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Dolls and teddy bears rescue a lonesome child.
Dedicated to Angel . Angel knows how I love my toys.

Courtney Brandon unlocked the door to the toy store. She was ready for another day but she loved her job. Toys were her way of making a living. She looked around the store. All the neat, brown, cute teddy bears, beautiful ivy face porcelain dolls, the famous blonde, red and brunette Barbies. She loved the dolls but it made her sad remembering a part of her past but life went on. She had to forget her past.

Megan Hunter, a six year old girl, with beautiful red hair and emerald green eyes came to the toy store every day. Courtney always gave her a cookie and juice and let her play with the toys.Megan never hurt the toys. She was a well behaved child whose mother Charlene was poor but she neglected Megan. The child didn't have descent clothes to wear but Courtney would buy her a new dress on occassion and Megan would wear them until she wore them out. Megan's favorite toys were: two teddy bears, two porcelain dolls and two Barbie dolls. The Barbies were: the Princess Barbie and Ballet Barbie. Courtney never sold these items. It would hurt Megan. The little girl didn't get much out of life and Courtney looked forward to her visits. Soon, she would be in school and wouldn't visit the Toy Store everyday. Those green eyes got her everytime. Those eyes. Like she had saw them before. Megan lived next door in a run down house so, that's why she came to visit everyday.

Officer Danny Troy made his rounds everyday and always stopped by the Toy Store. He was seeing Courtney. He bought Courtney and Megan donuts and sometimes McDonalds breakfast food. Danny was a good-looking man with black hair and a sincere smile. Megan smiled. "Good Morning, Officer Troy."

"Hi, Pumpkin. How are you?" Those eyes. What was it about those eyes? She reminded him of an Angel just like Courtney.

"I'm fine." Megan smiled shyly as Danny handed her a donut. "Good Morning, Court." He kissed Courtney's cheek. Danny and Courtney were in love and little Megan thought they were Cinderella and Prince Charming. Megan played with her favorite dolls. "

"So, Court, how are the toys today?" Danny asked.
Megan spoke up. "Stefano Bear's a good dancer. Dimera Bear likes to eat at McDonald's. Belle and Hope and the Barbies are famous fashion models."

Danny laughed. "Court, did you name these toys?"

Courtney smiled. "Guilty as charged. I named them after Days of Our Lives" characters." Danny laughed. "And I'm Bo Brady." "Indeed you are." Courtney kissed Danny's cheek.

Megan went home but every night the teddy bears, porcelain dolls and the two Barbie dolls came to visit. They would talk to Megan and stay with her until she fell asleep. One night, Belle tore her dress. Courtney wondered the next day how the dress got torn. She sewed it back up as good as new. One night when the toys left the store to visit Megan, a dog chased them and they ran behind the alley. Dimera Bear was bit by the dog and a his nose was all messed up. Courtney sewed that up, too. "Do you toys come to life at night and leave the store?" joked Courtney. Megan came over everyday. Charlene would come get her sometimes. Courtney hated the way Charlene neglected Megan. Charlene didn't like Courtney much. Charlene was never sober, either and that didn't help.

A little brown puppy showed up one day and Megan fell in love with him. She took him home and hid him in her room. Courtney gave Megan dog food for him. Megan named him Johnny Mac because he liked Macaroni and Cheese. The toys would still visit Megan. Johnny Mac would lick the teddy bears and doll's faces. Megan would have tea parties with her toys. Belle pretended she was Cinderella and danced with Stefano Bear. Hope danced with Dimera Bear and Megan, and the Barbies would watch them as Johnny Mac ran around the room and barked. Charlene never checked on Megan at night. Megan's world was the toys and seeing Courtney everyday.

The next day, Megan went to the Toy Store as usual but Johnny Mac ran across the road. A car was approaching and Megan ran to get him and she didn't even see the car. Courtney yelled:"Megan, look out!" The car hit Megan and an awful thud was heard. "No please God, no!" yelled Courtney. Megan was lying in the street and Courtney ran out to her. The car didn't even stop. Johnny Mac was licking her face and wondered why little Megan wouldn't wake up. Courtney held her. Danny called 911, put a APB out for that creep who hit her and went to Courtney's side. There were tears in his eyes. He picked up Johnny Mac and waited for the ambulance as he put his arm around Courtney. He said a prayer. Courtney looked back at the store and saw Stefano, Dimera, Hope, Belle and Barbie dolls looking out the window and saw them crying. They were magical! Courtney was so confused. The ambulance arrived. Courtney closed down the store and went to the hospital with Megan. Danny went to find Charlene but she wasn't home. She didn't work. He filed a Missing Person's report on her.

Courtney waited at the hospital for news about Megan. Dr. Winterrowd came to Courtney in the Waiting Room. He took off his mask. "Oh, no. Is she?" She couldn't say the word. The Doctor patted Courtney's arm. "Of course not. She has three broken ribs, broken arm, collasped lung and a concussion. She"ll be alright." Courtney was so relieved. "Can I see her?" "Of course but she's still sedated."

Courtney walked into the hospital room. IVS were attached to the little body. She was badly bruised and had a cast on her arm. The poor little thing. She kissed Megan's cheek. Danny entered the room and embraced Courtney. "We found the driver. He was drunk and he's in jail. Charlene is in Vegas. She followed some man out there and she knows about Megan but couldn't care less. What a drag! Megan was adopted by Charlene and her husband Lyle five years ago. He was a tycoon but his bad investments bankrupted him and they lost everything. Charlene sent a heart locket to the police station. I looked at it and thought you should have this." He handed the locket to Courtney. Now, Courtney was crying. The locket had a picture of her in it. The memories came flooding back. Courtney sat down and took Danny's hand.

"I can explain. Megan is my child. I swear I didn't know until just this moment when you handed me the locket. I gave a baby girl up for adoption five years ago. A wealthy business man and his wife adopted her. Megan's father didn't want me when he found out I was pregnant. He was a loser. I thought she was getting the best of everything. I didn't want to give her away. My father made me. I was alone. If I had to do over, I would have kept her. I knew Megan and I had a bond. Those eyes. They're mine. If God gives me another chance, I will adopt Megan. I want my baby. I gave the locket to the social worker years ago with my picture in it. At least Charlene kept the locket. I wanted Megan to have it. I love her so much. Danny, I love you, too." Danny embraced her and kissed her cheek. "It's alright, Babe. I love you, too."

Courtney put the locket around Megan's neck and went to the Toy Store. She unlocked the door and looked at Stefano, Dimera, Belle, Hope and the Barbies. "I know your secret. It explains the torn dress, torn nose and water on the floor after it rained one night. Megan's injured and she's going to be alright. I have a secret, too." Courtney told them she was Megan's mother. The bears, dolls and Barbies sat on her lap. They told her how special she was. Courtney went back to the hospital with the toys and put them on Megan's bed. Megan was awake and she hugged Courtney. Danny came to visit, too and bought Johnny Mac. He licked Megan's face and she giggled. Courtney told Megan the truth about Charlene and that she was Megan's real mother.

Megan hugged Courtney. "I know she didn't really love me. She was never that nice to me. I'm glad I have you. I want to be your little girl." Courtney was so happy. She left the hospital and Danny did, too. Danny told her he was happy Megan had her for a mother. He told her to take care. He would bring the puppy over when Megan came home. He patted her hand and walked away. She had lost Danny. Men.

The next few days, Courtney sold toys and visited Megan. She had adoption papers in the works. Danny came to see Megan but he would go when Courtney was at the store working. A week had passed and she could bring Megan home in the morning. The toys were so happy. Courtney hugged them . Belle told her Danny loves her and would return. She tried to put Danny out of her mind. As she was closing the store, Danny walked in. Courtney's heart dropped to her stomach. He smiled. "Hi. I hear Megan is coming home."

"Yes. I have custody. She's going to be my daughter in every sense of the word."

"Court, I haven't handled this well. I have always thought of you as an Angel but this threw me. I love you and Megan. Those green eyes stoled my heart. Both of my girls. Court, marry me. I want to be Megan's father. I love you. You and Megan are my world." He pulled out a beautiful, large diamond ring. Courtney fell into his arms. "I love you, too. Megan and I both do." She put the ring on as they kissed. Belle let out a squeal and Danny asked what was that. Courtney laughed. Angels. She answered as she winked at the toys.

Danny and Courtney were married and adopted Megan. Johnny Mac and Megan's favorite toys lived with Danny, Courtney, and Megan in a big Victorian Mansion. Good things happen in a toy store. Magic. Thank goodness for the world of dolls and bears.

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