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A guide of the characters and places in the interactive "It's Great To Gain"
It's Great To Gain  (13+)
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is one of Writing.com's largest interactive that has more then 9,000 chapters and over 20 years old. This item is a "quick study" of the characters and locations, including history and character traits.

The Characters

(Insert Your Name Here)

- The main character of the story. He's a 17 year old who just got out of school for the summer. (Insert Your Name Here) or (IYNH) for short) is 6' tall and weighs in at 170 pounds. He's the son of Robert and Peggy (insert your last name here), and brother to Mike (insert your last name here).(Insert Your Name Here) has grown up where bigger is better, his Dad, his uncles, his brother and even his Mom are overweight and is convinced he's the black sheep in the family for being skinny. One day, (IYNH) goes to the mall to get the new CD from his favourite band and finds a new shop called Notz and Yeps. In Notz and Yeps he meets Swizzle, a mall troll, and the story begins. (IYNH) is a nice young man who usually wants to do the best things, but when things come down to it, he can be pushed too far.
(IYNH) has the nickname of Scout from his father. Robert was the Scout leader and (IYNH) was in the group he trained.

(Insert Your Name Here)'s Immediate Family:

Mike (insert your last name here)
- The 2 year older brother of (IYNH), Mike has always been a chubby or fat guy. Mike is 6'2" and his weight depends on storyline. He has just returned from college and (IYNH) hasn't seen him for months, he could very well be between the 280 - 320 pound mark. Mike, unlike (IYNH) and his Dad, is a hairy guy, which comes from his Mom's side of the family. Mike enjoys playing football and he was a star on his high school football team and is even doing good in college football and hopes to do even better next season. He plays with some local guys in the local football summer league that faces off against neighbouring towns. Mike can be a very arrogant guy and usually teases (IYNH) for being so skinny. But overall Mike is a good older brother. Mike also has a friendly rivalry with his Dad and hopes to get bigger than him one day soon.

Rob (insert your last name here)
-(Insert Your Name Here)'s Dad, married to Peggy. Rob is the oldest of 4 boys of Alex and Irene (insert your last name). Rob is a massive 6'3" and 360 pounds and enjoys being a big guy. He met the love of his life, Peggy, at college. Rob had a good football career going for him, but a broken leg caused him to drop out of the football line. Now a big Insurance broker and a proud Dad, Rob loves his wife, boys and his wife's food. Rob also has plenty of big friends and is a really nice guy who very rarely gets mad. Rob often calls (IYNH) "Scout" since he was a Boy Scout Leader for (IYNH) and a few other boys. Rob has been finding his weight has been aggravating his past sports injury and tends to be wanting to cut back a bit and lose a bit of weight, if that happens or not is questionable.

Peggy (insert your last name here)
-(insert your name here)'s Mom, married to Rob. Peggy is a short 5'8" and refuses to tell her weight, she most likely weighs more then (IYNH). Peggy is the loving mother of two boys and a master cook. She works with Rob down at the insurance office and the two often carpool together. Peggy may be smaller then her massive husband, but she truly runs the show.

[More realitives of the (Insert You Name Here Family) Found Further Below.]

(Insert Your Name Here)'s Friends and Classmates:

-Mikey is the chubby friend of (IYNH). Mikey is 5'10" and chubby with his weight anywhere around 200-250 pounds depending on the storyline. Mikey's a long time friend of (IYNH) and is also friends with Dave, who is his physical opposite. Mikey's dad is also a big guy named Hank who's a construction worker. Hank is a friend of (IYNH)'s dad Rob and Uncle Jerry. Mikey also has a younger brother called Stu, who is 15 years old. Mikey tends to be the more indoor, geeky friend.

-Dave is the muscular friend of (IYNH). Dave is 6'1" and 180 pounds of muscles. Dave and (IYNH) have been friends since the third grade and is also friends with Mikey, who he usually teases for being a "softie". Not much is know about his folks other then they enjoy watching their son excel at sports. Dave being a bit more of a jock type and hanging around with that crew can put a schism between him and (IYNH) and his chubbier friends.

-James is a chubby friend of (IYNH), he's 5'10" and weighs 230 pounds and is quite chubby. Often credited as being the smartest guy in the class, James is shy and a bit nerdy. James doesn't have much of a positive body image and often is hesitant of taking off his shirt. James's parents work on the rescue team as fire fighters and has an older brother, who is Mike's age. James's Dad is a nice guy who has a beard and a potbelly, and his mom is a small woman who is an excellent cook.

-Sean is the high school football captain and is very popular. Sean is about 6'2" and weighs 190- 220 pounds of pure muscle. Sean is vain, arrogant and isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Sean has a girl friend, Jessica, who is the most popular girl in the school. Sean's biggest surprise is that he works at TechCity (think Best Buy), mainly in the music area. Sean also picks on people who are out of shape, especially James.

-Jessica is the most popular girl in high school. She's a slim 5'10" with black hair. She could very well been on Bay Watch if it was still on the air. Jessica is extremely vain girl and will flirt with a guy to get whatever she wants. She also shares the same dislike as her boyfriend (Sean) about fat people. While Sean is good looking and captain of the football team, Jessica seems to be looking for something with a bit more substance.

-Lindsay is another girl from (IYNH)'s grade. Lindsay is a nice girl who is a bit chubby and works at the Burger Joint in the mall where (IYNH) was offered the Wishing Powder. Lindsay is a sweet girl and is single and (IYNH) often wonders why she's single and why he hasn't snatched her up?

-Matt is one of (insert your name here)'s friend's. Depending on the story line, Matt is either chubby, muscular or normal weight, mainly chubby. Matt's Dad runs a local grocery store where Matt works some of the time. (IYNH) also finds Matt's Mom and sister Kristi (who is Mike's age) attractive.

-Is (IYNH)'s friend from Biology class and is rather chubby. Much like (IYNH), Randy comes from a big family.

-A kid from (IYNH)'s grade. Trevor is about 6'1" tall and skinny and lanky. He listens to heavy metal and hates the football team. He secretly wishes to get revenge on the football team for the years of bullying, but doesn't want to hurt them physically, just their pride.

-Brian almost like a smaller version of Sean. He's on the high school football team and has his own rag tag team of goons (Chad and Jeff). Brian is pretty muscular and stands at 6' tall. However he is not very loyal to Sean and secretly wants to over throw Sean and see him embarrassed in front of the entire school.

Chad and Jeff
-These two guys are on the high school football team and are friends or lackies of Sean and/or Brian. Chad is the smallest of the two, standing at 5'8" or 5'9", but is still pretty muscular. Jeff is a true big guy usually standing 6'3" or taller. His build is either beefy to overfed and isn't the smartest guy in the grade but tends to have a hidden talent like cooking or wood working.

-Jen's a hip girl who just moved into town for the (IYNH)'s last year in high school. She's tall and has red hair and seems to like the big boys, muscles and/or bellies. She can also cook and her parents own a local hotel.

Tony is a nice guy in (IYNH)'s grade. He tries hard, but his home life isn't doing so good. His Dad is away and working, his Mom works full time with long shifts, his older brother can't go to college until spring and he also has a bratty younger brother.

-Is a good friend of (IYNH) who lives a few blocks down. She's 5'9" and has an average build with blond hair and a nice smile. She's also extremely good at cooking.

-Aidan is a nice guy who has a bit of a belly beginning to grow on him. Aidan enjoys chatting with (IYNH), who's also in his grade.

Mel and Kristi
-Both girls are in (IYNH)'s grade and have romantic connections with (IYNH)'s friends depending on the story line. Mel is one of the biggest girls in the school, she's smart and very shy and Tony has a thing for her. Kristi is a shy mouse like girl who has a sweet smile and catches the eye of James now and again.

-Josh is an online friend of (IYNH) who lives in LA. (IYNH) met Josh online and they have been chatting for months. Josh says he's 6' and weighs around 240 pounds.
-Josh is also the name of a jock friend of (IYNH), he's either into football and has gained a few pounds, or a swimming and very lean. In either case Josh is usually fascinated with weight gain.

-Glinda is a girl with freckles, trifocal glasses and long thin hair. She was often teased by Jessica in school and wants revenge on her for it. She's a nice shy girl... but isn't a pretty face.

Mike (Insert Your Last Name Here)'s friends:

-Kyle is Mike's friend from high school and has always been bigger then Mike. They've been friends since elementary school and their friendship continues to grow. Kyle treats (IYNH) like a little brother and is always kind to him. Kyle's attitude is usually playful and is nice guy and gets along with everyone. His weight and height depend on the story line.

-Matt and Mike (insert your last name here) have been friends since elementary school. They were both on the high school football team. Matt used to be bigger than Mike before Mike started to pile on the pounds at the age of 15. Unlike Mike's friend Kyle, Matt likes to have fun teasing (IYNH). Matt's weight and height depend on the story line.

- "Two Ton" Toby and Joey are friends of Mike's from high school. Toby's a few years older then Mike and several pounds bigger then Mike. Toby works in an automotive repair shop and has always treated Mike his little brother. Toby has a good relationship with (IYNH) and phones up (IYNH) just to chat sometimes.

Joey is a few years older than Mike and is a truck driver who knows the open road well and knows all the good spots to eat. He's recently gained quite a bit of weight from his journeys.

- George is an Italian friend of Mike's who stayed behind to help the family business instead of going off to college. George works at a pizza parlour and is often delivering pizzas in a few story lines. George's stomach is starting to show that he is surrounded by pizza almost all day and his Italian heritage.

-Sometime used as Mike's girlfriend. Sassy and loves to have her big teddy bear (Mike). Mike acts very different around Rayela.

Other Important Characters:

-Swizzle is a mall troll standing 4' 5" tall, has thin hair, flaky orange-ish skin, sharp nose and teeth. He runs the new store in the mall called Notz and Yeps. Swizzle is a businessman who can be very friendly and understanding, or your worse enemy. Swizzle is a strong believer in the "Eye for an eye" saying and has magical powers. (IYNH) is offered the Wishing Powder by Swizzle, who created the powder himself.

-(IYNH)'s friend Mikey's Dad. A very big guy at 6' and weighing in near 350 pounds. Hank works as a foreman for a construction company and is good friends with both (IYNH)'s dad Rob and Uncle Jerry. Hank is the father of two boys, Mikey and Stu. Hank's construction crew consists of about 13 men and they're a bunch of hard working guys who admire Hank for his size and leadership skills.

Coach Stone
-The coach of the local league of football during summer and PE teacher. Coach is usually a big bellied man in his early 30's who is 5'8"-ish and Mike worships and follows with no question. But are his recent gains the result of help or good eating? First name has never been revealed..

Coach Harry Dudrow
-An alternative Coach. He's in his mid 40's, has a bit of an exjock look to him with a thicker upper body and budding belly. He has a balding head and keeps his hair shaved low or off. One of his goals is to create a sumo team for the school or a sumo league for the town.

Mr. Jack Rudder
-(IYNH)'s favorite teacher who specializes in History, Social Studies and English. He has the stereotypical college professor look who is a bit older, wears a tweed suit with vest and has a grey beard and mustache. He has a little pot belly and often reads Shakespeare in his free time. He is a history buff and can get quite consumed when he gets on a topic he enjoys

-Alden is a scientist and friend of (IYNH)'s Uncle Jerry. His lab is located behind the mall is a warehouse. Alden is chubby and about 5'9" with shoulder length, black wavy hair and a matching black beard. Alden seems to be on the breaking point of a major discovery when ever (IYNH) comes to visit or is conducting testing.

Dr. Spelldon
-Dr. Spelldon is a 30 year old man who works at the local college. He's a smart guy and usually hires (IYNH) for drug testing. The good doctor is about 5'11" and is well fed. He has short black hair and a goatee. Dr. Spelldon is a professional and wants (IYNH) to play by his rules alone.

-Is the owner of the local King Henry's Royal Buffet, which was started by her Dad. Kim is a nice woman who loves to cook and serve guests. Kim is 6' and has an average build. She also knows everyone in (IYNH)'s family by name, (IYNH)'s Dad loves going to there to eat.

Tom and Matt
-Tom is one of the cooks at King Henry's Royal Buffet. Tom is a rather chubby guy, about 6' and weighs about 240 pounds. Tom is a single guy who lives in The Empire Tower, the biggest skyscraper in town. It's located a few blocks away from King Henry's. He also takes a keen eye to (IYNH).
-Matt is another cook at King Henry's. He's a skinny chef who smokes and often jokes about Tom's belly which is slowly growing bigger as he works at King Henry's.

-Cindy is also the name of a waitress at King Henry's Royal Buffet. Often called 'Little Cin' the barely 5' young woman is very smart and many people think she could be doing so much more. Rumor has it she stays with the job because she likes the view.
-Is a sweet girl who works at the mall as a mall cop. She's 20 years old and hair blond hair and average build.

-Owner of the Main Street Bakery and good friend of (IYNH)'s dad Rob. Joe is either a big guy or slim. Usually Joe is slim and has recently returned from Africa and lost a lot of weight by building houses and teach proper cooking skills. Joe loves to cook and see his customers happy and the same goes for his employees. It's not uncommon for his workers to gain 20 pounds over the summer while working at the bakery.
Depending on the storyline, Joe may have a wife called Nikki, who's a big woman who went to high school with (IYNH)'s Dad and Uncles. She has many stories to tell.

-Troy is a chubby teen who works at the Main Street Bakery. Troy's 1 year older then (IYNH) and is 6'2" and weighs 260 pounds and has already gained 30 pounds working at the Main Street Bakery. Troy is a nice guy who loves to have fun on the job, but knows when to be serious.

-Depending on the storyline, John is a friend of Troy's who worked/works at the Main Street Bakery and gained 120 pounds over the time that he's been working there.

-Brett is another guy who works at the Main Street Bakery, depending on the storyline. He's the same age as (IYNH), but looks like he's a few years older. Brett stands about 6'4" and weighs in over 400 pounds. Brett looks up at his Mom's boy friend Jason, who is an excellent cook and is a much better role model for Brett.

-A new employee of Main Street Bakery in the fall after (IYNH) has been working there over the summer. He appears to take over Troy's spot while Troy goes to college. Tyler's build is either muscular or fat. When he's muscular he does not snack on any of the treats he is cooking and doesn't see eye to eye with (IYNH). But when he's a big guy he likes to eat, but is very conscious of what he looks like.

-Is the owner of the local TechCity. Terry is a big guy who has balding blond hair and wears glasses to do his paper work. Terry is a nice man who believes in hard work.

Bruce and Dan
-Both Bruce and Dan are nieghbours of (IYNH). Bruce is a big guy who's backyard connects with (IYNH)'s backyard. Bruce is part Italian and is a hairy guy who is 6' tall with huge shoulders, arms and a big round beer gut. Bruce has a lovely wife and a 6 year old son.
Dan lives across or down the street and drives a truck. Dan is about 6'4" and weighs in at about 380 pounds. Life on the road has treated him well. Both men are friends with Rob.

-Barry was a thin rookie cop when he moved to (insert your home town name here). Him and his wife used to live a few doors down from (IYNH). In no time Robert and Barry became friends and there were plenty of backyard BBQs and poker nights. Soon Barry's wife got pregnant and they had to move across town for a bigger house to fit the 3 of them. During the pregnancy Barry started putting on a lot of sympathy weight and by the time the baby came he had put on close to 40 pounds. That was 4 years ago. By now he's a much fuller man then he was when he came to town.

-Is a 20 year old girl who has just moved to town. Carol is no anorexic wannabe, she's big. Carol is 5'7" and weighs over 300 pounds. She's sweet, kind and loves anyone who respects, if not worships her body. She doesn't think kindly of people who hate fat people.

-One of Mac's friends, Bob shares Mac's interest in being a big boy and having a lot of good food to eat.
-Bob is also the name of one of Rob's friends. He's well past the 400 pound mark, but often lies that he's just under it. Bob is a nice guy and has a wife who's a cook at a local restaurant.

-One of Rob's friends who works at the construction site. He goes by the name Jumbo Dan since he's well over the 600 pound mark.

Tiny and Keith
-Both are big men who are construction workers. Keith is a huge man standing 6'10" and weighing in at 470 pounds. Tiny, don't let his name deceive you, is a big 520 pounds. Both men love to eat and know how to handle their weight well.

Other construction workers:
"Slim" Johnson 6-1 175-pounds one of the leanest guys on the crew.
Tony Garvey 5-10 210-pounds young guy, bit of a jock.
Jimbo Holewinski 6-2 240-pounds a semiserious bodybuilder.
Dan Tanner 5-11 250-pounds a real practical joker.
"Big Boy" Evans 6-1 255-pounds former college football running back.
"Pudge" Harvey 6-2 260-pounds serious drinker with a bit of a gut.

-Zach is a new guy in his mid 20's. Fresh out of university he works downtown in one of the skyscrapers, depending on what storyline. He either works as a contractor and admirer's Hank's gut, or he works at the same place Robert (insert your last name here) does and admires Robert's gut. Zach is a hard worker and is eager to please.

-Mario is a heavy-set Italian who owns his own pizza parlor simply called "Mario's". He loves to cook and is a good business man and knows Robert (insert last name here) well.

-Bill is the owner of the Little Corner Bookstore. He's usually a nice guy who is either tall and lanky or really big guy with a gou-t. He loves books and Swizzle often sends him specialty books...

-Is a waiter at one of the newer buffets in town called Pardner's Buffet, a more wild west style. He has blond hair and is roughly 6' and weighs about 280 pounds and enjoys seeing his customers being stratified.

Jesse Petrich
-A Big guy who lives on a farm in the same town as Uncle Ben and is a friend of Uncle Ben. He's a large family man who (IYHN) meets at the bus stop, depending on the storyline. While at the bus stop he's waiting for his nephew to arrive.

-Uncle Ben's right hand man on the farm. Jim is a very big man either at 6'3" or 6'8" and very muscular with a big muscle belly on him. Jim's a nice guy and encourages (IYNH) to grow bigger with hard farm work.
-Jim is also the name of a big bellied plumber. Jim is most likely bigger then (IYNH)'s Dad and has salt and pepper hair and a grey mustache. Jim is also a family man who just moved into town with his wife named Natalie, who is over 300lbs, son named Cory, who is 14 and the size of Mike and a daughter named Dee who is big just like the rest of the family.

-Ron is Travis (insert your last name here)'s best friend and nieghbours. Ron is a hard working farm boy who helps Travis with the farm work, even taking care of the farm when Travis is at the family reunion for one example. Depending on the story line, Ron is either a big guy or is slim. Ron looks up at Travis and often admires him, but also wishes the best for his friend.

Rob and Brian
-Rob or Brian are (IYNH)'s college room mate, depending on the storyline. Brian is a soft spoken nice guy who is rather shy but hits it off with (IYNH) quickly. Brian also comes from a big family himself, his Dad, Mitch, is just a few pounds off (IYNH)'s Dad. Brian also have as a younger brother and his mom is also overweight. Rob is on the college football team and depending on the storyline can either hate or love (IYNH)'s gains. Rob's Dad is called Scott and his Mom is Rose and his older brother is Carl.

-When (IYNH) goes to college he runs into Conrad, who is a big 360 pound young man who is very smart. Conrad is the biggest guy in his family and is often nagged about being so big. Conrad is an encourager and decides to take (IYNH) under his wing and to help him put on the Freshman's 50 (or more) like (IYNH)'s Dad did.

Dan and Charlie
-Both are wrestles in the local league who wish to be WWE Superstars and are looking for an assistant. Dan is 35 years old and has a strong man's body with a gut. Dan reminds (IYNH) of Mike and most of Dan's assistants go on into wrestling after growing with Dan. Charlie is a young wrestler who is 6'6" and is a wall of pure muscles. As big as Charlie is, he's a nice guy and puts on a tough face for the crowd.

-Mick is an older gentleman who has always wanted to gain some weight but his metabolism has always prevented him from gaining anything. Friendly, loves to listen and enjoys food no matter what size he is.

William "The Refrigerator" Perry
-Famous Former NFL defensive tackle who during his stay in the league gained up to 370 pounds. In IGTG The Fridge is (IYNH), Mike's and everyone's favorite football hero. Mr. Perry also makes a few appearances in the story. For more information about him can be found at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Perry_%28football_player%29

(Insert You Name Here)'s Extended Family

Ben (insert your last name here)
- (IYNH)'s uncle, Rob's brother. The second oldest brother and second biggest. Uncle Ben has a well-kept black beard on a round warm face and a 6'2" body and weighs about 350 pounds, depending on the storyline. Uncle Ben is a hard working man who either owns a grocery store in the big city or is a farmer in a small, small town. Uncle Ben is happily married to Lori and has a son called Brad. Because of their work, Uncle Ben and the family rarely sees (IYNH).

Lori (insert your last name here)
-(IYNH)'s aunt and wife of Uncle Ben. Aunty Lori is a strong woman who's 6' and is pretty muscular build. She loves her boys and is impressed by hard work. Aunty Lori is also a very good cook and loves to cook for anyone. She holds the blue ribbons in Apple and Cherry Pie contests.

Brad (insert your last name here)
-Son of Aunty Lori and Uncle Ben, Brad is a big guy who is a hard worker, most of the time. Depending on which storyline you choose, Brad is usually a giant, standing about 6'3" and weighing well over 300 pounds. Brad hasn't seen (IYNH) for 8 years and is pretty excited when he gets to see (IYNH). Brad and (IYNH) usually have a great relationship together and act like a team and Brad even helps (IYNH) gain weight in many of the storylines, but often it comes with hard work. In other storylines Brad is a bigger and tougher bully then Mike.

Phil (insert your last name here)
- Uncle Phil is the doctor of the family and has a pretty busy life. Much like his two older brothers (Rob and Ben), and his younger brother (Jerry), Phil is a big guy at 6' and 280ish pounds and has yet to grow any grey hair. Many of his patients enjoy coming to see him since he's a big guy and feel like they can relate to him. Uncle Phil is happily married to his wife Cher, who is a nurse and they have two kids together, Reid and Tom.

Cher (insert your last name here)
- The wife of (IYNH)'s Uncle Phil and assistant at work. Aunty Cher works as a nurse with Uncle Phil and is about 5'9" and is a little chubby. Aunty Cher met Uncle Phil in high school and their whirlwind romance soon lead to marriage and children.

Reid (insert your last name here)
-Son of Uncle Phil and Aunty Cher. Reid is 15 years old and enjoys hanging out with (IYNH), mainly because Mike picks on him. Reid has a pretty average build on him with brown hair, but he likes to eat and may gain later in life.

Tom (insert your last name here)
-Tom is the brother of Reid, son of Uncle Phil and Aunty Cher. He's 12 years old and is a brat and tattle tales on (IYNH) and Reid. Tom has blond hair and has an average build for a 12 year old. Overall, Tom can be a nice kid to hang out with.

Jerry (insert your last name here)
-The youngest of the brothers and smallest. At 6' and 280 pounds, Uncle Jerry is (IYNH) and Mike's favorite uncle, mainly because he's the only one that lives in the same town. Uncle Jerry is divorced from his former wife Natalie and shares custody of their 4 year son Jeff. Uncle Jerry is back on the dating scene and is trying to lose some weight and has been exercising even more. Jerry works as an architect and is good friends with (IYNH) friend Mikey's dad Hank, who is a foreman. Uncle Jerry also has a buddy called Scott, who's weight depends on the storyline. The appealing thing about Uncle Jerry is that he's a nice big guy who always has a smile on his face and loves his son.

-Former wife of Jerry. Natalie is a tall slim woman who often takes trips to do business. Natalie shares joint custody of Jeff with Jerry and doesn't really like Jerry's influence on Jeff. (IYNH)'s mom, Peggy, never liked Natalie much because she doesn't know how to cook and practically never had a hand on Jerry's belly.

Jeff (insert your last name here)
- The cute 4 year old son of Jerry and Natalie. He has brown hair and a normal or chubby build, depending on the storyline. Jeff is a good kid who loves to watch Bob the Builder and is a Daddies Boy.

Jason (insert your last name here)
-Jason one of (IYNH)'s cousins from his Dad's side of the family. Jason is a nice guy who always has a smile on his face and loves his belly. He's a pro at the family reunions and his dad, Uncle Tony, is a big guy too.

Travis (insert your last name here)
-Much like Brad, Travis is another farm boy from (IYNH)'s Dad's side of the family, but unlike Brad, Travis and his dad, Malcolm. Travis's mom, Muriel, passed away and things seem to have gotten bad. (IYNH) is concerned, like everyone else in the family, about Travis. Travis is a big guy at 6' tall and 350 or so pounds. Travis is the closest looking relative to (IYNH).

Scott (insert your last name here)
-Scott is the son of (IYNH)'s Uncle Rick and Aunty Penny. Depending on the storyline, Scott is either the long lost twin of (IYNH) or chubby. Scott has an older sister named Lisa who is Mike's age. Uncle Rick is a big guy who is 6'3" and a few pounds short of Rob; Uncle Rick has pure grey hair and a grey mustache. Aunty Penny is a small woman who is 5'10" and is chubby with short blond hair.

-Scott is also the name of Jerry's buddy. He's either a slim or big guy depending on the storyline.

-Scott is also the name of (IYNH)'s college roommate’s Dad(see far below).

MeeMa and Lillian (insert your last name here)
- Both ladies are from (IYNH) Dad's side of your family. Great aunt Lillian is a kind woman who has a warm smile and a very round body. Meema is the head of the family is someway. She practically runs the family and knows what's happening with everyone. She loves everyone and everyone loves her. She's kind and is considered to be the best cook of the family.

Jason and Uncle Tony
-Jason is (IYNH)'s cousin from a weird family line, (IYNH)'s grandpa's brother's, son's cousin's nephew. Jason is the same age as (IYNH) and they met as babies. Jason has a medium sized belly.
Jason's Dad is Uncle Tony. Uncle Tony has a black gou-t, and slightly balding hair and is well tanned. He works at as a car repair man or in banking. Much like every other uncle of (IYNH), Uncle Tony has a good sized gut, either slightly smaller then (IYNH)'s Dad or much bigger.

Joe and Brian (insert your last name here)
-Joe and Brian are cousins of (IYNH) and are muscular instead of fat like the rest of the family. Both of them take pride in their muscular bodies and bully fat people. Brain has brown hair, where Joe has blond hair.

Marshall and Mac
- Both Marshall and Mac are cousins of (IYNH). Mac used to suffer from the same curse as (IYNH) until he started to gain and ended up at 365 pounds. Called Mac because of his liking of MacDonald's hamburgers and that his last name is MacMiller. Also called Mac so not to confused with (IYNH)'s other cousin Brad. Mac owns a bakery in town and hopes to expand. Marshall is one of (IYNH) older cousins from his Dad's side of the family and he's a big one. Marshall is 6'3" and near 400 pounds. He moved out to (IYNH)'s hometown to go to college and got a job as a parking cop for the summer. He wishes to be a cop when he's done school.

Alex and Irene (insert your last name here)
-(IYNH)'s Grandparents. Parents of (IYNH)'s Dad, Uncle Ben, Uncle Phil and Uncle Jerry. These two are very hard working people and love company and family get togethers. If you saw them you'd never believe that a 6'4" thin man and a 5'6" plump woman would have produce such large boys. They're hard workers and have passed that down to their son's. It was a struggle for Alex and Irene to fund all of their son's, so they got resourceful and got their sons to work jobs during high school and shoot high for scholarships and help with the food bill! Whenever they’re in a storyline they're usually having a great time talking to the family members. In fact, in one storyline Alex tells his grandson,(IYNH), all about the misadventures of his Dad and his uncles.


(Insert Your Home Town Name Here)
-The main setting for the story. The town has a population of about 25,000 people. So it's not a big town, but has a good sized mall, schools, a small college and plenty of restaurants and interesting people in it. It's a lake side town with a nice public beach, and the main highway is on the outskirts of town. The Main Street has a small town vibe to it.

(Insert Your Name Here)'s House
-A 3 story white house located in the suburbs. The basement is one big room with a small bathroom usually where Robert's workshop and weight set is. The main floor has the living room and kitchen. The second floor has Mike's, (IYNH)'s and Rob and Peggy's master bedroom and an upstairs bathroom. The backyard has a 6 feet deep pool and Peggy's garden. The house has a nice little garage too. It's a 5 minute walk or so away from the mall and within walking distance of many of (IYNH)'s friends and school.

The Mall
-The (Insert your home town name here) Mall is a rather medium sized mall with only one story. It has a good sized food court with (IYNH)'s favourite fast food restaurant: The Burger Joint. The mall also has the usual stores including a body building store, a CD store and Notz and Yeps. The mall is just a 5 minute or so walk away from (IYNH)'s house. Often employees thick or fat guys as security guards.

Notz and Yeps
-Swizzle's shop of business. The store is new yet has an inch of dust on most things. The store has a wide variety of items including old books to eye of gecko. Notz and Yeps also has a backroom where Swizzle keeps his potion sets and extra inventory.

The Burger Joint
-A chain of fast food restaurants. There's one at The Mall and a few other places in the story. Lindsay works at the one at the Mall.

King Henry's Royal Buffet
-(Insert your last name here)'s favourite restaurant. The buffet is one of the best places to eat in town and often has plenty of big eaters inside. The owner and operator, Kim, is the daughter of the founder who is branching out to other cities. The staff at King Henry's know everyone in (IYNH)'s family by first name.

The Main Street Bakery
-The Main Street Bakery is a local bakery owned by Joe. The bakery makes great pastries and has a very friendly staff. Has a few places to sit and enjoy a pastry, soup and coffee.

Old Homestyle Bakery
-The Old Homestyle Bakery is a local bakery owned by a Mr. Logan, a very large obese man. Something just doesn't feel right about the place and the boys who work at the bakery tends to gain weight.

The Park
-A block away from (IYNH)'s house. It has a few baseball and soccer fields, a skateboard park and an Arena. Once, when (IYNH) was very young, he escaped the watchful eyes of Peggy and went to the playground, which is still there.

The Arena
-The Arena is where the ice rink is during the winter. The Arena has a couple of offices and changing rooms in it. Mike's local league meets here and Coach Stone has an office there.

Tech City
-Think Best Buy is a big box electronic store is owned by Terry, Sean works there. It sells electronic items and is a good computer store.

The Beach
-The beach is a 10-ish minute bike ride away from (IYNH)'s house. It's a nice place and is well kept and is very busy on hot summer days. James often runs the cotton candy stand and Sean and Jessica can be found down there too. Has public washrooms, picnic tables, a playground and plenty of outdoor space.

James's House
-James's house is a small bed and breakfast found a bit out of town nestled within a few trees. It's a bit more of a trek bike ride away from (IYNH)'s house. It's a two story building.

Mikey's house
-Constructed by Hank, the house is two stories and has a small swimming pool in the back, it's just a block away from (IYNH)'s house.

Matt's House
-(IYNH)'s friend Matt lives a few blocks away from (IYNH)'s house that's two stories tall. Matt's bedroom is either on the second floor or basement.

Alden's Lab
-Alden's lab is located behind the backside of the mall and in located within a warehouse. It's a large building with several pieces of scientific equipment.

Uncle Jerry's Apartment
-Uncle Jerry single private condo in a building he designed. It's a quick walk away from the mall and a 10 minute walk away from (IYNH)'s house.

Yogurt Vala
-The frozen Yogurt store. It's located downtown and considers the Ice Room to be its rival.

The Ice Room
-A local ice cream shop located downtown and closer to the beach. The store usually has up to 3 dozen ice cream types stocked and is usually nice and cool inside.

Little Corner Books
-A bookstore located a few minutes away from the mall. It's a two story building with the store below and Bill, the owner, house upstairs. It's filled with a ton of books on dozen of genres, maybe something magical too.

The Empire Tower
-Possibly the tallest building in (insert your hometown here). This monster building features apartments and some businesses. Tom, one of the cooks from King Henry's Royal Buffet lives there.

-A pizza place run by Mario where George works. The pizza is considered to be the best in the city and often the employees end up gaining quite a bit of weight. Has pizza by the slice for walk ins.

Pardner's Buffet
-A new buffet that just opened in the mall has a wild west theme to it.

Uncle Ben's Farm
-Uncle Ben's farm is located in a small farming town of 2,000. Uncle Ben's farm has plenty of cows, chickens and crops growing. It has a couple of fruit trees, a small forest on it's edge and an Ox Bow Lake near the river.

Uncle Ben's Apartment
-Depending on the storyline, Uncle Ben could have an apartment on the 4th or 15th floor of a skyscraper. The apartment is a big one and takes up half the floor.

Uncle Ben's House
-Once again, depends on the storyline. A 2 story house in the middle of a suburb.

Travis's Farm
-A farm that belongs to Travis and his dad, (IYNH)'s Uncle Malcolm. The farm has seen some tough times since Travis's mom passed away. The farm house is a shell of what it used to be, it's now in need of a new roof, a paint job and the interior has problems as well.

The College
-A small community college found on the opposite side of town from (IYNH)'s house. It's Dr. Spelldon's building of choice.
-There is also another college that (insert your name here) attends outside of town. It's a few hours drive away and has a student population of a few thousand.

The Mystic Stop
-A restaurant in the big city where (IYNH) goes to college. It has great food, a buffet and good prices too. This restaurant is usually the reason most of the students receive the "Freshman's 15".

-A European country, which is no more than 10 miles wide. It has a history of having big rulers and is considered to be one of the most obese nations on the face of the earth.

Important Items

The Wishing Powder
-The plot of It's Great To Gain begins with (insert your name here) discovering the Wishing Powder at Notz and Yeps. The mysterious green powder comes in a small bottle. How the powder is used depends on the storyline. For the most part one must sprinkle some powder into a cup of liquid and stir, then the person must drink the glass and say or think the wish. There's often restrictions on what can be wished for, such as No Wishing For More Wishing Powder. There might be side effects when using the Wishing Powder, use cautiously.

The Muscle Powder
-Another mysterious powder that helps a person muscle up faster then any protein powder known to man. This powder is usually blue and requires the user to mix it with liquid then do some kind of activity. The powder can make people hungrier, but it's expected since muscles need food to grow.

The Gainer Pills
- Mysterious little white pills that seem to have a variety of effects depending on the storyline. They can help slow down metabolism rates, make a person gain 5 pounds over night, or massive weight in mere moments. They are very addictive little pills.

Clothing Expansion Spray
-A spray bottle that once sprayed on any clothes will grow to fit the person. Sold at Notz and Yeps and is often demoed by making some baby clothes grow to fit whoever is interested in buying it. Effects wear off after a few washes and is a good investment for ways to save money on replacing clothes. Clothes sprayed can only grow, can't shrink.

The Box
-A seemingly mundane wooden box with a hinged top lid from Notz and Yeps that offers quite unstable results. The box sucks in at least two people and effects them. Sometimes transfers weight between them, sometimes body swapping, in extreme cases one person absorbing the other's body and soul. Most transfers lead to addictive and disastrous results with each trip into the box.

Quick Stats About "It's Great To Gain"

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Special 20 Year Anniversary Trivia:

-(Insert Your Name Here)'s parents are named after Theday 's actual parents.

-Mike is modelled off of Theday's older jock-ish cousin called.. Mike.

-(Insert Your Name Here)'s friend James based off of a friend of Theday from high school.

-The town here (Insert Your Name Here) lives is based off of two towns. Theday's home town and neighboring city.

-Uncle Jerry was in part inspired by the gainer BigDawq.

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