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by wordsy
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Where hope is but a shadow, flickering helplessly upon an empty wall.

I have been caught up
in the gathering thoughts,
that are born in the last parcel
of fading moonlight.
Where hope is but a shadow,
flickering helplessly upon an empty wall.
There the thoughts I once believed,
are but memories lost in the reflections,
of a place called yesterday.
And I am but a child wandering
through the endless summers of youth,
blissfully ignorant of the perils
and trials of days yet untold.
Caught up in search for dreams
lost upon the byways of life.
There I stand staunch
before the winds of change,
lingering lost among the echoes
of days long past.
Crying unheard amongst
a thousand screaming others,
who are weary at the wonder
of what tomorrow will bring.
Drawn to the query
of questions never answered.
Damned by the dispositions
of doubt that lie heavily
on a burdened soul,
and cursed by the fear
of yearnings to gaze upon the rising
of tomorrow’s sun,
as I am fated to the regrets
sown into the promise of another day,
and left to lie bleeding
before the breaking of the dawn.

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