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Rated: GC · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Adult · #2196382
Your find yourself on an unknown planet and you have to do everything you can to survive
You are a human who suddenly wakes up to find that you're in a strange and completely different world where everything is gigantic and dangers abound at every turn. Navigate through obstacles and avoid getting crushed or eaten as you attempt to survive in this harsh, alien land

Ponies are anthro with human-like feet
Every new invitee creates a new human
The average size is about 1 inch tall (Variable)
You start off by awakening somewhere indoors
Interactions with the underaged are OK

For the tiny human everything happened so fast, first that really weird flashy white light that engulfed him a few seconds ago and now he is finding himself lost on a tiled floor of a gigantic hallway which looks like something out from a school or kindergarten section, granted all he can see are the endless same patterns, a few doors that can easily dwarf over the tallest buildings in the city and grime and dirt which sometimes were even bigger than his puny new form. The fact that he is even naked shows that he might not dream this and actually be inside a weird world, shrunken down below nothing, lost and mostly in an area where soon many people would walk out there.
The classroom is abuzz with activity as students pour into the class, chattering among themselves as they move to find their seats.
Each fills their seat one by one and opened their desktops and pull out their textbooks and notes that they had stored in their desks to be used for another school day.
At the front of the class stands a cerise earth mare who is currently writing on the chalkboard, clothed in an emerald green top adorned with a seafoam green floral pattern and a light cerise miniskirt to match her well-combed hair. She draws a stylized sun and moon in the shape of Celestia and Luna's cutie marks and then turns to face the class.
Cheerilee waits patiently until the schoolfoals are fully settled in and quieted down and before giving her widest smile as she addresses them. "Good morning, class!"
"Good morning, Ms. Cheerilee." the students dutifully answer.
Cheerilee does a quick scan of the classroom, being sure to take note of any students that might be late or missing, before continuing.
"I can see that everypony is present and accounted for, so I think we can dispense with the roll call. Can any of you tell me what this symbol behind me represents?"
Cheerilee points at the symbol she drew and taps it with a yardstick.
"Can anypony tell me what this is? Anypony? Apple Bloom!"
"That... looks like Princess Celestia's cutie mark." the Apple filly answered truthfully.
Cheerilee shook her head and tapped at the symbol once more.
"Well, you're not wrong, but what does it represent? What kind of celestial body does the princess' cutie mark symbolize?"
She looked around the room and pointed at a hoof that's sticking up and waving in the air.
"Yes, Silver Spoon?"
"It's the sun, the princess moves the sun across the sky and lowers it at night," the filly cheerfully answered.
Cheerilee beamed in response "That's right! Today, class, we will be learning about the Celestial System, the planets located in that system including our very own and maybe even speculate about other suns that might be out there. Please have your notebooks open and be ready to take this down..."
The sounds of people resounded all around him, the sounds of footsteps that made him wince and flinch for they were as thunderous as the voices, the human newly appeared human groaned as he rose up only to notices things were highly... different.

It looked that he was in some sort bakery given the details as well baked goods among others in plain display, it is also worth noting that...

well, everything looked titanic.

Aside of that, there were... people? with colorful fur and hair or rather mane with tails that match the manes' color. The giants (mostly giantess) were equally gigantic. The faces they looked vaguely equine but it seems like they mostly belong to that of a children show.

However, the most important thing to note is... that you were strangely naked You opted to run, run toward the nearest wall that fortunately, it was near. Where in the world are you!?
Mrs. Cake

It's a pretty hectic day in the bakery. The Celestia-blessed hot summer sun is out in full force and a small army of ponies bent on escaping the heat stream into the store to both cool off and maybe have a bite to eat while they're here.
It seems like the town had been growing steadily in both residency and tourism ever since Twilight became the Princess of Friendship and so we've been having a greater influx of customers, which turned out to be a great boon for business.

I put Pinkie out on the front lines running the counter while the hubby and I busy ourselves with continually shifting cupcakes and pies from the industrial oven to the cooling racks. My arms and legs are constantly in motion running all across the kitchen pouring the batter, shaping and rolling out the dough, pouring the filling, putting this in the oven, putting that on the cooling rack.
A thin layer of froth builds around my entire body, especially under my breasts and jellyrolls, and my hair is getting soaked. I'm tempted to syti[ down to my skivvies or even take my top off if that would help cool the oppressive heat.

I wipe the sweat from my brow just after loading another strawberry pie in the oven and then look over at my husband and fix him a weary gaze.
Carrot chuckles quietly then walks over and pulls me into a tight embrace before kissing me on the snout. "You look exhausted, honey. Ready to take a break? I can kick all these ponies out if you like." he says with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.
I push my face into the crook of his neck and sigh, taking in his cent, then look up and shake my head. "No, we've had much busier days than this and we've always turned out fine. Besides, we can't treat our customers like that, if word gets around we forced ponies out during a heatwave who will buy from us then? Nopony, that's who!".
"Not any that was a scorcher like this," he argues. "Maybe we should.close for about an hour or so until we can catch our breaths. I'm sure they'll understand."
"Open a window, I'll be fine, "I grumble, but my resolve is crumbling, and he knows it.
Carrot senses the chink in my armor and goes in for the kill. "I'll go inform Pinkie that we're closing up shop, meanwhile you just stay here and relax. Sit down, take a load off and we'll get something cool to drink. How does that sound?"
I still weakly raise a hand in protest, knowing full well I would lose. "But..."
"No buts," he says firmly, then kisses me full on the lips.
I reach up and touch where he kissed me and find a tingling sensation lingering there.
"Ok dear, you win..." I relent.
Carrot begins walking towards the door and gives me a big grin. "That's my girl. I'll be back in a jiffy and I don't want to find you baking in here when I get back, is that clear?"
"Yes, dear," I mumble as he exits the room before I move to find a chair to sit in and relax.
The tiny human stared at the gigantic aliens as they come in and go seemly to buy, order and eat baked goods; from cakes to muffins to cupcakes among others baked sweets, The tiny man was almost hyperventilating because just a few moments ago he was on the middle of that line of giant alien equines coming to the counter to order something or leave with a box.

However, another alien, seemly male after seeing to be lacking chest and having a more thin but otherwise, male physique comes from behind the counter and told something to the Pink Alien with a hot pink wild pongy mane. She nods and told announced something that seems the clientele that seemly grows a bit disgruntled but seemly accept without much of a fight.

.... And they leave...?

Were they told that they're closing or something? It seems so as the majority were going straight to the exit, soon shortly, the place looked completely deserted. A sharp contrast of what it used to be a full booming establishment just minutes ago but at least.

There was some semblance of quietness.
Mrs. Cake:

I sit down on a barstool waiting and twiddling my thumbs until Carrot comes back, still sweaty, still tired. By the sound of things, he and Pinkie are busy tidying up in the shop, taking inventory and counting up the money we made so far to move it to the safe. My ears twitch and turn trying to gather as much information as they can.
Both my fingers and my cutie mark are itching for me to get up and try to do something, anything to help, but I choose to stay put nonetheless out of respect for my husband, who has been working just as hard and deserves a little break. Besides, I knew better than to get into it with Carrot because he likes to cheats by using cheap concepts like "reason" and "facts" and "logic" to win all his arguments. Damn uppity colt ought to get his dick sucked, maybe that will drain all those silly ideas out his noggin.
I hastily look up with wide eyes to see if he actually heard me, then drop my head back into my hands.

*Sigh* I am so cockwhipped.
I wonder what Pinkie Pie is doing?

Pinkie Pie:
I'm sensing a strong disturbance in the horse, Also, my tail is feeling super itchy today for some reason,
As the last of the horse people were gone, only very few remained which the small human guessed to be the owners... or employees as they were on the other side of the counter, the Pink... woman? Mare? She seems overly enthusiastic as she was talking and helping the yellow stallion.

Generally, counting what seems to be golden coins? The human looked at the giantess and... well, couldn't help but ogle a bit of her rather slight chubby but seems that all the fat goes to her... assets and the outfit she was wearing looked quite tight.

The tiny looked away, what he was doing!? ogling an alien that might likely kill him if he is caught eye-fucking her. No, he has to be proactive, he needs to get in there and likely avoid any contact through different means other than... climbing her body...

No, she looked really hyper and something really feels that... she knows you're here for some reason. It was just a feeling, not that she but her body does. That kind of feeling...

Anyway, you saw another horse person's head, blue-furred with rosy mane was peeking out from the kitchen's door only just for a moment. By her soft-looking features, you couldn't help but think that that is a she.

Maybe she could be the one that could help? You decided to venture cautiously to no have those horse people to step on you if you're not careful going nearby of the yellow stallion and pink mare..
Ok, so I peeked out the door at them. I had to, if I had sat still any longer I fear that I might've turned into a statue. I'm not one to simply rest on my laurels no matter the case, and besides, simply watching them work doesn't exactly break any rules, and if needed I could swoop in and offer up assistance at the first signal It seems, however, that my help was largely unneeded. Carrot and Pinkie had already turned the sign on the door to "Closed" and were now counting the Bakery's take for the day. Pinkie as usual was cracking jokes and giggling while Carrot laughed along with her. Looks like they're having fun

I strongly consider leaving the kitchen to go over and join them before I take a deep breath, hold it in for a few minutes, then slowly let it out. The action seems to work as I feel my muscles slowly loosening up and my heart rate drop. It's just one day, I had to remind myself. No need to get stressed. Tomorrow I'll be back in tip-top shape again and ready for another productive day of baking. Maybe Carrot was right. Maybe I did need to take a day off and rest every once in a while. I smile to myself. Yes, maybe I can go to the spa and splurge on a nice massage and have a nice seaweed wrap... A shiver goes down my spine just imagining it.
I can smell the fragrant and therapeutic essential ouls already.
It's then, in my moment of temporary elation, that by chance I decide to look down at my feet.
The Man was frozen when the giantess looked down to hernfeets, he was around there, having found his way there to the kitchen avoiding the pair of giants seemly occupied, althought the pink one freaked him up as when he passed nearby her, she was giggling almost madly, her long spongy-looking messy tail above the man's head, realizing tiny sized confetti and other party related on sensible thing.

It was freaky.

He didn't dare to looked up because he would have see the giantess's rump and rather not invoke her wrath the moment she look down suddenly.

He, however, went for the other giantess, the man wanted to climb and reach for her help whIle the other two were more risky, but the moment she looked down, he froze as he were next to her feets.

The tiny man hoped she didn't notice him...

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