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This poem relates to how children are viewed from some peoples eyes.

Angels are in heaven,
or so the saying goes.
But God sent angels from
His kingdom in the disguise
of our little children.

A look of innocence fills their eyes
as they see the beauty in God's world.
A rainbow after a hard rain,
the speed of a fast moving train,
and even prairie dogs roaming the plains.

Just look into their eyes,
and it will be plain
you won't find any stains
like the kind grown-ups
receive from life's pain.

Everyday's a new experience
for these angels in disguise.
They put their trust in everybody
never expecting their own demise
by predators who envy or despise.

How very sad it is,
for these angels in disguise,
that some people never see
they are God's most precious prize.

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