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A series of several life changing experiences.
Part 1 The Most Important Experience

For the first time in my life I unexpectedly went to a Bible study meeting. During the study most of the scripture mentioned appeared applicable to my life at the time and without warning my legs started to shake slightly; prior to that time I had no problems with nerves. Afterwards I gave a lady a lift home, she invited me in for a cup of tea and I sat on a sofa in the living room.

After we had drunk our tea and discussed some of the things which had occurred at the Bible study the lady asked a simple question, ? Do you want to pray? ? I repeated after her the sinners? prayer (see below for an example) phrase by phrase and immediately my legs started to shake such that I could not walk for about 30 - 45 minutes. Prior to that time I had never shaken anything like that. Some time later I discovered that I had been born again.

Being Born Again Does Not Depend On

1.denominational church you attend; 2. baptism in water; 3. giving to the poor; 4. whether you go to a Bible study; 5. whether you are rich or poor; 6. whether you are fit or in poor health; 7. the type of past life .

What Must I Do To Be Born Again?

In the Gospel of John ( in The Holy Bible) you will find these words: Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.(JOHN 3: 3). It is a MUST, it is necessary to be born again to get into heaven (see also JOHN 3 : 7 and 1 PETER 1: 23).

In practical terms, as a first step a prayer, which you can speak out ALOUD, is as follows:

Heavenly Father I come to you now, Lord I am a sinner. I have sinned against you even this day but Lord I come and ask you in the name of Jesus that you will forgive me for all my sins, that you will wash me in the blood of Jesus and I shall be cleansed from all sin and I thank you now for saving me. Come into my heart and into my life and Lord lead me by your Spirit and help me to live for you from this day forth and I thank you now in Jesus? name, Amen.

To continue as a true believer you must follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This involves regularly: 1. Reading the Bible; 2. Praying to God in Jesus? name; 3. Fellowshipping with other born-again believers.

Part 2 A Painful Experience

Genesis 50: 20 But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive.
At 2.25 p.m. I walked into the Human Resources Department located on the 17th floor of the Standard Life building. It was 24 days since I had been sent home on leave of absence. After a short wait I was invited into a small conference room and was somewhat surprised to see not only Mr.R but also my manager sitting at a round table.

" Effective today you are being laid off from the company for technical reasons !" said the manager.
" Could you cite a case where I have been technically incompetent?" I replied . The manager did not answer.
" You are being laid off without cause!" continued Mr.R.
" Which reason are you laying me off for?" I inquired.
" It doesn't matter which reason, you are being laid off!" retorted Mr.R.

I looked outside at the adjacent office buildings and the grey sky in the background and thought I cannot do much now - the decision to fire me has been made. The above incident occurred on March 3, 1988 and undoubtedly was one of the most major milestones in my work career.

I could have gone back into another well - paid secular job and I had a major choice to make!

You may think that it is not too hard a decision to make but you see I had spent all my life training for that type of work ... training at schools, universities and gained invaluable industrial experience. I had spent countless hours getting into that type of position and shortly after this incident the Lord at the time was saying get rid of your engineering books, your technical papers, your computer programs, etc. What a decision to make!

I remember during this time my pastor coming to see me and I always remember a snippet of our conversation. He said, " There is only one person who can help you!". My reply was, " Who is that? " His answer was four words, " The Lord Jesus Christ."

How true and it is the same for you if you faced with any difficult decision ... the question is what is the Lord Himself saying to you!

After about a year of transition I could have still probably gone back into secular work but because I believed the Lord was leading me into " full time " ministry I chose to follow Him in that particular path.

I have heard it said God uses painful experiences to prepare you most for ministry. God never wastes a hurt! ...to be continued.
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