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This is a slant on the hypocrisy of being judgmental of arrogance.

This is a slant on the hypocrisy of judging judgers. By attempting to stand on the same pedestal, as theirs at their level, we may create our own illusions and blind spots of compensation,
By which we hypocritically create to maximize our own
Self-righteous virtues, and
Compensate to minimize our own flaws-
By judging the judgers, when they judge.
And as we present ourselves at their level,

Maximizing their flaws, instead of maximizing their virtues, we may establish a degree of arrogant hypocrisy that is fueled by circular argument-
Argument being:
If- defensive self-righteousness counters offensive arrogance.
Or perhaps they are mutually equal.


If we exaggerate our own virtues, to raise our pedestal, and minimize our flaws to delude ourselves into a
Superiority complex- we may be creating an illusion for ourselves, to compensate for the blind spot that we may have.

Those who boastfully maximize themselves (excessively), tend to minimize/diminish others- because their perspective-point,
is located far above the horizon line of reality; and their pedestal is too high,
so as to skew their perception of others.

And/or could it (also) be: I'm trying to diminish the minimizers,
so that my pedestal is raised?

What's your perception; and where is your perspective-point located?


This was designed to expose
The flaw of
Also keeping
The virtue of
(In mind.)

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