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Secrets of nature after the sun sets.
Secrets of The Night
E C Wesch

Darkness, calls so noisily,
Its many voices heard.
The snapping of a broken branch,
A hooting owl's word.

The chirping of a cricket,
Calling to its mate.
While deer guard the forest,
It seems to be their fate.

Gusty, winds blowing.
Leaves falling from the trees.
Lightning bugs are glowing
Among the scattered leaves.

Frogs croaking at the water's edge,
Fish jump and make a splash.
Ripples caress the shoreline,
Snakes slither in the grass.

Raccoon and 'possums nose around,
Since nightfall came so soon.
Knocking over garbage cans,
While dogs howl at the moon.

My sleepy lids grow heavy,
As I shutter them so tight
Now creatures of the forest,
Keep their secrets of the night.

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