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From "A morning's word" to "An evening's ramble"
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All these accusations
And the way the rumors fly
And all those innuendos
And all those little white lies

And all those whispered stories
That seem to go around
When everybody’s talking
And trying to put you down

Though the truth is out there somewhere
Or so I once believed
But now I feel so full of doubt
It seems I’ve been deceived

There seems to be no depth
To which that some won’t go
Some seem to seek attention
And some their ass they show

To some it seems a game
At which they’re having fun
Not I’m here to tell you
From this end of the gun

Reasons seem nonexistent
As you stop and wonder why
Of all the excuses I have found
None really seem to apply

I wait, forever it seems
as the days so slowly pass.
And the nights,
cold, dark stretches
that linger endlessly on.

And still I wait,
as dawn finds me yawning
at the breaking of the fast.
With dread hanging like a fog
on the morning’s lawn.

And still I wait,
in fear at the yearnings
that lie just beyond the rising sun.
as the darkness flees to await again
the embrace of night.

And still I wait, forever it seems
as the days so slowly pass.
And the nights….

And tis here I seek comfort.
Immersed in the words
placed upon page so pleasingly
pleasant to mine eyes.

Bathed in awe at the depths of their meanings,
I give way to the paths of wisdom,
as I tarry before the door to knowledge
and stand in the shadows of ignorance.

And so it I wander,
lost among the thoughts of confusion
and lingering there upon the notions,
left by a passing dream.

And to me, this is heaven.

And suddenly
I wake to find
The world of dreams
I’ve left behind
Where thoughts that fade
With morning’s light
Return again
In darkest night
To bring the dreams
Yet once again
A place in which
I pretend
That all the pain
Sorrow and woe
Are left forgotten
And therefore so
A slated past
Of desperate need
Where my heart lies
And now does bleed
Upon the breaks
Where we all wait
A morning’s light
Our final fate

I have heard the roar of thunder
As it echoes in my ears
I have heard the cold wind whisper
Like the sound of distant tears
I have watched the days go by
Ever on it seems
To fill the void, that is this life
And find out what it means
I have walked the threaded path
That stands before us all
I have sought to find the wisdom
And heed its’ learned call
I have dreamed of fated task
At night up in my sleep
To seek the truth, and in my heart
Forever it to keep

As I stand aside this person
I thought I use to be
And caught a glimpse
Of who I am
And what it is to be

And there I saw the madness
That dwells here deep with in
To find that I’m no different
From that what I pretend

So here now falls the sadness
For which that I must bear
To find what’s left of myself
That is if I would dare

To face the truth of all I am
And what I want to be
To finally know if this face I show
Is my reality

It would seem I disturbed the slumber
Of my long forgotten dreams
And there I purged the darkest depths
To find what there remains
Of all that’s left of yesteryear
Within the jaded light
And all that’s gone
For oh so long
And faded from my sight
And so I seek the solitude
I find so very rare
And sought out thoughts
With which were wrought
From lack of love and care

I lie awake staring
eyes wide and glaring
sleep is not it seems my friend

It's four in the morning
a passing night I'm mourning
as the sun does creep around again

I've watched the break of dawn
with the dew up on the lawn
as the birds they do begin to sing

And I've felt upon my face
the mornings' warming grace
as tomorrow, now today comes again

I've tried and I've tried
until I did decide
that sleep has slipped my grasp once more

And though I can't deny
all those times that I did cry
when the suns' beaten path crossed my door

But all of my tears
cannot wash away the fears
that gather with the setting of each days sun

And as night it closes in
my prayers they do begin
that slumber would fill my waking void

And as I looked upon the morrow
You know I began to cry
As I stood before the rising madness
With a teardrop in my eye

To know that there is sorrow
For those as yet unborn
To face a day, come what may
In a world by war is torn

And the tears I cry in sadness
Can’t give me peace of mind
And though I care
Just how they fair
No help for them I find

To rise above the darkness
To which that they’ve been cast
To seek beyond
The rising dawn
And free them from our past.

I watched in awe
At the muse's flaw
In the words I wrote that night
And the thoughts
I still remember
Do fill me now with fright
The deep and utter darkness
That within ones soul does dwell
And the thoughts that rise
Doeth burn mine eyes
From their fowl and rancid smell
And the memories now that haunt me
In my dreams they do exist
The urgent depths of yearning
Of which I can’t resist
A void and empty calling
Whose line that I must toe
To fill that wonton burning
And quench my awful woe.

I have walked alone in shadows
In fear of heaven light
As I search for my salvation
In the wonders of lifes’ plight
To find the truth in answers
I have found along my way
To guide me on my journey
As I live from day to day
With hopes upon tomorrow
To reach my journeys end
To find the warmth of loved ones
And a faith I can defend
To fill this lonely void
That lives with us all
To be within God’s sight
And to heed his mighty call.

And I,
I was a king in the eyes of the man
that looked back from my mirror.
Tall and proud
as I stood before my vanity.
Stroking my ego
as if it were a thing alive.
Feasting on my own words
until I near burst
so full of myself that I was.
Stray did I
from the path I had chosen.
Lost in a praise of words
wrote by my own hand
and believed by my own self.
Torn by the desire of a soul
full of fire and emotion.
Lustitly yearning for
the attention I craved.
I came to find myself
left with only memories of a past
filled with lies of my own creation.
Searching for a truth
that I thought I once knew
and haunted by the call of dreams
of a whisper in the wind.

And as I once again come to take pen in hand
to set down the eternal flow of words
that fills this idle mind.
I find myself coming to a slow smile
as I feel the cold tingle
as the cobwebs are shaken loose once again.

I’ve sought to find
The awesome wonder
And thoughts there of the kind
With hopes to fill
The endless depths
Of this a wandering mind

And seek here understanding
An endless need to know
The meaning of this life I live
And what I have to show

For all the tears and wasted years
That have left me in their wake
To stand up in the fall of shadows
For sadness sorry sake

To be cast out in the darkness
And upon the edge of night
And there abide in ignorance
In shade of wisdom’s light

From the blinding depths of ignorance
A shinning light I see
Bright with in the blackness
Of an ever raging sea

Drown with in the vastness
Where a wonton lust still yearns
Seeped in solemn silence
Where wisdom’s light still burns

Cast amongst the shadows
Of the darkness where it hides
Truth in all it’s mysteries
Where there it now abides

Awaiting those who seek
To bide there in the wake
Of a path still sought to knowledge
And so others we forsake

In want of honest answers
And the reasons that we try
To make this, our journey
And why it is we die

I saw the pain there in his eyes,
with the tears upon his cheek.
And I felt the guilt there was inside,
where once his soul did reek.
And I heard the cries of loneliness
that long had gone unheard.
And I knew the truth there was to find,
as I listen to his word.
And I felt the tug of innocents,
lost so long ago.
To remind me now,
we once knew how,
our ignorance not to show.

Empty halls and barren walls,
it seems they've all gone away.
To leave me here, it is I fear,
to muddle through my day.
No witty conversation.
No puns both good and bad.
No one to share and show I care,
and this it makes me sad.
And so it is I wonder,
and wander both to and fro,
in search of those, to which I'd pose.
Where did everybody go?

Can you hear
the children crying
Day by day
they keep on dying
And still the world
it keeps denying
That all along
it’s been lying

Can you see
all death’s destruction
A brought about
planned construction
A simple case
of moral deduction
Values lost
through faith’s reduction

Can you see
that hope is failing
The whole of man
is now derailing
A soulful cry
of woeful wailing
At all our dreams
away are sailing

Can you hear
your soul a screaming
No my friend
you’re not dreaming
The pain inside
your heart is reaming
The hand of fate
is not redeeming

Can you hear
the children crying
Day by day
they keep on dying
And still the world
it keeps denying
That all along
it’s been lying

Once again it's morning
as if it's something new
It's just another morning
that I have to wake up to

No bright and shining sun
does break my window sill
Just another day of problems
with which I have to deal

Sometimes I've often wondered
why would we even want to try
When it seems that all the world
is just out to make us cry

Yea, it's just another morning
just like the one before
and if I make it through it
then there'll be a hundred more.

A fading light on distant horizon
Where slowly sets the sun
And twilights plight, does bring the night
As another a day is done
And there I saw the darkness
Just before the edge of night
As shadows drew and often grew
Before the fading light
And there beneath the twinkle
Of star lights sparkling glow
Upon the ground, I lay me down
To watch it’s wondrous show

Agile words caress my thoughts with ideas.
Like a healing balm to the ears
against a cabal of dalliance,
who’s only desire is to equivocate
or cloud that which once was fluent
To break the barrier that now bonds
my words to the truth and galvanized my faith
that even so the great hoax still stands
tall like an idol to it's own jaded existence
of lies that kaleidoscope the light of good
and hide it there within.
Behold the labyrinth of deceit that now rises
like a malevolent sentry,
spewing forth narcissistic babble with the obeisance to it's own desires.
Hung like a pendant about the neck of eternity
to leave us in a quandary at the rhapsody left echoing through our mind,
filling the ego with supercilious delusions that lead to a tantrum of urgent melancholy that left us victims to the wistful whims of the xyresic cuts dealt by fate
as it yawns with the out stretched arms of a zealot.

As I listen to the voices
that ramble through my head,
whispering words of wisdom
with hopes that I am lead,
upon the shores of knowledge
to thread the sands of time,
in search of words once chosen
that I may twist and rhyme,
to fill my fondest wishes
and all my dreams come true,
that all who read, enjoy
these words I write for you.

As I await the rising
of the final curtain
on this another endless night.
My thoughts wander amongst
the seemly infinite dreams
that fills this idle mind.
Thinking on the thoughts
as they pass to and fro
floating restlessly upon
the tip of realization
to merely fade with the rising
of yet another days sun.
Lost in the glare of dawning
to await the freedom
that lies in the darkness
of another sleepless night.

I hear you call when you fall
and say it's not my fault
And then you swear
that you weren't there
when "Red Handed" you were caught

I hear you cry, when they die
and say that he's my brother
Then you deny, and try to lie
that you're killing one another

And I hear you shout
It's all about, "We ought to stop the killing"
But as for me, from all that I can see
It's your own blood you've been spilling

But you insist, that you're on a list
upon which someone is *****
Then you won't confess, that all this mess
is one of your own fitting

So stop the hate and change your fate
and learn to love one another
for it's then, and only then
that I can call you brother

And he said ”I thought forever”
As she looked in to his eyes
And there she saw the tears that fall
from the pain of all her lies

And so she saw the sorrow
in the look upon his face
Of a heart that now was breaking
That she had brought about to place

And so then knew the sadness
That his wounded soul now bore
As yet forever deeper
Her words of hurt now tore

To leave his love lie bleeding
While his tears they fell in vain
As he choked back words of fiery rage
To taste their bitter bane

In hopes to ease the passing
Of a love now dead and gone
At last to leave him standing
So sad and all alone

A case for madness
A guilty plea
If you could only
See what I see
Wrapped in roses
With a smell of wine
To hide the darkness
That hides behind
The lustful yearnings
Of a world gone mad
The loss of reason
It once had
The fading purpose
Now taking toll
The losing battle
Of our sinful soul

A carousel of discontent
A worded merry-go-round
An endless cycle inside my head
it seems that I have found
A never ending flood
in which I'm washed away
drowning within a sea of words
and wondering what I’m to say

Now in gentle silence
I pause and I reflect
Upon the thoughts of yesterday
So often I detect
And all the dreams
Now left behind
To fade upon the years
Along with all my old regrets
That came with all my tears

I came here to write
yet my words remain hidden
I came with ambition
yet nothing is written

I came with a fire
that's built upon passion
I came with tears
and a heart deeply saddened

I came with a need
that is yet to be filled
and brought forth my wounds
that they might be healed

I came here to write
this much I've said
to sum up my feelings
like raising the dead

I came here to write
or maybe just hide
from all of my fear
I've buried inside

You bid me come

and though bathed that I was
in the sadness of one filled with sorrow

I came.

And there I did abide
Cast in the shadows of your love
I lingered in thy presence
Adorned in the thoughts
that comfort my soul
Lead into the joy of those
who have shared the pain
I wept.
Tears filled mine eyes
And washed clean
The regrets of this saddened soul

Colors fade,
to a lighter shade,
within the pale moonlight.
Thoughts now lost in reason,
are jaded in our sight.
A cause for conversation,
debating minds concur,
We’re bound up in this mortal mix,
of the stew we slowly stir.

Slowly I surrender
To the calling of the night
As I drift into the shadows
Of the ever fading light
And there I find in splendor
Are the comfort of my dreams
Where all the world’s a wonder
Or so it is, it seems
That there I seek the pleasures
That are treasures of their kind
That lead me to the leisures
Of an ever wandering mind

And the page remains the same,

Intent upon the emptiness that lies before me.
Earnestly seeking to speak that which lies within.
Raging against the void that holds back my words.
Revolting at the page that is still blank before me.
Craving that which stands upon the end of ones tongue,
yet evades the whist of my pen.

Cursing the will-o-the-wisp for the musings,
that eludes my eternal quest.
Yearning to once again question the minds,
of those who stand wanting and lusting after knowledge.

Earnstly seeking to fill the depths of ones soul,
upon the wisdom from all who dare,
place pen to page, and there grace once again,
with gentle whispers the thoughts of a wandering mind.

Caught up in a fleeting thought
A maddening moment makes
Born of rage, and tried by fire
With every breath he takes
Stood before the test of time
To fail yet once again
Brought about by all the doubt
In life you find my friend
Laid to rest at eternity’s door
To lie in silent wait
Bound by faith and forever more
To tread the trail of fate

Who ever would of thought that tomorrow
would be yesterdays today or maybe that eternity
would never go away
And who knew that always would always take so long
or even guessed forever, forever would go on

Silent whispers
Deep inside
Cast in darkness
Where I abide
Forgotten slumber
Insomnias’ lust
The ticking hours
In faithless trust
Caught in madness
Insanity’s trap
Lost in darkness
A blind mans’ rap
Unknown gestures
In failed attempts
Scarred in battle
Eternity’s’ limp
Begotten soul
In endless wonder
Blundered efforts
In useless plunder
Distant memories
All fade to blue
Desperate plead
For what is true
Always wondering
what to do

And here we now are standing
as tomorrow is just begun
to face again, the day my friend
before the rising sun
And here we give our hearts
to the start of another day
with hopes on high
as we all try
to find ourselves a way.

A silent soul is sulking,
so sadly seeped in doubt.
Wondering at the worrisome woes,
of what this life’s about.
Caught up in the sweeping tides,
and slowly swept away,
by the child that lives here within,
and only wants to play.

And therefore are the tears I cry
To lay upon my breast
Rest ye there my burdens bare
Lest I must confess

That due the world unto me
The worries of my time
To place here fore upon this page
These bits of wit and rhyme

So now to enlighten
With hope of wisdoms plight
To place before
And open the door
And turn on knowledge’s light

As I listen to the whispers
that call from far away
Echoes of forgotten thoughts
of things I had to say

Faded gentle gestures
Of years now long gone by
Jaded now by memories
Of tears I’ve had to cry

Cast about by the awesome tides
in wisdoms weary wake
Set adrift from comforts bay
By thoughts I now forsake

Set upon a seekers path
In wisdoms noble quest
A search to find, if I in kind
Will stand to knowledge's test

If only for the moment
I could look into your eyes
If only for the moment
I could forget about the lies

Then all of my tomorrows
I would begin again today
and all of these, my sorrows
would slowly fade away

If only for the moment
I could see you once again
If only for the moment
I think I could pretend

That all the pain and sadness
was somehow just a dream
that it never really happened
the way it once did seem

If only for the moment

I have heard the sad man cry
With the sound of a broken heart
I have watched the tears fall down
Once the crying began to start
I have heard the truth be told
Before the ears of all
I have knelt before the eyes of God
As I answered to his call
I have heard the forgotten screams
Of shadows long been cast
And I have heard, what you reap you sow
When you live up in the past
And I have watched as the shadows fall
Upon the house of man
I have glimpsed as truths unfold
According to his plan
And I have dreamed of promised tomorrows
Those so far away
Lost among the many sorrows
I have found along the way

As I lift my head to heaven
And there do cast my eyes
Looking for forgiveness
From this life I’ve lived in lies

And come there do I for comfort
Beseech thee I for rest
And ask I now for mercy
For my life I stand in test

Seek ye I your bosom
That I may teary there
To stay I in your comforts
And in your love and care

For tomorrow and forever
And beyond the evers last
In faith am I forgiven
And freed there from my past.

To tread upon tomorrow
To follow now your path
To leave behind the sorrow
And test ye not your wrath

His words bore well the weight
From the depths his thoughts had taken
Though his voice still cries unheard
Of a soul so sadly shaken

His heart so seemingly sorrowed
Seems ever saddened so
As the tears that fill his eyes
And on his cheeks there ever flow

And the worry ridden weariness
That was placed upon his back
Is a load he now does carry
Of which there is no lack

Of all that’s failed and fallen
break therefore, and bow
to the rising of the calling
as it beckons to you now

Through descending depths
of shadow and gloom
a feeling upon you
of impending doom
cast in darkness
a blackened well
a hopeless place
where souls do dwell
a bottomless pit
of torture and shame
where one finds oneself
so filled with blame
an endless void of unknown fears
washed away by untold tears

This my friend is despair

Into the night,
tis there I plunder,
and where my mind,
does often wander.
Amongst the dreams,
there in my head,
as I lie upon my bed.
To seek the wonder,
of things unknown.
upon the winds,
where wisdom’s blown.
To caress the limits,
of thoughts that dare,
to harvest the knowledge,
in hopes to share.
With all in kind,
who seek to know,
what this life,
has to show.

Everything happens for a reason
there’s nothing left to chance
The hands of fate, anticipate
And therefore call the dance

With time it’s only master
It’s biddings destiny’s’ due
When free will seems nonexistent
Then there’s nothing you can do

To turn the tides of a future’s past
In the days that still remain
To guide us all to the morrows dawn
In hopes that time remains

There are lies of different colors,
not only black and white.
There are shades of gray,
that often may,
hide within the light.

There are bright and shining,
bold face lies,
that stare you in the face.

Then there are those,
that often pose,
in truth’s promised place.

There are darker sides,
that some may call,
a jaded shade of true.

A colored interpretation,
but it’s just their point of view.

Then there’s those cloaked in silence,
and whispered behind your back.

And those left lying for you to find,
to lead you from the fact.

That all those pretty colors,
cover the ugly lies.

And hide the truth and all it bares,
from your very eyes.

Left with only memories
to comfort my regret
I've found out just how easily
one does soon forget
the roads that we once traveled
that have brought us thus this far
to leave us in our wondering
of who we really are
And therein lie the reasons
for a life now lain in waste
of thoughts of youthful treason
and decisions made in haste
of years all spent in chasing
a shadow of my dreams
to find that once I'd caught it
that it was not what it seems

I have sat at the table of sorrow
and tasted the woe of sadness
that has filled my cup
I have tossed in slumber
restless at the gruesome dreams
that torment a lonely heart
I have stayed the drastic rages
perchance to still the wanderings
of an idle mind
And I have wept the tears
that comes when all else has failed

I wonder at the reasons
Or the causes and effect
Of the little things in life
That so often I detect
Some that seem so simple
And small on their own
But when added to other problems
They become so over blown
From a small and babbling brook
To a raging rivers flow
Swept away by life
To the oceans roaring tow
Drowned is the hope
Along with all the dreams
Over come by shadows
And the fear it often brings

I've been pushed aside
often denied
and sometimes forgotten

I've been left behind
never paid mind
and always been down trodden

I've been put down
pushed around
and never figured on

I've been singled out
talked about
by everyone I know

I've often found
it comes around
and then goes on without you

and though I've tried
and sometimes cried
I'm right back where I started

Left without and full of doubt
and always broken hearted.

Pondered words
that lie in wait
Beyond the crack
in my minds gate
And in the darkness
that there does dwell
The pain therein
that is my hell
And all the truths
I dare confide
To a soul of sin
and there abide
As whispered words
decide my fate
Beyond the crack
in my minds gate

And the sadness that does linger
when the tears have all been cried
and the sorrow that does follow
after eyes have long been dried

and the ever aching need
a wanting never met
and the pain that lives inside us
least we not forget

the hurt that lies behind us
in the dreams that fills our sleep
and the promises of tomorrow
we pray that fate does keep

to lead us ever on
so our faith be not forsaken
and keep us true
unto our path
this journey that we've taken

to die
the eternal sleep
The laws of mortality
there in we keep

our burdens and worries
at last we lay down
to lie real still
and not move around

to cease to be
to come to an end
to say good bye
to all who are friend

to see our life
slowly fade way
and never wake up
to another day

this our future
we all must face
till death do us under
as is always the case

our final farewell
our last good bye
tis here at last
as must we die

Haunting dreams
In shadowed sadness
Full of screams
In utter madness

Soulful plunder
In sinful desires
Stoke the furnace
With raging fires

Lost within
An unknown yearning
Often repeated
Never learning

Lessons taught
Are now discerning
See how, now
The world is turning

Forbidden thoughts
Now found me out
And caused my faith
To fill with doubt

Cast aside is
A world once known
Left behind
Are the rules we’re shown

Gestured kindness
Now all too rare
Ruthless plight
Beyond compare

The human connection
Is nowhere found
All we’ve built
Is crumbling down

Masses mounting
In urgent cry
Answered calling
One last try

To open our hearts
and rid our hate
To right the wrong
and change our fate

So many lost, uncounted cost
And more they die each day
Upon no list, do they exist
Or the price they had to pay

For the load they bore, not one swore
Not even that they were gone
Except the fact, on someone back
Their burdens now are on

And those that cry in sorrow
Again are all too few
Who seek again to barrow
The pain the others knew

To share their part in sadness
A world left in despair
And wrought within our madness
Which is now beyond compare

And so we’re left to wander
And wonder at our fate
To leave behind, our begotten kind
Who dwell now in their hate

He works real hard trying to make ends meet
for a place to call home and the food he eats
And he never knew a day when he did not pray
that some day things would go his way
And he just wants to make a better life
for the ones he loves, his child and his wife

With his hands
Have you seen the blisters
on his hands
You can tell the life he leads
by his hands

An old boy I knew, who never was right
All he knew how to do was drink and fight
And we all figured he'd die one day
fighting and a scratching in a drunken way
But then one day he found the Lord
then he hammered out a plow, from a killing sword

With his hands
Can you see the scarred knuckles
on his hands
The ones so humbly folded
are his hands

I saw a stone cold killer on the news today
They said "Old lady justice going to make him pay"
They said he went hog wild on a killing spree
then he tried to cop an insanity plea
He said when he did it, he was out of his mind
but it looks to me like the killing kind

of hands
Can you see the blood stains
on his hands
Look how he hides his face
behind his hands
You know they say he killed his brother
with his hands

You know they say they're the devils' workshop
Idle hands.

Take a minute, or even two
take some time to think it through
Take a day, or even more
let your mind free to soar
see a world that's open wide
take a chance and look inside
a life of wonder filled with surprise
sugar coated and wrapped in lies
see the truth you thought you knew
torn apart and ripped in two
see your life stripped and bare
of deceptions that we all share
so take a minute or even two
see a different point of view
take a day or even more
to take a step beyond the door
for all the world is there for you
then you decide which is true

Written by the hand of innocents
Through the eyes of ignorance
Thought in mind, so naïve
To wisdoms side is lent
Held in kind by worded woe
For sadness sorry sake
Left to plunder the depths so low
As dealt in life by fate
And tears brought forth by loneliness
So seem to ever flow
Caught up in sorrow’s shade
Where only the lonely know
That held in time, are memories
Though faded some by years
And washed in those long now dried
The countless, endless tears

Yellow withered whispers,
have fallen on my ears.
To lay about my shoulders,
all the burdens of my years.

A gracious gentle gesture,
that reminds me of my past.
Of long forgotten voices,
and the sounds of echoes cast.

And all the hollow cries,
that once sung upon the wind.
And all the faded memories,
of my long forgotten friends.

That leaves me to the wanderings,
of this idle mind I find.
And the word woven weavings,
that they always leave behind.

This tear you see
is not, you see
a sign that I'm saddened or blue

This look on my face
where tears left their trace
ought to give you some clue

The joy that I feel
is all too real
it's something that can't be denied

A heart felt desire
from a soul on fire
is something you just cannot hide

There's no greater love
than that from above
if you just let it into your heart

Just give it a try
though it might make you cry
but that's a good place to start

Another mothers son
picks up a gun
and a life of crime begins

With a click and a boom
and all too soon
another life comes to an end

Now it's a game
where there's no shame
to shoot a man when he's down

When all you got to figure
is how to a trigger
and listen to the roaring sound

Mother where's your children
when the bullets start to fly
Mother will your children
be the next to die

Now everybody sings a sad song
about how their life's unfair
you never got a break
so all you do is take
and let everybody else beware

Mother where's your children
when you lay me down to sleep
Mother where's your children
when you pray your soul to keep

Well another night is passing
and the day is coming on
where will they be tomorrow
to see the rising sun

Mother where's your children
can you hear them as they cry
Mother where's your children
or do you still deny

That all the world is crying
and our tears they fall in vain
about all the children dying
in a world that's gone insane

And the dreams I find in slumber
That fills my troubled sleep
They taunt and tease but never please
Nor promises, do they keep

And there I find in shadows
My thoughts do often stray
To bring about the madness
That seems to want to stay

Till morning’s dawn is breaking
With the rising of tomorrows’ sun
And hang around to bring me down
Till day is finally done

To face again the darkness
Up in my sleepless bed
Or so it seems in dancing dreams
That play up in my head

A sad man sigh’s in the silence
Sorry for the setting sun
And as the night does call
The teardrops fall
Now that the day is done

And the shadows cast
By a lifetime
Are jaded in the faded light
As the souls that cry
At the awful lie
Are hidden in the cold dark night

So sing to me of the morrow
And the rising of another sun
Where dreams come true
With the falling dew
As the day is just begun

So sing to me of sadness
And the sound of a breaking heart
As the tears they fall
Can you count them all
If you just know where to start

Sunday morning’s rising
Through the eyes of early light
As distant day is dawning
In the guise of passing night

Thoughts now long remaining
Now wake to another day
To guide theses idle wanderings
As they go about their way

To seek the words now woven
In weavings of their kind
Along with thoughts and notions
So that I often find

To bring about the years
As the days go slowly by
Till at last your turn is over
And your time has come to die

And there I found the answers
Of a yearning hearts desire
Consumed up in the burning
And everlasting fire

And there I found in splendor
The pleasures of her will
Soft enticing treasures
Of a warm embraces feel

And there I found the longing
Of one left all alone
And the voice that keeps on calling
Forever leading on

And there I found tomorrow
With dawning’s morning light
To shine upon my sorrow
As it brings an end to night

And there I found that hope
Will rise yet once again
To face again the world
As another day begins

I have been caught up in the gathering thoughts,
that are born in the last parcel of fading moonlight.
Where hope is but a shadow,
flickering helplessly upon an empty wall.
There the thoughts I once believed,
are but memories lost in the reflections,
of a place called yesterday.
And I am but a child wandering through the endless summers of youth,
blissfully ignorant of the perils and trials of days yet untold.
Caught up in search for dreams lost upon the byways of life.
There I stand staunch before the winds of change,
lingering lost among the echoes of days long past.
Crying unheard amongst a thousand screaming others,
who are weary at the wonder of what tomorrow will bring.
Drawn to the query of questions never answered.
Damned by the dispositions of doubt that lie heavily on a burdened soul,
and cursed by the fear of yearnings to gaze upon the rising of tomorrow’s sun,
as I am fated to the regrets sown into the promise of another day,
and left to lie bleeding before the breaking of the dawn.

I am he who writes.

Be it not that my words
grace the pages of life
to shout to a world deaf
to the cries of one unheard

To lift the spirit to the heights that crest
the coulds of doom that surround us

To cast forth the net of knowledge in hopes
of drawing down the vail of wisdom
upon those left shivering in ignorance
so that they also may know that

I am he who writes.

Seeking to understand the words,
that somehow find themselves upon my page.
I look to all the emotion,
that fuels the fires that rage.
To empty out these feelings,
that I find here deep inside.
And to clean out all the closets,
where my fear and sorrows hide.
To search beyond the limits known,
in hope to find anew.
The reasons for my being,
and just what I am to do.

Caught up in the colors
All the colors
That are fading before my eyes
Visions bled to black and white
Jaded plight
And wrought up in their lies

Dreams that keep repeating
Almost pleading
As they visit in the night
A truth that needs repeating
Their words are pleading
To be placed up in the light

Signs that seem so knowing
Always showing
A path that lies ahead
A journey long forsaken
Now is taken
In which we all will wind up dead

Caught up in the colors
All the colors
That are fading before my eyes
Lost with in confusion
The mere illusion
That everybody dies

A sadness all around us
Does surround us
And hold us from within
A past that here does bind us
Does remind us
In time it all will end

Caught up in the colors
All the colors
That are fading before my eyes…

Rigid thoughts
found conflict of interest
in his wishes to redeem his status
and belong once again
Fleeting glimpses
in fatal remembrance
to the causes lost
in desperate struggle
Benin attempts
to rise above the falling
of his own interest
in the failings brought to bare
upon ones soul

There is a time
in all it's season
There is a day
that's yet to come
There are thoughts
that hold no reason
Or at least
as yet to some
There is a call
to which we answer
nor for all
is it the same
There is a call
we cannot answer
And ourselves
we find to blame
There is a song
our hearts are singing
and now that it's begun
through all the world
it's ringing
in a voice
that sounds as one

Can you cry for the children
Can you see it through their eyes
Can you cry for the children
and still not realize

That through all the pain and suffering
in life there is to bare
They're the ones left standing
wondering if we care

Can you cry for the children
and still not see the light
Can you cry for the children
And still sleep through the night

Can you look in the mirror
and say that it's okay
Can you go on tomorrow
the same as yesterday

Can you cry for the children
and hold your head up high
Can you cry for the children
as you sit and watch them die

For there's no use in telling
what you ought to know
The truth is so compelling
You reap just what you sow

Can you cry for the children
and still not share the blame
Can you cry for the children
and still not feel their pain

And through their pain they go on living
with the fear that fills their lives
Through the tears they go on giving
a love that never dies

Can you cry for the children
and take them to your heart
Can you cry for the children
I think it's time we start

For the truth is for the telling
if we help them to be strong
to stop the hurt and yelling
and right this awful wrong

There among the cries
are the tears that they have shed
And there among the lies
through this life that they’ve been led
And there among the scars
are the wounds that still bleed
like there among the others
are the causes of their need
And there up in the darkness
of a day that’s done and dead
Are the truths in all the answers
to the questions that they dread
And there among the moments
of a life that they do make
There’s hope they find within
that their faith does not forsake
to leave them in the shadows
as the gather on a wall
to stand there always waiting
but never answer to the call

Creative contours
words I weave and knit
woven thoughts notions
I twist and try to fit

Of broken hearts and teardrops
my pages over flow
wrapped in my emotions
when I'm lost and feeling low

A million lines I've written
on the days of long gone past
caught up in the memories
and the shadows that they cast

Reflections of tomorrow
of these I've had my fill
I'll never know the future
by the waving of a quill

Word wise and witty
that's what it's all about
but when it comes to wisdom
too often I'm without

A rain swept shore with oceans roar
and the tides that wash away,
the sparkling sand on which I stand
searching day to day.
And my eyes are filled with wonder,
as blue skies turn to gray.
While the distance sounds of thunder
slowly moves my way.
I scan the far horizions
with hope I someday find,
the reason for my being
and the future of mankind.

Timeless dreams
did once invade
Sleepless nights
through years that fade
To leave me wandering
at sanity’s quest
Journeys taken
in search of rest

Heedless ventures
all sought in vain
Needless suffering
now wrought in pain
Forgotten memories
of long lost years
Washed away
by untold tears

Days uncounted
have passed me by
Years now totaled
in wistful sigh
Seedless fruits
in barren times
left on pages
in useless rhymes

And still I ramble on.

If I’d of thought for a moment
I never would of believed
Or even thought it possible
Nor could I conceive
That even for a moment
That I would be relived
Even at the thought
That I might be deceived
But if you really look
I think that you might see
What it really is
Or what it is, should be
Even at a glance
I think that you might guess
That is if you did notice
And this I must confess
That no matter at your answer
The end is just the same
Life it has no winners
Because you know it’s not a game

}Bottomless is the pit that swallows the light of truth,
so to hold us in the darkness of ignorance,
and leave us lie upon the stony ground of stupidity,
to repeat yet once again the lessons unlearned in days now past.

And we, being blindly lead by the beliefs of our fathers,
follow the path of lies that has brought us here today,
we who have been lead astray by the promise of peace,
only to find that the dogs of war rage endlessly on.

And here we stand before a world that stands against us,
thinking thoughts of the just, as we leave a bloody trail in our wake,
deaf to the cries unheard beneath the heels of oppression,
while we march forever on to heed the call that commands these fools of freedom.

And as we are yet again left to wonder at the cost of liberty,
whose debt is paid in full by the blood of our sons and daughters,
we search our souls for a faith forgotten in times gone by,
as we tread the trail of tears that lies before us.

A poets dreams
sometimes seems
A worded wonderland
A place in which
our words we switch
with hopes to understand
The thoughts that are without reason
or any that I can find
that do indeed fulfill the need
of this wandering idle mind.

Would it be if you were me,
and know the pain I feel.
Would you dare to show you care,
or even try to deal.
Would you say that it’s okay,
that I’m not the only one.
That we all share this common fare,
who’s due is come to dun.
Or would you turn and walk away,
and hide your face in shame.
To seek and find someone in kind,
and try to place the blame.

I do not say that I can write
I only say I do
I do not say my words are right
I only say they're true

I do not say that I am wise
I leave that to the fools
or dare I tread heavens heights
with words my only tools

I do not look for innocence
for it is lost before my eyes
cast aside by decadence
and a thousand lonely cries

I do not look to memories
or dreams that fade away
or spend my thoughts upon regrets
of all my yesterdays

I do not say that I can write
I only say I do
with hopes on high, that all enjoy
these words I write for you

Sometimes I find myself listening
to the echoes of whispers
found in the gathering silence
Wondering at the fleeting thoughts
left by the wandering muse of inspiration

Joyfully awaiting the worded wonderings
of this an idle mind
as gathering thoughts
find place upon the humble pages
of this my life

I have cast forth my dreams
upon the sea of hopes
and given myself unto the whims
of an unknown tomorrow,
with faith that I shall
rise once again to stand before
the dawning of a new day.

So with a wish and a prayer,
and in God’s care,
I leave you now my friend.
With hopes to find, you well in kind,
when we meet yet once again.
And may the good Lord bless and keep you,
for the days of all your life.
To guide you to, and see you through,
and free you from your strife.

The tender years are pass me now,
and all long gone away.
And all the tears in mass are now,
almost everyday.
From a simple loss of innocents,
and right before my eyes.
To all the truths I thought I knew,
that turned out to be lies.
So here I stand lost in faith,
and set adrift in time.
And left here now to worry you all,
with my bits of wit and rhyme.
So tend your ears, bare me now,
as I begin to play.
And listen close with hopes you do,
hear all I have to say.

A fading light in distant skies
As another day is done
A gentle gesture of silent sighs
At the setting of the sun
Twilights gift a darkening rift
Through the haze of dusky light
To end this way another day
And bring about the night

I've filled my pages
with moodful rages
and an odd notion or two

I've often fought
with different thoughts
and wrestled points of view

Ideas flow,
they come and go
though some aren't worth the mention

Some scream and shout,
and dance about
and demand my full attention

Sometimes my words confuse me
and get lost along the way
Some trick, confound and ruse me
just like a child at play

Some leave me lost and lonely
some cause me to be blue
some seem to tell a story
so sad and yet so true

Sometimes my words elude me
it's as if they'd gone away
and often they've pursued me
all throughout my day

Sometimes my words work wonders
on the pages of my mind
and some I've found, once written down
seem nothing of the kind

Just a line or maybe two
are all I need to get me through
Just a rhyme set in time
a well turned phrase
to ease my mind
It's only words upon a page
the only cure for writers rage

I heard the gentle whispers
as they echoed through the hall
to ask of me their questions
as I answer to their call
speaking to me softly
their words I love to hear
to hold me in their charms
and to always keep me near
to grace upon these these pages
my soul I chose to bare
and to tell you all again
just how much I care.

I have wandered the halls of evermore
And there I found forever
Lost with in the depths of time
Beyond life’s great endeavor

And now the dreams of yesterday
Haunt me once again
As I stand before the open door
Here at journeys end

I awaken to the morning,
to skies of brightest blue,
to glimmering drops of sunshine
that sparkle on the dew.
To bluebirds songs of happiness,
That greet the breaking dawn.
To squirrels nutty antics,
As they play upon the lawn.
And as I watch the far horizons,
The clouds go floating by,
Like dreams up in the heavens,
Where the soul does touch the sky.
A grateful thanks is given,
For the wonder of it all,
To the one who’s always listening,
To hear my humble call.

Endless nights purged
of the dreams that once
danced in the land of slumber

As I wait the dawn.

Sorrowful whispers
in strange voices
caress the night

As I await the dawn.

Pillowed fanasties
await the nod
that brings blessed sleep

As I await the dawn.

Soulless images
play up in my mind
as the hours slowly tick by

As I wait the dawn.

Silent cries
echoes the wailing
as tears fall from weary eyes

As I wait the dawn.

Echoing dreams
Lost in time
Sought out words
That fit and rhyme

Far fetching phrases
To do the deed
Some worded wit
To fill the need

A well-placed thought
That stands alone
With words well woven
In wisdom sown

To grace this life
And feed the fire
To quench the thirst
Of my desire

And fill at last
These pages bare
And place my words
With greatest care

That all who read
I hope do find
Just what it was
I had in mind.

A worded detection
Of quiet reflection
Flows gently through my thoughts
A linguistic line
that runs through my mind
Where rhyme and reason have fought
A well worded weaving
That’s often deceiving
In revealing it’s one true intent
And we’re left asunder
And always to wonder
At the times
and the ways that it lent

I thought about tomorrow
All through out last night
I thought about tomorrow
And the words that I would write
I thought about what it might bring
Upon the break of day
I thought of all the things
That I mayhap to say
I thought about the coming dawn
And the rising of the sun
I thought about where it will end
Now that it’s begun
I thought about tomorrow
and I must say my friend
I find myself in hopeful joy
to greet you once again

And no one said it would be easy
as you live from day to day
to over come the little things
that just get in your way

And no one promised that tomorrow
that the sun would shine once more
That better days and better ways
are just beyond the door

And no one told you of the heartbreak
that is this thing called life
And no one taught you how to deal with
all the pain and all the strife

And no one said that they would be there
just to hear you when you call
and no one said that they would be there
just to catch you when you fall

There are words of wonder
and words of pain
There are words often said
with nothing to gain
There are words of anger
and words of hate
There are words once said
that change our fate
There are words of sorrow
that we all feel
There are words of kindness
we need to heal
There are words of wisdom
though all too few
There are words that show
your point of view
There are words of love
and words of desire
There are words that fuel
the raging fire
There are words we search
deep in our heart
That show how much
we're torn apart

In the days before
when hearts did soar
and youth shone in our eyes
Before the fall of innocents
and all those little white lies
Before the days we're forced to face
the world and all it's fears
Before the time when we must wipe
our eyes now full of tears
Before the dawn of darker days
when the world was at our feet
and all the wide eyed wonder
when the world was one big treat
Before the nights in which we toss
in desperate need of sleep
and pray tomorrow that we do find
a hope that we can keep.

Whispered voices from within my head
Spreading secrets filled with dread

Of shattered dreams in desperate plight
And shadowed thoughts in fading light

To flee the throngs of sorrows grasp
And unlock doors and free the hasp

To shatter the bonds of mortal souls
And free from guilt the taken tolls

To reach beyond the broken hearts
And be more than my summed up parts

To stand up tall and do my best
As I walk through life and stand the test

To be at peace within myself
And stand on faith when nothings left

To deal with all that’s come to past
And walk beyond the shadows cast

With out stretched hands and arms spread wide
To welcome one and all inside

To share with those I here do tell
The thoughts that in my mind do dwell

With hope my words do wisdom teach
To all and one and to own his each

In faith we trust to our salvation
Our knowledge found in revelation

That love for one and each the other
Every woman her child and every man his brother

For only then will we survive
And have a chance to stay alive

To look beyond the reasons
that are given for my fate
To fill my mind with wisdom
and to rid my heart of hate
To find the understanding
that so often I have sought
To finally win this battle
for so long now I have fought
To dream about tomorrow
and not worry about today
with hopes to find an answer
to the questions of what may
To finish my life, this journey
begun so long ago
To finally know the truth
and find out where you go.

Oh how I remember
angry voices in the night
The ones they raised in screams
with the coming of each fight

And I can hear the violence
of the cries so filled with pain
As I hid beneath my covers
while I cried myself, in vain

And I recall the whispers
all the ones behind her back
And the words so cold and bitter
from the kindness that they lack

And I can see the trail of tears
or where they've left their trace
Hidden behind the glass so dark
that hid her swollen face

And I can still remember
how she looked upon that day
With the lights so brightly flashing
when they carried her away

But now her pain is over
and her tears have all been dried
Cause the last time that he beat her
he beat her till she died.

I lie awake staring
eyes wide and glaring
sleep is not it seems my friend

It's four in the morning
a passing night I'm mourning
as the sun does creep around again

I've watched the break of dawn
with the dew up on the lawn
as the birds they do begin to sing

And I've felt upon my face
the mornings' warming grace
as tomorrow, now today comes again

I've tried and I've tried
until I did decide
that sleep has slipped my grasp once more

And though I can't deny
all those times that I did cry
when the suns' beaten path crossed my door

But all of my tears
cannot wash away the fears
that gather with the setting of each days sun

And as night it closes in
my prayers they do begin
that slumber would fill my waking void

I've stood before the bodies
of the dying and the dead
Wondering how we've gotten
to this place that we’ve been led
And as I look to find the reasons
though none there could I find
I’m lost within the confusion
of a doubtful worried mind
And as the tears of bitter sorrow
stream down upon my face
they follow cries of anger
that feel so out of place
And as I search the far horizons
no angels do I see
For it seems that heavens host
has chose this time to flee
To leave us all to wonder
and wander the path of fate
And left it to our sinful selves
to rid our hearts of hate
And to try and find the answers
of why we stand and bleed
As we fill our hungered wanting
and quench this human need
To look beyond the sorrow
as we search for better days
And hope to find tomorrow
that we’ve changed our killing ways.

In my latest attempt to dredge
the depths of a writers soul
I have been found to postulate
at the fetching core of my creativity.
To find release for my words
from the tense clamp that holds me prisoner
and to once again loose my pen
upon these hallowed pages.
And yet I am still driven by a desire
to create the words that make tangible
my thoughts and bring forth the light
to dissolve the shadows of ignorance
that is left floating upon
the my sea of discontent.

I happened just per chance
to come up on this thought
to the cause of all the reasons
that so often I have sought
A sad and simple wandering
that suddenly struck me odd
to the times there are in life
when I've reached out to find God
And of the dark and desperate hour
when I'm in my greatest need
when I beck unto His call
and swear His word to heed
And there upon this moment
my life is in His hands
as I stand before His glory
and know there is a plan
A cause for all those reasons
for so long now I have sought
and the choices I have made
and the battles I have fought.

To stay their knowledge
In wisdoms wake
For fear of ignorance grasp
To set the key
Up in the lock
And free it from its hasp
To open the door
And step beyond
The confines of your mind
To take a look
With hopes see
Knowledge held in kind
For those who seek
Will journey far
For that of which they’ve sought
And those who fight
For limits sake
Will win that which they’ve fought

when nights are cold
and you're lonely still
and your broken heart
is all you feel

and you start to think
that life's unfair
and that there is no one
in which to care

and the tears they fall
like pouring rain
and it seems your life
is all in vain

and the days are void
and filled with dread
and there’s a deep dark fear
that fills your head

and a heart that's broken
and left to bleed
and a yearning desire
of this wanting need

and the days gone by
seem all the same
and your just to tired
to play the game

and then you wonder
was it all in kind
or is it all
just in your mind

Sometimes in life we are
driven to seek leverage
to with stand the crass villain
that awaits like a token lover
to consume us in it's broad embrace.
Bound to the unknowable fate
of yet another tomorrow,
we seek refuge from the onslaught of ignorance
as we are torn by the rash of stupidity
that had spread throughout the world
and left us with renderings of regret.
But alas regrets do not heal our wounds
they merely cover the festering
that lies beneath the facade of society.

And once again there was sadness,
knock, knock, knocking at my door.
A somber sound,
that came around,
like so many times before.
And along with it came heartbreak,
with sorrow sitting by it’s side.
Along with all the teardrops,
that I simply cannot hide.
And as I looked there was loneliness,
standing there by itself.
All alone and on it’s own,
with no one but it’s self.
And didn’t you know,
that grief would show,
as it always does my friend.
To bear you down,
as I have found,
with worries once again.
And then I knew that old regrets,
would not be left behind.
And don't you know,
that they did show
to play upon my mind.

I watched her from a distance
as the wind blew wild her hair
And wished for just the moment
that I was standing there

To hear the faded whispers
that caress upon her ears
To wash away her sadness
as I wipe away her tears

To stand there tall beside her
as she journeys through this life
To make a stand and take her hand
and wed her for my wife

To be her one and only
Until the very end
To be as you are only
The truest of true friends

A trial of temptations
in yearning design
Of strung about phrases
so often I find

Of lustful desires
in worded delight
Of fine woven weavings
in wondrous plight

And the well worded wanderings
who’s meaning is naught
For one’s lack of knowledge
wisdom is sought

And there in our plunder
the pages we fill
In spite of our ignorance
we try to instill

These thoughts that we find
the cause of our yearning
So often confusing
forever discerning

The urges that plague
as they taunt and they tease
That once written down
our words they do please

The belief that we feel
our thoughts do portray
At least in our prayers
in hope we do stay

Upon the true path
that our hearts have taken
and our journey in life
is never forsaken

Sometimes you cry

In the middle of the night

Sometimes you cry

Though it still don’t make it right

When the world goes on around you
And you still can’t see the light
When the troubles they surround you
And it’s a never ending fight

Sometimes you cry

Though you whisper not a sound

Sometimes you cry

And the tears keep falling down

When you feel your heart is breaking
And you feel you want to die
And the trip’s not worth the making
But still you got to try

Sometimes you cry

When there’s nothing left for you

Sometimes you cry

When there’s nothing else to do

Sometimes you cry

Down in the cracks
where the old crumbs go
Down in the shadows
where the lights don't show

In between the cushions
and under them too
You wouldn't believe
what's hidden from view

A strange little world
all to it's own
unlike any other
that's ever been known

A world of wonder
Where lintpickers play
And crumb crunchers gather
and grumble all day

A place where fuzzies
and frizzies hang out
With dust bunnies
scurring and hiding about

And way down under
so far, far below
Down where the fuzzies
and frizies won't go

Down in the bottom
of the old gray couch
The crack monster lives
and boy what a grouch

He growls and he grumbles
He moans and he groans
He munches and crunches
and gnaws at old combs

He spits and he sputters
And rumbles all day
And frightens the fuzzies
and frizzies away

So if you go digging
down deep in the couch
You'd better watch out
For the crack monster grouch

You know you broke my little heart
with all your little lies
and the way you walked all over me

And you know I can’t deny
all those times you made me cry
was enough to make a blind man see

You know I never saw it coming
Yea, I didn’t realize
No I never saw it coming
Right before my eyes
You know I never saw it coming
Yea, you know you caught me by surprise

You know you’re driving me insane
with all your taunting and a teasing
When all I ever ask
is for your loving and pleasing

You know I never could figure
where it all went wrong
Before I even knew
baby you were long gone

You know I never saw it coming
Yea, I didn’t realize
No I never saw it coming
Right before my eyes
You know I never saw it coming
Yea, you know you caught me by surprise

Well you played me for a fool
And I fit the part
You had me wrapped around your finger
Baby right from the start

I never knew about heaven
baby till I met you
so this must be hell
that you’re putting me through

You know I never saw it coming
Yea, I didn’t realize
No I never saw it coming
Right before my eyes
You know I never saw it coming
Yea, you know you caught me by surprise

I remember thunder
and lightning in the air
And I recall just how you looked
when I saw you standing there

But what I remember most
and it almost makes me cry
I remember how it felt
when my Laura lied

Laura lied,
and it tore my world into
Laura lied,
and left me wondering what to do
now as she stands before me
and I look into her eyes
All I can remember is
how my Laura lied

Laura lied

Twenty years ago, almost to the day
an still all these teardrops
will not go away
And everytime I've cried
I still feel inside
how well that I remember
just how my Laura lied

Laura lied,
and it tore my world into
Laura lied,
and left me wondering what to do
now as she stands before me
and I look into her eyes
all I can remember is
how my Laura lied

Laura lied

Now as she stands before me
I don't know what to say
as my mind slowly drifts back
to another day
When I was just a young man
with a heart that broke in two
the day you lied and left me
wondering what to do

Laura lied,
and it tore my world into
Laura lied,
and now I don't know what to do
for as she stands before me
with arm both open wide
All I can remember is
how my laura lied

Laura lied.

Stranded in the middle of life
And I don’t know where to go
And here are my child and wife
Looking for me to know

And as my world goes on around me
I feel it’s pass me by
And as my world goes on without me
It feels like I could die

And I just want to walk away
I just want to leave it all behind
And never feel another day
The way I feel inside

I don’t want to take the blame
For not knowing what to do
And I can’t take the pain
Of knowing I hurt you

And I just want to walk away
You know I want to walk away

Well life never promised a free ride
And you know I’ve never found one
Sometimes it’s even a rough ride
This road in life we’re on

And no one said it would be easy
Just to make it to the end of the day
And no one said it would be easy
The games in life we play

And I just want to walk away
I just want to leave it all behind
I just want to walk away
And free this doubtful mind

I just want to walk away
You know I want to walk away

And you ask for understanding
To fill your wanton need
Of all life’s pain and suffering
And the reasons why you bleed

Then you cry for knowledge
Of all that’s good and bad
Even though the truth of it
Would surely drive you mad

And still you search for answers
As if they’re clues to find
To fit together pieces
With others of it’s kind

With hopes that great enlightenment
Will brighten up your day
To open up the door
And lead you on your way

Unknown words tantalize my thoughts,
leaving destiny to wait the search,
for fevered applause.
And here I await the musings,
of yet another day.
Merely an illusion clunking,
like a fluttering sprite,
whispering words now lost,
in memories of days long past.
Dealing with the blows dealt in life,
that wound my flimsy truths.
Drowning in the delta of emotions,
that flood my immortal soul.

I have wandered the halls of evermore
and there I found forever
Lost with in the depths of time
beyond life’s great endeavor

And now the dreams of yesterday
haunt me once again
As I stand before the open door
here at journeys end

Of the blame to bare
I’ve bore my share
In the lessons in life to learn

And the times I cried
Oh how I cried
And how my heart did yearn

For the wasted years
And my long lost peers
I once left to my past

To escape the days
And forget the ways
The shadows then were cast

But like the rest
I failed the test
When time, it came my turn

But you would think
I’d swim or sink
But you know I never learned

For I have watched in silence
And never said a word
And just because I did not speak
I know that I was not heard

And I have listened to the awful screams
As they cried out in the night
Calling out to all who hear
To save them from their plight

And I have turned and walked away
And never gave a thought
To all that I have left behind
For which that I have sought

And I have wandered the path of fate
Which ever leads me on
To seek the cause of destiny
Whose reasons are unknown

And I have wept the bitter tears
of days I've spent in haste
gathered now to make the years
you know that I did waste

A breathless desire
of darkest endeavor
To beckon of love
and then wait forever
To reach but not grasp
at loves fleeting traces
To be standing outside
of ones sweet embraces
Left to lie bleeding
in wanton unrest
Enduring the yearning
of hearts put to test
Seeking that which
is yet not around
To look and not see
that any is found
Humble heart calling
and still is not heard
Souls thoughts of comfort
from cares gift in word
Forever in search
of dreams now long faded
Of a time that I know
when love was not jaded

Do you see the tears
Or where they’ve left their trace
And can you tell, you broke my heart
By the look upon my face

And can you see the sadness
Your words have brought to bear
And do you know the pain you’ve caused
Or do you really care

Can you know the feelings
Within my wounded soul
Can you see as words once said
Brings about their toll

And do you see the tears
Or where they’ve left their trace
And can you see just what your words
Have brought about to place

And do you know the horror
That there is inside
To face again the morrow
In a world where I must hide

And do you think about it
Or if that you would dare
To think upon your actions
And wonder if they’re fair

To toss aside another heart
And leave it lay to bleed
To make again another start
To fill your wonton need

So can you see tears
Or where they left their trace
As you walk upon this broken man
You’ve left up in my place

Woe unto the brethren who now
lie dead and dying
on the shores of distant lands
knowing not the warmth
of home fires burning
like the twinkle of far reaching stars

Care you not that I weep
not for the lost souls
whose blood now feeds
the withered harvest of tomorrows suns
Nah, I cry for thee oh wounded heart
that which holds dear the passing
of to days sons

Oh Mother, dearest Mother
shed not your tears
for the unknown yearnings

Hold fast to your dreams
of homecomings
and the coming to home

Rest now your burdens
upon the rising breast
that heaves with the bidden sorrows
of yet another day

Cast not your hopes on layered lies
of those who know not your dreams
and care not of your hopes

Tend to your matters oh Mother
lend not your worries
to the sleepless nights
that lead to the teary dawn
seek you not answers of why
I stand before the dying sun
bare of song and empty of soul
at this the end of day

And long did I await the filling
of the sky with the darkness
that is night
And know you now that
In death, all are created equal.

Morning would you go away
and leave me to my bed
Morning would you go away
and let me lie instead
upon the thoughts
of a dream now passing
with the dawning of your light
I wish that I could return again
and go back to last night
Morning would you go away
and leave me to return
before the dream starts fade
and leaves me here to yearn
upon the thoughts
that now do tease
as they slowly fade away
a longing now
so often sought
upon the break of day
Morning would you go away
I ask you once again
Morning would you go away
as I now pretend
That it all never happened
and that I never saw your light
as I try hard to remember
the dream I had last night.

The raging waters
both wide and deep
of wandering dreams
that fills my sleep

That carry me through
the darkest night
to the dawning crack
of morning's light

Where the daylight's glow
does fill mine eyes
as the sun does kiss
the morning sky

To sweep away
the sandman's sprinkle
it's time to get up
to go and tinkle.

For all your thoughts and the prayer
that show how much you care
For all your words of comfort
and always being there
For all the times you've wondered
and the times you've sought me out
And for all the times you've listened
as I rambled on in doubt
For all your words of kindness
that have worked their worded ways
to fill this lonely heart
and brighten up my days
For all that you have given
you have given from the heart
and when I try to say I thank you
I don't know where to start.

In days that I remember,
there are thoughts I can’t forget.
That rise up in the worries,
that on my shoulders sit.
And there they long remain,
in the memory of my years.
Along with all the stains,
that were left there by my tears.
And along with all the sorrows,
a new one for each day
A price it cost,
something lost.
It’s just the dues you pay.
To the sadness that surrounds you,
like a fog in which you live.
That seems to take, for sorrow’s sake
more than you can give.

I ask you now to consider
the days that’s all gone by
as each one brings you closer
to the day you finally die

to the dreams you’ve left behind you
unrealized and unfulfilled
to a final fate we're destined
as we play the hand as willed

and we ask of ourselves, the questions
that fill our idle minds
to understand the reasons
so often one does find

that death knows not a bias
nor the color of your skin
for when your time is over
it's over then my friend.

Intent upon the emptiness
that lies upon the barren pages before me.
Earnestly seeking to share
that which is buried within.
Raging against the void
that holds back my words.
Revolting at the page
that is still blank before me.
Craving that which stands
upon the end of ones tongue
yet evades the whist of my pen.

Cursing the will-o-the-wisp for the musings
that eludes my eternal quest.
Yearning to once again fill the minds
of those who stand wanting
and lusting after knowledge

With hopes to test
the bottomless depths of ones soul
upon the wisdom from
all who dare place pen to page
and there grace once again
the gentle whispers of this
a wandering mind.

How my friend, do I begin
to speak of yesterday
With a saddened heart
so torn apart
from dreams filled with decay

Or do I cheer the yesteryear
and days of long gone past
With friends so bold
they broke the mold
from which we all were cast

The care free youth
so filled with truth
or so we once believed
but in the end, our only sin
ourselves we did deceive

So once again, I begin
to speak of yesterday
the streets of old
are made of gold
when memories pave the way.

Shadows play
Up in the light
Fading colors
Within our sight
Daytime snatches
Of darkest night
Hidden in shade
In desperate plight

Longing voices
crying out loud
Wishful of sounding
Soulful and proud
And left to wanting
Weeping head bowed
Selfish sorrow
So seldom allowed

Sorrows bidden
In wrongful due
An aching need
In soulful hue
Saddened hearts
Jaded and blue
Left to wonder
Which is true

If I’d of thought for a moment
I never would of believed
Or even thought it possible
Nor could I conceive
That even for a moment
That I would be relived
Even at the thought
That I might be deceived
But if you really look
I think that you might see
What it really is
Or what it is, should be
Even at a glance
I think that you might guess
That is if you did notice
And this I must confess
That no matter at your answer
The end is just the same
Life it has no winners
Because you know it’s not a game

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