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A fairy beckons to her brethren...
Fay Beckoning

Twas but a fortnight ago when I wandered, strolled
Deep into the comforting shadows of twilight green...rustling, whispering
Adorned only in the dusk with hairbreadth of moonbeam...speckled, silver
Which danced upon barren skin to enfold in embrace...loving, urging
And the scent of weald blanketed the senses...soothing, calm

Twas but a fortnight ago when I wandered, strolled
Keeping watch o’er thicket and wood thus...guardian, lover
Steadfast in bound spirit to nurture kith and kin e’er...mother, daughter
Delighting in the wind’s gentle caress across iridescent skin...tender, soft
And luxuriating under starlight kisses...joyful, euphoric

Twas but a fortnight ago when I wandered, strolled
Searching for intimate fay dust far and wide...shimmering, chaste
To play our timeless game of quest beneath leaf and vine...impish, whimsical
Frolicking hand in hand and light of shimmering wing...enchanting, enticing
Creators of ethereal rings beneath our sprite feet...mystic, pure

Twas but a fortnight ago when I wandered, strolled
So now I beckon to thee once again, “Come hither and...rejoice, celebrate”
It is time sister fairy and brother elf to gather...uniting, amassing
To share the glory of timeless beauty of which we...nurtured, cared
For we are woodland aristocracy and immortal keepers...forever, eternal
And it is time to revel in the cast of our lot together...entwined, interwoven

So now I wander and stroll e’er reaching towards our haven hidden, secret
Calling out in siren voice awakening your souls for...it is time, it is time.

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