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by Mike16
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A poem about finding religion, than regreting it.
Amazing Disgrace

No one ever knows what life will bring,
Whether you'll flourish or die silently
If merciless fate will take you or leave you,
That dreaded rapture that death surely sees to
When you are younger, time stands still,
It always has and it always will

Faith filled ambition, a lie, superstition
What more reason to live for than the almighty,
Contemplation and confusion in prayers stated nightly
Repetition, lost in false promises to live on high,
Faith as we know it, never lived but has died
It always has and it always will

What I know rings true is what people die to find out,
Searching for answers in books and hopeless doubt
What I found in nature is what must be true,
To live for life and love and nothing false like you
To live for others and not for one man’s vision,
The love for another will transcend all religion
It always has and it always will

Singing loveless hymns, impossible to feel
They always have and they always will
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