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A departed grandmother's spirit visits her eight year old granddaughter.
I have lost my grandmother,two grandfathers, great-grandmother, great grandfather and my 94 year old grandmother just died a few months ago. I dedicate this poem to anyone who has lost a grandparent. I was fortunate enough to have my grandparents until adulthood. I feel the spirits of people we love, do watch over us.I found a picture of a little girl having a tea party with her dolls, teddy bear and cat. This picture and my grandparents inspired me to write this poem.

A pretty eight year old girl with long blonde hair,
sits at a table having a tea party-
with her guests of honor: two porcelain
dolls and a teddy bear.
Tabitha, the golden cat, is also a guest-
as Elizabeth, the little girl, pours
pretend tea, all dressed up in her Sunday best.

A warm feeling fills the room-
a gentle humming can be heard-
in the room, you'll find happiness
and no signs of gloom.

Tabitha sees Grandma's spirit-
as she runs to her and purrs-
Grandma gently pets the animal's fur.

Elizabeth loved her grandma very much-
her grandmother died two years ago.
She remembers Grandma could speak Dutch.
She sees Tabitha rolling around on the
as she straightens her doll's hat-
Elizabeth thinks what a silly cat!

Grandma stands behind Elizabeth
and puts her hand on her shoulder.
Elizabeth smiles and knows it's her.

Elizabeth hands her a cup-
Grandma pretends to sip it up.
It is almost time for Grandma to go.
Grandma shows herself to Elizabeth.
The sweet little girl knows she isn't
a myth.

Elizabeth has never told her parents-
it's her and Grandma's special bond.
Sometimes, they even meet by the pond.

Elizabeth was heartbroken the day Grandma
but Grandma had made Elizabeth a promise-
she would always be by her side.
For the love of a grandmother is pure
and dear.

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