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Without food, or water, human organs have no nutrition to sustain what we call life.
Death to Resurrection

Terri Shaivo’s life has value
More than cells bonded by human glue,

God sits on her earthly fence
Watching His people in political tents,

People standing on either side
Throwing barbs like somebody’s lied,

A way to vent political pride
Forgetting God is the ultimate guide.


If this news spectacle is to produce positive results for humanity, people need to talk about the difficult end of life possibilites. I personally did something that's made me feel Mrs. Shaivo's struggles are not in vain. I lack only witnesses to my signature of "My Living Will." When you know what you want, the paperwork doesn't take but a few minutes.

A Google search gave me several option to research the terms "directive to physician" and "living will." You'll gets good hits fast.

State laws and provisions are not the same across the nation. You will have no problem finding the options for your state of residency.

Because I have been present at the passing of many relatives, my family knows my personal preferences. I don't want to be a living vegetable and a financial and emotional burden to my family if deprived of a productive existence. I believe in a loving hereafter.

Some options in your search will lead your to companies that charge reasonable legal services. Because I know the options in my state from experience, I was able to print a living will off the Internet at no charge. Now I just need witness for my signature.

Whatever your preference as to the way in which you prefer to pass from this world, the most important thing that can come from the Terri Shaivo tragedy, is that YOU talk to your family about the end of your life, and make your wishes known to them and have a legally signed paper stating your wishes. Medical technologies advances can keep a person breathing for many years in some cases. Technology will only advance.

Please start some course of action for yourself today. We can complain about a victim with passion, but personal action on end of life issues should be known by your family, no matter what your age, before events of historical proportion becomes facts with no lesson learned.

My best wishes for finding a personal peace in your decision, and action on that decision. God bless.
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