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by GK
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My 1st true attempt at poetry, about a childhood place, a pretty blonde girl & a saxophone

I relived a memory one night
for far too long,
when the sun rose up
with the cardinals song.

I realized I had been awake
all night, alone.

I thought of a lake that
I used to know,
when I was younger
there I'd often go...

and the mossy trees
and the bright summer sky
and the tall grass
at the edge of the water,
were all there with me,
but still I was alone.

I was so sad in such a lovely place
so lucky to be there, but so lonely and afraid.
As I walked through the many reeds near the water
they brushed up against me, and a sound was made.

hollow, empty,
like me they were,
but with life all around them
the whistling reeds had so much to offer...


Brass horn in hand
you spin and twirl,
just like that cottontopped
little girl.

the one that grew up with me
with music in her dreams.

like the hue and cry of
a heart in need,
I hear the soul that
flows through your reed.

it tells me a little of
just who you are.

I wonder if you've ever felt alone?
ever stayed awake all night?
your wonderful smile betrays you
if you ever have done so...

Have you ever felt empty?
hollow inside?
how did you fill that void?
Did you fill that space with music?

Sometimes I wish I was that
boy again, only this time
he would be much different.
alone without feeling lonely,
and at home with more than just memories.

no, starting over won't happen
as if it ever could,
but as I grow older now,
I can still wish it would

but I think that I can still be happy,
I believe I've found a way...

let me tell you a little
of just who I am.

a dreamer? an artist? a lover?
yes, at one time or another,
that's for sure,
but what I used to be,
I can be again,
I think I know the cure!

feel your lungs fill with air,
your lips pursed just right,
nimble fingers on the keys as you blow

Reeds, the memories of my life
and the passion of yours,
they have so much to offer.

Now as time passes
and I feel the need...
I'll just lie back and listen,
to the sound of your reed.

blow, little cottontop, blow

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