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by Archie
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We are a nation of sheep, allowing our ministers to dictate our votes.
People in our country, particularly the strongly religious, are sheep, nothing makes of a more useless citizen than one who refuses to think for himself or herself. Too many voters allow their pastors to decide for them for whom they should vote. Sermons on political issues are preached, and ministers act as if God Himself supports one candidate over the other. Think, people, think for yourselves. Ministers have axes to grind, and those axes are not related to spirituality but to political ideology.

Neither party is more "godlike" than the other; neither party really cares about religion, other than to garner political support. Look at issues on your own, discuss issues, look at facts rather than listening to opinion. Look up voting records; read and listen to what the candidates themselves say and propose to do. Ask pointed questions of the candidates. There are many sources of factual information, yet few care. campaign ads are not sources of information; ignore them. Read news sources; write to candidates; check on voting records; look at specific things that candidates have done, then vote for the person facts have indicated would be best for the elected position. It is more work, but we get the government we deserve, and we certainly don't want to get a nation that condones sheep voting in elections.

Sure, listen to what your minister says, but challenge him/her with facts you have researched. You might even tell you minister to stick to spiritual matters and to stay out of politics. What a novel idea that would be!
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