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Saying good bye never hurt so bad
Dear Madalyn,
         I'm sorry I haven't seen you lately. I knew you were out celebrating the Independence day holiday with your daughter, or at least that's what Leona told me. I had hoped to tell you I got a new job, but that is not the case. I write this letter with a heavy heart, knowing that it is unpleasant news for you as well as myself. I was fired yesterday after an argument that ensued on the fourth between one of the cooks and myself. I was fired on the account of insubordination, sparked by a frustrating day of babysitting, trying to juggle multiple tasks, and terrible communications. The argument was started out of frustration, a frustration you have expressed many times. I understood that frustration (and still do), and I always tried to work with or around it. That night, though, I had been burdened with too much, and I snapped in front of some of my co-workers, the less respected ones, that is. However, it had to have been them that turned me in, and now I'm gone. I am no longer to be found in the dining room, serving your dinner or bringing you coffee. Sadly, you're going to have to ask someone else to bring you a different entree or to inform you of the day's soup. I know you'd rather not have to ask the kids, that'd you could ask me, ensuring your needs and desires are met. Those days are gone now, and we know they'll never return. I wish I could have told you in person, but I find it hard to go back there. I was there earlier today, and Nancy asked me if I was working. I tried not to cry when I told her no, but I failed. It hurt to have to tell her there. It hurt to tell her, period, and it hurts to tell you as well. I wish I could get myself to go back there to tell you this instead of having to write this letter, but for now, I still am reminded of my job whenever I come close to the place. Those memories are still ripe in my mind and my heart, and right now, I can't stand that pain. I'd like to come back, though, to visit you and see how things are for you. Hopefully meals will be bearable, and I hope whoever they replace me with will treat you courteously and respectfully. You deserve better than what I have seen.

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