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Kirstin walked quietly into the morning sun, shed the soft white terry cloth robe, and stretched her lithe oriental body before descending slowly into the cool summer pool. The pool, built to the edge of a cliff overlooking the family's private beach, was flush with the veranda's polished red ceramic tiles, and blended seamlessly into the distant Mediterranean horizon. She noticed the gleaming white superstructure in the distance and paused to watch two freighters passing, red and white beasts of burden. Who knows, she thought. It could be one of her father's cargo ships plying a route for her beautiful childhood home in Maloy, Norway. As the cool, clear water wrapped itself around Kirstin's nakedness and forced the last of the morning drowsiness from her body, her keen athletic senses awakened and the well-trained body welcomed a new day. Kirstin rejoiced in her private morning swim, a daily ritual enjoyed for longer than she could remember.

Nejat gasp as he framed Kirstin's nude body in the reticule of his riflescope. At 300 meters this was an amateur shot, with his Dragunov SV-98, 7.62mm sniper rifle, sporting a custom wooden stock and PKS-07 illuminated scope, he had easily dropped five Afghani rebels at more than a 1,000 meters.

Turning to his employer he said, "Signy, that body is too beautiful!” Nejat smiled, "we could take our time with her tonight and then slit her throat."

Signy wasn't interested in this woman but Nejat was a dangerous man he wanted to keep happy, "Sure Nejat, as soon as I kill the wretched American you may have the whore to do with what you will." Signy shuddered as he remembered the rebel women Nejat had "interrogated" in Afghanistan, dreadful images he had tried to forget.

Playfully patting Signy and leaning close until the smell of garlic added to his menacing presence, "I knew you would see it my way old friend." Signy watched Nejat methodically disassemble and carefully pack the Dragunov back into it’s velvet lined, neatly compartmentalized leather case.
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