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In honor of WDC's Birthday an improv campfire to celebrate storytelling
So...To anyone new to this campfire, this is a celebration of WDC's birthday, it stops the instant the balloons and party hats stop appearing on the site, this is an improv role play story, we each create a character that can be anything human, animal, monster...talking machine like in Brave Little Toaster however...I would like to keep this story clean and family friendly like a Disney Movie or Saturday Morning Cartoon, this is meant to be a celebration of storytelling not a fetish story so at most keep it PG
OK first addition is the introduction of our characters with little bios

Name: Viand Wormerson
Age: 22
Sex: Technically a hermaphrodite being a worm but he feels his personality is male so he refers to himself as male
Species: Earthworm Humanimal
Birthplace: Planet Mizzer, Specifically the town of Mudville
Likes: Ginko leaves, cabbage soda, classic rock and using his 'special power'
Dislikes: Spicy food, tedious cocktail parties, the fact he can't use his special power in front of witnesses
Bio: Viand is an Earthworm Humanimal or an Animal that has been evolved into an Anthros by exposure to a magical crystal meteorite from the Planet Mizzer where Humans and Humanimals have been living in harmony for five thousand years and have been living like it's the 1990s for five thousand years the 90s Nostalgia Planet, since he was very young Viand knew he had a special power, he could jump into the TV and interact with the characters there he first discovered as a Toddler when he jumped into an episode of Barney and Friends, while Barney was hospitable to him, Viand learned the hard way when he jumped into his Mom's favorite Disney movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame he wanted to beat up Frollo to impress his Mother however Frollo took a giant talking worm to be a demon and sicced his soldiers on him Viand barely escaped with his life worse when he tried to tell his Mom what happened because he could never jump into the TV while someone else was watching his Mom didn't believe him and thought he was just playing around
Name: Samo Scorpio
Age: 30
Sex: male
Species: Scorpian
Birthplace: Planet Mizzer, Scorpina: A Desert village.
Now living: Mudville
Likes: Helping others, gardening, makint antidotes, walks through village and watching kids have fun
Dislikes: Bullies, harm done to his garden and/or others
Bio: Growing up in a desert village named Scopina, Samo took classes in making antidotes to cure posions.
         After graduating, he set out on his own and made his way to Mudville and decided to make a medical clinic there and made himself a home and grew his own herbal garden full of medical herbs and weeds.
         Not accepted at first by others, he proved himself by only using his own posion against a bird to scare a invasive creature that attack a few kids.
Having recently dropped out of college and still not knowing what to do with his life Viand's dad got his son a job at his workplace 'Vermin Conglomerate' a company that specialized it making items for invertebrate Humanimals like wing massagers.

Viand took the job but he still wasn't happy, he didn't know what he wanted or what would cure his feelings of ennui.

One Saturday he went to the local bar. (Earthworm Humanimals have very low alchohal tolerance really the most they usually have is a fruit or vegetable juice with a tiny amount of alchohal added)

There he saw his old friend Samo sitting at the bar, he remembered when Samo first moved in to Mudville very rare and exotic for the more modest community of Mudville mostly comprised of Suburban Garden Bugs, but they eventually became friends
Vlad Catula
Age: 27 years
Species: 5/8ths Domestic Cat, 3/8th Vampire Bat
Birthplace: Uberwald
Likes: The Dark. Storms. Lightning, thunder.
Dislikes: Bright Light!
Bio: Descended of nobility, Vlad is the sort to be found in a dark alleyway, typically helping folks in the wrong ones get out with their skin intact. This is because he's a beat cop, working the night shift.

Currently, he's trying to enjoy a vacation.
         Seeing Viand enter, Samo gave a calming wave, he seen how he looked and ordered him his ussual for when Viand drinks.
         After paying for it, the bar tender got to work on the drink.
         "Hey Viand, rough day at work again?"
"Not really rough..." Viand sighed "...I'm just bored out of my mind! I don't want this job but the problem is...I don't know what it is I really want to do!"

The Bartender a Blue-Black Blister Beetle placed Viand's drink, some green vegetable juice with only a tiny little bit of alchohol mixed in, Viand sipped in a meloncholy way for a few moments

"Have you ever had the feeling..." Viand finally asked his friend "...That maybe we're not meant for this world? That maybe we're meant to be...Somewhere else?"
Vlad walked into the bar.

The bar said, "Ouch."

Vlad sat at a table. "I'll take a Bloody Mary."
         Seeing somebody new come in, a idea came to Samo that might help Viand.
         "I'll admit, when I left my home town, I left because I didn't feel like I belonged there."
         Taking sip of his own drink, he calmly relaxed a bit.
         "It wasn't till I came here that I felt truly at peace and like I found my home."
         Patting Viands back calmly, he laughed a bit.
         "Say, I got a idea. How about we take a trip somewhere. Who knows, you may find what your looking for in life."
Viand wasn't sure where they would go on Mizzer that would be the solution to his problem but the Worm sighed and nodded wearily,

However when the two got up from their seats there was a sudden bolt of what seemed like lightning, came down from above and zapped Viand, Samo and Vlad and they all vanished without a trace.

Everyone in the bar gasped! They didn't know how lightning got in the building or why there was nothing left of the three no charred remains.

However the next thing the three knew they were standing in what looked like a nursrey, with white walls and white tile floor and baby toys scattered all over the place
Vlad sighed. "Can't ever have a vacation where I can just relax."
         Looking around, Samo didn't see any immediate trouble around, only the strange room filled with toys.
         "I know I said we should take a trip, but I didn't mean something like this."
         Looking to the others, Samo made surevto keep his eyes peeled for anything more out of the ordinary.
         "So, anyone else got a idea of how we got struck by lightning, survived said strike, and ended up in this weird place?"
"You were all brought here because you were chosen..." Said a soft femminine voice

Standing in the doorway was what initally seemed like a human woman but then everyone could see she had translusent insectoid wings growing out of her back meaning she was a fairy! She was very similar to Tinkerbell wearing a green dress and had blonde hair only she wore her hair down, flowing all the way to the small of her back

"I am the Dream Fairy..." Said the beautiful creature "...And I need your assistance."
"To be fair, you could try the Emergency number, and get the police, or something," said Vlad. "So, why us?"
         Looking her over, Samo started to feel he knew heard her name from somewhere before.
         "Given our surroundings, I don't think police can do much here partner."
         Stepping between the strange fairy being and Vlad, being sure to keep him safe, Samo kept his eyes open for anything.
         "So miss, whats the trouble?"
"Yeah..." The Dream Fairy said flatly "...There isn't much ordinary police can do to battle enemies of the spirtual dimension...That's why the three of you were called here, you all have some form of magic power even if not all of you know it yet."

Viand who did know what his magic power was but felt he had to keep it a secret since when he tried to tell others of his power before no one believed him, began to sweat profusely
"On the plus side,. I am a cop," said Vlad.
         Relaxing, Samo looked to Viand.
         "It's ok Viand, I know what you can do. Your not the only one who has that kind of secret."
"What?!" Viand exclaimed "How do you know?! I don't recall ever telling you!"
Vlad thought. The only abilities he could think of having was being able to subsist on blood when he had to, as well as being able to glide to the ground from higher places. Hardly special.
         "Viand, I figured it out after we first met. You got scared and I guess you didn't notice that you leaked a bit of your power out. It was the reason why I wanted to take ya on a trip. Kinda ease into the subject and try helping you in finding a way to use it."
         Taking a few seeds from a seed bag he had, he focused a bit of power before tossing them.
         A moment later, the seeds rapidly sporouted, taking root into the ground below as the sprouts turned into 4 wooden chairs, cushioned by cotton, and connected to a stump that acted as a table.
         "How about we have a seat and we'll talk? Still want a drink Vlad? I make a mean bloody fruit."
"I thunk I should explain why I called you all here." Said the Dream Fairy "See...What we're up against is malevolent spirits, they were former Nightmares, mere mortal dreams who somehow escaped the heads of those who dreamed them and fell in league with the Devil, who made them apprentice demons, so he seeks to use the Nightmares to get insdie peoples' heads so they lose all hope thus it will be easier for him to get them to surrender their souls to him."
"I'm going to guess that you have some items for us to use, right?" Vlad asked.
         Nodding his head, Samo agreed.
         "Gotta admit, it would make fighting these things off easier. Not to mention, do they have some kind of weakness?"
"Being beings or pure spirit..." Said the Dream Fairy "..Psysical attacks don't hurt them, only magical mor psychic attacks."
"I hope that there's some items that can help us in that case," said Vlad. "I'm fairly sure that I don't have magic, that I'm aware of."
         "Doesn't mean you can't be of help. Like you said, your a officer. At best you could straighten up the force of law here to help us work easier and keep us working within the law."
         Nodding his head, Vlad agreed to help.
         Looking to Viand, Samo gave a soft smile.
         "Viand, if your willing to help, I can help you master your power. But only if your willing to learn."
"Really all of you have more magic than you know." Said the Dream Fairy "What you know you have is just your beginning powers I brought you here to train you to unleash your advanced powers."

She turned to Viand "What you didn't realize everytime you entered the TV was you were making your own 'Worm-Holes' to enter other worlds..."
"I see a terrible Pun," said Vlad. "Listen, I know that I can live off of blood, glide if I get knocked off of buildings, and fight better in the dark, especially during a storm, but those aren't especially helpful."
         "All I know how to do is grow plants and form them anyway I desire, medical antidotes and meficines, and a bit of judo."
"I can help you unlock the more esoteric vampire powers..." Dream Fairy said "...Like how to turn into a shadow and travel much faster in that form..."
Vlad blinked. "Okay. That's a useful start. Anything cat related by chance?"
         Shrugging, Samo nodded.
"Okay, I'm in. Who knows, might find it useful someday."
"All in time, all in time..." The Dream Fairy said "...We have to start at the beginning..."
"Alright," said Vlad. "Let's get this started."
         Cracking knuckles, Samo grinned in learning new things.
         "Okay, where do we start then?"
"First we eat..." Said the Dream Fairy "...Come...I made all your favorites!"

Seated at a long taple, Viand lifted the lid to find a garden salad with Ginko leaves intermixed with the lettuce and his usual cabbage soda
Vlad looked at his dish. "Steak Tartare, with a blood sauce," he said. "Nice."
         Lifting the dish lift, Samo found a nice salad with crushed almonds with cactus juice as dressing.
         "Mmm, looks good, just like momma used to make."
"Aren't Scorpions carnivores?" Viand asked as he munched his salad "Kind of odd you're eating salad."
Vlad ate his steak tartare. It was delicious.
         "Yes, we are. But I still enjoy a salad once in a while."
         Taking a bite, Samo savoured every flavor.
         "Plus, if I didn't eat one once in a while, I'm pretty sure my mom would haunt my dreams while I sleep."
"This food has been infused with fairy magic but it's not like the fairy food we sometimes give to prank visitors, this food will just give your inate magic talents a boost...Hardcore Fairy Foods we give to mortals like Cuckoo Eggs that make them 'Cuckoo' for a while and Honey Buns which make the uglier species of fairies find them irrisistably attractive."
"Seriously? Can't I just enjoy my meal for a moment?" Vlad asked. "Don't need to hear about fairies pulling nasty tricks on people while I'm eating their food. Might make one throw up."
         Chuckling, Samo finished eating and drank some cactus juice from the side.
         "Careful Vlad, if ya ain't careful, she just might use something worse then what she told us about just for laughs."
After the meal, the Dream Fairy took them to a room that seemed like a green meadow under a blue sky.

"Samo..." The Dream Fairy said "...You're powers are more support than offensive you can make fruits that can heal one who is on the brink of death."
"Something tells me that I'm the fighter and sneak of the group," said Vlad.
         Looking to Viand, Samo got a bit curious.
         "Guess that would make Viand our captain then?"
"Sort of..." Said the Dream Fairy "...He needs to make a Worm Hole that will send the Nightmares to a prison dimenstion."
"In that case, let's get going," said Vlad.
         Standing and cracking his knuckle, Samo prepared himself.
         "Okay, where do we start?"
"This Enviroment is to help you connect with your connection the plants, therefore I'm starting with you first." Said Dream Fairy "This won't happen all at once so I'm gonna need you to take a deep breath and visulize the spirits of the plants."

As he did so Samo saw little flower fairies emerge, tiny little pixies that wore flower petals for clothes
Vlad decided to walk around, as he was starting to feel a bit stiff.
         Taking a calming breathe, Samo knelt down and placed a finger out.
         Surprisingly, one of the many fairies, a child if he had to guess, come and stood on his finger.
         "Hello, I'm Samo. Whats your name?"
"Daisy." Said the Fairy indeed she was dressed in daisy petals a ring of daisy petals around her as her dress and wearing a daisy flower on her head as a hat
"Let's see in this shadow walking thing works," Vlad said, as he came to a patch of shadows.
         Setting Daisy on shoulder, watched as Vlad as he turned into shadow.
         "So, think he'll get it?"
         Giggling, Daisy thought.
         "Sure, as long as nothing distract him."
Turning to Viand Dream Fairy said "You've ever seen the classic Superman movie?"

"Yeah." Said Viand

"Your job is to trap the Demons in the equivilent of the Phantom Zone."
Vlad soon found himself in another patch of shadows. "Hmm, interesting."
         Meditating in the meadow, Daisy instructed Samo in how to infuse healing properties into plants, use plants to track enimies, and how to use plants to ensnare enimes.
To ensnare beings of pure spirit these were also spirit plants
"Well, let's figure out the rest of this stuff," said Vlad.
         Growing a tiny daisy, Samo picked it and gently placed it in her hand.
         "Thank you Daisy. If you ever need something, just let me know."
Viand was having trouble creating a Worm Hole without a TV Screen however...
Vlad was soon getting the shadow teleporting thing down. "Hmm, does this work with friends?"
         Seeing Viand having trouble, Samo looked towards Daisy.
         "Guessing all the time hiding away his talent for so long really didn't give him a chance to test out how it could work without a screen."
         Nodding in agreement, Daisy looked a bit sorry.
         "Yes, making portals aren't easy."
Dream Fairy said to Viand "You're scared Viand...Scared because of what happened to you in your childhood."
Vlad looked over at the other two. "Any of you want to help me test something?"
         Setting Daisy onto a flower, Samo walked over and gave ya a trusting look.
         "I trust ya, where do ya want me?"
"Viand..." The Dream Fairy "...I realize you were scared by the time you tried to capture Frollo and instead he nearly killed you..."
"Well," Vlad said. "Just hold my hand, and hopefully you'll be able to shadow teleport with me over to that patch of shadows."
         Holding Vlad's hand, Samo waited for him to begin.
"Come with me..." The Dream Fairy said to Viand
Vlad started the teleportation.
         A bit surprised from the weird sensation, Samo did his best to remain calm.
         'Please let it work.'
The Fairy took Viand back to the Nursrey

"This room is meant to help you connect with your inner child..." Said the Dream Fairy
Vlad found himself in the other shadow, and so was Samo.

"This might prove handy," he said.
         Looking around, Samo nodded in agreement.
         "Yeah, not only could you use it to sneak up on somebody, but you transport us to safety if need be. Great work Vlad."
"I think you need to reconnect to your inner child to be able to master your power." Said the Dream Fairy
"Hopefully that worm can figure his stuff out," said Vlad.
         "He will. He just has to get over a few things from the past ."
Viand started playing with a little toy truck "How is this supposed to help me get over my fear?" He asked

"It will." The Dream Fairy said "If you'll just relax..."
"Would feel better if we had some magic weapons," said Vlad. "Especially those built along the sorts we ourselves know how to use."
         "True... Say, how about ya take us back. I think I got a idea."
None of them had any idea they were being watched by the three nightmares...
"I'm getting a funny feeling," Vlad muttered. "The kind one gets when being watched."
         "Same here."
         Taking a couple of spirit seeds out, turns them into a couple of bow's and quiver's with arrows and hands you a set.
         "They may not the best option, but it's the best we got for now."
The Nightmares knew they had to be careful now, but still one was overcome with doubts they just needed to get a hook in the Worm's fears...
"Best stick together," said Vlad. "First rule of police training - stick with your partners."
         "Best get to Viand. Hopefully he figured out how to open them wormholes."
The Three Nightmares spied Viand and the Dream Fairy in the Nursrey and they decided they should try to exellerate the Worm's fear
Vlad looked at the worm. "Something's not right. Let's get to him."
         Spying a nightmre, Samo drew a arrow back, aimed, and released.
         As the arrow flew, the nightmare took notice of the arrow and tried to dodge.
         Unfortunately, it was already too late.
         As the arrow reached its mark, it glowed a bright green before turning into spirit vines and capturef it.
         "Glad it worked."
         Drawing another arrow, Samo looked around.
         "Go get Dream and Viand, I'll watch your back."
Another nightmare reached its shadowy claws and reached Viand's brain

Viand screamed, and the Nightmare reached into his worst memories
Vlad used Samo's own shadow, to teleport to that of Viand, Dream, and the Nightmare. He wrapped his arms around the Nightmare's neck. "Fight someone that can fight back!"
         Spotting a third Nightmare, Samo let another arrow loose and caught it before it could jump Vlad and help its fellow Nightmare.
         Running, Samo managed to get to Dream and Vian before pulling the Nightmare out Vlads hands and trapped him in spirit vines.
         "Everyone ok?"
However the Nihtmare exhellerating his fear was just the thing Viand needed to unlock his true power! As he screamed he opened a portal to the Phantom Zone...
Vlad threw the one he'd grabbed into the portal. "I hope that works!"
         Tossing the other nightmares in, Samo saw that it wasn't closing.
         Readying a arrow and aiming at the portal, Samo glanced to Viand.
         "Good job Viand. Proud of ya. Think ya can close it now?"
Viand nodded and closed the portal
"Hopefully that stuff works," said Vlad. "Everyone alright?"
         Gently releasing the arrow, Samo walked up to everyone.
         "I'm good."
Viand after just realizing what he had done felt like a great weight had been lifted off his heart...
"Well, that was fun," said Vlad. "I feel like having some tuna, or lasagna even."
         "Same here Vlad."
         Looking to Viand, Samo saw a change in Viand.
         A change for the better.
         "So Viand, ya find what you were looking for?"
"Maybe..." Viand said "...I'm not sure I feel like I've just been born again..."
"Lets hope that there isn't any additional complications," said Vlad.
         Smiling, Samo planted a few seeds and grew some plants.
         "Okay everyone, in honor of our victory, name your dish. I'm cooking up feast!"
"It may take a while to adjust..." The Dream Fairy said smiling
"Hopefully this won't affect my policing in a bad way," said Vlad.
         Chuckling. Samo only nodded in agreement.
         "If anything, it may help you get promoted Vlad. I just hope I can use what I learned here to help others in town."
"It times for all of you to return home." Said the Dream Fairy
"Well, best of luck," said Vlad.
         "Ya know how to reach us if ya need us."
While the balloons and party hats are still around I don't think we can stretch this story any farther

And so here our story comes to an end each creature learning more about themselves
Viand wasn't sure what he would do net but he felt a lot better about himself

The End!

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