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by Djinn
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Song written for my punk band, meant for my parents and the religious right.
Your concerned, I understand.
warning me of the dangers...
of a firey land.
saying "eternity is,
a long time to be wrong."
however with that I can only smile,
you and your passive aggressive prince.
go ahead and pray for me, I'll just say this

It is easy to say that / you've been saved
when there's food on the plate/ A bloody steak
but what if jesus was a demon / sent here to deceieve us?
what if your the one whos wrong?
what if your worshipping the wrong god?

So very loyal to,
your god and government
so very noble,
killing cultures and saving souls.
inventing a disease,
more than happy to sell me the cure
however if this is your idea of morality,
then the flames I'll just have to endure

If by chance,
you happen to be right and,
he comes like a theif in the night and,
I'm the one whos wrong then...
I'll be burning with ghandi,
and you'll be holding hands with dahmer.
but if the zoroastrians were correct all this time,
then we'll have eternity in hell...
to learn to get along.

I'm not sorry for being human (x6)
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