with soap and water. Germs live in the kitchen according to the sound level of my ionizing air filter. It's almost constantly zapping something that causes the machine to make noise. I don't have to bleach everything in sight, but using lots of soap is not an extravagance. Soap counts

RULE OF LIFE: ALL INJURIES HURT! The golden rule says to "Do onto others as you would have them do unto you."

The version I hear more often is, "Do one to others, before they do one to you."

I don't find that amusing anymore. Kids, people in general, don't know what the golden rule is anymore. Either that, or they don't care. They value no one but themselves. How sad for our society "of heroes."

THE GOLDEN RULE" has become non-essential information and behavior for survival in our present culture and society.
Could this actually be true? Have we become so uncaring of those around us?

DAILY AFFIRMATION: I will find the words to lull me into a relaxed state so that I can experience that state of regeneration to be found in a good long sleep. Those words are in a song:

Is it:

"It's All Too Much?"

"Lady Madonna?"

"My Sweet Lord (make the migraine go away PLEASE!)?"

"Let It Be?" . . . probably.

"Na, na, na ,na, na, na ,na
Na, na , na, na, Hey Jude."

So I'm going to get in the car now, and drive 25 minutes to my Mom's house, then hop into a bed there, and sleep till I wake up, hopefully. Remember being a kid, and your parents made you go to bed at a certain hour. This trip is a psychological ploy to get myself to sleep because Mama says it's bed time. I can't sleep in my bed now. I've given up on that after trying for six hours. Putting a toothbrush in my purse isn't going to break my back, I don't think. What's that saying about the straw that broke the camel's back? I can't get to sleep.

This insomnia of mine is a part of my to my bipolar disorder symptomology.
Sometimes I don't get a night's sleep for several days during the summer months. Consequently, that makes it real difficult to keep up with the days of the week, among other things.

And I'll pray myself to sleep too. Or try. Or cry.

"Not my time, but Thine."

Finally "Amen" echoes in my brain from the emotional pain of life this day.
Perhaps beckening sleep.
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