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SOmething to reflect the tru horrors of extream mesures taken during war....
nothing to see
nothing here
no chance to be free

screaming loud
nobody hears
the following scilence
conferms your fears

The sensory isolation
along with outhers
across the nation
nothing to feel
no sensation
completly abandoned
left to damnation
you scream again
for an explanation
greeted by pain
and laseration
welcome to living death
in a waring nation!

they ask you questions
yell in your face
burn your hands
and increases the pace

no more questions
just lieing facts
when your finished
they throw you back


months after your death
the pain ends
white figures come
in the giuse of freinds

they feed you
and give you cloths
lay you down
on soft pillows

then someone shouts
and pionts at your hands
they look in your eyes
and examine your glands

a new torture
kreeps through your skin
body shakes
and it starts over agian


no more
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