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by Twiga
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Animal · #2274937
Humans suddenly transform into Anthros
So...This is a story about some humans who suddenly and inexplicably started morphing into Anthros, they were taken away to a government facility to be studied however many suspect there is no end is sight for their captivity and will have to stage a break out
Subect Name: Jessica Valentine
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Original Location: Beverly Hills California
Mutanted Species: Domestic Pig (Sus scrofa domesticus) Specific breed American Yorkshire

Jessica was sitting in her bed at the facility looking at her body, it seems she had completed her transformation, when she first came to this place, her only animal features were a pig nose and slightly pointier ears, now she resembled a Pig standing on its hind legs, while still having hands, human like hair on the head and human like eyes with white sclera, her body had become slightly shorter as well as fatter.

She couldn't believe her rotten luck, before this happened she had been a cheerleader and prepitory school but thanks to this stupid Sudden Mutation Syndrome she had been transformed into something you eat for breakfast!
Subject Name: Nick Weaver
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Original Location: Lockwood, New York
Mutated Species: Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes)

Nick was annoyed at his situation. One moment, he was about to snag some rich lady's purse, and the next, he'd felt sick to his stomach. Things got worse after that, in that he got caught by the local deputies.

Now, he was stuck in yet another cell, this one in a place run by some government-looking fellas. Also, he looked a lot like some fella out of a certain Disney movie. Someone even had the sense of humor to toss in a green Hawaiian shirt, a blue tie, and a pair of tan khakis.
It was morning tome for breakfast.

The breakfast was slid through a slot in the door, Jessica sighed it was her usual fare a bowl of oatmeal, a glass of milk...

"You forgot the brown sugar!" She called to the person on the other side of the door.

Two packets of brown sugar were tossed through the slot. "The bosses told me that animals shouldn't eat sugar, now that you're fully transformed."

"I maybe an animal on the outside..." Jessica said grabbing the tray "...But I still feel like a human on the inside..." And went to her bed to eat her breakfast
Nick was mildly annoyed at the food he'd been given. The fruit was okay, but the container of dried crickets was another story.

"Couldn't you at least coat them in chocolate, or caramel, or whatever it is folks use to trick others into eating them?" he stated.

"Um, I don't think we're allowed to do that," the person said. "Crickets and other such insects are supposed to be part of your diet."

"Say that sort of line to a Vegan that refuses to eat meat!" Nick yelled, as he tossed the crickets back through the slot. "Get me a Country-fried steak, with gravy! And Fried eggs, with salt and pepper!"
After breakfast, Jessica sighed, she had been at the fecility a little over a week and she asked if they could give her a TV or at least some reading material because just sitting in a room with just a bed and a bathroom would make her go crazy, well they didn't give her a TV but they tried to find her some reading matieral, mostly some Tech Magazines like 'Wired' nobody who worked here kept much for reading for pleasure apparently.

So Jessica picked up a familar magazine advertizing new computers she knew it wouldn't be long before they were all taken out for morning exercise.
Nick carefully peeked through the slot. He could understand being treated like a criminal personally - he was a criminal. But the others he'd seen, what did they do to deserve being locked up? Heck, he could understand if the doors locked at night, providing that they could move about in the day time. He doubted that most of the others were criminals - there were laws against just locking up sick folks.
It was now time for morning exercises, Segerated into Males and Females of course.

Jessica was told to change into her workout clothes and she was led with all the other females to the outside, plain asphalt, surrounded by a huge wall, really giving this place the vibe of a prison rather than a hospital,

After the performing sit-ups, push ups and jumping jacks they finished by running three laps around the courtyard
It was at that moment, a large motorcade, bearing the insignia of several military branches, among others, showed up.

Nick stared at the one in front, and felt a mixture of hope, and dread.

"Well, I got good news, and bad news," he said, as a number of the male patients joined in his staring, especially as the doors of the one limousine opened.

"What's the good news?" a female pig patient yelled across the divider, separating males from females.

"Good news is, That's a 5-Star general, and you don't want to be on the wrong end of one of those when they are mad, and I have the good feeling that we'll be transferred to a much nicer place, where we won't be locked up all the time," Nick yelled.

"What's the bad news?" the pig asked.

"He's also my Godfather, and I'm about to be drafted," said Nick. "He didn't like finding out that I got arrested for purse snatching, and that was just before this stuff happened."
(Why am I'm imagining the Godfather sounding like the Soldier from Team Fortress 2?)

"Citizens!" Said the General "I apologize for the previous ways you've been treated thus far, these Scientists had been working under the previous assumption that you had a contagious illness, now we've discovered the truth, the reason you've all transformed is that you're actually the hybrid children of dimenstional travelers, apparently travelers from an Animal Dimension."
Nick's eyes widened. "That's either the biggest line of bullshit ever, or he's telling the truth."

"Why are you saying that?" the pig patient asked. By now, both males and females were at the divider, so yelling wasn't needed.

"He doesn't like Sci-Fi or Fantasy type stuff too much, especially those depicting the US military," said Nick.

"So, just how did you get someone like that to be your Godfather?" the pig asked.

Nick pointed at the limo that the general had stepped out of. "My father is his driver."
"Wait," Jessica said "If we're the hybrid children of Animals from another dimension...Doesn't that mean we're bastards? That my Dad isn't actually my Dad?"
"Listen," said Nick. "Like I said, it's either a big line of bullshit, or the truth, but in either case, he's trying to take us someplace where they won't poke and prod us. Well, you guys at any rate, I'm probably going to be stuck having to take Basic Training."
So the Patients left with the General and went to the Military Base

There they were shown a Filmstrip showing them that Earth has been the interest of various kind of beings throughout the centuries, recently with the confirmation of UFO sightings, the Military Realized it needed a means of protecting itself specifically from the Aliens known as 'The Greys' who seem to be particurally interested in abducting humans for reproduction since they no longer have the means to reproduce themselves.

"They have no interest in animals." Said the General "As Animals can't seem to be capable of living in a cubicle in space, so in you we have perfect soldiers they won't try to abduct or make hybrids with."
"Seriously, Uncle Sam," said Nick. "When are you going to get to the good part where you just say that you're pulling our tails, and give us some cake and ice cream to help us deal with the last few weeks we've been through?"

"Okay, Nick, you have a point about the cake and ice cream," the general said. "Someone start taking their orders."

"Knew that it was bullshit," said Nick.

"Actually, it's not bullshit," the general said. "This has been going on for a long time."

"How long?" Nick asked.

The general pressed a button, showing various animal-headed gods, goddesses, monster, and other creatures, from all across the world, from Egypt, to Japan, to even parts of Native American folklore.

"Antarctica is the only place we haven't found proof, yet."
"Apparantly Earth is attractive to a lot of Beings from other Plnets and other Dimensions we have more biodiversity than most other worldd developed firearms much faster than we did, which contributes to reduced biodiversity."
"And now he's lost me," said Nick. "I wonder who wrote his speech?"
"You'll understand it better soon enough." Said the General "For now you're all dissmissed."
"Hopefully the beds are better," said Nick.
Jessica found she was sharing a bunk with a female bloodhound from Atlanta Georgia who didn't feel like talking, Jessica found on the bedside table a few magazine's about health food and execise, Jessica grumbled remembering what she had heard this morning about animals shouldn't have sugar, right now she'd give anything for a chocolate milkshake with whipped cream...
Nick found himself in the General's office, looking at him.

"Sounded like a big line of bullshit, Uncle Sam," he said.

"That was cute when you were younger," the general said. "That being said, much of that speech wasn't bullshit. Cake and ice cream will be along in half an hour."
Jessica decided to take a shower, there was a shower in her room at the Facility but it only gave cold water so she almost never took a shower while she was there
Of course, given that this was a military base, the showers were standard issue. But, it did have hot water.

A little while later, she was wearing a US Army Recruit outfit - as that was the only thing the base had in stock.

"Could be worse," the fox guy from earlier said, wearing a similar outfit. "On the plus side, cake and ice cream has arrived. Want some?"
"Do I ever!" Jessica was legit drooling a signifigant amount.

As the Mutants sat around and ate their desserts, a nerdy young man with glasses came out.

"Since you've now learned that you're the hybrid children of interdimensional travelers, you're probably asking...Where did these ancestors come from? Well we've been tracking for a while, seems they are from a dimenstion that resembles modern Earth but has various kinds of animals instead of human beings, also this world seems to have magic as a common fact of life as sometimes Natives of this world decide to go traveling for fun and exploration, they have a kind of 'cloaking device' that blends them in with the locals"
"And, why hasn't this stuff kicked in before now?" Nick asked.
"Seems before there hasn't been a reason to..." The Scientist said "...But now that war with the Greys is looming it seems your animal traits are manifesting now as you're meant to play the role of...The white blood cells of the Earth's biosphere to protect it against those who would make it as barren as their own planet."
"I hope that others are getting these traits, like older adults," said Nick. "It's not a good idea to just settle the weight of the world on a bunch of kids."
"It's also not good to have the weight of the world on elderly people either." Said the Scientist "Also Adolesants because of the excess amount of energy they have due to puberty have some special benifits in this regard."
"Um, what about others between the ages of 20 and 35, the age that the military tends to prefer soldiers and such?" Nick asked. "I mean, I wouldn't trust me with the fate of the world - I can barely drive a car, let alone anything else."
"Maybe," Said the Scientist "But that's not so relevant seems Animal-Human Hybrids have an unusual means of fighting off enemies, because of your Hybrid Natures you're capable of...Nature Magic!"
"Okay, that might be worth looking into," Nick said. "I wonder what I got."
"Indeed," Said the Scientist "A brand new frontier has opened itself up to you, and we need as many hands on deck as possible."
"Alright," said Nick. "How to we unlock our abilities?"
"We'll get to that soon enough." Said the Scientist "For now try to rest you've all been through a pretty tough time."
Well I guess this is the end, someone doesn't seem to want to participate anymore

The End!

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