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Hooves & I are doing a Winter Campfire 2022/2023. Please stop by as we continue writing.
*Snow2* Hello Everyone! Welcome to another Campfire of Megan Princess Megan Rose and Hooves ♥HOOves♥ This is our winter Campfire 2022-2023. Carol and I have been doing these Campfires for 4 years, something like that. We write about what is happening in our lives, the world and we try to be positive. We get down at times but we pray, hope and this is like an adventure and a way to keep track of what happened during Covid, President Elections, The Royals, world events, our favorite shows like Downton Abbey, bad days, our happy times and life in general. We try to enjoy life and hope things get better for us all.

I chose a winter scene house for the cover art. Winter does look pretty with snow *Snow4* I love this picture. Mountains, pretty house and snow. Looking at this picture, I try to think good thoughts about winter. Isn't this beautiful? Grab a cup of hot chocolate and join us.

Quill Nominee Signature 2022

Downton Abbey Mansion
Beautiful Victorian House image by Kris.

Carol and I hope you will enjoy reading our adventures. We have had a lot of views on our Campfires and we thank you. Please join us this winter. We pray things get better. Thank you for reading.
Neat picture of a wolf in the pines by Kris.
Some of the leaves are falling and it is getting darker sooner. Winter is coming and we can't hide. 70 Degrees today but that will change. I wore a sweater when I was out today. It was windy not hot. My flowers are trying to die but it is time. I would like to see a wolf in the pines. It would be scary but he is beautiful.

I was at Barnes and Nobles and saw many books about The Royals. Queen Elizabeth. Revenge by Harry and Meghan. Meghan and Harry. I still need to brush up on The Palace Papers and Husbands and Wives. I haven't bought anymore books about The Royals. I have a Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy Book and other Princess Diana Books. I need to go through my books about The Royals.

Bella *Cat* got up when we got home from Barnes and Nobles. She thinks it was time to eat but she was wrong. She always has food.

Next week is Halloween. *Witchlegs2* *Witch* There were witch legs hanging out of the planters at Barnes and Nobles. I had to laugh. The lady down the road had a witch on a broom decoration hanging from the telephone pole for years. *Jackolantern2* My son saw the last Halloween movie and said it was awful. Guess I don't need to see it.

I will be watching Downton Abbey this week. It is a favorite with me. I wonder what it would be like to live at the real Downton Abbey, Highclere Castle.
Downton Abbey New Era Image
Downton Abbey Mansion
The real Earl and his wife seem so nice. I saw a Documentary of them and have the book she wrote.

Carol, have a good week and thanks for doing another Campfire with me. It means a lot to me. Thanks for sharing my joys and ups and downs as I feel your joy and bad times as well. I hope we get more diamond days. You are the best!
Hi on Tuesday. It is Tuesday, October 25!

Thank you for having me in the campfire with you! *Hearto* I hope today proves to be a good day and everything goes your way.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a special extra hug in honor of our new campfire! *Fire* *Cat2**Heartgr*

Yesterday was a challenge, but it went okay I think. Best I could tell it did. The primary care doctor reassured Mr. HOOves about his slow recovery from the radiation in light of all the treatment regimen they have done to him, which his doctor thinks is "intense". Apparently what they did on the brain was "preventive". This is the first time I heard that word in this. I do not like "preventive" so I know it would have registered with me. I intend to find out when I can do it without upsetting things.

Shaking or tremors at times is a side effect. Shaking that causes wobbly walking at times, which can cause falls. Scary. Would have been nice to have been warned about it, but no. We were warned about his fatigue and that is severe.

We take it day by day as usual.

Watched Blue Bloods, Netflix Holiday British Baking Show and some dog videos of basset hounds on Youtube. I also watched reports on the new Prime Minister in England. I wish him the best. I think his name is Rishie Sunak and he once worked for Goldman Sachs in NY. Maybe he will fix their economy and help us, too. Since Biden and company are not up to the job here it might be nice if they helped.

Sounds like you had a fun trip to Barnes and Noble. I want to go there soon, but it is so close to the Cancer Center and it upsets me to go over there when I don't have to for an appointment. I get that way with going near places that cause hurt and stress. At least my driving has been better (knock on wood) so that's good. When I'm over there anyway at the Center, I want to get away from the whole area as soon as possible.

Downton Abbey is always good. It takes my mind off everything. I watch it over and over and so far never get tired of it. Sometimes I take a little break, but I always enjoy going back to Downton.

Thanks again for preparing, having and hosting such a wonderful campfire!

*Cow* *Jackolantern2* *Heartgr**Hearto**Candycorn*

Not a Diamond Day but I am better this afternoon then I was this morning. Mornings are so hard for me. Hoping my Med will work. I have one more dosage to take. I take one every 3 days for a week. I will wait and see.

We took Ray's truck in for the final area to be painted. We are waiting on them to call to pick it up. The waiting. I hate waiting. You know how it goes. They had the truck for a month and it wasn't done. Very upsetting.

We went to Walmart. We were looking for a small Crock Pot. Some are too small and I guess we will keep what we have. We looked at Christmas stuff. I got some Christmas Cards. We bought Halloween candy. I bought a Pioneer Woman Daily Planner Book on clearance. It is only good until June then I will need another Planner Book but I can always use a spare journal. I bought some Christmas Hand soap. First time I had been to Walmart in awhile. Still the same store.

I am so sorry Mr. Hooves has side effects with his procedure. I hate side effects. Like all those commercials about Meds on TV and those side effects. I look up side effects on everything. I almost hesitate to take a new Med of any kind even just temporarily. Like getting the Covid Vaccines, you can't be dehydrated. I was afraid I was today but I haven't been drinking a lot of water but my pulse is okay. I will see about getting the new Covid Vaccine. Scary anymore. I do hope Mr. Hooves feels better.

I see England has a new Prime Minister. Our country needs something great to happen. I pray it does.

It is going to rain *Rain* I want to see Mom later today. Game Night is canceled. Our Game friend's husband is still in the hospital. Poor man has been there 4 or 5 days.

Have a good day. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Glad you are enjoying the new Campfire. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. October 26. *Fire*

I hope it is a day when you feel good and everything is nice for you.

Give our best to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Heartgr**Heartbl**Hearto*

Yesterday was busy here. Our neighbor came over and brought us treats. She is so nice to check on us. It is a festival now that she celebrates. Diwali I think. Candies are delicious and she is so thoughtful. They are so good to check on us now and then.

I went to the bank, also.

Then, the dryer repair guy came and fixed the dryer. It is 16 years old. It was making a weird noise. He replaced some belts and such. We will keep fixing it as long as we can.

Then, we went out to eat. This gang of kids was hanging out, out front of the restaurant. They had been in it and then were asked to leave. They were too old to be doing this sort of thing. The owner's son walked us to the car at the end, but thankfully they were gone by them. They were obviously skipping school earlier, but the owners say the police won't do anything because of race issues since they were all black. They are not careful around older people like us and Mr. HOOves is not up for that sort of nonsense.

Their parents ought to take them in hand, but whatever. I don't like being menaced going into a place we enjoy. If I was alone, I would have turned the car around and come home, that's how bad they were, dancing around like fools, not being careful.

Watched our Blue Bloods, Basset Videos and British Holiday Baking shows yesterday. That was fun.

Trying our best to get things done and have him recover. It is slow this time.

Our yard guy came and I talked to him a bit. Maybe he will take his mower home soon once he gets a battery for it. He is a nice person. Reminds me of a character on the Andy Griffith show. He means well.

That guy who painted and mess up our house two years ago was pure evil. This yard guy is nice and has a good heart. Big difference. The other guy demanded we go to the bank and he followed me. I told him off but I was afraid of him, too. The yard guy I am not afraid of at all because he is nice. Well, like I said big difference.

Not much else is going on.

I hope today is a good one for you!

*Cow* *Hearto**Heartgr**Heartbl**Candycorn**Jackolantern*

It finally stopped raining *Rain* It is chilly and my sinuses are paying the price. I was out in the rain *Rain* after we picked up the truck. I couldn't get the car to shift. I forgot to start it up again. DUH! I stepped in a mud puddle. I drove to Mom's in the rain *Rain*. I gave her, her Downton Tote I picked up for her.

I know what you mean about young people hanging around a mall or a restaurant. I get nervous when teens and people of any race are hanging around a store outside. One time, by Hobby Lobby, some loud twenty year old kids were yelling obscenities, had their boom boxes playing and were shooting each other with water guns, those big ones. They didn't stay long. The outdoor mall I go to by the lake has some people who are scary but they don't go to Kate Spade.

I thought I was feeling better last night. I did better this morning. My pulse was high because I was upset. Today, normal. I will see how things go about going back to the Urologist. I have a list of things to do but you need to get so many tests before knee replacement. I want to find out how the time frame about when these tests need to be done. It is like put me in the hospital and do all these tests. I will have to call the Bone and Joint Specialist Nurse. I hate making phone calls.

It took forever for the guys to pick up the broken electric pole. They finally did. We still need to install the new faucet in the kitchen. I hate cleaning out stuff underneath the sink. We need so much stuff to get through life like food, cleaning products and things.

Bella *Cat* wanted more can food. I told her no. She can have some roast later. I gave her more dry food. She played this morning.

I have been watching Downton Abbey Season 4. So much I forgot about that season. The Nanny calling Sybbie, the Chauffeur's daughter and saying she was an evil child. Lady Cora fired her. Mrs. Patsmore nagging at Daisy. She reminds me of a Head Nurse I worked with years ago and came in the door in the morning yelling for me because I was the boss at night. I like Mrs. Patsmore though.

Hope you have a good day. Give my best to Mr. Hooves. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is October 27, 2022.

I hope that it is a good day for you, the sun shines and you get some good medical stuff answers!

Give Miss Bella Kitty a hug and kiss from us! *Cat2**Heartgr**Hearto*

We move through the end of the month now. Yesterday our yard guy finally came, finished his work and took the mower. He had gotten a new battery for it. He charged it and rode it onto the back of his trailer attached to his truck. We don't miss seeing it from the deck.

I think he just needed a hint and a nudge to do it. Don't know why, but it seemed to work. I was more blunt with him and Mr. HOOves is afraid of hurting his feelings or something. I don't want to hurt his feelings, but sometimes he needs clues as to what we want I guess. His heart is definitely in the right place.

Not going to early vote unless Mr. HOOves insists on it. I'm just not going to bring it up. I don't see the point since they are all bad in my state. I don't like the negative ads that are on TV or that come in the mail. I heard that Duchess Meghan is going to speak in Indianapolis at the end of November at some hotel. They are charging 5,000 pounds each for the tickets. I don't know how much that is, but it is definitely too much to hear her speak.

Season 4 is good on Downton as it has Mary coming to life some after losing Matthew. I like that she doesn't end up with Tony, though. I liked Charles Blake better than Tony Gillingham or Henry. I didn't like what happened to Anna or all that when she is mean to Bates. We are in Season 5 now with our watching.

Watched Blue Bloods, British Baking, Basset Videos and Downton yesterday. I went to the post office and grocery. Not much else going on except our yard guy was here for a couple of hours getting things done.

I hope today is good to you! Take care and enjoy the fall colors!!


I made an appointment to see my Urologist. Two weeks. I called the Nurse and I have a UA Order that will be there for me at the hospital. Hopefully, I won't have any symptoms that require immediate ER Care. Like really. I was better yesterday. Ray says I am stressing myself out and I am. I can take my Xanax this weekend. My one Med and Xanax could cause me breathing problems. That I don't need. Anyway, hopefully, things will be alright.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is having a good day. Medical things are so rough. I do hope you are getting enough rest.

I am not voting. I don't like to vote. One time I voted, pulled a lever and the darn curtain opened up! It is like pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain. I felt like a jerk. One time a friend's husband came to my house and wanted me to vote because he was running for an office and saw I hadn't voted and I was registered. So, I voted for him and he won. He was rude to me years later at Church and everywhere. He didn't like our woman minister. Like really. If anyone comes to my house again and asks me to vote, well, it isn't going to happen.

The fall *LeafO* *Leaf2R* colors are pretty. I like Fall but the leaves are starting to fall off the trees.

I listened Taylor Swift's New Album Midnight on YouTube. I only liked one song. I used to love her music but she changed. I love her old music. Why do these singers change? Like Waylon Jennings. He teamed up with Willie Nelson and it was awful. This is what I wrote about Taylor Swift in my Blog yesterday:
"Taylor Swift Today

I am more patient about things then Ray is. Medical things I am anxious and trying to be nice. Other things in life, I try to be nice and understanding.

I haven't gotten back to Downton Abbey Season 4, yet but I hope to. I forgot so many things on there.

Have a good day and almost weekend. I am thinking of you and Mr. Hooves. Thanks for all you do.
Hi on Friday. October 28.

I hope you feel good today and things are good.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty Cat! *Cat**Hearto**Heartgr*

Mr. HOOves wants to early vote today. I do not care about voting this year. I might get there and not do it. We will see. No one says anything positive they will do. It's all about saying the other candidate is bad.

Watched Blue Bloods, Black List on Netflix, British Baking Show and Downton, along with some videos on You.Tube.

Prince Harry is calling his book, "Spare." That is so mean toward his brother. He and Meghan seem like they are so jealous and mean. I won't be buying his book so that he and Meghan get any money for it. I would get it at the library or used eventually if I want to read it.

I'm not sure I do. I sort of expect it to say mean things, but lots of people have said mean things about the royal family and they seem to survive it all. Harry, apparently, thinks that he, not William, should be king. That's what that title says to me.

Scary thought.

We went out with our friends last night. We won't go next week. It was nice to see them and visit. The bad kids weren't out front of the restaurant this time.

Hope your day and weekend go good.


I was gone all day until 4:00 PM. Mom and I had lunch with our friend. We went to Symphony Restaurant. It used to be Schoops. A hamburger joint and now they have shrimp. The shrimp was good. The baked potato soup was awful. Too much salt. Fries. Forget it. My son manage this place 25 years ago.

Mom and I went to Burkes. I didn't find anything. Mom bought some tops and jackets. We went to Cato. I got a nice pull over black sweater with pink roses and a long green velour jacket. I will have to go somewhere dressy. Their prices are reasonable.

We drove by to see the palominos. They are so pretty and look when we stop to look at them. I thought two were missing. We drove 3 miles down the road. I found them. There was a half grown one. So cute. I guess the man must have sold them or maybe they are there for a reason. At least around here no one hurts horses like they do on Heartland but Amy always rescues them. That is me.

I went to the hospital to do m urine test. I hope they get me back to me before my appointment. My urologist had better have some answers. He is older then me. I may have to go see someone else. I got in and out in 10 minutes at the hospital for a urine test. No one there. It was a quiet day for a Friday. I like those odds.

The Royal Family. I read Harry thinks he should be King. I won't be reading any books written by Meghan and Harry. She should have played in Wicked. She is that. I knew when the Queen died, things would be a mess. Sad really.

I hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. Bella *Cat* ran to greet me when I got home. It is about her feeding time.

Have a good weekend. The radio was playing Halloween songs. I don't do parties. I like watching Halloween comedy shows and some Halloween movies. Pizza Party here this weekend. Later, my Dear.
Hi on Saturday. October 29. End of October, we move through it

I hope it is a good day for you and you enjoy yourself here! Thank you for thinking of me with the pizza party! *Heartt*

Give Miss Bella a nice hug! *Cat2**Hearto**Heartt**Heartgr*

We are hanging in here taking it one day at a time. I did my cleaning things so far this morning.

Watching the new episodes of Blue Bloods and Survivor. We also are enjoying the British Baking Show on Netflix. It makes us hungry for treats!

Sometimes I see things and I think that's nice, but I can't seem to get the energy to do much. I think it has been a hard year and it just stays hard. Mr. HOOves is going to see one of his doctors on Monday for a routine test. I don't really get why he wants to do it, but he does like this doctor, he's the one who saved him in 2011. So, he is going for a test they do in the office. If anything is bad with the test, I don't know what we do. Can't even consider that on top of everything else, but he won't listen to me.

I think so far they are predicting rain here on Halloween.

Not much else is going on that I know of. I might try to go get a few groceries later on. We'll see.

Hope today is good to you!

It is Saturday. I understand about having a hard year. I think I am feeling better today but I don't want to jinx it. It is sunny here and will rain *Rain* tomorrow night. Looks like it will rain *Rain* Halloween as well.

Ray worked recharged a battery for a friend's truck. He {Ray's friend} is with Army Reserves and has been in California for a year. The friend's wife didn't take the truck out for a drive the past year so the battery ran down.

Bella *Cat* has been eating and playing. She has fun. She took off with the vinyl oval ring I used so she can't get in the bathroom cupboard. I forget to put it back on. I will find it someday.

I watched That Girl, Murphy Brown, Bugs Bunny Cartoons, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and I am going to watch The Partridge Family. I watched Downton Abbey last night. I forgot Anna got attacked. That singer Duchess was so loud that no one heard Anna yelling for help in the big castle mansion. I don't remember all the Season 4 episodes.

I did a Word Search Puzzle for the Pizza Party.I just entered the one Halloween Contest. I did a few reviews today. I am thinking of making a couple of Trinkets.

Ray went to Walmart yesterday. We got out turkey. 18 pounds. I saw a house that had live domesticated turkeys *Turkey* all over the yard. I bet there were 50 along with some ducks, chickens and geese. I bet they got out of the pen.

Hope you are feeling well. Have a good day. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Have a good day. Happy Halloween! *Witchlegs2* *WitchHat* *Pumpkin2* *Pumpkin* Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Sunday. October 30.

I hope you continue to feel better and better and that it is a good day there.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty. *Cat2**Heartv**Hearto*

Yesterday was rough here. Mr. HOOves had another fall. Thankfully, he seems okay. except for scraping his arm. When it rains it pours, I guess. I was starting to feel a bit optimistic but it was not to be yesterday. He did it at the neighbor's house.

We keep trying and will keep taking it day by day. Upsetting to say the least. Scary too.

We watched Survivor, Amazing Race and the Baking Show. Plus we have started at the beginning with NCIS again. That plus Basset Videos on You.Tube and some World Series Highlights there, too.

On here, I did my Saturday thing yesterday. I don't really have much interest in things because things offline are such a distraction and I'm so tired some days I can barely manage to walk across the room.

Will try my best to do what needs to be done, but some days are more a challenge than others. But we keep trying.

I hope that today is better and better for you, my friend! *Cow**Heartp**Candycorn*

I am not feeling my best today but I went to Church. It is 60 Degrees still. I don't know how much longer this weather will last. I had to park across from the Church and walk on the gravel. I hate that. I made it. My Ray's aunt was at Church today. She had broken her ankle 6 weeks ago. Ouch.

Sorry to hear Mr. Hooves fell. I am glad he is alright. I worry about that and have to be cautious. The older you get, the easier it is to fall. We have to take it day by day and pray to get through things. I do. I have been leaving Church doing the second song so I don't have to wait on people. It is hard to stand in line for too long. That's why I don't go to Kohls for the Thanksgiving Sale. I can go to Kate Spade because there isn't a crowd. Ray drops me off and then finds a place to park then comes in. At Church, I leave early then I sat on the bench by the door and wait to talk to Mom. Maybe when I get this surgery life will be easier I hope with walking. That's what everyone tells me.

I need to clean the bathrooms. That's my promise to me today.

Oh. I Made another Trinket. A Victorian Dolls one.
My Merit Badges and Trinkets Page  (E)
Merit Badges I had commissioned and Trinkets friends helped me make. I made some as well.
#2123111 by Princess Megan Rose

Bella *Cat* had her lunch and went to bed. She wanted to play with my Pioneer Woman Ink Pen and I told her no. I gave her her old ink pen to play with.

I watched Night Of Dark Shadows last night. I may watch Halloween 2 tonight. I bought the movie 3 years ago in the Sale Bin and never watched it. It is still wrapped up. Today, I will watch Full House. Tomorrow is Sabrina The Teenage Witch Day. I plan on watching it tomorrow.

Happy Halloween. Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. Things are quiet on here. Later. Give Mr. Hooves my best.

Hi on Halloween Monday! Happy Halloween!

I hope you feel good today and have a SpOOky Holiday!

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty for a Happy Halloween, too! *Cat**Hearto**Jackolantern*

We take it a day at a time. Mr. HOOves has a medical thing later on today. Hopefully, it will go well and he will be okay. He won't listen to me much so I have to just be ready to help the best that I can when things go wrong.

We watched NCIS, British Baking and You Tube videos yesterday. I talked to my friends and to my cousin. That was nice. Lots of nice things. I went to the grocery store and bought a new fry pan. It felt good to do that and get out a little.

We never know what the next day will bring. It is supposed to rain tonight. Our lights will be turned out. I don't think that it is safe anymore to Trick or Treat, anyway.

I hope that things go your way and you have a nice one!

*Cow**Heartgr**Heartt**Hearto**Jackolantern2**Candycorn* *Cow*
Happy Halloween! *Witchlegs2* *WitchHat* *Pumpkin2* *Moon* *House* Ray bought me home a donut and a pumpkin cookie. I have been watching Sabrina, The Teenage Witch all day. I have Hersheys Chocolate Bars if some kids drop by.

It has been rainy *Rain*, drizzling, fog and chilly. *Frank* *Ghost* I have been staying in all day. I have to get my hair done tomorrow and go to Game *GameBall* Night.

I was feeling better but I don't know now. Guess it is time for Xanax.

Bella *Cat* ran around this morning and she had a bite of cream off my donut. She had lunch and is taking her nap.

Things are quiet here. I did some reviews.

Guess we take it one day at a time. I know I have been. I wish things were better but maybe someday. I do hope Mr. Hooves feels better. Hope you have a good Halloween.

I am praying we all get better and life is better. Have a good week. Not much to write about. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Tuesday. It is November 1.

I hope you are doing well today and that your Halloween was a good one.

Give our love and kisses to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto**Jackolantern2*

Yesterday was hectic. I went and got lunch for us. Then Mr. HOOves decided he did want to go to the vascular surgeon for his scan. The visit was a good one and it is close by. The doctor told him he is doing real well considering all the treatment he has had. That encouraged him quite a bit. Mr. HOOves forgot his cane at the doctor so I took him back to get it. But in the first trip to and from the doctor he drove himself.

I worked on cleaning the leaves out of the driveway with a broom when it wasn't raining. I did that while he was gone. I also cleared some of what was on the deck. Saw the corgi, Teddy, and visited with him while I was doing that and I gave him some treats.

It rained a lot. I don't think anyone on our little street had their lights on. Maybe one house, but I'm not sure. It was raining and dark for most of the trick or treat time.

On here, sometimes I do not understand people. But that is nothing new. Maybe something will dawn on me and I will understand what is going on. Some day.

Watched NCIS and British Baking. Plus Downton, Season 6.

I hope the 1st Day of November is good to you!

*Cow* *Heartbl**Heartgr**Hearto**Jackolantern**Candycorn**Leafr*
November 1. The Election is a week away. I won't be voting. I am so tired of Election Campaign Ads. Medicare. Like really? I am tired of them. too.

We didn't get any Trick Er Treaters. I watched Sabrina all day. The Teenage Witch series and we watched Frazier Halloween episodes. I love Frazier and I enjoy Halloween episodes of TV Shows. I watched Downton Abbey the other night. I forgot Anna goes to jail for killing her rapist and she didn't do it. I will stay tuned.

No fog or rain *Rain* this morning. I am going to get my hair done and I have Game Night tonight. I am doing laundry.

I get my Vitamin B 12 Shot Friday and we are going to the Candy Factory to get some goodies. We have to take the truck in to get some more work done on the cap. They disconnected the wires when they fixed it. WHY CAN'T ANYONE DO ANYTHING RIGHT? I don't get it. They aren't going ti charge us for it. Always something.

I hope Mr. Hooves feels good and everything went alright with his test. I see my Urologist next week and he had better pull a rabbit out of his hat and have answers for me.

Hope you get to see Corgi and Teddy. You can give them pets and hugs. I get to see the girls tonight. The Dashunds. I do love them even though I miss Marty. He was a Maltese Poodle Mix.

Have a good day. I do hope things are going well. Thanks for all you do. Give Mr. Hooves my best.

Hi on November 2. It is Wednesday.

I hope it is a good day for you and your week is going good. Hope your game night went good and you got to visit with the puppies.

Give Miss Bella Kitty our best! *Cat2**Heartb**Heartgr*

Yesterday was a good day. We didn't do much, but did go out to eat. I had to run an errand early to the bank. It is close so that was ok. No medical stuff. Today, I have an eye doctor appt. later in the day that I postponed and his office postponed from before. I guess I will go to it. All the times we have been to doctors this year and I have only gone twice so far. I guess I will try to keep up with the eye checkups.

I didn't see Teddy or Pluto yesterday. Teddy is a corgi and Pluto is a hound mix. I bet those dashunds are cute! Pluto makes us think of Boo sometimes with his hound mannerisms and Teddy was Boo's friend. It's very cheering to see them both.

We did go out to eat to the Italian place we like. This week there were no loitering teenagers hopping around out front so it seemed nicer. We went and had sandwiches, but it was good. We won't be going there on Thurs because our friends aren't coming this week.

Watched NCIS and British Baking Show mainly. Mr. HOOves needs to gain weight back so we hope the baking show helps his appetite. It's helped mine. His test he had Monday was good. The good result has helped his spirits.

On here, I am puzzled by things still.

But I figure I will support the site as long as I am able to do it because it is still such a nice place to come. It's just that some of the people here have a strange way of behaving sometimes. I entered a contest in August that still hasn't been judged while the host advertises three more rounds of the same contest. This person obviously has no interest in actually reading the entries because they put it off forever.

Oh well. We take it day to day and do our best.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

*cpw* *Heartg**Heartgr**Hearto*

I am not feeling great today. Another day. Other problems. Sometimes, the computer hesitates. Like really? You would think Technology would be perfect by now. Maybe someday.

Game Night was good last night. The little dog who had Lyme Disease is better. She and I played with her stuffed monkey. I never saw that side of her. She is on different medicine and feels better. That is good. I fed her some pretzel last night. The baked bread kind. She liked it. I let her out to play. We had Pizza and chocolate chip cookies last night. Miss Dog didn't. I lost at Upwords. Lucky me. I won Skipbo. My Game Friend's husband is better for now. He has a Visiting Nurse.

I got my hair done yesterday. My Beautician has kidney stones. I have never had those but I hear they are nasty. Hopefully, I will get answers next week from my Pee Doctor.

I did win some things from The Auction and I had a package to give out.It is nice when Auctions work out. It is nice when members follow through with The Auctions and their contests as promised.

I watched Petticoat Junction, Family Affair and my soaps. I am thankful for all the old shows.

I do hope Mr. Hooves feels well today. I hope things go well for you. I still have a few things to do around here.

Bella *Cat* played and had her lunch. She messed up her squid. Some of the felt came off him. She wanted my ink pen I was using today. She has been rowdy lately.

Have a good day. Another week will soon be over. Thanks for all you do.
Hi on Thursday. It is November 3 already.

I hope you feel better today and things are good.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Hearto**Heartv*

Yesterday was hectic. I went to the post office and a different grocery early. Then later to the doctor. The road there was torn up and one lane right through the middle of downtown and by the hospital. What a mess!

I told my eye doctor that I didn't want my eyes dilated because I need to drive in case of emergencies. He was okay with that. Next time in a year I will do that maybe. I don't really like doing it. He looked at my eyes without them being dilated. I think it just makes it easier from his perspective or something. I don't really know. I gathered I wasn't the first one to ask them not to do that.

One good thing at the eye doctor. There was a big sign saying, "Masks are Optional." No one in the office and none of the doctors wore masks. Fine by me. I wore one in and asked if they minded me taking it off to be sure. It made things so much easier.

Kidney stones are horrible. My mother and Mr. HOOves both had those. I hope never again.

When I was home from the doctor, the yard guy was out front, but then he didn't do anything in our yard. I talked to him a little. So did Mr. HOOves.

Watched NCIS, Basset Videos on You.Tube and The British Baking Show on Netflix. That was about all we watched.

Did that guy running the auction tell you to deliver the package to the buyer or did you do that on your own? I haven't heard anything from the nice person whose package I bought. It's not enough gift points involved to inquire about, but I figured that the host wasn't notifying people to deliver the paid-for packages. He needs to get with it if he isn't doing that.

Or maybe I'm the only one. Hard to tell.

Not much else is happening..

It won't be long until the holidays are upon us.

Take good care and feel better today!


It is Thursday. Not a Diamond Day but getting through each day as it comes. I hope to feel better someday. It is sunny. The last days of autumn or late summer I guess.

I hate having my eyes dilated. I had my eyes dilated years ago and I drove to Barnes and Nobles and stayed for an hour. I had Mom with me and Mom doesn't drive. I don't know how they expect a person to get their eyes dilated and drive. Ray drives and he doesn't mind driving with his eyes dilated. I don't blame you for saying no. I told them no 15 years ago when I had my eyes done at a Doctor's Office at the Mall. The Mall is an hour away and the traffic is bad.

I saw the Auction was closed and contacted the person I bought the package from. I got all my goodies. I delivered my package on my own to the person who won mine. No waiting or issues. That was good. It worked out. I won some Raffle prizes. I don't win very often. Guess the virtual dice was in my favor for this one.

Bella *Cat* has been good. She eats and plays.

We are going out tomorrow. I seem to feel better when I go out for some reason. I need to get my Vitamin B 12 Shot and go to the Candy Factory and Mejer.

I do hope your yard work gets done. Not much to do today. I like days like this but feel lazy not doing anything. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Thanks for all you do. *Turkey* *Reindeer* *Leaf2O* Later.

Hi on Friday. It is November 4.

I hope you feel better today and things go good.

Give our hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto*

Yesterday was challenging. Mr. HOOves did not feel well, but he decided he wanted to go to the annual homeowners meeting so we went. It was so annoying with people talking forever in a small room - people who love hearing themselves talk. It was just annoying, but I did it. It was not a happy experience.

A lady came up to us and asked about Boo because she hadn't seen her in a long time. She's been gone two years next month. The lady's dog is gone, too, but she remembered us walking our girl. That was sweet, but this lady was running for the board and I think she wanted our vote because Mr. HOOves says she was always nasty at the meetings when he was on the board. She did get on the board this time.

We went and ate BLTs beforehand at a family type restaurant, not as good as Bob Evans, but it's all we have that is home style and good. It helped him feel better.

When we left our yard guy was here to do the yard. He did a lot and it looks much better out front and back. He didn't finish it. We got home after dark - after he had left. I hope he will come and finish later today. He left a push mower here this time. He likes leaving his stuff here.

What a character.

We watched NCIS then British Baking Show on Netflix. I drove in the dark. I don't like doing that, but I did it and was real careful getting us back home.

It was a trying day. I don't feel great today, but Mr. HOOves is better so that's good. Maybe tomorrow we will both feel better.

I hope that you do, too, and things go your way. Here's to a nice weekend.

*Cow* *Heartt**Hearto**Heartgr**Apple**Appleg**LeafR**Heart*

Hello on a Friday. I got my Vitamin B 12 Shot today. It rained *Rain* today. We drove in the rain *Rain* We went to the Candy Factory. That place keeps adding on. I nicknamed it Willie Wonka. I never get to see Johnny Depp there as Willie. Ha. Ha. LOL. I wish. They had their Christmas Trees up. All decorated in pink and peppermint garland and light pink ornaments. A neat nativity scene that is huge. They are ready for Christmas. They used to have a polar bears and penguins display. I bought chocolate covered pretzels, Buckeyes Chocolate and Peanut Butter Nuggets, Chocolate Covered Peanuts, Chocolate Covered Animals Crackers and Almonds.

We went to Mejer. I got some Frozen Foods. Ray went to Walmart and bought groceries. He bought the movie Maverick. This is after Top Gun. It could be interesting. I have been wanting to see it.

It is going to rain *Rain* later.

We have Christmas Music on our Sirrus Radio now. I am happy to get Christmas music.

I feel somewhat better but not great. I didn't sleep good last night but I hope to tonight. I was up early. I watched Bachelor Father and Home Improvement. I watched Young Sheldon and Ghosts last night.

Home Owners Meeting. I hate going to insurance meeting and meetings at Edwards Jones. I let Ray deal with all those. I wouldn't make a good business woman. I hated meeting about Nursing, Mental Illness things at my job. I loved Medication Meetings years ago and learning about Meds and I still do research in my own about Med side effects. I had so many Med Courses to do online and it gets old. I did it enough to keep up my license. The magic of passing out Meds was gone. I thought I wanted to be a Pharmacist at one time.

I do hope your Yard Guy gets things done. We still need to change the kitchen faucet.

Sorry a politician asked you about Boo and you wonder if she cared. Boo was special and important. Just wanting a vote. She needs to care about the dog as well as people voting.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is feeling well. I am always thinking of you. Have a good weekend. Glad you are here. Later. Praying life gets better for all of us.

Hi on Saturday. It is November 5.

I hope you feel better today and that it is a relaxing weekend.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice hug! *Cat**Hearto**Heartv*

Some days are more challenging than others. Yesterday was better than Thursday. We will see what today brings.

I went and got groceries yesterday, and gas and to the bank. Made a roasted chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans. Trying to get Mr. HOOves to gain weight. He is so thin now and doesn't show much interest in food so I try to make things he will like. He seemed to enjoy the chicken dinner. I try to get him to drink the protein shakes, but he's not wanting to. Sigh.

Watched Blue Bloods, NCIS and the Great British Baking show.

Did some housework and laundry yesterday. Same this morning. It is overcast and keeps raining on and off here. The yard guy never showed up yesterday that I saw. He did about half the yard on Thursday. He's a mystery sometimes. He'll show up when the mood hits him I guess.

Take care and I hope this is a nice weekend for you!

*Cow* *Heartgr**Hearto**Heartv**Turkey**Leafr*

Fairy Tale Princess Group  (E)
A group for those who love fairy tale Princesses.
#2061094 by Princess Megan Rose
There is a Princess and Dragon Trinket on this page. I wonder if it would make a good Merit Badge and what purpose I could use it for.

It is windy here and rained *Rain* earlier this morning. It rained when we were out yesterday. I had no plans to go anywhere.

I am feeling so so. I was better last night. I hope to get answers next week.

I do hope Mr. Hooves will eat and feel better. Sounds like he doesn't let it get him down. That is a good thing. Seems like he has handled everything well. I don't always handle things well. Ray says I stress myself out and he is right. I didn't need any Xanax last night.

Blog City is on Hiatus. Seems like no one wants to Blog. I don't Blog like I used to. I cut down to 2 Groups to Blog for. Now, just 1. I guess we don't have anything to say.

I watched Monster Quest. Big Foot and giant squids. We are going to watch Maverick. Top Gun 2. I hope it is as good as the first one. Some man from a town by us did the actual flying of the planes.

Bella *Cat* ate and laid down with me last night. She had cheese and eggs this morning.

Mom and I may go shopping next week. It sounds like a good idea.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always glad you do these Campfires with me. Later.
Hi on Sunday. November 6. We set our clocks back. It's confusing.

Thank you for the Trinket! I love it - it would make a lovely badge, too!

I hope that today is a good day for you and things go your way!

Give Miss Bella Kitty *Cat2* *Hearto* *Heartgr* our best!

Watched NCIS, Blue Bloods and the British Baking show yesterday. Mr. HOOves did not feel well for part of the day. Then he felt better. I wish he would improve now. Maybe it will get better soon. I hope so.

The yard guy was around, but he didn't do anything in our yard. He's kind of haphazard in his organization of work. He will do a little here, do a little there and then start another without finishing the first two. That's just his way I guess. This go-round he left a wheel barrow across the street. We have no idea whose it is.

I know people who are really upset about the election both ways. Nothing ever changes much no matter who gets in so I don't really understand being afraid of doom based on a midterm election. I don't think it will cause everything to end like some people do who watch too much cable news.

The whole blog thing. Maybe it is because people are too agitated right now or something. I guess Twitter is all upset. I don't go there.

It's nicer here. I love doing our campfires! Thank you for being such a gracious hostess!

Have a lovely Sunday!

*Cow* *Heartv**Heartgr**Hearto**Heartbl* *Turkey* *Hearto*

I didn't go to Church. I didn't feel up to it. I won't be going next Sunday. I will read my Devotions and Bible. My sinuses are flaring up. Everything else going on.

We had no electric for 4 hours yesterday. It was so windy. That wind was awful. I thought we would end up in Oz. I always say that we will be in Oz when the wind blows.

Sorry the yard guy is haphazard. We had had men work on our house and you ask where do they find these characters? Wonderland? One time I told my mother and mother-in-law that the plumbers working on our house were out to lunch. The one plumber was under the house and came out and he just said Hi. I guess I shouldn't have said that.

I watched Milk Money today and it is a cute movie. I hadn't seen it in years. We finally got to watch Maverick Top Gun 2 and it was good. A lot of action. Maverick never followed the rules but he got the job done and he was right. I loved Top Gun and I love this movie, too. Some sad moments.

I don't have a Twitter Account. I never did. I canceled my Face Book Account years ago. No one wants to Blog anymore. We used to have 10 people Blog everyday including me. I am glad we are taking a break. Weekends are quiet here.

Bella *Cat* has been up wondering around. It isn't time for supper. We were rearranging dish towels, place mats and table cloths and she looked in the cupboard, trying to help. It was cute.

We have to take the truck back in for some minor work. Like really? I hope I won't be going all week everyday doing something.

I hope Mr. Hooves feels well. Have a good week. Let's pray the Election goes well. We can get rid of all those stupid political commercials. Promises. Promises. Promises. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is November 7 already.

I hope today you feel better and the power stays on. I hate it when the power goes out. Hope the high winds have gone away.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto*

The yard guy still has not shown up. Sooner or later he will. We never really know when. Mr. HOOves left him a message. He doesn't return messages so we will wait and see. He works a full time job that he goes to from around 7 am until 3 pm. Then he does yards. He has a bunch of trucks and several cars. We never know what he will be driving.

Our neighbors are throwing out a bunch of furniture but have not called the bulk trash pickup yet, apparently. It is starting to look like a furniture store across the street as someone keeps adding to the collection. There is a wheel barrow to the side. I think the yard guy left it. I am not sure if it is part of the furniture gathering or not. He may not have left it because I didn't see him do it.

Apparently, he has no interest in the furniture.

Always something mysterious going on.

Watched NCIS and British Baking and a little of the Crown, Season 4, Episode 10 to see where we left off. Netflix is releasing all of Season 5 on Wednesday. Should be about 10 episodes about the Royal Family in the 1990s.

I watched a YouTube thing on the Kennedy Assassination. I noticed that they took the same tone in trying to convince people of a theory - same tone that the news media takes now when they try and push things on people. The same media that totally lied about what went on in cities like mine and covered for and protected the rioters.

Apparently on CNN, they say there is no inflation according to my brother and it's just a "supply" problem. Oh, yeah. Well why do I pay twice as much now for groceries as I did a year ago? CNN and MSNBC and Fox will end up with no credibility.

If I want to here straight news, I go to australian stuff on Youtube or the BBC.

I'm surprised that they don't totally blame the "economy" on Trump. They just want to deny it exists. I will be glad when this election is over because no one (with a tiny few exceptions) ever does anything when they get elected anyway. I want one thing to happen, but I doubt if it will. I voted so I'm done. Both Biden and Trump are too old, in my opinion.

We need someone young and "with it" if there is such a thing as that sort of politician.

I steer clear of facebook and twitter and always have. Scary.

Not much else going on.

Hope the winds are calm today! Hope they fix your truck right and quick!

*Cow* *Forkspoon**Cake2**Heartv*

We took the truck in and hopefully, it is fixed now. Now, to get the rest of our lives better. Hopefully, I will have answers to my Medical situation. I am tired of the Doctor messing around.

I get a call on my cell phone that says Political. I didn't answer that one. THEY HAVE A LOT OF NERVE! I can't believe there are 12 signs advertising candidates as I left Hooterville by the highway. I won't be voting. A red moon happens tomorrow morning and that is scary. It this all connected? Ouch. We will see.

Your neighbors are throwing out old furniture. Maybe someone could use it. If it it is old and ruined, maybe not. A wheel barrow, too. I drive by and see things people throw out and think why. Some of the stuff still does look usable.

They have blamed Trump for so many things. I blame Biden for a lot of things. He shakes hands with invisible people. Is he seeing the invisible man? I read he has dementia or Alzheimer' s. How scary is that? He can't even put 2 words together.

Inflation. What do they call it? They increase the price of everything. To buy an electronic car, a new battery will be half as much as the car. Walmart isn't cheap anymore. I hate what is happening with prices. Our Meds are down for now until after the first of the year. Our phone company just changed owners.

No winds today. Just breezy. No rain *Rain*

Bella *Cat* has been up three times. I think she went to bed. I was up early. I will sleep in tomorrow.

Hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. I hope you are feeling good. Have a good day and week. Praying things get better.
Hi on Tuesday. November 8.

I hope it is a good day an you feel well!

Give our best to Miss Bella Kitty with a nice pet! *Cat2**Hearto*

It is election day. I don't care about it much. We have to go and get Mr. HOOves a tetanus shot. We are doing it at the doctor's office in a little while this morning. When he falls, he always gets scrapes and cuts and he gets things very easy with his skin, him being a blond and very fair. No one knows when his last tetanus/TDAP shot was. So, he gets that today and a flu shot in 2 weeks at his primary care doctor. Next week he has immunotherapy infusion and a CT scan.

This is the only thing set for this week so far (I hope it's the only thing.)

We take it one day at a time.

Watched NCIS yesterday. Also the British Baking show and some things on YouTube also.

The furniture pile has grown. Now, there is what looks like a coffee table. It's kind of interesting to observe what people throw out.

I have heard of people getting some treasures, but I don't think that will be the case with this pile of furniture.

Our yard guy came, but he did not take the wheel barrow or any of the furniture.

I got to pay him for Thursday last week and for the little bit he did yesterday. He says that the new time is hard to get things done for him. He was out there in the dark last night finishing up, but was only around for about an hour total.

We went to the Italian place we like for dinner. No dinner group this week. One of the people is having cataract surgery. She had the first eye done last week and is having the second done this week. I am glad it went so well for her. She had a lot of things happen last spring with her knee surgery.

Not much else to mention.

Thank you again for everything! Hope your day treats you right!

*Cow* *Hearto**Heartv**Heartgr* *Cat* *Mouse*
Voting Day. I didn't vote. I am am an American and love my country but I don't have a good voting attitude. I just hope some good people get voted in. I pray for us all and Biden. I roll my eyes and sigh. I think can anybody help us? Anyway, moving on.

My appointment is confirmed for tomorrow. I pray that goes well. I am going to tell my Doctor he needs to get back to his patients sooner. It is rough having issues. I know you know what I mean about that.

I am doing laundry. I vacuumed. It has been a quiet day. I watched Petticoat Junction, Family Affair and Home Improvement. I watched my soaps. Those characters have no scruples.

That furniture thing. Too bad some homeless people can't collect it and have furniture for their needs. You could write a story about this. People living on the furniture instead of cardboard boxes. I am trying to picture it. I have seen mattresses being thrown out in ditches and chairs and lamps. Let's go live by a ditch. Some people might.

Sorry you won't be having dinner group this week. We are having roast in a crock pot. Last night we had chicken nuggets and fries. I like turkey when I can have turkey sandwiches.

Bella *Cat* was bad. She jumped on the kitchen counter. I don't know why. She gets in trouble and she runs and hides. She knows when she is being bad.

Have a good day. I hope to finish watching Downton Abbey. Anna's rapist got hit by a car. Anna will get arrested. Rose's black boyfriend decided not to marry her. It was wrong for the 1920's in England. Here is to better days. Later.
Today is Wednesday. November 9.

I hope that your appointment goes good and you get some answers from your doctor. Fingers and HOOves crossed and I hope it happens.

Give Miss Bella Kitty our best! *Heartv* *Cat* *Hearto*

On we go through November. Yesterday was rough. Really hard. But today is another day. I hope to maybe get my turkey today, but we will see if Food Lion has them yet. It is supposed to be today that they will put them out.

The 5th season of The Crown is out today on Netflix. That is something to look forward to. Otherwise, we watched the British Baking Show and NCIS and a little bit of the election coverage.

Yes, now the election is finally behind us for now. My aunt, who lived in Iowa, said it almost never stopped there with the nasty politics. At least for now things will move on a little. Nothing ever really changes. Just different people collecting big salaries for doing nothing. I don't know if Pelosi will still be speaker, but if she is, at her age that's a disgrace. But not a change.

The media tells so many lies leading up to the election that some of them are bound to come true. Everything is about manipulating instead of informing the voters. It's part of the reason we dumped cable in 2015. Never have missed it.

I don't see much reason to vote anymore, but I went along with it. I'm not all caught up with who won, though, because nothing ever gets done with that McConnel guy running the Senate and Pelosi running the house. I was surprised about Pennsylvania with that guy who won the Senate, but they always are up to things there with their "added in" voting system. Enough said.

We move on. Will watch The Crown later on today, at least some of it. There are 10 episodes.

Take care and I hope things go good at the doctors for you!

Hello on a Wednesday. I saw my Urologist. He says my urine has no infection. He wants me to do another urine sample which the nurse ordered and I will do it tomorrow. I had this years ago and it was stress. I hope this passes. The other urine test was done 2 weeks ago and if he would get back to me sooner. I pray it will work out and if this urine test is alright then I will see how things go. I hope I don't need to see another urologist. I am glad the urine test was okay but I need to do another one. Like really?

The election. I just give up. If everyone quit voting, maybe politicians would try harder to care and do right by the people. Pelosi. She is a hateful old cow. I wouldn't care if she read this. We need to hire or elect people between 40 and 60. No one older then 60. No one asked me. It can be so disappointing. I don't know who all got in around here. I don't want an office position. I never did.

I heard The Crown released another DVD. I saw the woman on TV who plays Princess Diana. I guess this just goes on. Meghan and Harry. I haven't read anything lately about them.

Bella *Cat* got 2 new silver bowls for her food but I don't think she likes them. We may have to go back to paper plates. I will give it a couple of days. She is so fussy.

I want to go shopping next week. I need to get out and maybe I will relax more. With winter coming on, I stay home a lot. I will get things done before Christmas and hopefully be able to move on to my surgery NOT that I want to but if everything checks out, I can go get my knee replacement surgery. I want to look forward to Christmas. I enjoy listening to Christmas music early on the radio.

Have a good day. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Thanks for all you do.
Hi on Thursday. It is November 10.

I hope it is a good day for you and the doctor gets back to you in a more professional and rapid way with more good results. I go to a woman. She seems more sympathetic about urology things than any of the men.

Give Miss Bella our love! *Cat2**Hearto*

Yesterday was busy. I got a small turkey for us at Food Lion. To get the 12 pound turkey at 29 cents a pound, I had to spend 35$. I had no trouble spending almost twice that. But on the turkey, I saved about $23.

Also, I went to Barnes and Noble. They were totally torn up reorganizing. It was a mess! They have reorganized 4 times since 2020. I don't know why.

We watched NCIS, British Baking and one episode of Season 5 of The Crown.

I thought the Crown was really bad. It has gone downhill. Every two seasons, they change the cast. The guy playing Charles is the guy who played the movie star in the new Downton movie. He was awful. They should have stuck with the guy from seasons 3 and 4. He was convincing as Charles.

Same with Diana. The original actress was much more like Diana than this one. This one is about 6 ft tall or more and just doesn't do it for us as Diana.

The plot was made up because people who are still alive (like the then Prime Minister, John Major) have denied stuff all over the place. If the Queen was still alive, I sort of think this would have upset her and hurt her feelings.

Imelda Stanton (who played Maude Bagshaw in the two Downton movies) played the Queen. She was good, but not as good as the ones who played the Queen in seasons 1-2 and 2-4.

I found the whole show in poor taste so close to the Queen's passing. The people at Netflix obviously were waiting for their big chance to trash Charles, Phillip and the Queen. Maybe they were a little afraid of the Queen while she was alive. Now they think it's their big opportunity.

I don't like Charles, but I do think that people should give him a chance to be a good King or else just leave him be for a while.

I don't think Netflix has done themselves any favors by this show and by ganging up with Harry and Meghan to try and bring down Charles. I didn't find it nice to Diana, either. We will watch episode 2 tonight, but may not watch all the episodes. Episode 1 was boring and offensive at the same time. It wasn't nearly as good as the first four seasons.

No specific plans for today as yet. Just recuperating for the next round of medical stuff hopefully.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday!

*Cow* *Cart**Books1**Hearto**Heartv*

I went and got my UA done. They took me right away. I get so nerved up doing these. Hopefully, it will be alright and I will feel better. I felt better last night.

Ray went to Walmart before I got out of bed. We have groceries again. We needed a few things. We weren't out of things.

I went to CVS to get my stomach Meds and bought some M&M's, plastic bowls and Danielle Steel's Book Angels, about women pilots. I haven't read any new Danielle Steel Books in awhile. I had gift coupons and a gift card so I used them. CVS is a nice place for odds and ends. All it cost me today was the gas.

The Crown. I almost bought a CD of The Crown Season 3 at Barnes and Nobles but I changed my mind. I hate when my soaps get a new person to play a character. It takes awhile to like that person and one actor I never liked who played Billy on The Young and the Restless. I still want Ron Moss back as Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful but it isn't gonna happen. He was in the band that Player that sang Baby Come Back. The Crown. They probably love doing the bad things about The Royals. Queen Elizabeth. They shouldn't display her as being bad. I loved the old gal. After Princess Diana died, I thought she didn't care but I guess she did. Okay. She did. I think it would be nice to be a Royal but they have money, power, the crown but they have problems as well. The one guy wasn't a good actor that was in the Downton movie. I finished up Season 4 of Downton Abbey last night. Guess I will move on to Season 5.

Charles. I don't like him but I pray he can be a good King. I don't like our President. You almost think Biden is nice but he worries me. I don't trust him. I pray everyday.

I watched The CMA Awards. I don't know the new stars. Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Reba McEntire did a tribute of songs of Loretta Lynn. They are beautiful ladies and I love their singing but on;y Loretta Lynn can sing her own songs. I read that Reba died. I was so upset but I read several items saying it was a hoax. She was live on the CMA Awards last night. Reba is alive. Her real life boyfriend is Rex Linn who plays on Big Sky with her as her husband. I love that show. He played Frank on CSI: Miami.

Sorry, your Barnes and Nobles is redecorating. Our Barnes and Nobles moved the DVD'S and CDS back up front again. I am glad.

I hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. Thanks for all you do. Here's to better days. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is November 11. Veterans Day. Giving heartfelt thanks for all the Veterans and their service.

I hope today is a good day for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartgr**Hearto*

Today we get heavy rains and tornado watches from Hurricane Nicole. It is on and off heavy rain so far. Hope we don't float away or get blown away. Tons of leaves are down and will be wet. Our yard guy did the front, not the back so much. Maybe he will come tomorrow if things dry out.

The bulk trash picked up all the furniture, lawn equipment, boxes and wheel barrow that had accumulated across the street. The truck actually crushes it as it picks stuff up. Mr. HOOves watched. So no more pile across the street. Yay. But it was interesting to watch. However, if they hadn't picked it all up, it would be a soggy mess today in this heavy rains.

We watched Survivor and Amazing race. Also, the 2nd episode of The Crown. It was better than the first. It was about Diana working with the author, Andrew Morton, to write her story. When I was at Barnes and Nobles, I got Andrew Morton's new book about The Queen's life. It just came out. He is a good writer and Diana liked him and felt like he was fair to her.

This season of the Crown is going after Charles and Prince Phillip so far. So far I am not liking Season 5.

Season 4 was good, for the most part. The first two seasons with the Queen being portrayed by a beautiful young woman (Claire Foy) was the best so far, though. Season 4 had a very talented girl portraying Diana. So far, I'm not impressed with the new Diana in Season 5 or Phillip or The Queen, either.

We also watched the British Baking Show.

Went out to the Italian place we like. Our group didn't go this week, but we did by ourselves. It was nice. The owner made a special Chicken Tuscany soup that Mr. HOOves loved. We got a sub to go and I ate a piece of Pumpkin Cheesecake there. It was a nice outing and it hadn't started to rain yet.

We hope the weather doesn't get too violent.

Take care and enjoy your Friday!

*Cow* *Sundae* *Cheese* *Spoon* *Heartg**Heart*

Veterans Day. Didn't do anything. It is 50 Degrees and going to be 30 some degrees. I vacuumed and still have things to do around here in cleaning house.

The Crown. Someone sure is making money. The Royals in a real life soap. The Royals get to be in the spot light this way. The Royals are in the tabloids more then our President but I am more interested in them then our US leaders. Some states and towns still don't have their election results in. What takes so long?

I won Second Place in The Bards Hall Contest. My Regency stories seem to win. I got another Poe Merit Badge. He looks like Darcy somewhat. Stephen King is our modern day Edgar Allan Poe. I do appreciate the Celtic Spirit Medal for this Campfire you gave me. It means a lot.

They are having a hurricane in Florida and Georgia. I do hope you are safe from it. I worry about these things.

I have been watching Survivor. I still watch Young Sheldon and Ghosts. We watch Fire Country. I think I will be watching movies this weekend.

I called about my foot braces. It has been 2 months. Medicare doesn't want to pay for both. I may just buy my own over the counter. I found some yesterday at CVS. I almost bought one. I get so tired of Doctors. It has been appealed an the Foot Doctor hasn't added his notes, yet. I really don't like the guy who did my brace molds. He is a young kid and seems like he doesn't care about Senior citizens. I just hope I get better over my other health concerns.

Hopefully, Mom and I are going shopping Monday. Early Christmas shopping. Maybe I will find a 4 Quart Crock Pot at Kohls or Penneys. I hope to make it a fun day.

Bella *Cat* has been up. She was up early this morning. My four legged, furry alarm clock.

I do hope you are safe and things go well with the storm your way. We are expecting rain *Rain* and snow *Snow2* Have a good weekend. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is November 12. We move on through November.

I hope you feel well today and things go good.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv* *Clock*

We had wind and rain yesterday, but thankfully no power outages or catastrophes. We just stayed home. We had delicious soup and the Italian sub to split up between us for lunch and dinner. It was nice for a change. A nice day, but bad weather.

Watched NCIS during the day and British Baking at night. We also watched two episodes of the Crown Season 5. It seemed like 2 seasons, it was that boring. One part was about Mohammed al Fayed. The whole episode. Dodi al Fayed's father. And they use the guy who played the guy who abdicated the Crown in the 30s in this for flashbacks, using the same guy they had in Seasons 1 and 2. So, sometimes they use the same people and sometimes not. Mohammed al Fayed hired a valet who used to be valet to the guy who abdicated. They spent a long time on that one.

The actress playing Diana is 6ft 3. The real Diana was 5 ft 10. The first actress who played Diana was 5 ft 8. It seems weird that she grew so tall with this different actress. It's okay when she is sitting down, but standing she is taller than almost everyone. It just seems odd.

This morning, I did some cleaning early. So, that is behind me. This will be a busy week ahead medically. Scan for Mr. HOOves Monday, then treatment on Tuesday. Then, I go for my wellness visit on Friday. It's supposed to be a lot colder, too. We take it day by day.

I hope that today is good fo you.

*Cow* *Egg* *Hearty* *Hearto*

We are having a misty morning. Looks like the snow *Snow5* may skip us but we are still expecting rain *Rain* A lot of birds flew past the window. I don't know where they are hurrying off to.

A 6 ft. 3 Princess Diana. Who cast these people? On my one soap, the woman had black hair and they recast her with a blue eyed red head that was tall. Like really? I hate when you watch a show and the acting is bad. I am glad they didn't recast Matthew om Downton Abbey. Better to do the show with no Matthew.

I watched Shoelaces For Christmas. A little girl and her mother stayed at a shelter and the little girl didn't talk. A high and mighty, spoiled teenage girl Jenny and her friend were mean to a girl who wasn't pretty like them. Jenny's mother had cancer and she got mad at her father at the hospital and left and walked to the bad side of the town. She went to the shelter to use their phone. Her cell phone had died. The girl's father made her do volunteer work at a shelter. Jenny got to meet the guy she wanted to go out with to find out he was the brother of the girl she and her friend had made fun of. Jenny and her friend became friends with the girl they had made fun of. Jenny's mother got better. She had made friends with the mother and little girl at the shelter. The little girl had no shoe laces for her shoes. The little girl got shoe laces and Jenny took her to a pine tree that was decorated with a heart necklace and ornaments in the woods. They put shoe laces on the tree and the little girl got more shoe laces for Christmas. Jenny became nice and got the guy she liked for a boyfriend. It was beautiful holiday movie with some romance and a lesson about being nice to others and caring. I enjoy watching these kind of movies.

I am doing laundry today and dishes. Catch up day.

Bella *Cat* had lunch and whipped cream from my donut. She is taking a nap. I got up late because I stayed up late to watch Baywatch.

I do hope you have a good medical week. I still have medical things to do but I will get there. I hope Mr. Hooves feels well. Let's hope and pray for better days. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is November 13.

I hope it is a good, relaxing and sunny day for you!

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto**Heartgr**Heartv*

I got quite a bit done yesterday that I wanted to do for a change. Same with this morning already. Housework. Laundry. Running errands. I went to the close grocery store. Nothing eventful. I went after 12 so it was crowded. I like it better the earlier I can go before there is a herd of people.

Tomorrow we go really early for a CT Scan at the hospital. It is supposed to be very cold in the morning. Mr. HOOves must drink nasty stuff 2 hours before, than 1 hour before the test. And eat nothing. I hope he feels like going out for breakfast afterwards.

I heard from my mother's next door neighbor last night. It was so nice to hear from her and chat for a while. She has gone through some health challenges, too. I've mentioned her before, she's from England.

Watched NCIS and British Baking and Basset Hounds howling on You.Tube. We watched Season 5, episode 5 of the crown. Five more to go. It is pretty bad. Mr. HOOves fell asleep and I was pretty bored. The acting is not the greatest, it's like a caricature of Charles now. The lady playing Diana is a good actress, but way too tall. It's like the giant version of Diana. She towers over everyone and tries to slouch.

There is some interesting documentary stuff on the Kennedy Assassination on You.Tube. The sixth floor museum in Dallas is doing an oral history with people who were there. That museum is one of the most interesting places I've ever been too. We went in 1995 when we were visiting my in-laws in Dallas.

Well, there is not much else going on. I am trying not to be a nag with Mr. HOOves and fuss over him too much. That was suggested to me so I'm trying my best.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday. I hope to go to Fresh Market later on today when it warms up.


I didn't go to Church. I called my minister and told her everything that was going on in my life. She said a prayer for all my medical needs and this means a lot. Going to a small church in the country you get close to your minister. I needed some uplifting and am trying to be in a good frame of mind about getting better.

We didn't get any *Snow1* We didn't get any more rain *Rain* It is in the 30's so we did get the cold. It will be cold all week it seems or so the weather report says.

I folded up laundry. I watched Mamma's Family, The Flintstones and The Jetsons. I plan on going to Church next Sunday.

Tomorrow, Mom and I are going shopping. I have a few stores I want to go to. It is a much needed day out for relaxation. I need to get out and tomorrow is that day. No snow or rain expected.

I didn't know there is a Kennedy Museum. I guess that stands to reason. That assassination will always be a mystery. A Cold case that will never be completely solved., Robert Kennedy, JR is doing commercials for The Camp Lejeune thing. Glad my father, mother and I weren't there. Dad was Air Force and that was Marines.

I do hope Mr. Hooves gets good news about his scan and things will be alright. I hope to fit in my last Covid Vaccine this week sometime. A Flu Shot. I am not sure about that one.

I watched Maverick Top Gun 2 again. I love this movie.

Give Mr. Hooves my best. Glad your neighbor is there for you. She sounds real nice. Have a good day and week. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Monday. November 14. It is cold like winter here today.

I hope you feel good and things go your way!

Give our best to Miss Bella Kitty!! *Cat**Heartgr**Heartbl**Hearto*

We had an early day of it going to the hospital. After, we went and ate some breakfast. Then we came home. We saw Pluto being walked by his human when we left at 7 something AM. Everything went smooth, best as I could tell, but he had to wait a long time.

There was a man in the waiting area where I was. He was in a wheel chair and older, I would say maybe 80s. The hospital scheduling called him in the night and said he needed to be at the hospital at 7:15 this morning for a CT Test. This scared him to death. He lives in a care Center so they bring him to and from. They brought him and he waited and waited. Turns out it was a "mistake" in scheduling. His doctor's office entered the wrong thing on his portal where he has his medical stuff. That was passed on to the hospital scheduler, who didn't bother to check if it was right. So, this man gets scared to death, transported to the hospital for what he thinks is an emergency test and it turns out that the test is a routine one that should have been scheduled for next March. He was much nicer about it then I would have been. They had to call for his care center to send the van to come and get him as he was by himself. So he gets up early, gets scared to death, comes out in the cold for some doctors office incompetence and hospital scheduler's mistake.

This is why I would never use those Internet "wellness" portals. I have seen too many mess ups with scheduling and people not paying attention to what they are doing.

Yesterday, we watched NCIS, The Crown (Episode 6 was pretty bad, too), British Baking Show and a little of Basset Hounds howling and Downton.

I got some things done, like disconnecting the hoses before the freeze, laundry and sweeping the deck and walkway out back.

I hope today is good to you. We go early tomorrow again, but not as early as today. I think I just drop him off for tomorrow. I hope the weather isn't too miserable.

Take care and enjoy your Monday!

*Cow* *Heartt**Hearto* *Eggb* *Bowb* *Heartv*
Mom and I were out shopping all day. We went to Kohls and Penneys. I was trying to find a 3 Quart Crock Pot. They had a 1.5. We want one bigger then that. We have the 6 Quart Crock Pot. We may order one someday of Amazon. I bought some new shoes at Kohls. They are beige and winter type. I bought a stuffed Reheptor Dinosaur from the Dinosaur movies. Blue. Bella *Cat* likes him. She got to sniff him. I bought a reindeer dish towel. Mom bought a baby blanket and outfit for the neighbor's grand baby. We went to Home Goods and I bought hot chocolate, a bowl made in England with Santa and his reindeer and Christmas dish cloths. I went to Penneys and bought jewelry for Christmas for friends. I wanted pearls but the bar code wouldn't show data in the computer. I don't know why they couldn't copy the number off it in the computer. I bought a blue cross stone necklace and sapphire dog paw ring. They are so pretty. I did get mauve lipstick at Sephora.

I finally got the book Beautiful By Danielle Steel. Barnes and Nobles moved their Danielle Steel books. I have been wanting this book for months. A woman who is a fashion model gets her face injured in an airplane accident. I read Flight Angels yesterday and gave it to Mom to read.

We ate at Panera. I had grilled cheese and a cinnamon roll.

Sorry about the old man who thought he was getting a cat scan. The Lab Tech told me I had a blood clot in my lung before the Doctor made it official. I hate that. I do hope Mr. Hooves gets good news and the medical things will be alright. It is so nerve racking getting medical things done. I would be happy if I never needed another test.

It is going to snow *Snow4* tomorrow and rain *Rain* I may not be able to go to Game Night. I won't drive in snow. I had enough of that when I was working.

Have a good day and week. I am always thinking of you.
Hi on Tuesday. November 15.

I hope it is a good day for you. Yesterday sounded like it was a lot of fun. Days like that are awesome!

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty today and always! *Heartv* *Cat* *Hearto*

I take Mr. HOOves for his treatment in a little while. We don't know the results yet of the scan they did yesterday. Maybe he will find out when he sees the doctor this morning.

We have a house issue. There is no hot water. So, I have to call the plumber and figure out when he can come so that I'll be here, either today or tomorrow hopefully. Always something. Life throws us challenges sometimes. We have a very nice plumber if he is available. I hope that he is.

Too cold for cold showers.

Watched our NCIS and bad episodes of The Crown and the Baking Show.

I am pretty stressed about the hot water heater. But will do my best.

Take care and enjoy your Tuesday! We cherish the good days! *Heartv**Hearto*

It was supposed to rain *Rain* and *Snow5* today. So far nothing. I told Mom we are going to Game Night but if it starts to snow *Snow4* and get bad, we are coming home. The town a half hour away, where my Bone and Joint Specialist is, is getting snow *Snow2* I am only driving 10 minutes. We will see how things go.

I am having knee pain and ankle pain today. Too much shopping and too long. I was gone 8 hours yesterday. I need a day or 2 to rest. My bladder is better. No word from my Urologist.

Sorry to hear you don't have any hot water. Been there. Right now, our toilet is being weird in the spare bathroom. Ray knows a toilet man who can help us fix it. We had to use fans on the floor over the weekend. It leaked. We are okay for now. Hope your hot water gets fixed. I hate when that happens. Our house always needs a repair.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. I hate waiting for Doctors to call you back. They do take their time. I am thinking of going to Ray's Urologist. I am done with mine.

Bella *Cat* was underneath the rug in the utility room. I looked to see if she had lost a toy and she growled at me and hissed. I reminded her that I was busy out there and she was in my space.

WE do cherish the good days. I dusted. I am doing laundry. We are making vegetable soup.

I watched a Hallmark Romance Movie Hats Off. A man owned a Hat Store and a woman Mia worked for him and the man called his son Nick in who was a CEO of a company in New York. Mia had a crippled son and Nick got along with him but the banker was trying to get Nick to downsize and cut corners and Mia was upset. It had a happy ending and I get emotional. The Hats Off Company ended up caring about it's employees. I always had Butt Heads for bosses. Like on Christmas Vacation when the men were in suits strutting down the hallway being jerks. My former bosses. Enough Boss Bashing.

I hope things went well for you today. I am always thinking of you. Have a good week. Praying for better things. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. It is November 16.

I hope you feel better today and it isn't too cold there. Sometimes, that makes for more joint pain.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! Sounds like she was frisky yesterday with her antics!

We take it one day at a time. Our hot water is working so far today. Mr. HOOves had his treatment and was home by 1:30.

We got hold of our plumber's son. He has taken over the business. Then the plumber and the son came over. Our plumber, Patrick, has the same cancer doctor as Mr. HOOves so they swapped cancer stories. Patrick had surgery, but no subsequent treatment so far as they think they got it all. He looked good. Mr. HOOves knows Mr. Patrick's Dad, also so it was good for him to chit chat, although he was tired from his treatment.

Watched NCIS, The Crown Episode 9 (Bleh) and British Baking Holiday Edition.

It was a miserable rainy day yesterday. Supposed to dry out today. I have errands to run this morning. Good not to have medical nonsense. I got for Wellness Exam on Friday. Nice to have a 2 day break from it (hopefully).

Take care and enjoy your Wednesday!

*Cow* *Hearto* *Candycorn* *Pumpkin* *Heartgr*

We are expecting snow *Snow1* We didn't get snow *Snow2* last night but Michigan did and towns 40 minutes away from us. We may get 3 inches of *Snow3* Guess it will do what it wants. Mom and I went to Game Night. It was raining *Rain* all the way there. The one dog didn't want to go out. My friend's husband made her later. She backed away like she was scared. Guess she didn't like the rain *Rain* We had a good time at Game Night.

I am feeling better. I think cold weather makes arthritis worse. It is 30 some degrees. I hate this weather.

Glad the plumber's son came over. That is good. You got someone to fix it. We have a man coming to fix our toilet Monday. He has a starter he wants done so we can exchange one service for another.

Bella *Cat* is always frisky. She wants to eat all the time. She plays. She gets in the dryer when I open it to take out clothes. She likes to lay in the towels.

Things are quiet on here. Guess it is because of the NaNaNo thing.

I washed my jeans today. I started reading my Animals Devotions Book. I read Beautiful By Danielle Steel. It was a good book. A fashion model got in a bomb explosion at the airplane terminal and messed up her face. She had several operations and got a job in Africa. She quit modeling. Guess I may start reading her books again.

It started snowing *Snow1* First winter snow.

Hope Mr. Hooves feels good. Have a good week. Hope things are going well. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Thursday. November 17.

I hope it is a good day for you and not too cold. Winter is setting in.

Give Miss Bella Kitty our best! *Cat2**Hearto**Heartv*

Moving through another day. No doctor plans that I know of. Yay. We go out with our friends tonight if all goes well. Tomorrow I go for Wellness visit. Bleh.

Boo never liked the rain. We had to hold a big golf umbrella over her to get her to go out with us in the rain. She wouldn't go out unless we went first and held the umbrella so she wouldn't get wet. Liked the snow, though. She did enjoy snow, but not rain.

Watched NCIS, then thankfully the last episode of Season 5 of The Crown. It never got any better, but ended before Diana's car crash. It was horrible with a couple of exceptions, but mostly just made up and awful. This season and cast does not fit with the previous ones at all. We also watched British Baking Holiday Edition and some of Season 6 of Downton Abbey.

Ran a few errands to Lowe's and to the Post Office and a larger (better stocked) grocery store and got gas. I also ran out to the close one to get some stuff from the Asian part of the salad bar.

Our dining room light burned out. We stupidly got a light with a built in LED that was supposed to last a long time. Now, we have to get an electrician to put in a new fixture. That one we got was the big seller a few years ago at Lowe's. They don't care really and won't do anything. It is the last time I get talked into anything that supposedly lasts a long time. They never back it up, it seems when it comes to it.

Plus, the guy said installing the light in an older home (ours was built in 1989) some of them short out. I think that is what happened with ours.

Oh well. Live and learn. The cheaper light fixtures with easy-to-replace bulbs are probably the best way to go for us. Just us keeping it simple and basic I guess.

Take care and I hope that today proves to be a good day for you!

*Cow* *Leafr**Shovel**Heartv**Heartgr**Hearto*
Thursday. A week before Thanksgiving. I do look forward to Thanksgiving. I will thaw the bird out in the refrigerator Sunday. It takes 4 days. I have a busy week next week, I want to get a blood test and call the Bone and Joint Specialist. I dread all I have to do to get ready for knee replacement. I just hope everything checks out with me.

I called my Urologist. I want to know what the results are of my last UA. They say they only call if there is a problem. I was feeling well. My ankle pain is better. The knee is about the same. I am going to change Urologists.

We got nominated for Quills for 2 of our Campfires. I accepted the nominations. I always say I am not going to but I did today. Thanks for doing the Campfires with me. Someone likes us.

We got 4 inches of snow. Ray plowed snow *Snow2* Bella *Cat* watched him. She probably thinks what is this and why do we need it? I agree. We may get another inch. Michigan got 8 inches.

I downloaded Dark Shadows music on my phone and am listening to it for YouTube.

Our lights are always burning out. I hate that. We leave the kitchen light at night for Bella *Cat* and the bathroom light by our bedroom. We do have electricity.

Poor Boo. That is nice she had an umbrella you used to go out with her. Bella *Cat* is an indoor cat. Dogs have to go out to go potty. My Game friend turns a light on outside for her dogs to go out to the Bathroom.

Tomorrow I hope to go to CVS. I need to get my Covid Vaccine. I hope I can.

I hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. I hope he gets good news.

Have a good day and weekend. Thanks for doing the campfires with me. Later. Praying for a good winter and beautiful life for all of us.

Hi on Friday. November 18.

I hope you feel good today and get some good answers from the doctor.

Give our best to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Heartb**Heartgr**Heartv*

Have to leave in a while for my Wellness visit to my Primary Care doctor. I'm supposed to get a flu shot. Will try to go to Trader Joes and a sub place while I'm nearby there.

I will take my turkey out of the freezer on Saturday or Sunday, also. Mine is just under 12 pounds. It seems surprising that Thanksgiving is less than a week away now. We had a good dinner with our friends at the Italian place.

I heard that upper NY is supposed to get 6 feet of snow today. I hope my 95 year old uncle is okay in this. He has my cousins and his friends who look out for him up there. Scary with all that snow in the forecast.

Nominations are nice. That is the nicest part to me. If someone nominates something I think wow someone made an effort to do something like that and went out of their way. The intent seems all good in making a nomination, especially when its anonymous like it is.

I think it is all nicer now somehow and not at political and biased like before. I guess we'll see how it goes, but I am cautiously optimistic that things are being done in a way that's kinder and in a more fair and efficient way. But time will tell us what we need to know I guess.

I entered a contest in August. The person kept running it in Sept, Oct and now Nov. Same contest, but they never want to do the work of judging. This same person promotes things all the time where they want donations and participation and is even recommended in various quarters.

These same people almost never recommend the Writers Cramp, which is pretty darned reliable in comparison. There is always some new excuse as to why it doesn't happen.

I should have known better than to enter. Someone, apparently, nominated this other virtually abandoned contest for a quill. It inspired people to write, but giving it an award when the host never follows through? That would be a tipping point for me if that wins.

But the nominating gesture is a nice one.

We watched NCIS and Baking show yesterday.

I hope today is a good one for you!

*Cow* *Heart* *Heartgr* *Hearty*

Hey on a Friday. I have good news/bad news. The Urologist's office called and I have an infection. They are filling an antibiotic for me. We get an automated message saying it will be be ready by tomorrow. The computer man said it was on order. The Tech says they are filling it. Ray said he is going in later to see if it is ready. I hope so. I can't have my Covid Shot until I get over this infection. I hope this isn't an all winter thing. I did great for 6 months. At least they finally figured out what bug I have and it is a UTI. Good thing I didn't get my vaccine. I would really be sick!!!

Snow. We got a little more. The snow plows weren't out. Ray went to Walmart and I stayed home. It was a mess. The wind blew snow *Snow1* This weather doesn't help.

I watched Bachelor Father, Father Knows Best and The High Chaparral. I need to watch a good movie.

Contests here. The one member Host keeps saying this contest is on but it never gets judged. An Auction from last year was never closed and that member didn't come back. I understand being slow but a year and never. Really?

Not much new here. I am not happy. I have Kohls Cash to spend and I may go this weekend. This Kohls Cash thing expires Wednesday. It is $10.00 and that is like throwing money out.

Hope your Wellness Visit went well. I will need one of those in January. My leg isn't bothering me. I have a UTI to worry about.

Bella *Cat* has been sleeping and got up to eat. It is cold and was windy. She likes the Front Room and we haven't turned the Faux Fireplace on. She doesn't mind.

Have a good weekend. I hope to. I don't want to be Debbie Downer. Hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. Thanks for all you do. Here is to better days. I downloaded Christmas Music yesterday and last night. Later.

Hi on Saturday. November 19, 2022.

I hope it is a good day for you and you got your medicine so you can feel better and start getting better. Why did your doctor's office take so long to diagnose?

Wow, that seems like a long time to get the results.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2* *Hearto**Heartgr*

Wellness visit went pretty good. They will supposedly call with test results. You know how that goes. I like my doctor. His staff (some of them) aren't helpful at times.

Afterward, I went to Trader Joe's to get Kringles (pastry from Wisconsin). They were sold out but I got a few other things. They make a small sheet cake that Mr. HOOves enjoys so I got that instead. We are going this morning, I think, if all goes well. It opens at 9 and they said they would have more Kringles in today. Mr. HOOves is going to try and go in with me so keep a good thought for that going okay.

I went to the sub place near there also to get us a tuna sub. I ate more of it than Mr. HOOves did. I love tuna salad.

Watched NCIS and Baking Shows and Basset Hound videos. We found a basset hound on You Tube that looks just like Boo. His name is Hudson. The video of him being naughty was funny and he looked and behaved just like Boo used to. It made us smile.

I would like to go to Kohl's some time soon, but we will see if it works out. I don't have any Kohl's cash right now. I like the leggings they have there for sleep wear when I do have to use the Kohl's cash. That and turtlenecks are usually at a pretty good price.

Nothing else to report except I cleaned some already this morning upstairs in the bathrooms and otherwise.

I hope today is a good one for you as we slide into Thanksgiving week!

Have a nice Saturday!

p.s. Hugh Bonneville has written a book that is partly about his time on Downton Abbey. I ordered it from amazon so it should come today. It's called "PLaying Under the Piano"

*Cow* *Heartgr**Hearto**Heartv* *Cakeb* *Heart* *Heartg* *Holly1* *Holly2*
I got my antibiotic and I took the first dose. This will help with my sinus issues as well as the UTI. My Urologist always takes so long to get back with me. He moved to another facility and I hate how he does things. Maybe I should say his staff. You can't do anything unless the Doctor gives an order. That how it was at work. You needed a Doctor's order for Tylenol or Mylanta. My Urologist won't check the urine in the office. Other Urologists do. He needs to check my urine in the office, start an antibiotic and then send it to the Lab. Now, I have sinus issues. My bladder felt alright this morning. Ten days of this antibiotic. I pray it works. I have been like this for awhile. Like really?

So, Hugh Bonneville wrote a book. Let me know how you like it. I love the man. I loved him in Paddington Bear. Now, Camilla collects Paddington Bears. How dare her.

It is still windy. I don't think I will go to Church. Three fourth of the people are over 40. Some have problems walking. I can't walk across the Church yard in snow on gravel. I need to park out front outside the building. Someone took my spot last time. Mom says it is too easy to fall in the snow. *Snow4* Welcome to winter.

Bella *Cat* is running around. She knocked over her food last night. She has a party.

I watched Becker this morning. I watched Murphy Brown. Tonight is Heartland, Partridge Family and Sabrina. I had a thing for David Cassidy. I wish I was 17 again.

We may go to the Candy Store Monday after I go to Kohls and Ulta. I call the Candy Store Willie Wonka.

Have a good day. Hope things are going well your way. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is November 20.

I hope it is a good day for you and your medicine is helping. Doctors need to help and not make things more difficult for their patients. It seems like they spend a lot of effort making things harder than they have to be. *Headbang*

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto**Heartgr*

Yesterday morning we went to Trader Joe's. That is a big outing for Mr. HOOves, but he went in and did fine. It is sort of small, not like the big grocery store so he did okay.

I was worried about our roof, but we both looked at it and it is fine. Someone said something to us about with all the storm damage a lot of people have to get new roofs. So, I thought I saw something wrong, but it wasn't. That is a big relief. So far, also, our hot water heater is doing okay. We can repair what needs to be fixed, but it would be a big hassle now. But home owners insurance would take care of some things.

I visited with the corgi (Teddy) and the hound pup (Pluto) yesterday when I took Kringle pastries over to their humans. Teddy took all my treats so I had to restock for Pluto. *Dog1*

It is cold here again today. I will have to go to the grocery store if I get some energy. Hard to get motivated, but I must do it.

Watched NCIS and British Baking and some of the 1st Downton Abbey movie.

Our yard guy didn't come yesterday. I think it will be Tuesday before we see him if he has a schedule. Seems to be Tuesdays and Thursdays late in the day.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday.

On this site, people abandon things sometimes. It's frustrating for those who try and support them and their activities. I wonder if it extends to things in real life.

Stay warm!

*Cow* *Heartv**Hearto**Heartgr* *Turkey* *Leafr* *Clock2*

Today is Sunday. I didn't make it to Church. The wind blew last night and this morning. I can't believe we are having snow *Snow1* already.

I watched romance movies all day. I watched Andy Williams Christmas, The Carpenters and Perry Como. I watched Full House today and Happy Days. I watched Christmas Vacation last night.

I finally got the Halloween decorations put away. Christmas. I hope I can get the tree and decorations up.

That is nice you got to see the dogs and give them treats.

Glad your roof doesn't need to be fixed. I hate when a house gets old, it needs repais and so the people who live in it.

I hope Mr. Hooves has a good week. I hope to get to feeling better.

Not much going on. Have a good week. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Monday. November 21.

We move through November. I hope today is a good day for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

I fell again yesterday. We are falling apart here it seems. Hope it will get better with time. Just sore so far. Mr. HOOves seemed a bit better on Saturday, than not so much. I am so worried about him.

Not much new besides taking it easy.

We watched NCIS and Baking Shows and some YouTube videos. I went early yesterday to the grocery before I fell so I think I have all that I need for Thanksgiving. We both have to be very careful.

Not doing much besides trying to not get upset and to take it easy.

Have a nice start to the week!

Monday. Monday. Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day. Today was a good day. The toilet man was here and fixed the toilet. We got all new parts. At least it won't leak when we flush it.

Ray took me to Kohls. I had a $10.00 Kiohls bucks so I bought some pink flowered pajamas. I went to Ulta and got some eye shadow with purple in it. I asked for lavender and purple eye shadow at Sephora, they look at you like you are from Mars. Ulta has everything in make up. We went to the Candy Store and got more chocolate goodies. I gave money, spare change to feed the animals. They have little containers that are for the animal shelters. We went to Mejer.

I am so sorry to hear you fell. I worry about falling. There wasn't any snow *Snow5* where we went today. We have snow in the yard.

I know what you mean about upset. I was crabby yesterday. Tomorrow, I am going to get my blood test. I have things around here to get done.

I watched my soaps today and The High Chaparral. That is the TV I watched. I haven't done much on here the past 2 days. Maybe I will later this week. Depends on what is going on.

I was feeling better but I don't know. I was out shopping and was fine. I still have a week left on my medication. It takes me forever to get well. I hate that. Antibiotics don't work in 2 or 3 days.

Bella *Cat* didn't like the toilet man making noise with his drill and vacuum. She lays down on me at night when I am watching TV. We turned heat on in the front room for her yesterday.

I do hope Mr. Hooves feels better and you both will have a Happy Thanksgiving. The turkey is in the fridge. Holiday Time again. This winter has been bad for some counties and Michigan already.

Have a good day and week. Praying things get better for us all. Be careful. I am always thinking of you and praying.

It is Tuesday. November 22.

I hope that you feel good today and everything goes good for you.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice hug from us! *Cat2**Hearto**Heartv*

Thank you for thinking of me with good thoughts. Thankfully, I am okay from falling when the chair I was sitting on fell apart. That was what it was. I sat down hard on my fake hip and the other one, but I think that so far I am ok, just bruised and very upset because I was told that the chair was fixed and I forgot it was even broken. I had put a sign on it before, but that was taken off. I just totally forgot so it was dumb on my part. I haven't even tried to sit in that chair since Boo died, but I wanted to type something so I just sat down and started messing with the typewriter and boom I went. I am not weighty.

Yesterday was rough. There was a car problem that is being fixed. Mr. HOOves car. It is in the shop.

Plus, Mr. HOOves got a jury summons for a federal jury. So, now we have to get doctor's letters, etc as to why not. And since it's federal they only give us five days to respond right before the holiday. To tell you the truth, I feel like driving over to the Federal Courthouse and giving them a piece of my opinion.

Today, Mr. HOOves has a flu shot. We will to do that and hopefully the primary care doctor will have written the excuse him from jury duty letter so I can pick that up at the same time and come home, copy it get the other stuff and take it in to the post office to mail.

On the way back from the doctor I will drop him to pick up his car.

I am having stomach issues. Wonder why. But, in the good news department, my blood tests are all normal that I had on Friday and they called already with that. Nice change there, but I hope they have that letter ready when we go.

I am glad you got your plumbing issue fixed. Crossing our fingers that our hot water heater lasts a little longer because his car is costing a lot to be repaired. We can do it, but it's discouraging.
*Toilet* *Thumbsupl*

Our turkey *Turkey* is in the fridge too. But so far Mr. HOOves is not being enthusiastic about it. I hope he gets some of his appetite back to enjoy the meal.

I saw Jay Leno got out of the hospital and he looked better than I thought he would. His face had a tiny bit of scaring, but minimal for what he went through. It looked like his neck got the worst of it. I like him. They said he was very kind to all the staff and other patients in the burn unit.

We went to eat. It just was a bad day otherwise. Oh, and our friend who we go to dinner with Thursdays? He has Covid. But he is doing well. We were with him Thurs night. He gave himself the test and told the doctor it was positive so the doctor just called in the meds to the pharmacy and he said he's feeling better already. Yay. We told the guy at the Italian restaurant about it, too.

Watched NCIS and British Baking and that's about it.

Take care and enjoy your Tuesday!

Yesterday was one of the worst days we've had. Maybe it was the darkness before the dawn.

Keeping our prayers active and our fingers and HOOves crossed.

Have a good rest of the week!

*Cow* *Heartv* *Hearto*

I got up early to go to the hospital to get a blood test. It took a half hour. I had to sign their pad and all those questions. Hippa. I had to deal with Hippa at work. I need to get another Blood Test for the Oncologist next month. This one will be after Christmas. I hope the results are good. I am tired of bad news. My ankle has been acting up. I bought a brace at CVS. The Braces place isn't cooperating about getting my foot brace. I get through another day. I bumped the leg of their couch at the hospital and didn't fall. I just landed on the couch. I am thankful for that. I am sorry that you fell. It is so easy to fall. I hope to get straightened out if I get my surgery.

I saw Jay Leno on the news. Poor guy is always working on his cars. He needs to hire someone to help him.

So sorry you are having stomach issues. I had a problem at 3:30 this morning but was alright. Stomach/colon but it passed. I had to get that blood test. Now, it is done.

Bella *Cat* has been sleeping. She gets so feisty at times.

It is going to rain *Rain* Thanksgiving Day. No snow *Snow4* I can live with that.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is feeling good. Hope you get good news.

Things are quiet on here. I see they are having The Secret Santa Thing again this year. If I participate, I am not giving out as much as I did last year. I get the short end of the stick. I think Cyber Weekend is this weekend. I hope things will be half the points.

I hope your friend gets over Covid. I think my bladder is better but I don't want to jinx it. I do hope you are feeling better. Let's pray everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving Day! *Turkey* I see two turkeys got pardoned by Biden. I feel guilty for eating turkey. I see the turkeys were affectionate. They got saved.

Have a good day. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Wednesday. November 23. The Day before Thanksgiving.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty Cat! *Cat2* *Heartp*

I am leaving in a minute to pick up a letter from the doctor for Mr. HOOves to be excused for jury service. It wasn't done when we were there yesterday, but the lady was nice enough to get it done to be picked up today.

I will either take it directly to the post office or come home to make a copy. Hopefully, the Doctor's office can make a copy of it for me and save me a little bit of driving.

Today, later, I will start making my pumpkin pie and my then start on my stuffing. I use my Mom's recipe.

It is supposed to be a little warmer today. Our yard guy came at 5, but it was dark by 5:30 so he just did a section. He's a mystery to me, but now I keep track. We paid him through yesterday. He needs a miner's hat with a light to see in the dark if he keeps this up.

Watched our usual NCIS and British Baking and some Basset Hound videos on You.tube. and Mr. HOOves got his flu shot. And I went to the post office with the first letter I sent about his federal court jury duty.

I hope today is good to you. *Heart* And I hope they put things on special for Black Friday weekend.

*Cow* *Heartv**Heartg* *Butterfly2o**Butterfly2p**Butterfly2v* *Hearty**Sun*

The day before Thanksgiving. *Turkey* Ray went to Walmart to get a few things. I baked my Halloween Funfetti Cake for Thanksgiving dessert tomorrow. I will need to watch what I eat tomorrow.

I vacuumed. Bella *Cat* was unhappy. She hates the vacuum and she hates the hamper on wheels. I did laundry. She was trying to eat when I baked the cake *Cake3* I made noise. She hates noise.

Jury duty. They tried to get me for jury duty 2 years ago. I filled out the application and wrote a letter telling them about my problems. I can't get up in the jury box and a UTI and Diverticulitis acting up. I can't walk up stairs if there are too many. They never contacted me. I was prepared to get a letter from my Doctor. Around here, I might have to go to South Bend, Indiana and that is a city. I get lost. Even if it was the town to my town, I am not interested. We have county policemen at the Court House and a metal detector for guns. I went in to get my Birth Certificate and I had to go another building across the road. Really scary when you have policemen scanning you when you walk in. I get it but what kind of world do we live in? A shooting at Walmart in West Virginia and other areas. Glad Mr. Hooves got a letter. He doesn't need to do jury duty. I say get students studying law at local colleges to do it or ask people if they want to. I did it once. I went in with no sleep from working mid nights and I had to stay. Why they picked me, I don't know. I said never again. Now, I can't.

Today has been alright. I am trying to think good thoughts. We are going to Kate Spade Friday. They are open all day. No Thanksgiving Evening Hours but 70 Percent off sales.

I watched Prancer. Tonight is Survivor. Tomorrow, we will be cooking Mr. Turkey. *Turkey* We are still thawing him out.

Happy Thanksgiving! Have a good one. Hope you are feeling better. Later.
Hi and Happy Thanksgiving! *Heartg**Hearto* November 24, 2022.

Hope it's a lovely day for you and all goes well with your delicious meal!

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartgr**Hearto*

I had started to defrost the turkey on Sunday, but it was still pretty frozen. I had a hard time getting the stuff out of it, but I did it and washed it and all that. Ours is a little less than 12 pounds. This is the first time I have lifted it into the oven myself without help. I was afraid for him to do it. I hope I can get it out of there without hurting myself.

It is stuffed and in the oven now so that's a relief for part of it anyway. I'm not going to mess with basting it this year. I usually do, but it says you don't have to.

it has a pop-up timer that shows me when it is done. It might take longer because of being so frozen. I guess I should have taken it out of the freezer on Saturday, but for this weight it said 4 days. It was in the fridge in the garage and maybe that runs colder or something.

Made my pumpkin pie and stuffing yesterday so today will just be make green beans and rolls and cranberry sauce. He isn't up to eating a huge meal and I'm not up to cooking one.

Yesterday, I also went and picked up his jury excuse letter at the doctor's office and took it and mailed it. I went to the grocery store, too. Also I got the trash guy to take the broken chair for me while Mr. HOOves was out. So, he didn't have to mess with it.

I felt like I got a lot done with the cooking, picking up the letter, mailing it and getting rid of that chair.

Our yard guy didn't come so the yard is about 1/3 done, but that's okay.

Today I am pretty tired, but it will be good if Mr. HOOves can eat a little more today.

I am thankful for him still being here. I am thankful for so many things. Thankful for you being here and us writing together, too. It helps a lot.

Have a lovely holiday!

*Cow* *Heart* *Heartg* *Holly1**Holly2* *Heartg**Heart*
Happy Thanksgiving! We just got done with the meal. Everything turned out good. Bella *Cat* had her turkey but she refused to eat it at first because we were still carving it. I don't think she liked the noise. We ate and she came back and ate then she wanted more. We gave her some more. Maybe it was too hot. She is happy now and went to bed.

We watched Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. I always enjoy watching the parade. They made musicals of The Lion King, Some Like It Hot and Neil Diamond. I don't get that. I enjoy seeing all the balloons. This year, they had Baby Yoda and bought Snoopy out. I heard they got a big warehouse for all the balloons. At least it wasn't snowing or too cold.

We watched the Dog Show. A cute French Bull Dog won best of show. I love the Alaskan Malamute. I love all dogs but I favor certain dogs. I wonder how much time these owners spend with their dogs. The trainers are always with them.

We had to defrost the turkey on the counter for 2 hours and soaked him last night. 22 pounds. We had to turn him over in the pan. He was heavy. We got things done.

There is a trinket here:
Megan's Ballroom  (E)
Place to visit and promote items in your port and make new friends. A Trinket is in here.
#1148544 by Princess Megan Rose

Ray is making a pumpkin pie. A frozen one. THAT I will not eat. I have my Funfetti Cake.

I watched A Very Nutty Christmas with Melissa Joan Hart. Her character doesn't believe in Christmas and she bought a Nutcracker from Germany and he comes to life. She falls in love with him but he can't stay after Christmas. He turned back into a Nutcracker. She meets her friend's nephew who looks like the Nutcracker and looks like she fell in love with him. It was a cute movie.

Have a good day. Hope Mr. Hooves enjoyed the holiday. Enjoy the holiday!

Hi on Friday. November 25. It is the day after Thanksgiving.

I hope you had a good one and everything went well all day long. Sounds like Miss Bella enjoyed the turkey after she got used to it. Boo would always eat her own treats from us while we ate our meals. She always enjoyed Thanksgiving.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

Didn't feel too well in the night, but am doing better now. I had some residual soreness I think from falling earlier in the week and an upset stomach from worrying.

My mother died on Thanksgiving in 2005 and that year it fell on November 24. I like to honor her by making her recipes and getting the kind of turkey she always liked. Ours was small, but I could barely manage lifting it. It was just under 12 pounds, but it tasted good. All the food tasted good, but neither one of us was up to eating much compared to years past.

Talked to my brother and my niece and Mr. HOOves talked to the girls and his sisters. It was nice and low key.

We watched our usual NCIS and British Baking Show, plus the new Survivor episode. I felt bad for that girl with the artificial leg who was nice to people and then they voted her out.

That's Survivor, though.

On here, the half price thing is a lot of fun. Thank you again for thinking of it with the trophies! That was really nice to do that. *Heartp*

I hope that today is good to you. I am just taking it easy does it I hope.


Ray took me to Kate Spade. I got a new lavender silver sparkle purse. I was trying to decide between that or a flowered one. There was also a pink one but I chose lavender. I bought a blue sapphire rhinestone bracelet. I bought a silver hearts necklace, pearl earrings for my friend, a pearl necklace with stones I may give to Mom. They don't have the selection they used to. I enjoy going to Kate Spade. There were 10 people waiting outside and checkout line was busy. A man and woman bought their elk hound dog with them and he was so pretty. I just went to one store. I can't stand too long. I am happy I got to go.

When someone dies on a holiday, it makes it hard to enjoy the holiday. Death doesn't take days off. We do the best we can to get through it.

I liked exchanging trophies yesterday. It means a lot. I like the sale as well.

Bella *Cat* had her turkey and she is content. I fed her a snack before I left. Her canned tuna and cheese. She likes cheese. She had eggs off my breakfast biscuit this morning so I cut back on her dry food.

I was mad over Survivor for them voting off Noelle. She can do more with one leg then people with 2 good legs including me. I am ready to quit watching. I think the first person to lose should automatically be sent home or out.I always hated that voting at the tribal council thing. I don't even cares who wins now. Those other two women are the B word.

I only slept 4 hours last night. I slept over 6 the other night. My bladder isn't quite better. I hope the antibiotic will kick in. i was feeling pretty good for 3 days. I will get another UA next week.

I hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. We had left overs and we have plenty of turkey. This turkey was juicy. We threw the caucus outside and the crows have been eating on it. They need to eat.

Have a good weekend. I hope you will be feeling better. Enjoy the weekend.
Hi on Saturday. November 26. We are almost through November already. Hard to believe.

I hope today finds you feeling better and that you got some good sleep!

Give our best to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv**Heartp*

We move through the holiday weekend. I love the sale on here. It is so much fun to see the new badges and also to be able to give more. I like that the CR isn't an issue.

We take it a day at a time here. I have some bad back pains at times, but not constant. I am hoping with a little time from the latest fall that it will get better. I do not want to have more surgery if I can help it. Sometimes, in the past the pain was horrible. That's why I had 7 plus hours of back surgery for spinal stenosis and herniated disks and a hip replacement. And I would like not to fall and not to have Mr. HOOves fall anymore. That would be a wish come true!

Our next door neighbors have left for India this morning. Their pup is staying with their friends in town. I think that is much better than boarding like we did it when we had Boo. I never felt good about that, but I had to go along to get along. Once they get to India they will do Facetime with their puppy. I will miss them all dearly. All our neighbors that we interact with have been really nice.

Our yard guy came and did most of the leaves yesterday. Almost 4 hours in the back, blowing, mulching and putting in the wild area. He parked his mower here so I don't think he's done, but when will he return, I wonder. Always a mystery with Tony. I paid him through yesterday. I told him I didn't want to hunt him down in the yards and he seemed to get a kick out of that idea.

Other than that we watched NCIS and British Baking. I saw that little French Bulldog, Winston that won the Dog SHow. He's a cutie pie! I love all the dogs. Was a little sad that the Basset Hound didn't make the finalists, but another pretty hound won the hound group. Boo looked more like the Beagles than some of the droopy bassets. She was long and low, but never droopy, although she could do a sad pleading look for treats.

I don't know if I will do much today. Trying to get over the latest fall.

Take care and enjoy your weekend! Happy Cyber Saturday - thanks again for all the lovely treats!

*Cow* *Dog1**Heartp**Heartgr**Heart*

Saturday. I went to the new Kitchen Store. They had a 10 percent off sale. I found a blue and white floral tea pot with a blue heavy bottom and matching tea cups. I bought this set for Mom for Christmas. If Mom doesn't want it, I will keep it. I found one plate with a colonial house on it but it was $235.000. I don't think so. I don't think she will sell that unless a rich person comes in. The owner is nice and I enjoy talking to her. Mom didn't go. She went with The Red Hat Club for a dinner and a train ride.

Sorry to hear about your back. I have leg pain at times and I need to wear my ankle brace I bought. I don't know what the Brace people and Medicare will do about the other braces. So, I bought one at CVS for now. Surgery. I need to get better over my UTI before I can have surgery. I am praying for a Christmas miracle for all of us. I hope you don't need back surgery. I just wish there was a miracle shot for aches and pains. It won't happen in my life time.

It is nice you have a yard guy to help you. Ray is just worrying about the next snow fall and keeping gas in the tractors. We are getting rain *Rain* tomorrow.

Bella *Cat* was up and ate some more. She looked in my bag. I told her it wasn't for her. We may get her a toy for Christmas.

Winston. I just love him. He is cute and sweet. He probably gets treated better then I do. I wish all animals were loved and well cared for. Beagles and Basset hounds do look alike. Basset hounds always look so sad.

I am going to watch The Partridge Family and Sabrina, The Teenage Witch. Ray watched shows about UFO's. I think tonight will be movie night. Not much on after Heartland.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. Cyber Weekend continues. I hope you and Mr. Hooves are doing alright.

Hi on Sunday. It is November 27. 2022.

I hope today you feel good and things get you in a nice holiday weekend spirit.

Give Jingle Bells Bella Kitty our love! *Cat2**Heartv**Heartp*

So far this morning I haven't felt great, but it seems a bit better now this moment in time, knocks on wood.. I've taken all the medicine I can think of now hopefully it will work. Sometimes I feel like all the medicine I take is fighting inside me.

I will just eat toast today and chicken rice soup. That's it with a bite of banana.

Watched NCIS old and new today. We also watched the British Baking show. I love watching that in the evenings on Netflix.

I watched the Hound Group at the dog show yesterday and a couple of new dog videos. Winston is such a cutie. That was one of the types of dogs we considered before meeting Boo.

I saw something that said Prince Harry is in Hawaii alone and has been there a while. That seemed kind of odd to me at Thanksgiving, but the British don't celebrate it. We learned that on a flight home from London on British Airways on Thanksgiving Day one year. I wonder how much longer that whole thing with the royal titles will have before Charles loses it. They did him a big favor by making him a sympathetic figure, so far.

Same with Camilla. She is trying to be adorable with giving out the Paddington Bears. It gives me the shivers with her and concern for poor Paddington. Buy Meghan is more obnoxious than Camilla at this point.
Odd the way that has worked out when it started out so well.

Not much else to report. Tony came yesterday, but didn't do anything in our yard. He's mysterious. If we get snow, he might come with his brother to shovel it for us, but then again some times he is difficult to get in touch with. We like him a lot, but Tony has his ways that's for sure.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

*Cow* *Heart**Heartg**Santahat*

It rained *Rain* today. Went to Church. I got my handicapped parking space. I am glad of that. Christmas Day is on Sunday this year. I will be going to Christmas Communion Christmas Eve. It is a private thing. You can go when ever you want. Take communion after you pray and reflect. It gives me peace doing this kind of communion.

Bella *Cat* ate so much turkey that I thought she was in a turkey coma. I hadn't seen her in 4 hours. She got up and ate beef and gravy cat food. Next year, we are buying a 15 pound turkey.

I take all kinds of medicine. I quit nose spray and Sudafed. I just use Pur-Mist for my sinus. Probiotics and cranberry tabs. I can only take cranberry tabs a day and I use to take 6 but Xalerto I had to cut back. I pray I get straightened out.

Prince Harry is in Hawaii. Trouble in Paradise. Harry went to Paradise without her. Okay. King Charles may be laying low for now. Camilla. Is the new Paddington Bear Queen?

I watched Christmas Shows all day. I watched Petticoat Junction, Full House, Green Acres, Mama's Family. I watched Are You Being Served? Christmas episodes last night. I tried to watch Christmas Romance Dog Movies but they are the same ones they showed last year. I watched A Very Royal Corgi Christmas. The one actress who played on Young and the Restless and Life In Pieces was in it. The woman was a dog trainer and trained a Corgi who got into everything at the palace. He became a good dog. The Prince and her fell in love and it seemed like a Cinderella at the Ball story. The Corgis were so cute.

I do hope you and Mr. Hooves had a good day. I hope you get better. Sounds like you were on a BRAT Diet. Bananas, rice, toast and I forgot what A is for. Let's hope and pray for a good week. I may watch another movie tonight. Thanks for all you do. It has been a good Cyber Weekend. Later.

Hi on Monday. November 28.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heart**Heartg*

We take it day by day here. Hope to get a few things done and not feel too rotten. That's about the extent of it. My stomach seems a little better, but still not right. I imagine it might take a few days of that sort of diet. I pretty much stuck to it, except I ate a cookie at night. I shouldn't have, but I did.

They can come and get me for it I guess.

The sun is shining. It rained for a long while yesterday so the sun shining is a good thing. I have to go to the post office today I think. Maybe the grocery store if I can get the energy to do it. We'll see.

Some of the stuff that goes on on this web site, I just don't get. Member behaviors. Why not just Let it Be. I can't imagine trying to force people to do things they might not want to do for various reasons that are none of my business. Not a good trend.

I'll leave it at that but it just gives me the shudders and shivers.

Watched our NCIS, then COmedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Then Baking. I watched a couple of Downton cast interviews, too. That was fun.

I hope today is a good one for you.

Sending love and hugs your way!


Another day. It is sunny. I haven't done anything. I was busy this weekend and am taking a break. I need to call my Urologist's Nurse tomorrow. I am supposed to give another UA. The hospital will be tired of me. I am tired of things, too. I may need a new Urologist. Ray's urologist left and he needs to find a new one. I am thinking of seeing a woman Urologist in the town that I go to Kate Spade. Lake Michigan is near by as well. My Urologist has one last chance to help me.

The site here. I get down by things here. Quills. I don't know. I guess someone likes our Campfire and my Alice In Wonderland Book. I think that life shouldn't be about Awards. We should try to do a good job and all be equals. I like Rewards and Awards. It is about competition. Should life be about competition? I ask myself that question a lot. At Church, I feel down. Friends have left and new people come in. Ray's cousin showed up and we haven't been friends in years. I feel down. With Christmas coming up, I am trying to be cheery. I was happy Friday and Thanksgiving Day. I wanted to strut my butt around like cute little Winston.

Hope you are feeling better. I am so so. I was up at 5:30 AM and went to the bathroom. I didn't feed Bella *Cat* I was awake at 6:45 AM and didn't think I fell back to sleep. I lost concept of time. Ray says I slept. Okay. I needed to.

Not much to do this week. Tomorrow is Game Night. I almost don't want to go. I will. When it snows, I don't go anywhere. No snow *Snow2* until Thursday it looks like.

I hope you and Mr. Hooves have a good week. I read Devotions today. I watched my soaps and Petticoat Junction. We watched a movie about a kidnapped dog last night. It had a happy ending. A woman owned a business and her assistant adopted a dog for her but the woman had her dog kidnapped with a ransom for a million dollars. The woman who owned the business was losing money and got a million dollars from her friend to pay it. The Assistant had fallen in love and her boyfriend rescued the dog and it was her dog now. The business woman went to jail. It was a cute movie.

Thanks for making Cyber Week fun. I am just relaxing today. Praying for better days. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is November 29. We are almost in December. Holidays are upon us.

I hope you feel good today and continue to take nice breaks. That is what gets us through.

Give Miss Bella Kitty our love! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

We don't know what each day holds. But I saw something earlier in the year in a Newsletter that said try to find something we are grateful for each day. At least one thing. It was in the spiritual newsletter I think.

My thing today is that Mr. HOOves does not have pain. He is tired and way too thin from the radiation, but he is not in pain. I am grateful for that. And the fact that he is still here and doing his best to fight it. I am grateful for that, too. When a person has this cancer diagnosis and all this treatment, sometimes people back away. I think maybe they cannot handle it. That makes things even tougher emotionally. But we have been lucky with our neighbors and friends. So fortunate and blessed. *Heart*

I am grateful for writing with you in this campfire and for your friendship and kindness and humor. It has helped me get through the toughest times. I look forward to each day doing it and finding other things to be grateful for. *Heartg**Heart*

We watched NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, British Baking and Comedians in Cars.

I see that William and Kate are coming to Boston to give out awards at the Kennedy Library this week. I think they get here then the ceremonies are Wed, Thurs and Friday. It is something called the Earthshot prize that William and Kate run. It is nice. The others (Harry & Meghan) are so jealous of it that they arranged to get an award (for themselves, who else) next week in NY from another Kennedy cousin of some sort, Governor Cuomo's ex wife. What is their award for? "Fighting Racism in the Royal Family." I am not kidding. If Harry accepts that award, I am fearful for him because that would be sinking so low. It is a question of whether he truly in his heart thinks his brother and father are racists. I cannot believe he really thinks that.

But jealousy seems to rule them. If William and Kate do something, Meghan and Harry try to upstage them, but they rarely do.

But you never know with families.

You never know on this web site either.

I never thought I would be interrogated over picking favorites or failing to pick favorites. But live and learn.

I hope today is good to you!


Tuesday. I called my Urologist and they haven't called back. Urologists are hard to find around here anymore. If I don't get answers, I will call the lady Urologist in a town 50 minutes away from me. We will see.

I try to find something to be happy about everyday. I thank God for another day. I am glad to do the Campfire with you everyday. It means a lot. A lot of people read this because I see how many in the summary stats. I am happy to write in here, good or bad news. Glad Mr. Hooves has been so brave and hopefully side effects from Chemo will wear off and he will feel good.

The Royals. Meghan bought Harry down and she should have gone with the flow and been happy. They could all be one happy Royal Family and appreciate their titles. Meghan was spoiled. I was, too but I learn to adjust to people at work, my family and Ray's family. I didn't have to live with them but if I had a 200 room mansion, I could handle it and live with family. I would just find places to hide. William and Kate. They are the good ones. Kate isn't whining. She holds her head up and is happy. I would like to trade problems with the Royals at times. None of get forever on earth and everyone gets sick, rich or poor. We are all humans and not immortal. Racists in the Royal Family. Meghan knew the possibilities of life wasn't all roses when she married her Prince. She isn't Cinderella. What will Harry and Meghan do next?

Game Night tonight. When the weather gets bad, I don't go. It is windy today. Bella *Cat* is up. She had a nice nap. She will probably go back to bed.

Watched The Light Fights last night. It is amazing how people decorate their houses with beautiful decorations. Looks like you are the North Pole and Santa does exist.

Have a good day. I hope Mr. Hooves feels better. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. The last day of November. November 30, 2022.

I hope it is a good day there and you get a response from the doctor. Finding another one who is more responsive sounds like a good plan. I hate changing them, though. I know how hard that can be.

Sometimes they are jerks and sometimes their office is a bunch of jerks. It just seems like the way of the world. It is a rare doctor's office that runs things smoothly.

Give our best to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

It is raining here.

What am I grateful for today? Grateful for the fact that we had 14 plus years with Boo where she was mostly happy and healthy. What a blessing and because of her I still smile whenever I see a Basset Hound. She brought us joy and still does almost 2 years after she passed away. That's how I think of her, with a smile. There is a cute Basset Hound on You.Tube named Dean. I love watching him.

I am grateful that my running around last week resulted in Mr. HOOves being excused from jury duty. I hurt so bad and sore, but I still ran around getting letters and mailing them for him.

Watched NCIS yesterday. Also Comedians in Cars and British Baking. And some You Tube. I have also started watching some videos about Althrope, which is Princess Diana's family house. Her brother does some interesting videos about the history of the house and the family.

I hope William and Kate have a nice visit. Boston better behave.

You never know now with an American city what they will put up with.

William and Kate flew commercial over here. Not hypocrites like some of the other celebrity environmental big mouths who think the rest of us should save energy while they fly around on private aircraft.

I like them so far.

Caroline Kennedy is supposed to host them. I enjoy seeing what Kate wears, especially her coats and purses. She always looks lovely.

Of course next week, William's idiot brother will say what a great guy he, himself is for fighting "racism" in the royal family. What nonsense.

Their Netflix thing comes out December 8. I'm not watching it. I'm sure it will be Meghan telling everyone how woke they are in so many ways. Ugh.

I think maybe things here have settled down after the inquisition about favorites and fans. I realized I click on things without realizing it some times so I learned that. So, it's all good I guess.

Take good care and have a nice Wednesday!

*Cow* *Heartg**Heart*

No call from my Urologist. I am unhappy to say the least. I guess I will call the other Urologist and I pray I can get in like next week. I would love to tell my Urologist off and his staff but I will be a Christian about this and let it go. I am not calling them again. Sad. If they treat all their patients like this, he will be done. He should retire anyway. Enough of this. I pray for answers and I gave my Urologist every chance to help me. Okay. Enough of this. At least my legs aren't bad today.

Mom and I went to Game Night last night. We got to their house and the lights were out and the dogs barked. We went for a ride. Mom had forgotten her phone so I took her home to get it and it was spooky last night and trying to rain *Rain* It looked like fog by the area where Al Capone hung out. Our Game friend called. She and her husband went to get a doorbell and out car shopping and got lost in Michigan and was late getting home. So, we drove back to her house for Game Night. They always do crap like this. My Game friend had been crying. Why would you leave when you are expecting guests? I didn't say anything. Story of my life anymore.

It is windy today and cold. Winter is trying to move in.

Cyber Weekend is over. It was nice. I don't know when the next sale will be.

Boo. She probably thinks of you, too. We had Tigger 17 years and we didn't get her new planter out. I think she was hanging around after she died. Her feet on the carpet and rubbing up against me. She crossed over. I believe in these things.

Not much is new. I try to live each day as it comes. Seeing Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders on TV last night. It is like, what is this? Bat night? The bats are out. I don't mean Batman who I love.

I hope Mr. Hooves feels well today. Winter makes us worse. I hate taking Xanax but sometimes I have to. The Doctor prescribes it . He knows me. Have a good day. Thanks for all the Merit Badges and writing in our Campfire. Hopefully, contests here will be fair. I do hope you are feeling better. Praying for better days. Bella *Cat* says Hi.
Hi on Thursday. It is December 1. Hard to believe, but it is

I hope it is a good day and you get some answers that are good or at least some response from doctors that are helpful.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

What am I grateful for today? I am grateful that I made it through yesterday and that my pain from falling is getting better and fading. Healing is a good thing. The sun is shining. That's a good thing. I am still happy that I managed to get Mr. HOOves excused from jury duty with the federal court so quickly. That was my hard work that did it and I feel good about it.

I will try not to nag Mr. HOOves as much about eating and other things. He is so thin. I made him banana bread yesterday and his sister sent him toffee. We are trying to put some meat on his bones, but he's not always cooperative.

Watched NCIS, Comedians in Cars and British Baking. I also watched William and Kate in Boston on Youtube and William and Kate at the Celtics game. While they were doing that, apparently Meghan Markle made a speech in Indianapolis where she charged people a lot of money to be in the same room with her, but they weren't allowed to take pictures. They said on Youtube that not many showed up for her. It's weird how if Katherine does something, Meghan has to do something for attention.

I have to go to Target to get some medicine this week, then more next week. It is a lot of medicine but that will be behind me once I actually do it. That's my trouble, I get a lot anxiety about getting things done.

We may go with our friends. Turns out our one friend did not have Covid. He had a bad reaction to the booster and they said it gave him a false positive for the test. I didn't know that was possible.

On here, I hope the Inquisition about the fans and favorites stuff is over for now.

I never put that much thought into the whole thing. It makes me very uncomfortable to be interrogated about why I fanned or favorited someone or un-did them when I am not totally aware of doing any of it.

Oh well.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday! I hope your friend who had game night is happy with her situation.


Thursday. Another day. No word from my Urologist. I have researched the female Urologist and I am calling her Monday. Looks like she has Saturday hours so I will call her Saturday and make an appointment if she is open. I hope it is soon and I hope she does UA's in the office. I will tell her how my Urologist is treating me. If I go see him again, he will give me a line of crap, tell me to get a UA and it will take forever or never to hear from him. Sad. I was with this man for years and he moved to a new location and neglects me. I wonder how many other patients he is treating this way. I am so hurt to say the least.

What I have grateful today. I found another Urologist. It isn't snowing *Snow2* and God gave me another day. My leg pain isn't bad. I do have some good news. I am glad you found something to be grateful for. We do get blessings.

I had to nag Ray to stay in the house after his stroke. He called me his red bull dog. I made him take it easy. Lately, not much work in the shop but I hope that will change.

I had stomach distress this morning but I am better now. I still take my Temp and my pulse and Oxygen almost every day.

I saw Kate and William today on the news. He is like his mother. So sweet. Harry was but isn't now. I see Harry and Meghan had Archie in a picture with them. They are so annoying. William said there is no racism in the palace. I guess his one Nanny was black. Biden is meeting William and Kate. Poor William and Kate.

Mom and I are having lunch with our friend tomorrow. It is going to be a nice day for it. The wind died down. Like Pooh Bear said: "it's a blustery day." I always thought that was so cute.

Bella *Cat* had some chicken today and is laying down. She seems content.

Christie Mcvie died. I like the original Fleetwood Mac best. I wish I was that young again.

Hope Mr. Hooves has a good day. I always hope for good days. I watched Donny and Marie last night, a Christmas Special from 1976. I watched Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.

Have a good day and weekend. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Sorry for the late posting.

Hope this has been a good day there.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto*

I called for an ambulance this morning and we were able to go to the hospital by the cancer center. They saw him very quick. He could not walk right this morning.

It is dehydration. We are home now and he has some medicine to help his appetite. I hope it works. He was shaking and all sorts of things, but he still insists and fights it.

Then they gave him the medicine, but it is not here in our city at any CVS so I had to drive to another town to get it. So, we just got home.

I don't even remember what we watched yesterday. Today was cable in the hospital emergency dept. Yesterday some baking I know.

What am I grateful for? They tested him and a lot of things were good and the thing that isn't good they gave him an IV and it seemed to help a lot. He is very thing and was so dehydrated.

They tested him and he does not have flu or covid. Also, a couple of scans showed the cancer is dormant in his brain and lungs.

So, I am grateful he is home and I hope he will be more cooperative in the future with me when it's for his own Irish stubborn good.

I hope you had a good day there.

I am pretty tired, but happy to be home for now.

My Hooves are bone tired.
I was worried about not hearing from you and was glad when I did. Sorry Mr. Hooves has dehydration. We do need to drink enough fluids. Glad he is on medicine for his appetite and he is dormant now. What a way to start a day. Calling an ambulance. I do hope Mr. Hooves will continue to feel better and want to eat and no more side effects. Glad the IV helped.

Mom and I went out to eat with our friend. They decorated the restaurant with flowers and a Nativity scene in the flowers. Very pretty. Mom and I went to Burkes. I got some nail polish, eye shadow, a new light pink scarf and hat with pearls set. I bought some Christmas bags. We went to Cato. I bought a nice red top with decorated sleeves and a green teal top. I ordered a lavender top with butterflies. I guess I am done spending.

I am grateful today I didn't have my bladder act up or my stomach. I am grateful to be able to get out today. I still try to find positive things in life.

Ray and I want to get the tree up and the Christmas decorations up. I just want to start and finish at my own pace. It is supposed to rain *Rain* It started getting cold.

Bella *Cat* wants to eat. She ate a lot while I was gone. She played earlier.

Things are quiet here. I mean the web site as well.

Ever since the Queen died, the palace is going wild and King Charles needs to rule and get firm. I think he knows he has a hard job and his mother would have handled things in a delicate but firm matter.

I will pray for Mr. Hooves and hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for all you do. Glad you are doing this Campfire with me. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is December 3, 2022.

I hope that today is a good day and you feel well.

Give our love to Miss. Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearty**Heartt*

We take it one day at time here. I called 911 yesterday and there was a fire truck and two ambulances that came. The one (bad ) hospital here had an 11 hour wait. But the one where the cancer center is is the one I begged them to take him to. They can go there if it isn't a heart issue. I thought it might be a stroke, but thankfully it wasn't. He tilted way over one side when he tried to walk, but I guess it was from weakness.

They saw him quickly there and he was in a room by the time I got there, following behind in my car. I just had to clear my windows and that's how far I was behind him. He had a lot of tests that came back good yesterday so I'm very thankful for that.

This morning, I went and got him McDonalds Egg McMuffin. He ate half of that and 2/3 of his hash browns. That is a big improvement so I think the medicine is working. They gave him two bags of IV fluids and he has now taken two doses of the medicine to improve his appetite. He is dozing and watching NCIS right now.

I am grateful that my neighbors who are here checked on me and him later in the day. The Deputy Sheriff across the street was particularly nice. His kids help us with our trash. He stopped me and told me that anything we need they are there. I really appreciate that, it makes me feel better and not so alone sometimes. My neighbor with the corgi also checked today.

We watched the cable TV in the emergency room, room. Golf. Bleh. I am glad we don't have cable here at home anymore after the boring golf watching.

Last night we watched the Baking show and Comedians in cars.

At least this morning, I could brush my teeth and comb my hair before I went out. Yesterday I barely turned around before the emergency vehicles were here. But at least now he has his medicines.

Take care and I hope today is good for you. It's raining here so far.


At work, I would call for an ambulance and get a policeman, EMT'S the later on, the firemen and they didn't want to come out when the alarm went off because our water pipes sprung a leak and the alarm would go off. Luckily, we didn't have a fire. 6 weeks before we closed, EMT'S, a policeman and the Firemen came out. I said: "Great! If I need the firemen they don't come out. Now, I got SWAT, The Mod Squad and Hawaii 5-0. Why do I need firemen? I just have a sick woman patient." The one guy I worked with said you may get i trouble for saying that. They were begging nurses and QMAS not to quit because someone had to pass Meds and that was me. Anyway, I am glad you had enough responders to help you. Glad Mr. Hooves got help. I do hope he will get better. I am always praying for you.

The wind blew last night and I thought I was going to Oz. It is calmer now. I am glad. No rain *Rain*

I am grateful my bladder is better but I will still go see the woman Urologist. I need some answers. I tried out my new foot brace. When I go shopping all day, my one foot hurts. Medicare and the Foot Doctor aren't helping with those other braces. I just hope I will be alright to get knee replacement after the first of the year. Gratitude. I am thankful for the good days I have.

I watched a Christmas movie with Patrick Swayze. It was cute. I watched a Snow White Christmas last night. It was like a modern day Snow White. It was cute. Christmas romance movies will be on tomorrow. I am hoping to get the tree up.

Bella *Cat* is being good. She likes being in the front room. We turned on the Fireplace.

I had chocolate chip pancakes yesterday. I talked to a woman who works at Burkes and she worked at Hallmark for years and this is how I know her. Mom and I went to see the palominos. They look at us when we drive past.

Hope Mr. Hooves is eating and things are going well. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Sunday, December 4. This is my Mom's Birthday. I miss her every day, especially today. *Heart*

I hope it is a nice sunny day for you and you feel well.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty. *Cat2**Heart**Heartg*

Grateful. I am grateful that we write and share things here. I am so grateful that I had such a wonderful Mother. Grateful that Mr. HOOves seems a little stronger (so far) today. Yay. Grateful that the sun is shining as that makes everything seem easier.

We watched our usual NCIS yesterday and a new Blue Bloods.

I went and got him a milkshake and hotdog at CookOut. He seemed to like them. Also, I got him McDonalds for breakfast. The medicine does seem to help his appetite some.

In a little while I am going to the grocery store, the close one.

Watched a Diana documentary on You Tube called the Uncrowned Royal or something like that. I love watching Diana and seeing all her outfits and how she smiled through everything almost.

Last night we watched Comedians in Cars and also British Baking a little bit.

On here sometimes I just scratch my head in puzzlement.

I do that a lot anyway so it's nothing new.

Take care and enjoy your day! I don't know if I will put my little trees up or not.

Up in the air for now, but I will get my Snoopy out in my mother's honor and Boo's honor. Later on today.

Have a good one!

Your mother's Birthday would have been today. It is always sad this time of year to miss people who have left us. It was cold today. I did go to Church today. We had communion.

We got the tree up. We had to change one set of lights. They wouldn't light up. I think it is time for new lights for the tree next year. I am going to put the ornaments on this week. We need to get the Christmas villages up. We need to put up the other decorations as well. Bella *Cat* was in the tree box and running all over. She couldn't get on the wicker couch because we were busy. She sat in her tower and watched.

I have been having pain today. I hope it is just the weather making it worse. I was okay going to Church. It is 30 some Degrees. I hope things work out so I can get my surgery in a couple of months.

The Royal's are fighting. Queen Elizabeth was able to keep peace. Harry and William are always arguing. Sad really. Harry and Meghan chose to leave. Maybe they should live with Oprah. They all deserve each other.

I watched WKRP all day and trying to get out Christmas decorations. I watched Full House. I watched Holly's Christmas last night. A woman fell on the pavement and had a mannequin boyfriend. The mannequin turned into a man and she was unhappy with him. She fell on the pavement again and woke up and she was in a coma. The mannequin man was all a dream. I didn't care for it. Tonight, I am going to watch a movie Christmas Fits. A romance one. I hope I like it.

I get a Vitamin B 12 Shot tomorrow. I may go to Barnes and Nobles.

I hope Mr. Hooves has a good week. I am always thinking of you. I hope and pray things are better for all of us. Thanks for being here with me.

Hi on Monday December 5.

I hope it is a good day for you, the sun shines and you feel better!

Give our regards to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearty**Sun*

We have not decorated yet. I didn't even get Snoopy out. Something is telling me to hold off on it. I may skip it. I have a white ceramic tree my grandmother made somewhere. I may just get that out if I can figure out where I put it. She (grandma) gave it to my Dad and my Dad gave it to me shortly before he died.

This morning, I called Mr. HOOves oncologist's office and spoke to the nurse. She was very kind. She said they know Mr. HOOves is a very "strong willed gentleman." He wanted to go to the health club today and drive himself. She told me I should let him do it if he wants to do it and feels that he can. It scares me to death is what it does.

Grateful. I am grateful for the sun shining today and for being able to drive now pretty well when I need to. That's a definite improvement for me over what it was for a while there.

Watched our NCIS, Baking Show and Comedians in Cars.

I am scared most of the time, but I keep trying not to be.

Take care and I hope it is a good day for you.


I went to the Doctor and got my Vitamin B 12 Shot. I went to Barnes and Nobles and got Danielle Steel's new book The Whittiers. I got a Garfield Word Search Book. I was looking for the new Christmas Victoria Magazine but they didn't have it. Guess I will have to wait.

I got the tree all decorated. Now for the Christmas Villages. Hopefully tonight, yet. My legs did good today when I was out but putting up the tree makes arthritis kick in. I am resting.

I know what you mean about strong willed men. I have one of those. I knew Ray like to do things when I was going with him. He was always busy. Glad Mr. Hooves is able to do things.

I have a white ceramic tree from Avon that stays up all year. It is little and has a ceramic doll and train set under the tree. It is so cute.

Bella *Cat* watched me decorate the left. She can't go in the front room at night until after Christmas. I am afraid she will get into things. She can be out in the daytime when I am home.

I am thinking of you. I worry about things. I love Christmas and want it to be a good one. Getting decorations helps. I was playing Christmas songs when I decorated.

I think my cousin has Covid. He called it the flu and strep throat. He wouldn't get his shots. I hope he will be alright. I still worry about getting Covid.

I watched that Christmas movie last night. It was cute.

That's all that is new. Have a good week. Thanks for all you do. Give Mr. Hooves my best.

Hi on Tuesday. It is December 6.

I hope today is a good day for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

We take it one day at a time here.

I am grateful that I didn't fall yesterday. Some days, that will be all I will have to be grateful for, but I'll take it. I'm grateful also that Mr. HOOves is still here fighting and that sometimes we even still have our sense of humors.

Our dinner group friend is in the hospital with high blood pressure and a blood clot. We are praying for her.

Our washing machine had a drip. So, I called the appliance repair guy. He suggested I "text" him a photo of the serial number. I was able to find it in a folder. I told him he was out of luck with the texting since I have a flip phone and neither one of us texts. LoL It's laugh or cry at this point. I can take a photo with my phone, but I have no clue how to text it to him.

I told him I'm a dinosaur and he laughed. We both did.

That sounds like a nice trip to Barnes and Nobles. I love it when I find a few things. It always perks me up to find some nice things there.

We watched NCIS, then Comedians in Cars. Then I fell asleep around 7 last night. I was tired.

It's rainy and gross out today. I will go out.

On our news they did a story about people being robbed of their wallets and having their cars broken into at a shopping place. Guess where. The Target where I get my medicine. I have noticed that the people going there have changed. Not for the better apparently.

So, I see the Trailers are out for Harry and Meghan and they used quite a bit of phoney footage in them that weren't even about them. But we have Netflix so I'll probably check it out. Boy, that Meghan Markle sure likes to film herself crying a lot. And Harry. He just seems lost to me. Anything for money I guess. I guess they don't think it's enough that they have a mansion and fly on private jets wherever they want to go. The world owes them more they think. They are getting some bizarre award tonight in NY for buying and award for themselves apparently.

I feel like when this all implodes it will be at Harry's expense ultimately. She is someone who walks away and doesn't feel a thing. They were mean to the Queen at the end of her life. That really says it all about them to me.

I hope today proves to be a good day. Take care and stay warm!

*Cow* *Heartg**Santahat**Heart*

Hey on a Tuesday. I have had a bad day. I called to make an appointment with the woman Urologist. I had to leave a message. An hour no one called. I called back and got through. I have to have a referral or get the medical records from my Doctor. If I call my Urologist, he won't call back. I guess I will have to make an appointment and tell him I am disappointed in him. I will ask for my records. I can't trust his staff or him. He is out of the office twice a week, I want a Urologist who stays at one place. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say. I hate this. I was feeling well until I talked to the receptionist{ outside of my arthritis issues}. I just wish I felt better and never needed a Urologist. I will have to call and schedule an appointment for knee surgery and tell them what is going on.

I got my Snowbabies Nativity set up today. I got a Snowbabie Santa Claus riding a reindeer that I put on the shelf. I left my tree and houses on. Bella *Cat* is okay with things.

I saw Harry and Meghan on the news. They are worse then the soaps I watch. If they would have left the family peacefully and not caused any problems. They were mean to the Queen. So sad. Meghan makes me ill. Crying and whining.

Grateful. I am grateful for another day. I am glad I could get my tree up. We take any good moment we can get. I pray for help everyday. I know others have problems , too.

Sorry people are being robbed at Target by you. That is so sad. I hate going to cities. Chicago is 2 hours way and crime is really bad there. I haven't been to Chicago in over 40 some years. Same with South Bend, Indiana an hour way from us. Crime is bad.

It may *Rain* tonight.

Have a good day. Thanks for being here., Hope you get your washing machine fixed. Been there, done that. Later. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Hope your friend gets better.

Hi on Wednesday. It is December 7. 2022.

I hope it is a good day for you and the doctors offices are more responsive. Around here, it is the doctor's staff that makes it harder than it should be. They are bad at communication.

I hope you feel better and things go your way.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

Yesterday was rainy and dreary. Today looks like it will be more of the same. We struggle on. I feel like we don't get any support from the medical community sometimes. They push all these treatments then leave him out here to fend for himself. I am very disappointed right now in the Cancer Center. He goes next week for Immunotherapy if he is strong enough to get there I guess. Right now it's a question mark. He's weak and tired and trying, but nothing seems to help.

I can't force him to go over there to ask them to help. He already went by ambulance and all they did was give him a couple of IV Bags and send him home. It's frightening, the neglect.

I guess our washing machine repair guy will call when he gets the part in. So, there's that, too. I need to be here when he comes. Oh well, we cross that bridge when we come to it.

Meghan and Harry have created a mess for themselves and for his family. I wouldn't want to be any of them right now. I saw a bit of them claiming their award. They acted very immature and goofy, very inappropriate. Bizarre, I'd say for people as old as they are. It's not like they are in their early 20s. Oh well, they had everything going for them and threw it away. Yes, I'd say bizarre is a good word, especially for all the giggling I saw them do.

We watched our usual NCIS, then Comedians in Cars and British Baking. We got Jerry Seinfeld's book about Comedians in Cars - Mr. HOOves enjoyed looking at the cars again.

Not much else going on. Keep a good thought for Mr. HOOves to improve soon.

Have a nice Wednesday!


I called my Urologist and made an appointment. I need to see him face to face and talk to him. I will be firm. I can't see him until December 22. The day after my Birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I am so upset. I called my Bone and Joint Specialist's Nurse and left a message. No call back. I think the office was used for the Foot Doctor today. Hopefully, she will call tomorrow. Ray's sister says her Doctor's Office won't always call back and the same with this other friend we have. It is unreal.

We went to Bob Evans. They weren't having inside guests tonight due to staff shortage. We had to order take out. We ordered and went to see the palominos. We saw a baby deer in a field and later a whole family of deer. We came back and got our order. Ray had fish. I had shrimp, potato soup and mashed potatoes. I had my Holy Cow Chocolate Cake Dessert.

Mr. Hooves. I know. You don't know what to do to help. Doctors and staff aren't always helpful. I get so upset. No cooperation. This weather makes my problems worse. I did better today. I pray Mr. Hooves will do better. Winter doesn't help.

Meghan and Harry. They can't repair this mess. They don't care. Ever since The Oprah Interview, I saw what a witch Meghan is. Sad really. She plotted against The Royals and won. They are having their own war.

I am going to watch Survivor. Jeopardy first. Going for take out cheered me up.

We put the Christmas stuff away in the closet. We reorganized and made room. I put a Snowbaby Fox by my Nativity scene. I pout a polar bear on the tree and a Knight In Shining Armor. My Unicorn, Elsa, Anna, Gingerbread Man and I have lavender and purple ornaments on the tree. I have red and pink lights. The tree is white.

Have a good day. I am thinking of you. I hope things get better. Thanks for all you do.
Hi on Thursday. It is December 8.

I hope it proves to be a good day for you.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet! *Cat2**Heart**Heartg*

Yesterday was really pretty awful. I ended up feeling sick at heart. I gave up and went up to bed before 5. Sometimes now there is stuff directed at me that is frustration needing an outlet. Some days I can't take it so I remove myself from the situation. It's all I know to do rather than cry and be yelled at and then yelled at for crying..

I went out and got us lunch in the rain. He ate it and seemed to like it. That was the only good thing really. I sent all the Christmas stuff that he wanted sent. And, it looks like it all got there okay. I am grateful that is the case and people got their stuff. I guess it is better that he gets furious with me and not the Cancer Center people who did this to him.

I will be glad when Pluto's parents and Pluto returns. I feel sort of lost without them. I hope they will be back this weekend. I am grateful for the times when they are here and I don't feel quite so isolated.

Watched NCIS, British Baking and Comedians in Cars. Also watched a couple of You Tube Basset Hound videos.

Then this morning on Netflix I started trying to watch the Harry and Meghan thing. He doesn't seem too bright and she is in love with herself and the sound of her own voice. It was boring. I watched 20 minutes and that was all I could take. They didn't get to the part where they are mean yet to the royal family, if there is such a thing. It was a lot of milking of Diana's life. The only thing I saw that I liked was a cute thing where Charles put a napkin over his face and played peek-a-boo with his boys. That was sweet and a side of Charles I never saw before where he and Diana were laughing and enjoying themselves.

I don't know if I can take big doses of watching Meghan talk about how wonderful she knows she is. And her botox or whatever she's had done with her makeup looks kind of odd already. She looks kind of orange.

She might wear Diana's jewelry, but she's no Diana, that's pretty clear.

And that child of theirs, Archie. Something's not right with the footage of him. It's odd, not like the same child in all the films. If that is all the same child, there seem to be issues.

I look forward to watching Survivor and Amazing Race.

I think I will watch the Netflix thing 10 minutes at a time to get through it. There are 3 episodes (about an hour each) and I have watched 1/3 of the first one. It looks like one of the episodes will trash her family, but I haven't seen that yet.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday.


I am so sorry to hear you had a bad day. So close to Christmas we hope for better days and good things. I am having a bad day as well. I ate food I shouldn't be eating. Hopefully, this will pass. I called my Bone and Joint Specialist's Nurse and left a message again. No one wants to help anyone. This is really sad. I hope I get some cooperation and everything works out so I can get knee surgery someday. I may have to call the receptionist and leave a message. Enough of this.

Harry and Meghan. Royalty and rich. Why in the blank are they are whining? I don't get it. They have everything and they messed up Harry's family. King Charles is a loving father. Queen Elizabeth was loving. Makes me sad. I don't care to watch their documentary.

I watched The High Chaparral and Home Improvement and my soaps. I did clean the bathrooms today.

Ray has been getting shop business. That is good.

Bella *Cat* is on the wicker couch in the front room. I close the room up at night. I don't know what she would do the tree. I let her be there in the daytime.

No rain *Rain* or *Snow1* Not really cold. 40 some Degrees.

Mom went shopping with a friend to an Amish town. We have Amish towns close together and they make crafts and charge high prices. They do make delicious food.

I hope you are feeling better and Mr. Hooves will be doing better. I pray for you and think about you. Let's hope Diamond days are ahead for us all and Christmas miracles will happen. Thanks for being you.

Hi on Friday. It is December 9, 2022.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

It is rainy, chilly and drizzly here.

I spent the morning at the car place getting an oil change and steering fluid. My car is 18 years old. One time they say it needs this. I told them hey no. I have the paperwork that I had that done. It was because someone spilled something way back in Maryland in early days. So, for a long time they said oh oil is leaking. Only there is never any oil on the driveway. 18 years. So, I said we got that fixed (which we did) at the dealership five years ago just to reassure ourselves anyway. So, I told them to please quit saying that. and I showed him the mountain of paperwork that I had with me in my Barnes and Noble bag today.

So, they say I have a steering fluid leak. I said it is imminent danger and they said no. It squeaks anyway when it gets low. They fixed it for 1300 three years ago here. So, if it needs a big fix, they need to do it and own it. So, then I said can I drive it until it squeaks and he said yes. Interesting.

And for the most part, I see this as one of the more honest places. I only drive it about ten miles at the most when I drive. Usually less than 2 miles.

Then I went to Target to get my medicine. They gave me a coupon so I used it for a few groceries.

The guy came late yesterday and fixed my washing machine. He got the part and called like he said. If it breaks again we will get a new one. This is the third time that he has fixed it. It is only 7 years old and a GE. Never again with the GE. Whirlpool, if possible.

We watched NCIS, Survivor and Amazing Race Finale. All the contestants were nice on Amazing Race. I don't like the Survivor people.

I can only watch the Meghan/Harry thing ten minutes at a time. They are so juvenile, those two. She is 41. He's 38. They come from another planet. She even made fun of the Queen. Sat there and mocked her. Unbelievable from a 41 year old woman to behave like that about her husband's grandmother who is probably the greatest monarch the world has ever known. Those two need a lesson in something, starting with respect.

They don't hesitate to use other people to make their points and get what they want.

Strangely enough, her mother seems normal and acts like she's afraid of her own daughter.

I am grateful today that I was able to go and take care of at least a couple of the car's issues.

Mr. HOOves is not happy with anything that I try to do. But I keep trying. I am grateful that I keep trying.

We take it one day at a time.

I hope today is a good day for you and things start to get better here.

*Cow* *Heart**Heartg*

Friday. The Bone and Joint Specialist Nurse called me yesterday so I can schedule surgery Monday. 6 weeks or 2 months from now. I have to call the Dentist first. I called the Dentist for an appointment. I had to leave a message. I bet they are closed today. No one called back. My Primary Doctor called. My blood work is all good. A1C and Iron levels are, too. So, if I get my Dentist Appointment and that checks out, I am good. I need to see if I have another UA and I will be chewing out my Urologist and tell him no pussy footing around. We need to get me better. I was better and now I don't know. I will get a UA before surgery but I need to take care of things now. I am trying to enjoy Christmas. After Christmas, medical stuff and time to go forward finally.

Sorry to hear about your car. You had your paper work with you. That is good. Years ago, my car had the brakes fixed and the man aid it wouldn't pass inspection. I reminded him he was the one who had fixed them. He said things would be okay. The car would pass inspection. He was a crook. He got arrested later for other things. We finally got the truck all taken care of. We need to get the kitchen sink done. Seems like after Covid, people don't want to do their job. I don't get it. At my job, we got yelled at for not doing our job. I did my best and called the DON because I was allowed so much responsibility and couldn't overstep my bounds. If the DON didn't follow through, I always charted everything and my butt was covered and the one DON got in trouble with State. I had to report what I did to help the patients. Medical issues are awful but you know that and staff not cooperating. I hope Mr. Hooves has kinder staff and they help you guys and get him well.

It is raining *Rain* and a snow *Snow2* mix today.

Bella *Cat* loves being in the front room. She was behind me today and I didn't know she was there. I turned on the Dust Vac and she ran off. She was everywhere I was when I was cleaning.

Meghan and Harry. Are they trying to be a Number 1 Soap in the making? Sad. Princess Diana. So caring and treated like crap. Maybe this is King Charles' punishment with Meghan and Harry because of what he did to Princess Diana. Karma. What goes around, comes around. So much drama. Meghan is tearing the Royals apart.

Have a good weekend. I pray things gt better. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Thinking of you.

Hi on Saturday. December 10.

I hope it is a good day for you. It sounds like things are slowly getting organized in spite of the uncooperative Doctor offices. I hope that you get things set up the way you want and it all goes smoothly after such a rough start.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

We watched NCIS, then Comedians in Cars and British Baking. All good.

Now for the not so good.

I am up to the beginning of Episode 3 of the Meghan and Harry Crybaby saga. Those two. I just don't know. It's bewildering that they think their lives are worthy of a 6 hour documentary. And even more incredible that Netflix would pay them for it. They can't even get many paparazzis to follow them. The Body Language Guy on You.Tube does hilarious recaps of their series in small doses. I would much rather watch him. But I figure I'd rather watch this for myself than hear a bunch of U.S. reporters/propaganda spreaders lie about it and spin it.

You know that Good Morning America scandal. I quit watching them early on in the pandemic because I got sick of that Amy Rohback and her know-it-all reports and the arrogance of that guy who she was messing around with on their spouses. I knew they weren't honest. Same with Gayle King on CBS. I wouldn't believe anything they said. Gayle King and Oprah love to portray themselves as victims when they are wealthy beyond words. So, it's natural that they would like and be drawn to Harry and Meghan, the new generation of professional victims.

For victims, they all live pretty well.

If I were King Charles, I don't know what I would do. If he takes their titles and banishes them, it just plays into their love of being victims. Parliament should take those titles, with his quiet blessing.

I think that he should go and meet with Meghan's father in Mexico or William should. They should help him with whatever he needs. Wouldn't that be a statement. It's bold and I have a feeling it's what Diana would have done. Embracing the true victim in this. I hope her father and sister find a way to go after Netflix if nothing else.

Reaching out to the man she abandoned (who paid for everything for her growing up) while Harry and Meghan wallow in luxury doing their best to mimic humanitarians. That would throw a wrench into their victim claiming.

It would be a shocker and a bold move.

I hope to get through episode 3 this weekend so I get a break before they release the rest of this awful thing.

So far they trashed the Queen and Kate a bit and the whole country and the press in a big way. I won't be watching it more than once.

Take care and I hope that today is a good day for you.


Saturday. No wind today. Still chilly. I got up and vacuumed. I cleaned the kitchen. Next weekend, I need to give the house a thorough cleaning for my Birthday/Christmas Party. I made tuna and Bella *Cat* had to have some. She ate quite a bit.

Harry and Meghan. They are a lost cause. Meghan needs to help her father. At the Wedding, her mother sat by herself and I felt sorry for her. Prince Charles invited her over after the Wedding. He is King now. I lost my magazine of Harry and Meghan's Wedding pictures. I am not going to cry about it. They weren't on the news this morning. I slept in a half hour. I hate watching news. I don't like Good Morning America and those announcers. I am almost liking King Charles. Prince Harry isn't on my favorites list. He makes his father look good. Harry isn't nice like his mother was. Diana was a Princess and so caring. I don't think she would have liked Meghan. Oprah started this Harry and Megan stuff. No wonder she is single but she has money so she doesn't care.

I watched Christmas Vacation this morning. I watched the last half of a movie Christmas In Palm Springs. Patrick Muldoon was in it. He was in Days Of Our Lives.

I got my Christmas Clock out. It is white, trimmed in red and has silver bells on it and chimes a Christmas Tune every hour on the hour but it is supposed to shut off at night. I will leave it on through the holidays.

The Dentist Office was closed yesterday. I know why they didn't call back. It's the weekend and I want to forget about medical issues.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. I hope you are feeling better as well. I have some aches and pains. I am trying to be in a better frame of mind.

I am going to fold up laundry and watch The Partridge Family after while.I hope Christmas movies are on tonight or I will go to YouTube. Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is December 11. Two weeks until Christmas.

I hope it is a good, relaxing weekend day for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

I am grateful that my washing machine seems to be fixed and part of my car stuff seems to be fixed (fingers crossed)

We had a call that someone is coming to see us. This person twice before has said that they were coming, in April and May when I really needed someone to help a little. They ended up not showing up, letting us know at the last possible minute.

Now, I choose to believe it when it happens and am not doing any extreme preparations like I did before. I hope this person does the right thing this time, but I am not going to count on that. Enough is enough. And, of course, I am the bad guy and I get blamed when things don't work out.

Moving on.

Watched our usual NCIS, also a new Blue Bloods, Comedians in Cars and Baking.

I finished watching the three parts of Harry and Meghan, the most boring celebrity couple I know of.

I don't know if I can stomach any more of their insults to the Queen and their lecturing and educating me as a viewer. I was surprised that I found him to be the most obnoxious of the two. She didn't win any prize there. He seems to take great pride in the fact that he has caused a rift between her and her father.

He never even met the man and he's very know it all about him, too.

Someone tells him two sentences about something and he thinks he's an expert who has to instruct and enlighten the world. Also, all the sweeping and startling hand gestures Harry uses while talking. He seemed unusually animated, I'll just leave it at that. I drew my own conclusions.

Harry is a very tiresome character up close.

Secretly, I bet his whole family is okay with him just staying away if he behaves like this. I bet behind closed doors, Kate and Camilla are jumping for joy that Harry is out of their hair.

Neither one (Harry or Meghan) has 1/100th of the sense that Diana had or 1/1,000,000 of her charm. I ended up feeling like these two deserve each other and she got the worst of it in the long run. I didn't expect for feel that way, but I do.

I wonder what William is like really. I hope he has the sense to keep some of himself private if he's at all like Harry.

Not much going on. I have errands to run, but no energy. Hopefully I'll find some soon.

Take care and enjoy your Sunday!


I didn't go to Church today. My sinuses were acting up and my bladder, too. I thought I was doing better but not today. I may have to go to Urgent Care for a UTI but I hope not. I will take my Xanax and see how things go.

I watched Royal Romance movies all day and I saw about 3 of them and there is one tonight I want to watch. I watched Downton Abbey last night. I am in a Royal mood.

Speaking of Royals, they advertised Meghan and Harry's documentary. It is like it never ends. Meghan doesn't even get the Princess title. She is a Duchess. Sad, she won't help her father. Do Harry and Meghan think the world is all about them? How sad. I don't want to read or watch anything about Meghan and Harry ever again.

Thank you for the Writers Cramp Awardicon for my Owl Poem. I would love to see a white owl in the snow. I don't think white owls live around my area.

I am looking forward to Christmas. I turn the tree on everyday. I didn't turn my villages on tonight. I need to get plans around for my party. My cousin hasn't called about us doing Christmas, yet.

I hope your person comes to visit you and be with you and helps you. WE do need help at times.

We had fog last night. I was expecting to see a vampire or werewolf last night. It was eerie.

I signed up for Secret Santa. It starts tomorrow. Hopefully, things will go well.

I hope for a good week. I have things to do. I just hope everyone gets a good Christmas and miracles happen for us all. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Thanks for all you do.
Hi on Monday. It is December 12.

I hope you feel better today and if you don't, I hope you get some help.

Give our love to Miss.Bella! *Cat2**Heartg**Heartv*

Yesterday was rough. Mr. HOOves fell again and couldn't get up on his own. I was upstairs, he was downstairs when it happened. So, I had to call 911. Also, our neighbor who is a sheriff's deputy came and helped talk to him so he wouldn't move until the EMTs got here. The EMT recommended that Mr. HOOves go to the hospital, but he refused.

He is hard to reason with sometimes.

I am grateful he wasn't hurt worse than he was.

Then, in the night I had a stomach upset and a fever higher than I usually get. So, this morning I took a Covid test, but I didn't have it. I think what I have is a stomach bug. It is the first time I have given myself that test. It was easier than I thought it would be. It's the Binax one that Joe Biden sent out for free.

Tomorrow, Mr. HOOves will go for his treatment, I will drop him off. I hope I am well enough to do that.

We watched NCIS and Baking and Comedians in Cars.

Not much else. The person coming keeps changing the day so we aren't counting on anything. We'll see her if we see her, I guess.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your Monday. Here's to better days.


Monday. Ray and I had to get Gift Cards for my sister and her husband. We went and got those. I came home and worked on Christmas stuff. I worked on more Christmas Cards. I got gift bags under the tree. I just need to get the house ready.

I am so sorry that Mr. Hooves fell. It is so easy to fall. I do hope he will be alright and things will get better for everyone. Sorry you had to call the EMT'S. I hope they were nice.

Ray's sister stopped by and we gave her some beanie babies. I was in a Beanie Baby Club and have some many stuffed animals so I gave a dozen to her grand kids. We cleaned out the closet and have more room.

I do hope you are feeling better. Stress will make you think you are sick. It has that effect on me before. My sinuses are better. My bladder is for now. I have to see the Dentist tomorrow to have my teeth cleaned and checked. I hope that goes well. They can't take any more teeth cleanings until February. I am going to get it done. They told me Xalerto won't effect anything. It had better not.

Thank you for the Merit Badge Shower. I got the first one today.

Tomorrow night is Game Night. I guess I will order the new Pizza Hut Box with 2 Pizzas, Bread Sticks and Cinnamon Rolls. I hope my Game Friends are home and there are no extra guests. Not to be rude. She schedules Game Night and they are out monkeying around.

Bella *Cat* is in her bed. She greeted our guest.

I am grateful for another day and Mr. Hooves wasn't hurt too badly. You just want life to be better.

Have a good day and week. You are in my prayers. Later.

Hi on Tuesday.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good and things go your way.

Give hugs for us to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto*

I just got back from dropping Mr. HOOves off for treatment. He looked like he had a really hard time getting out of the car, but then sometimes (like yesterday) he looks okay. But he looked really tired this morning so I hope that he is honest with them. They won't let anyone go with the patients for their treatments. Sometimes, I think he gets in there and says "Everything is great!" and then he falls apart at home.

But he refuses to use my walker here at home. He will use a cane now and then. It would help him and the EMS lady said that the walker would help him, but he's so stubborn.

I got a chocolate milkshake to take to him afterwards. I hope and pray they help him. He looked okay this morning, but then when we went, not so good. It seems to change throughout the day. He just doesn't look good. I am not sleeping.

Maybe his eldest daughter (my stepdaughter) will come tomorrow and she can convince him to use his walker. I hope this comes to be and he doesn't put on a big show for her. Our other daughter doesn't think that the older one will come as she changes things like that last minute like before.

I am so worried about him. But he won't listen to me.

I am not putting up any decorations and I don't want him straining getting anything down from high shelves. It is hard to reason with him sometimes.

We watched our usual NCIS, British Baking and Comedians in Cars. I don't think I will watch the rest of Harry and Meghan. The preview looks like more of Harry whining about the press being nicer to William than him. I can't take anymore of Harry or his wife right now.

Watched some nice Basset Hound Youtube videos. Pluto is home and so are his parents from India. I talked to her, but haven't seen them as yet. I is comforting to know they are there.

Take care and have a good day. Hope your game night tomorrow goes smooth.


Not a good day. I went to the Dentist. I have a cavity I need to get filled. My crown has bacteria underneath it and I have to go to have it cleaned out. I will need another cleaning. I hate going to Dentists. They always find crap wrong with a person. When I get this done, hopefully, I will be able to schedule knee replacement. I had a whole set of xrays. I pray things get better when I get through all this. I get a call about my foot brace. I have to sign a paper so they can send it in. I have to drive 45 minutes away to do this. Like really? They can't send it snail mail.

The good news. A nice man in the Dentist Office was in the Vietnam War and found seashells in South Carolina and gave me a sea shell. A small neat one that is brown and beige. My other seashells came from Florida. That was nice of the man.

I hope Mr. Hooves feels good and his day went well. Life is such a worry. The Dental Hygienist has Medical problems and has to have iron infusions. At least I know I am not alone with things. I hope Mr. Hooves will use his walker. I use a cane to walk outside because of the pavement but I don't need a cane inside buildings. I walk normal. Outside, walking into stores and the parking lot. It may be mental but my leg will hurt and I can't walk long distances or stand to long. I hate walkers, too but sometimes we need them. Mr. Hooves has nothing to be ashamed of. We do need a little extra help. I hope his step daughter can talk to him.

It got cold. I am going to Game Night. I need to order Pizza Hut Treat Box. I hope that will cheer me up. I go back to the Dentist Thursday for a hour and a half cleaning.

I hope we get cheery news and have a good Christmas. I hope things get better for us all. I hope you will be sleeping well.

Bella *Cat2* did come to see me when I got home. She thinks I ignored her because I was talking to Ray but I petted her later. She doesn't understand problems. At least she is healthy.

Have a good day. I will be going out tomorrow. I have a lavender top to pick up. I just want good days. You and Mr. Hooves are in my prayers. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is December 14.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give Miss Bella Kitty our love. *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

It was not a good day here. It was a disaster. I took Mr. HOOves for his treatment and picked him up and brought him home. I carried all his stuff. All he had to do was hold on to the railings on both sides in the garage and come up two wide steps.

Instead, somehow, he fell backward and hit his head. The fire truck and ambulance came. Our neighbors came. The Deputy Sheriff came over and talked him into going in the ambulance. We went to the emergency room for 4 hours. He had hit his head and was shaking. Also he hurt his hand. It was so scary. I couldn't believe they let him walk around and sit in a chair at the hospital. He talks people into things. So there's that, too. He summons all his energy to convince them he is fine.

But he was shaking. Obviously shaking.

Then we are in the emergency, but they are filled and it will be 4 more hours (in addition to the 4 we were already there ) so he decides he wants to come home. I requested they give him physical therapy at home and they ordered it. I don't know how long it will take to get it.

Today I called for help from the cancer doctor and our primary care doctor. Our primary care doctor has Covid.

I did not have any sleep the night before and have been unable to eat for three days now. I took the Covid test, but don't have it. I don't have any respiratory symptoms, just problems eating and a high fever at times. But I had to suck it up and do it yesterday.

I am grateful Mr. HOOves is still here and that I was able to drive him home well after dark and see alright last night after everything that happened. He likes to get mad at me for some reason, but I Know that's the illness talking.

We watched some of Comedians in Cars and the Baking show. Otherwise, we were on the road.

Take care and I hope you have a nice game night and today goes good for you!


I am so sorry to hear Mr. Hooves fell again. Seems like life isn't going well for anyone. I am glad Mr. Hooves went to the ER. I pray he will be alright and things will go better for him. Physical Therapy at home sounds good.

Ray took me to Cato to get my lavender top I ordered. We drove to Bionics to sign some papers. I need the foot brace. Cold weather isn't good for my arthritis.

It is raining *Rain* today and we may get an inch or more. It is a cold, dreary rain *Rain*

Mom and I went to Game Night. It took forever to play Upwords. Pizza Hut I went to drive through and a girl came out and took my money. I went to Drive Thru and they told me to pull up to the blue line. I did. People behind me got their pizzas and I get honked at. I left and came back to the Parking Lot where other people were waiting. Three other cars got their Pizza so I got out of the car and told the girl I have been waiting for my pizza. I wasn't too friendly but I didn't swear or say anything mean. She says they have a new girl they are training and she didn't know the procedure. I finally got my Pizza. I am done with them.

Bella *Cat* was running around this morning. She is content now. We were gone part of the day.

I am going to watch Survivor tonight. Season Finale. I hope that big chick doesn't win. I get put up with that show. I watched Petticoat Junction this morning.

I go to the Dentist at 9:40 tomorrow morning. I hope that goes well.

Have a good day. I do hope Mr. Hooves will be doing well. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is December 15.

I hope it is a good day for you and you had fun at Game Night! Also, I hope the dental visit goes well!

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

We take it one day at a time. I am grateful that I can now keep a saltine cracker down this morning. Maybe my stomach will get better soon.

Watched NCIS, Comedians in Cars and Baking yesterday. I can't bring myself to watch the Harry and Meghan thing yet. I saw some commentary on it and it sounds awful and even more boring than the first three parts.

They say (the Cancer Center) that they will send someone to give Mr. HOOves Physical Therapy here at home. He needs it. After all these falls, I do not know why they didn't do it before. I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

We carry on.

It is rainy here today. We have our visit happening and that perks us up. I hope she can help us a little while she's here.

But it will be nice just to have her here. *Heart*

Not much other than that is happening. Take care and have a good day and a good dentist visit!

I do hope you and Mr. Hooves will feel better. I hope life gets better for all of us. I went to the Dentist and got my teeth cleaned. It took an hour. I had bacteria underneath my crown I had put on last year. You get a procedure done and get another problem. I worry about getting knee replacement. I have to go the Dentist January 23 and wait for clearance to get knee replacement. I can get it done in the spring. I hope so. The waiting is the hardest part.

It rained *Rain* last night. It may snow tonight. Nothing drastic. Tomorrow is my hair day.

Bella *Cat* has been alone for 2 hours every day this week. She is alright.

I appreciate the Merit Badge Shower.

I am grateful the Dentist Visit went well and I am in a better frame of mind. My bladder is better off and on.

Survivor wasn't bad. I was glad Karla wasn't part of the top 4. She was voted out.

I am going to make a meatloaf. I haven't made one since last year.

The Royals. They are always in the tabloids. I think they always will be. The Dental Hygienist doesn't like Kate either. My Meghan Doll is still in the Curio Cabinet. She stands away from the other Royals except by Harry.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Here is to better days.
Hi on Friday. It is December 16.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty.

We are so happy to have a visit and some help. We are so grateful. I am grateful my car worked this morning to go get groceries and things for Mr. HOOves.

Still no word on when the physical therapy will happen. They have ordered a lot of more tests. I don't think I can get him to the tests if he doesn't start the physical therapy and building strength. But maybe we will hear today.

I went to the grocery and a bunch of people asked me if I am okay and if I wanted to sit down. The guy who helps me with the water usually, helped me and I didn't have any big waters. He told me to take care of myself. I have lost a lot of weight and am unable to eat. I hope that passes.

Most of the time, Mr. HOOves is mad at me. I know it is just the illness. Now with our visitor, he isn't as upset with me all the time. I don't know why after we have been doing everything they said for a year, why they can't get him physical therapy to build his strength.

Grateful. I am grateful for our visitor helping us. Any help she can give us I appreciate very much and I know she lifts Mr. HOOves spirits.

We need to watch surivor. We didn't watch much TV yesterday. Just a little Comedians in Cars at night.

Meghan and Harry. I can't watch it yet. They make me feel sicker somehow now.

Take care and I hope today is a good day for you and things go your way. Thanks again for the merit badge!

*Cow* *Heart**Heartg*

Hi on a Friday. It takes so long to hear back from Doctors. It is that way a lot around here. I hope you hear soon about Physical Therapy. Next week, I see the Urologist and this had better work out. I feel better off and on. I called the Bone and Joint Specialist Nurse and told her assistant I would be awhile, yet as I am going through Dental Procedures. I will be in touch later with them to schedule when I get an okay.

I am so glad your visitor showed up to help. I hope Mr. Hooves stopped shaking and feels better and he can eat a little something. I hope you are able to eat, too. People are helpful with other people and notice when things aren't right. That is a blessing as well. There are still some beautiful people willing to help others. I try to be that way.

We got the new kitchen faucet put in. I threw out a lot of old cleaners I didn't need. I mopped floors. I swiffer them. Bella *Cat* is upset because her food isn't on her place mat. She won't starve. I will give her food back when the floor dries. She walked on the floor and I chewed her out. She knows better then to do that.

Ray went to Walmart before I got up and there was ice on the highway! Somebody had an accident. We got some snow *Snow2* but ice wasn't expected. It snowed {e:snow: some more and may snow {e:Snow1} this weekend. I will be cleaning house this weekend and maybe be able to make it to Church.

I watched The High Chaparral and Petticoat Junction. I listened to music on YouTube. We watched Ghostmas last night.

I got a review that my one Mermaid story wasn't suitable for children. Excuse me but it wasn't written for children. It is written for anyone over 13. I Never used Children as a Genre. Just for my Teddy Bears and Fairy Tales are for children. Certain Elsa stories. I hide the review and blocked the person. I wasn't in the mood. My Secret Santa well, same old story. I won't say no more. I give nice things to my person I am a Secret Santa to. I always do.

Have a good weekend. Thanks for all you do. Hope you and Mr. Hooves are better. Here's to a better year.

It is Sunday evening. I will write as I can to it. December 18.

Mr. HOOves is still in the hospital in a room in the emergency part. They are filled up in the cancer part. They are trying to get a bed for him there or will send him to a rehab/nursing home kind of situation. Even when holding the walker, he sways and falls backward. If we could just figure out what's causing him to loose his equalibriam they could help him. He shakes a lot too. I hope they help him. He is not behaving either because he wants to smoke.

So, there's that, too. The less said now about the "helping" the better. It took a turn I wasn't expecting. I try my best to understand.

Winter scares me this year because I fear it will make things more difficult than they already are. Plus the cold is hard on Mr. HOOves with shivering.

Things go forward and I am scared. I did not watch much TV yesterday at all.

Mr. HOOves watched golf or world cup soccer in his hospital room.

Here on the site, I wish people were more generous and kind. Some are. There used to be a lot more I think.

Thank you for listening and being my friend through this tough time.

I am so sorry Mr. Hooves is in the hospital and not feeling well. That is rough. I get so mad at Doctors and my Urologist and I will have words. Being in the hospital as a patient or there for someone else is rough. I hate all the questions they ask. Looks up the files on the computer and address the matter at hand. I have been praying for you. I do hope you are feeling better as well. Being stressed out takes a toll on a person as well. We do go through a lot.

The weather is going to a be a blizzard next weekend. It starts Thursday night and all through unitil Christmas Day. I will get my appointment with the Urologist and may not get to go to Christmas Communion Saturday Night or Church next Sunday. As for Christmas Dinner, Mom didn't say when she will have it. WE are going to have a White Christmas. Bing should be happy. I guess there is such things as a belated Christmas Event. Winter always scares me. Winter doesn't care about our plans and commitments.

I watched White Christmas and have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies. I watched Dashing In The Snow. It had a cute puppy in it the woman adopted. Today, I watched a Brady Christmas. I watched Full House.

It was cold today. 20 Degrees. I got a descent parking space at Church today. Today, they sang Happy Birthday to me and I feel like I belong with the new people there. I got a Birthday Book Mark with an angel on it.

I have so much to do to get ready for my Wednesday Christmas Party. I will work on it the next 3 days. I cleaned the kitchen.

You and Mr. Hooves are in my prayers. I hope he gets better. I am always thinking of you. Later.

It is Monday. December 19.

I hope it was a good day for you.

What has gone on here is so sad I can't even write about it.

Just tremendously painful and unnecessary meanness on top of trauma and pain.

We take it day by day now.

Give my love to Miss Bella Kitty.

Mr. HOOves remains in hospital. I do not know if he will go to a rehab place or if they will send him home. I need some help if they send him home to coordinate things. I am hopeful, but don't know anything for sure.

Keep a good thought for him.

I hope I can be here in two days on your big day, but if not I sent a couple of things early from me to you. Thank you for being my friend and for listening over all this time. I am feeling so stressed and upset all the time, but you have always been kind to me.

Thank you!

I hope this is a wonderful birthday week for you and there will be more wonderful times ahead of us.

Keep Mr. HOOves in your prayers.

I appreciate the Birthday Gifts so much. Big Hugs and thanks. Thank you for being my friend the past 20 years. You were one of my first friends. I have had 4 friends here from the beginning including you. Being online friends has been so great. I am happy to be here for you all I can. I wish wish we lived next door to each other.

I am so sorry Mr. Hooves is still in the hospital. I pray extra prayers for you and him. I hated driving to the hospital. I hate being in a hospital. The one we go to is 45 minutes away. I hope Mr. Hooves gets better and you don't get nasty weather. We are getting a blizzard late Thursday into Friday. It won't mess up Christmas but I guess we will ride it out.

I took a lint roller to the couch. I vacuumed, dusted, changed the table cloth, cleaned the bathrooms. I am ahead of things. I will be busy tomorrow. Christmas is a project but I love Christmas but hate when bad things happen at Christmas. I wish good things would happen at Christmas and all the bad things stay away until after Christmas or forever. We live each day as it comes.

Bella *Cat* was uneasy this morning. She must suspect it is going to snow *Snow5* She bought Ricky Raccoon out this morning and he hasn't been out in awhile.

I am making spaghetti. Ray bought a new 4 Quart Crock Pot and we are trying it out. It is silver. It won't take up a lot of room. Hopefully, the spaghetti will taste good.

I am looking forward to Christmas with mixed emotions. I do hope Mr. Hooves will get better and you are eating and doing alright. Thank you again for the Birthday Gifts. If you don't get back to do the Campfire, I understand. You have given me a Merit Badge Shower. It means a lot. Thanks for all you do. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Always thinking of you. Praying for Christmas miracles.

Hi on December 20. It is Tuesday, I think.

I hope it is a lovely day for you. Give love and kisses to Miss Bella Kitty.

Mr. HOOves remains in the hospital. If they send him home with no preparation, I am afraid for him. I don't want him to fall again and I can't lift him and he is determined to climb stairs. It just all scares me.

I think some help might be coming for me. Maybe. I have my fingers crossed. Genuine help this time maybe? It would be nice.

The person who was supposed to be helping decided to be mean. This person grabbed his phone yesterday and now it doesn't work right. So, that creates an additional problem and upset for him. I guess some people have to be mean because it helps them cope with hard situations.

I don't get that and not being kind, but I'm finished in that direction. I never saw such meanness up close before and I have seen some things.

I am so sad and tired, but I will keep trying and will be here.

Sending love and all good thoughts your way for your birthday week and always!

Thank you for the Birthday Gifts. I appreciate you remembering me with all you are going through. I do hope Mr. Hooves is better today and can come home soon. You deserve a Merry Christmas.

I am sorry someone was mean to Mr. Hooves. He has a right to have his phone. I worked with people who weren't nice. I was always a good cop and the person I worked with was the Bad Cop. I tried to be fair. I pray that I always treated everyone right. I hope my visit with my Urologist goes alright as well.

I have been busy getting ready for my party. I took stuff off my coffee table and kitchen counters and dusted. I need to vacuum tomorrow. Ray is going to Walmart to get more things.

Bella *Cat* was upset. Ray bumped her tail. She was lying down in the Utility Room. She doesn't always move. Her tail got bumped. She is alright now. I don't think she likes her grilled turkey.

It is 20 some Degrees. Snow *Snow2* will be coming in late Friday. I will be done with the Doctor and not go anywhere. I don't know what Mom is doing about Christmas. She did make us fudge she will bring over tomorrow.

Feel better and I hope good news comes your way. I am hoping to write a Christmas Romance. I haven't written a romance in awhile. Thanks for all you do. I am always trying to be positive. Thanks for all you do. I love you and appreciate our friendship so much. We have been through a lot in 20 years. They say life's events is what makes us the person we are. I would prefer happy things myself. Later. Wishing everyone especially you and Mr. Hooves a Merry Christmas. *StockingG* *StockingV* *CandyCaneB* *SantaHat* *TreePine* *GiftV* *Cake2*
Happy Happy Birthday Today!!! To my wonderful friend!! *Heart**Heartg* *Cow**Giftg**Giftr*

I hope it is a good day for you and all things lovely and wonderful come your way.

Give our love from here to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart* Tell her to give mom a big kiss for us!

I am up early so I decided to write early so you can post on your birthday at your leisure, if you want.

My brother and his girlfriend came to town to give me moral support for a day or so. It was so nice and kind of them. They took me to eat last night.

Things here are hard. I do not know from day to day what the future brings. I just want Mr. HOoves to get better. His blood pressure is still way to low. He needs to be able to function so he can avoid backward falls. The trade off of being in the hospital is that at least (I hope) he won't be falling and all his bruises from falling can heal.

I don't have much news. I can't focus on much except pushing forward to the hospital and doing things. It is supposed to be bitter cold here on Friday and the weekend. *Shivering)

Take care!

*red* I got my eggs made. I am ready for my Birthday/Christmas Party. Ray went to Walmart this morning and I stayed home. He leaves at 6:00 AM. I watched Bachelor Father when I got up. I listened to Christmas music. It was easier to do Christmas partying when I was younger. Our party isn't wild. My medication wouldn't go for drinking. I have no desire anyway.

I do hope Mr. Hooves can do more and feels better. I hope he is getting good help. I hope he will be home for Christmas and can dance an Irish Jig. I wish I could do that River Dance.

Bella *Cat* was running AMOK and having a party. I told her she can party later tonight. She went to bed. I don't think she will like the party but who knows?

I found that I have a Thomas Kincaid Religious Throw and The Beatles On Abbey Road. I have a lighthouse throw I had forgotten about.

I see the Urologist tomorrow. I will be honest and firm,. He needs to be honest with me. He needs to have his staff call his patients. It could get interesting. I saw on TV that being a Urologist is a stressful job. So is any Nursing Job or Healthcare.

The storm will start tomorrow after 4:00 PM. I see the Urologist in the morning and will need to do a UA at the Hooterville Band Aid Station. I think I will wait until next week to do my blood test for the Oncologist.

We are ready for the storm. We have the generator and plenty of gas for it.

Thank you for all the Birthday Gifts. I have been getting Greetings and Merit Badges. It has been nice here.

Give Mr. Hooves my best. I do hope he will be better and can come home. Have a great day. I am always praying for you. *BalloonV* *CakeP* *StockingV* {e:santa
Hi. I don't know what day it is. Thursday? Dec 22 I think.

I thought I would write a little, but it is hard. Hope your birthday was wonderful and everything nice that you deserve!

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet for me! *Heartg*

Mr. HOOves cannot come home until they figure out what makes him fall backward and build back his strength. If he keeps doing it, he won't survive that. I am terrified of that. His blood pressure, when he tries to walk at the hospital is way low. They don't know why.

So, his insurance has authorized that he go to a step-down place for phys therapy of 2-4 weeks. But they don't tell us when this will happen. It is supposed to be bitter cold on Saturday here.

He is really mad because he wants to smoke and cannot do it. He's being nasty and crazy about it at times. Then there is the fact that our visitor wasn't nice to us. She yelled at him and me and messed with his phone.

My brother is here now for a little moral support but he and his girlfriend are going back home today.

It is fixing to be a rough Christmas, no matter how you slice it. I am so tired of being yelled at about cigarettes.

I'm not doing it.

Keep a good thought that Mr. HOOves will do what he needs to do about getting well and for me to be strong enough to endure all the abuse.

Have a good day, there!


Sorry Mr. Hooves wants to smoke and is agitated. I do hope he feels better and the Doctors will help him. It is awful when you don't know what to do to help someone.

I saw my Urologist this morning. He gave me an antibiotic and didn't check my urine. I told him I was disappointed in his staff not returning my calls. He said he was sorry and would look into it. I didn't yell or get mean. My bladder was good the past few days but not today. I am having leg pain and it is getting colder. If I get through the winter and get my surgery. That would make a difference.

Mom called and said her and Dad would be 2 hours late. They got home late from the Eye Doctor. Her internet went out and she couldn't get her Barb B Que Recipe. We ordered chicken from the Chicken Place near by. The party went well once we got started. I got a nice blue beaded cross necklace, pearl necklace and bracelet. I got a religious book. Everyone had a good time. My minister called to wish me a Happy Birthday. I hope to go to Christmas Communion at Church. Mom is having Christmas Dinner. Ray and I will be going.

It is going to start being a rain and snow mix and snow the next 2 days. I will be staying home. I can't do anything else. When it starts snowing, it won't let up. My son text and said Oregon is getting an ice storm.

Bella *Cat* didn't like having company last night. Her house is back to normal for her anyway.

I do hope things are going well your way. I wish you a Merry Christmas. I hope Mr. Hooves gets better. Thanks for all you do. Praying things get better for us all.

This will be short. Things here are worse and more confusing than ever.

I hope and pray that it starts getting better for Mr. HOOves.

I hope that today is a day when you feel good and things go your way.

Love to Bella Kitty! *Heart*

As soon as I can see a little daylight I'm going over. I am so worried and confused about what is happening.

Maybe someone will explain something today and be kind with the Christmas spirit. That's all I can hope for. I am finding that some people have a lot of kindness in them, others not so much. It's always hard to find out that sort of thing in times like these when everything seems so hard.

We are supposed to get wind, then bitter cold, but luckily (I hope) no ice or snow.

Treasure each good day! *Heart**Heartg*
I am so sorry things still aren't going well. If you wish to take a few days off from doing this I will understand. I do hope Mr. Hooves will get better and Doctors and staff will be helpful. It is scary being a Rehab Facility and trying to do things right so you can go home and function. I have been there and done that.

The Christmas Spirit. We will do need that. I wish I could carry the peaceful feeling of Christmas with me all year long and reflect it on others. I am going to Christmas Communion tomorrow night and I hope to feel peaceful.

We got 3 inches of snow *Snow2* and the wind is blowing snow everywhere. We have a drift by the gas tanks and the pole barn as well as out front. Other places got 12 inches of snow *Snow5* and more.

Bella *Cat* has been quiet today and ate all her food last night. We turned on the Fireplace in the front room. She has heat but I don't think she gets cold much. At least I hope not.

I treasure each day. I just pray for more. Not much going on. I vacuumed. I watched Christmas Vacation last night. This movie makes me laugh and we need that. I watched Petticoat Junction and Home Improvement.

I do hope you will have a Merry Christmas and things will get better. I pray for you and Mr. Hooves. I am taking my antibiotic. Not much is going on. I will do a few things here. Thanks for being here with me. I appreciate it. Later.
Hi and Merry Christmas!

I wanted to wish this for you and also wish Ms. Bella and Mr. Ray all Happy Things for the holiday!


I took Mr. HOOves some Christmas treats today in the hospital. It was about 14 degrees with ice all over the place, but I still went and did that. I popped in and out and double parked.

We have had rolling power blackouts and it is very cold, even in my house. The power was out from 7 to about 10 this morning.

There is no valet parking and people were slipping walking on black ice all over the parking lots and sidewalks near the hospital. My steering wheel screamed at the cold, I had to wait for it to warm up to 14 from 5.

I am praying for God to help me be strong and do what I need to do to help him and get through this and survive it, myself.

Wishing you all the best for a Merry Christmas and Happier Days ahead for all of us!


Be well!
December 24, 2022 Christmas Eve! I had been happy the past few days but I feel down today. 1 Degree. THE WIND FINALLY QUIT! We got arctic snow drifts in the yard. The only thing missing is a polar bear. I would welcome him right now. Ray's pole barn door was froze and he had to go to town to get some deicer stuff. The heater played out again so he went to buy a new one. The wind quit. Ray said he would take me to Church Communion tonight. I need some peace and I always feel peaceful at Christmas Communion.

Glad you went and saw Mr. Hooves. I hope he can come home. I was in the hospital over 35 years ago for a bladder infection and got home 5 days before Christmas. I went back to work. My bowel obstruction surgery. I hated that, too. I get Mr. Hooves. It sucks being in the hospital especially around the holidays. I hope you are feeling good and your lights stay on and the car does well. We have no electric problems in the house. We have hot water. I am grateful for that. I am sorry for people slipping on ice. I worry about that. I don't go out much in this weather. I don't want emergency surgery and with my dental things I have to get done, it would be a problem. Enough of that.

I have been watching Comedy Christmas Shows. I watched a couple of romance movies. One was dumb. The Hallmark Romance Movies are great but not the one I watched last night. A nutty guy made a fool of himself and the woman didn't want him and she wanted another guy and the other guy thought she didn't want him. The guy who was being a fool was dancing around and doing crazy things and broke up with his girlfriend. Like really? I hope I get to watch better Christmas Romance movies tonight.

Merry Christmas! I pray for everyone. Maybe Santa will arrive at my door. Santa came to see me at the County Home when I worked years ago. He was a Fireman and came dressed as Santa because my friend asked him, to. That was sweet. The patients got up and saw him. He gave them candy canes and oranges. I hope Mr. Hooves will enjoy his Christmas and be alright. Thanks for all you do. Later. *StockingR* *SantaHat*

Hi on Christmas! Hope yours is a good one!

Give a special hello to Bella! *Cat2**Heart**Heartg*

I cannot go today as there is black ice and nothing is open. It just isn't doable. I wish I could. I went yesterday. I feel so sad about it, but there is no one to help me if I have a car problem. I cannot bring other people out on black ice because of going.

This is a sad and hard time.

I wish that things were different and that I had a lot of help. I do have friends, but I don't like to impose.

We don't have family here to help us.

That was a big mistake I guess, but too late now.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Christmas at home. My neighbor gave me a pot pie to eat. That is nice.

People are nice. I hope Mr. HOOves gets better and quits falling. That is my Christmas wish that he get stronger and better.

Merry Christmas! I went to Christmas Communion last night. It was 12 Degrees and Ray drove me. We had 2 drifts on the road. Christmas Communion was nice. I always feel such peace. I wish life could be peaceful. I didn't make it to Church this morning. Mom and Dad weren't going to be there. Ray and I are going to Mom's for Christmas Dinner.

Sorry you couldn't go out to see Mr. Hooves. Black ice is awful and snow is awful.

I watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. It was a Christmas episode and I watched the pilot.I have been watching Christmas movies. Romance ones.

Mom called and said Dad shoveled a path. With his heart problem, he shouldn't be doing that.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is doing well and you can go see him. I dread going out. It is so cold.

Bella *Cat* isn't eating much today. She was up running around at 5:00 AM.

Have a Merry Christmas. I said special prayers for you and Mr. Hooves at Christmas Communion last night. I pray things get better for all of us. Merry Christmas! *StockingV*
Hello on Wednesday, Dec 28.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Mr. HOOves and me.

Give Miss Bella a hug! *Cat2**Heartp*

On Monday night, Mr. HOOves was transferred to a nursing home/rehab place. It is a nice one, but is about 15 miles away. It is in the area we used to live in here and is very nice.

He is being stubborn about some things though and wanting to smoke (he can't) and threatening to get up on his own. He is not being as cooperative as he should be. The insurance approved this as his blood pressure got better. At first they were going to send him home with hospice. That could still happen I guess if this doesn't work in building his strength and if his heart doesn't cooperate. Please keep a good thought and some prayers for him to do what he needs to do and for it to work.

I am so scared and this time has been so hard. Sorry for being late writing.

I am so tired.

I am so glad to hear from you. I have been worrying and praying for you. Mr. Hooves can get the help he needs. It is hard being in Rehab. I was in Rehab to learn to walk again. I am hoping it won't happen again. It is hard living in one and working in one. I get what Mr. Hooves feels like and you, too. When I was younger and working, I guess I didn't think I would get old, too someday. I cared about people I took care of. Ray's grandfather was in the Nursing Home and I was the only one on nights who could handle him. My future was trying to tell me something. I am not always Susie Sunshine but I am in a better mood then my husband. I just hope to feel cheery.

We went to Mom and Dad's for Christmas. The snow *Snow1* was in drifts and Dad cleared a path and put a rug down. Dad shouldn't have been out there in the first place with his heart. It is going to rain *Rain* and that will melt the snow *Snow2* It will be easier to walk on dry pavement. It has been so windy *Wind* Pooh Bear says a blustery day. Lake Michigan has drifts and they said on TV not to go near the water. You could fall in a drift and the water. This was the worst Blizzard ever. Not around here but dashing in the snow hasn't been fun.

Ray took me to the hospital to get my Blood Test for my Oncologist. 30 Degrees yesterday. I went to Game Night last night. I fed the dogs cheeses and Mac and Cheese. They beg with their sweet little eyes. I don't know how anyone can be mean and abuse animals. I would like to abuse a person who hurts an animal. I don't get it.

Bella *Cat* has been chasing her milk rings. She is happy.

I have been watching The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. That makes me happy.

Things are quiet on here. Maybe New Years will be better for all of us. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Get some sleep. Try to watch shows that make you happy and visit Mr. Hooves when you can. Thanks for all you do.
Sometimes I lose track now of the days. I think it is Thurs, Dec 29.

I hope it has proven to be a good day for you.

Give Miss Bella my love! *Cat2**Heartv*

I am the first visitor to sign in the past few days. I stay for a while until they start his therapy sessions, then I come home.

The neighbor kids who take out our trash our out of town so their grandma helped me get my trash can out. I have lost so much weight now that it is hard for me to push the can out and down the driveway. I was grateful for her help because I do not want to fall.

My brother is offering his help, but I will wait and see. I think I can handle it now although I have to drive a ways to the facility. It's worth it to have him in a nice one.

I will take it day by day. I hope that he doesn't fall and that his blood pressure comes up and stays there. The Cancer Center people and doctors have been no help. They don't want to know about it. But I called and told them that the treatments have caused his blood pressure to tank. Their solution - call a cardiologist.

Unbelievable but consistent with a lot I have seen.

I am sad, scared and terrified of what is ahead of me. But I will do my best for him and to help as much as I can.

Anyway, I watch Downton when I am home because it is familiar and comforting. Then I watch The Gilded Age for the same reason.

Take care and I hope things are going your way. I have had hard times before, but nothing that hurts like this. Thank you so much for listening and for being my faithful friend.

I hope Mr. Hooves will be doing better and with a New Year, I hope and pray things will be better. I hope you will be feeling better. I am glad some people are helping you. I hope your brother will as well. Life can be scary and I know what you mean. I do hope 2023 will heal your hurt and life gets better.

I haven't been doing much on here. I did a few reviews. I wrote a story last week and I haven't done any Blog, I would like to say Journal. I hate the word Blog. Sounds like a monster of some kind. I didn't do the Campfire yesterday. I am doing it this morning.

We need a new computer. Our computer man and friend is looking online and we are getting one with everything. We have to update our windows. I don't know why they can't leave well enough alone. Like changing from VHS to DVD. Sometimes, it is better but you have to format blank DVDS to record. I did and it still didn't record. I just have a DVD Player now without VHS and my VHS Tapes are useless. I watch what I have on DVD and watch things on YouTube.

We are going to Mom's for New Years and New Years Day. I don't think I will have to dash in the snow. *Snow1* I hope not. I don't want to fall. I wish it was the 80's again or 90's.

It is supposed to rain *Rain* I need to get a few things done. I hope you will have a good day. My cousin's in-laws came to visit and she is unhappy. This is why we didn't get a Christmas with her.

You and Mr. Hooves are in my prayers. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. I am off to start my day. Later.

Hi on Friday. December 30.

I hope and pray it is a good day for you.

Give Miss Bella Kitty my love! *Cat2**Heartg**Heart*

I take it one day at a time. Mr. HOOves Blood Pressure numbers have improved. I got to see and bring home a printout of them. That is good.

Maybe he can come home sooner rather than later if he does what he needs to at the rehab thing. I went for about 3 hours this morning. My 95 year old uncle called to wish us well. That was so nice.

I am trying so hard, but I am sad about a lot of things and having issues with coping at times. I don't know what I would do without my brother and all my friends and neighbors.

Thank you for being my friend and for keeping Mr. HOOves in your prayers. He is in a nice facility. It is out of the city in a town near where he used to garden his vegeys. It is where he wanted to go. His friends can visit easily. There are some blessings.

Sometimes he is more willing to see them than others and when he can't see that he blames me.

I hope today is a good day for you and things go your way.

Keep those good thoughts for Mr. HOOves.

I am glad you got to see Mr. Hooves. I am sorry he blames you for things. Ray doesn't understand why I get stressed out and depressed. I was hoping for better things when I retired. I always feel down after the holidays. I thought my bladder was better but now I am not so sure. I pray things get better. Enough about me. I want good things for you and Mr. Hooves. Glad his blood pressure is better.

I cleaned house. I did something today. No rain. The big drift ice berg, I call it did melt. I am glad. I hope Mom and Dad's drift melted as well. It warmed up. That is good.

Bella *Cat* wants to eat and I am cutting back on her dry food today. She had extra last night. She will not stay off my Dining Room table. My aunt says you can't make a cat or dog behave like a human in the house. Some humans don't behave like humans. HOW WELL WE KNOW THAT!! Just look at the world.

I am happy to be here for you. Medical problems are so depressing. This crap started three years ago and other problems are out there. I feel like never leaving the house at all. All I can do is pray and try to offer encouraging words. I understand about being sad. This too will pass. I try to keep that in mind. I pass that on to you.

Ray is going to a Union Party. He is retired but he helped with the Union when he worked. I am not going. I don't know anyone. I will have the TV to myself tonight.

I am going to watch The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I wouldn't mind living in a pretty cottage by the ocean with a sea Captain Ghost. The ghost is quite handsome.

Have a good weekend. Happy 2023! I wish StoryMistress would make a 2023 Merit Badge. May this be our year to be uplifted and happy!

Hi on New Years Eve.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better.

Give Miss Bella a New Year's pet from me! *Cat2**Heartb*

I went early to see Mr. HOOves. Our friends came to see him too while I was there. He wasn't in the best mood so I came back. It's supposed to be a lot of rain so I wanted to get there and back safely. I also had to go get gas, go to the P.O. and get some groceries.

They are giving Mr. HOOves a different Blood Pressure medicine to bring his blood pressure up more. They are trying and the people seem nice. He gets in a mood, but it is a nice place and he wanted to go there. It' s quite a drive for me but I did it because I heard it was good and he expressed interest in it.

Staying home and watching Downton Abbey, that's what I'm doing. I am so thankful for our friends and neighbors and for my brother in this. I don't know what I would have done without them. And for you lifting my spirits here when we share in our campfire. I would be lost without this love and support.

I hope that you enjoy your movie. I will be watching Downton, the series and the movies.

Happy New Years Eve!

Happy New Year! I don't feel very festive. I don't think my antibiotic helped. I will go forward today and see how things go with me. We are going to Mom's and I am ordering Pizza Hut Pizza and Noodles Fettuccine. Mom bought Cinnamon Rolls the other day.

I am sorry Mr. Hooves isn't happy and I do hope he feels better. Greeting New Years being sick is no fun. Glad he had some company. I do hope you will be feeling better and things will get better.

It stopped raining. I am not cold for once. I am just right. I guess we won't be getting snow *Snow1* for awhile. That is okay with me. Winter is scary in itself.

Bella *Cat* didn't eat a lot for lunch. Maybe she is getting filled up. She will be alone tonight for a few hours. I always thought it would be fun to go to Time Square when I was younger. Now, I have no desire to go. I am just content to watch the ball drop on TV.

I read Devotions. I read the first few pages of my Danielle Steel's Book The Whittiers. I haven't felt like reading. I would rather watch TV Shows or movies.

I am happy to be writing in this Campfire. I appreciate you writing in it as well. You have been an inspiration to me and a good friend. I am happy to be here for you.

Happy New Year! I am always thinking of you. Give my best to Mr. Hooves. Later.
Happy New Year! I hope it is a better year for all of us.

Have a nice day, today and try to relax some if you can.

Give Bella a nice pet for me! *Cat2**Heartg*

I am back from visiting Mr. HOOves. I asked about and took care of a couple of things that were worrying him. He is not happy with me no matter what, but I am trying to help him. I was the first one there again and stayed a good while. I brought his laundry home to wash.

It is a nice facility. It really is from all I see. I don't think any place like that is perfect, but the people are nice and caring that I've interacted with.

For me to go is scary in a couple of ways, but I will keep on going. I hope he cooperates and doesn't do anything dumb, but that's the big thing right now. He thinks he can do more than he can actually do in terms of strength and balance. Of course, with the holiday, there is no Phys Therapy today so he's mad about that, but I mean it's New Year's Day. Things will pick up (I hope) tomorrow.

Oh well. I hope he uses some sense.

I watched a lot of Downton yesterday and not much else. I can go to sleep to it so it's very soothing for me.

Take care and I hope the New Year is a good one for you and a good one here too. Thanks for being my friend always and for writing with me and having good thoughts to send my way and Mr. HOOves way.

Ray and I went to Mom's last night. I have trouble getting up Mom's stairs to go to the bathroom. Her rails and steps are awful. She says Dad has problems, too and they need make their house safe with rails and a stair cart thing. We had pizza and watch the ball drop . We will only be there 3 hours tonight.

It was hazy today. No sun. No rain. I will be glad to be home tomorrow night.

I am sorry Mr. Hooves is unhappy. Rehab centers are no fun. It was nice to get home. I hope 2023 will be better for you. It hasn't started out that way. It will be time to take the tree down.

My cousin's daughter doesn't want a lot of people at her wedding in Michigan. I may not go. I don't know how things will be by then.

Bella *Cat* has been sleeping . She eats and sleeps.

I do hope Mr. Hooves does well with therapy. You are in my prayers. Maybe New Years is starting out slow. I hope things will be alright.

I watched Without A Trace today. I always liked that show.

Have a good week. Thanks for listening. I am always happy to listen to you as well. You are a treasure. Later.
Hi on Monday. January 2.

I went early and am back for now. It was very foggy driving there this morning. Mr. HOoves keeps getting up on his own when he is supposed to ask for help. I am afraid he will fall, but I told them to remind him. He's being very stubborn about everything.

His friend came to visit him while I was there too and he tried to talk sense into him, but it didn't seem to work.

I hope it is a good day for you and a nice start to the New Year!

Give Miss Bella a hug! *Cat2**Heartv*

I have nothing new to report. I have been watching Downton and some You Tube on the Royal Family. I keep the TV on when I go to sleep at night. So, Downton keeps running and then when I get to it I go back to the part I slept through.

I hope that things get better here so that Mr. HOOves can get better and come home and be normal. I just don't know what awaits, though.

Take care and I hope it is a good day and things go good.

We went to New Years at Mom's. Dad fell. He was dizzy trying to go downstairs. Ray helped him up. Dad's sugar was too high. A Shot of insulin raised it. We were going go home before Dad fell. We stayed a half hour and he was better. Not a way to greet 2023. I hope things perk up. The house needs safety gadgets.

I am glad you got to see Mr. Hooves again. In Rehab, a sign said: Call, Don't Fall. Men are stubborn. That's what they do. I have one of those men. I hope Mr. Hooves feels better and is getting the help he needs.

It is rainy and foggy and hazy here. I just got my hair done. My beautician's Covid Test was Negative. I am glad. I sure am glad. I don't want Covid. That is done. She will be back in Texas for a few months.

I haven't watched any movies. I watched Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and Wings. I watched Without A Trace. Daphne's brother Simon from Frasier is on there. Simon was silly and his character on Without A Trace is a serious, good policeman.

I am trying to do Blog entries again. I may enter The Bards Hall Contest this month. Forger Dear Me. I just made a Blog entry. I have no big plans. Just a new partial knee!

We ordered a new computer. Windows 11. We have a computer man coming over to help us. He just got back from driving ti New York. The computer will arrive Friday.

Bella *Cat* was up. She hasn't over ate today. I do to follow her lead on that.

I do hope Mr. Hooves gets better. I do hope you are feeling well. Thanks for all you do. Happy 2023. Later.
Hi on Tuesday. January 3, 2023.

I hope it is a good day for you. I am so sorry to hear that your Dad fell. To have someone fall is such a scary thing for everybody. You are all in my thoughts and my prayers, too. *Heart*

Give my best to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heart*

Mr. HOOves was not nice this morning. I stayed, but then he got all demanding about the smoking. They will work with him, they say. He is really taking it out on me. It makes it hard. I stayed for a couple of hours, but when he got aggressive, I was afraid he would fall. So, I told someone and she said they would talk to him. They did and called me later about it.

I just have to hope for the best and that he won't blow it at this point. He has been since Dec. 17 without smoking as far as I know. It doesn't help his blood pressure going too low and causing him to fall.

I am home, trying to rest for now. Who knows what the next minute will bring now.

Watched Downton and some of The Gilded Age.

I saw a clip of Prince Harry saying he wans his father and brother back. After he trashes them on Netflix and in a book.

He's very odd in his expectations. Some muddled thinking going on there.

I hope it is a good day for you and the year is off to a good start now and your Dad is better.


I saw my Doctor today. The visit went well. I had a Vitamin B 12 Shot. At least he didn't find anything else wrong with me. That is a good thing. He told me I should take a trip to England. I would love to but I have to get a knee replacement and maybe someday I will be alright. I don't tell my Doctor about my knee {he already knows} and my UTI because he can't help with that. He was off on my UA last time so I have to trust my Urologist I hope. I got a call out to my Urologist again. I am better off and on again but I want to know. I felt good last night and the other night. If I have a UTI all winter, I won't be happy. I need to know and see what the Doctor wants to do next. I still have a Dentist Appointment end of the month. I pray things work out. I did get Med Refills today.

I am sorry Mr. Hooves is upset. It is hard for people to smoke to quit and not smoking does affect one's attitude. I quit years ago and I am glad I did. I pray he will won't miss smoking anymore and will be strong enough to come home and be alright.

Dad is alright. He needs to take his sugar on time and do his insulin so he doesn't get dizzy. THAT is no fun, either. Being dizzy. I do worry about him and the world.

Ray and I went to Mejer. I got some frozen foods. I got chocolate muffins, chips and dip. I didn't look for anything else. It was hazy and foggy. It is supposed to rain *Rain* again. It rained earlier.

I folded up laundry. Tomorrow, I will start working on the tree.

Bella *Cat* got her lunch. She had a coughing spell. She gets those every few weeks.

Harry. He needs to set his wife straight. He missed out on his grandmother's last days. His grandfather as well. William is probably hurt and I get that. Meghan is selfish and spoiled.

I hope Mr. Hooves gets better and things will be better. Hoping for a good year and life. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on what I think is Thursday. January 5. I lose track of days.

I hope you have a good day and you feel good today and always.

Give my love to Miss Bella Kitty. *Heart**Cat*

Mr. HOOves is set to come home tomorrow. I am not sure he's ready and I hope I am ready. But they got sick of him I think with the constant fussing about smoking. But I hope that he will come home and cooperate but in his own house he can smoke if he chooses, although he's been without it for 3 weeks almost.. His blood pressure falls to low, but they are trying to correct that with different medicine.. I'm not sure it's working.

I bought him a wheel chair that insurance doesn't pay for. He really needs it. I hope I can lift it.

A nurse will come evaluate him either Saturday or Monday. I hope he behaves until then but he has to argue with everything it seems.

It's just hard times.

When I can, I watch Gilded Age and Downton over and over.

I find both shows comforting and I fall asleep to them, too.

Today I was so tired, but I went grocery shopping.

Take it one day at a time here. I just hope that the falling doesn't start up again.

Thank you for writing with me and being my friend and for sharing the lovely review!


Good Morning. I am glad to see you are here. I have been concerned about you. I do hope Mr. Hooves can get better at home. I hope the wheelchair works for him and he can walk again. I do hope he feels better. Life seems to get harder lately. Winter doesn't make things easier.

Mom and I went to see our friend yesterday. She has to stay at home because she has arthritis and is laid up. She has 4 beautiful cats. The one is big and is brown and white. I fell in love with him. Mom did, too. He is friendly but I fall in love with all cats.

I watched Dirty Dancing last night. I watch The Pink Panther and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

We had a rain and snow mix yesterday. The weather is quiet today.

Mom and I went to Burkes. I got new PJs and purple make up bags.

Bella *Cat* had her egg this morning. She has been playing a lot lately.

I hope you are getting enough rest. I hope Mr. Hooves will do better at home. Have a good day. I hope you have a good weekend as well. Thanks for all you do. You are in my prayers. Later.
Hi. I had to stop and think what day it is. I think it is Saturday January 7.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give my best to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

Mr. HOOves is home. Our friends were angels and helped us. We are getting no help so far from health care people. It is bad and his condition isn't getting better. He's losing the ability to move around as much. He was motivated to come home, but now we wait and don't hear from PT. Every Day I call. I guess it is two days, but nothing so far. No planning. Nothing. I guess because it is a weekend.

The wheel chair works good. Our friend helped us get it home and helped us get it in. It is way to heavy for me to lift. Our friends were angels to come and help us.

He has a hard time remembering how to get up. I don't know why. He's not himself most of the time. It's like someone else is here that I am so worried about. I am sleeping downstairs, but until he gets a bed, he's in his easy chair and I'm on the couch. I don't want him to get up in the night and fall. So, I don't sleep much so far.

He says off the wall things sometimes. I am scared. I don't know what is happening with him or why.

Well I will cut this short. Today he is watching one of your favorites I think. CSI Miami. I like it - it distracts me.

Take care and I hope things go your way today and always. Keep a good thought for him!

They say I will have to take him to primary care on Tues. I can't lift him and he can't get up. I don't know how they expect things to happen.

Thanks for listening to me. It is hard times here and I lose track of things sometimes. I am so tired.

Hi on a Saturday. It is a week into 2023. It doesn't seem possible. Too early to tell if it will be a good year.

Glad Mr. Hooves got his wheelchair. I am glad you have some help. I do hope he will feel better and be all cured. I hope you will get some rest and life will be good for you.

My Urologist's office never called back. Ray had to go to town today. He stopped at the hospital and asked if there a Urology Order for me. There is and it is dated December 22 last year! He had put me on the antibiotic and I thought I was to call after I finished the antibiotic. Heaven forbid they call me. I am going in Monday to leave a UA. I pray I get better someday.

CSI; Miami always makes me feel better. Tomorrow, Without A Trace is on. I will watch that. I watched That Girl, a dumb giant spider movie, Petticoat Junction, Green Acres and The Partridge Family I hope.

Bella *Cat* has been quiet today. I haven't done much today.

I hope things will be better for you. You can always talk to me. I am thankful for you. I hope Therapy calls you about Mr. Hooves and things get better for all of us. Have a good day. Later.
Hi on Monday. It is January 9.

I hope it is a good day for you and you get some answers that are good.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet! *Cat2**Heartv*

We still haven't had a call from therapy. all this time. I keep calling and calling and they say it will happen, but it doesn't. So, he had no therapy Fri, Sat and Sun. Still no word today.

Well you know how it is in medicine. They promise things then let us down.

We watched some more CSI Miami and Downton Season 2.

He is not getting better with no therapy. There is a doctor appointment tomorrow at primary care, but I don't know how I will get him there. I hope there are no falls or mishaps.

Keep a good thought for this to get straightened out for Mr. HOOves. We hope things will be better for you and go smoother now in the new year.

Sending hugs!

My Urologist called and said they would give me a UA Order today. I told her I found out I had one for December 22 and was going to go with that. The girl said it would be okay. I went to the hospital and got the UA done. The receptionist sent me to the Lab and the Lab told me to go register. I told her they sent me over to them. They gave me what I need. Like really? I have sinus issues today. I hope I get my problems solved. I get so tired of things.

I do hope you hear from Therapy and things get better for Mr. Hooves. I blame Biden for everything. I suppose that is wrong. I am thinking of good thoughts for you and Mr. Hooves. We all need better days.

The weather is quiet. It is just waiting to do something bad. It is 38 Degrees. It is going to warm up and then get cold.

Bella *Cat* has been playful. She is happy. She runs around like a kitten.

I went to Church yesterday. I enjoyed Church more before Covid. This isn't right. Things are just different. I pray things will be like they used to be at Church. So many people have left that I miss.

I watched Without A Trace yesterday. They show that instead of CSI: Miami. They changed all the shows I used to watch. I will be watching my CD's. I hate when they change shows around.

I hope things are going better for you. I got some of my ornaments off the tree. Tomorrow, I will take the rest down. Wednesday, I see my Oncologist. I hope he has good news.

Have a good week. Here is to better days. Later.
Hi on Tuesday. It is January 10.

I hope today is good for you and the less you have to do with health care stuff the better.

Today, nurses are supposed to come. Yesterday, a Phy Therapist came. We will see how it goes and take it a day at a time.

Give Miss Bell Kitty my best! *Cat2**Heart*

I am going on very little sleep. Every time Mr. HOOves has to get up with the walker, I have to be alert and jump up, too in case he falls. All night long. Plus, all the smoking is gross. He used to do it just certain places.

Oh well.

Trying my best to maintain my sanity. I don't get much help (as we know) from any health care source. I am not sure who I blame. Obama and Biden maybe.

Mr. HOOves will need more medicine than they gave him at the health care place, but getting it done is a challenge.

I will take it one day at a time and try not to have a nervous breakdown. Trying to get a hospital bed delivered. Seems the insurance has authorized it so I don't know why they can't get it out here and in the ground floor where it needs to be. He's uncomfortable in his easy chair, but whatever. He wanted to come home and smoke and didn't consider much else.

In some ways, I think he expects me to carry him on my back up the stairs. Well, it isn't happening. I have lost a lot of weight, too. More than 30 pounds in this whole nightmare.

Watching Downton. Nurses should be here soon.

Take care and I hope today is good to you in a lot of ways, my dear friend!

Keep a good thought for Mr. HOOves and that he won't be nasty to me today.

I do hope Mr. Hooves will be doing better. Glad he is using a walker. Smoking is a hard habit to break. Our patients at work lived for their cigarettes. We had rules for them and they didn't like it. I am praying for you and Mr. Hooves. I hope the Nurse will be helpful and have good advice. Most Nurses know what they are doing.

I got the ornaments off the tree. We took the angel off. We need to get the houses down. It is hard for me with leg pain. Your back hurts, too from doing things. I pray I get this knee surgery and the Dentist will quit peeing around with me and do things. I did love having the tree up but now after Christmas, a reality check.

We have no snow *Snow2* or *Rain* Ray watches all those police shows I hate and that's what we argue about. I watch my old comedy shows and I watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir on YouTube. I think I have seen all of them. I forgot how much I loved that show when I was a kid. I love that Captain. He was handsome.

Bella *Cat* tried to help with the tree. She bought me a milk ring. I threw it once. She slept all morning.

Tonight is Game Night. I hate to go sometimes. I like staying home at night. I hope to go home by 10:00 PM.

I try to be positive about things. I may take down some more Christmas ornaments. I hope you will get more sleep and eat and gain some weight back to help your strength. I am always thinking of you. Praying the world gets better for us all. I see my Oncologist tomorrow. I hope that visit goes well. Thanks for being here and writing with me. Always a pleasure. Later. Give Mr. Hooves my best.

Hi on Wednesday. It is January 11.

We are in hard times here. I hope it is a good day and your Dr. appt. goes good. I hope that our game night went good.

Give Miss Bella Kitty our best. *Cat2**Heartg*

The nurse seemed helpful. We need a hospital bed here for Mr. HOOves. We have been trying to get it since he was released. I can't get straight answers. You know how that is. Everyone, including the nurse, thinks it is needed.

Health care isn't set up to help people. It is so scary when you get caught in it. We have to wait for them and hope he will be okay in the meantime. He seems to be losing strength. I don't really get that and maybe the bed would help. The chair isn't that comfortable for him and he can't get up the stairs.

Well, we hope people will be kind. The doctor is supposed to call later today. The primary care doctor. He said he would do that and not force me to drag him in there. I don't know how on earth it would happen since he can barely hold the walker now.

Anyway, sleep would be nice. But It isn't happening.

Take care and I hope today is good to you. You deserve the best.

Maybe looking forward to days without health care concerns in the future.

Be well and enjoy your Wednesday.

It is Wednesday. I saw my Oncologist. My Hemoglobin/ Iron is good. I need infusions. That is good. I will still be on iron tabs and blood thinners. I didn't like having low hemoglobin. I go back in 6 months. The other blood work is good.

I do hope Mr. Hooves has a therapist coming over to help him. I hope you get more sleep and are doing okay. Glad the Nurse was helpful. Healthcare worries me. The hospital called and asked what time I did my Urine Test. I hope they didn't screw up. My foot braces were approved. Tomorrow is make phone calls day. I need a Ladies Exam. I am due for that. I hope that goes well. We spend all our time at the Doctors. I know you are there with Mr. Hooves a lot. I want to do fun things. NOT VISIT A DOCTOR ALL THE TIME. We shouldn't have to wait days for help with medical stuff. A hospital bed would be helpful and hope Mr. Hooves gets one.

We got all the Christmas Decorations put away. I love Christmas but I wish I could hire someone to decorate. I would be willing to pay them $50.00. The Tree is still up. I will take that down tomorrow. Bella *Cat* will be over the moon. *Moon* She can stay out there all she wants after tomorrow.

Game Night went well. I won at Skipbo and Apples. I lost at Upwords. The girls, dogs are so sweet. It wasn't cold or snowy. It is supposed to rain *Rain* tonight.

I seem to run of time to do things. The Christmas decorations take a lot of time. I can go back to a regular cleaning routine.

I am going to watch Big Sky tonight. I hope to watch Downton Abbey again. Ray is watching Pickers. Like really? Just give me old comedy and old Drama TV Shows.

Have a good day. I am here for you. I pray things get better. Thanks for all you do. Reading the Campfire brightens my day. Give my best to Mr. Hooves.

Hi on Thursday. It is January 12.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Heart**Cat2*

Last night a plumber had to come. Late, but he fixed the issue. I am talking late late.


So, today we wait and hope for the bed. Everyone seems concerned, but no one can make it happen except for the Health Care Company that doesn't care. Well. We will see. I talked to the primary care doctor on the phone and so did Mr. HOOves. He is helpful, especially with sorting through the medications. The thing is getting through to his staff to get to him.

I am glad your Oncology was positive. So, that is behind you for a while. That is good.

We try and do our best. Today we wait for the bed. I do not get these people.

Why don't they want to help others. Why go into health care, anyway.


The PT guy comes this afternoon. Once the bed gets here, I might go to the grocery/and or to get the medicines. We will see. I have to tell myself I can only do what I can do. And take deep breaths.

It is a battle here and there. A constant fight where things pop up to handle.

If that bed comes, I move on to getting food and the meds. Then the next thing. Then the next thing.

This whole situation has forced some introspection I wasn't expecting.

There are surprises along the way. The plumber last night was unbelievably nice and kind. Who would have thought a plumber coming late at night could be a bright spot in the day. But it was.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday.

Keep a good thought that the bed will arrive.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is making progress and a Nurse helps him and keeps giving good care. Health Care Companies. I am waiting to hear from my Urologist's Office. I have a foot brace on order. I do pray for you and think of you. Life isn't very kind. I wish people never got sick and we didn't need to call Doctors. It is hard to trust people working in Health Care. Same ole story. Not enough help. I hope things improve for all of us sometime this year like yesterday.

My Diverticulitis was acting up last night. I took a pill my stomach Doctor gave me for it and it helped. My bladder is better off and on. Hopefully, I will get better.

That is nice the plumber came over real late. We had a heating man come over late and he was a friend which helped. The computer guy comes over Monday to help us with the new computer. We will have Windows 11 and I hope to Hanna that they are done making new windows Upgrade. It isn't necessary!

It has been hazy and foggy all day. It is raining in some areas in our state. Maybe some light snow *Snow5* tomorrow.

Biden is hiding documents. So, Biden is a crook. Good. They picked on Trump. Prince Harry is on talk shows whining. I didn't watch any of them. They say Charles isn't his father. The Media loves having a field day.

Bella *Cat* came to visit me after Ray went to Walmart. I was still in bed. She meows. I guess she didn't like my YouTube Playlist. Mommy Does. She wanted Mommy to get up.

I hope today went well. I need to take the tree down. The only thing left. This Christmas is just a memory. Our Christmas Clock still plays Christmas music.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am saying prayers for you. Hope you are sleeping and feeling good. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is January 13.

Another day. I hope it treats you good and things go your way and you feel better. It is so hard when we don't feel good.

Give Miss Bella Kitty my love! *Cat2**Heartv*

We waited and waited all day and finally after 4 the bed came. Hallelujah. It has made things better. Last night instead of getting up 20 times, I got up 4 times with him.

I was still tired, but I did get some sleep, which makes it easier to help him up.

All the health care people who have come have been nice. A home health lady came today to get him clean. I can't lift him because of having back surgery and hip replacement. But we will need that for a while twice a week. He had to be talked into it but insurance covers it so he needs to get a clue. He really believes I can sling him over my shoulder if I want and do everything.

Not realistic at all.

So, today I went and got the meds I was so worried about. One thing at a time.

The bed is comfy and nice. It is better than I thought and better then he thought. If we had the bed earlier, it would have been so good. But it took almost a week.

Sometimes, he is really angry at me but I am trying not to take it all personally. I know people sometimes are nasty when they have health issues. My father wasn't that way.

I hope I am never this way to people. It makes everything tougher.

Got up and demanded french toast and wanted to cook it himself. Not living in real world right now. Really angry over it. Sometimes, I am so tired and even afraid for things.

Will be good when can reason with him again if that happens.

Watched CSI Miami and Survivor.

I can't get into Harry and his troubles. He would have been whining about Diana if she had lived. That's how much of a whiner I think Harry is. If anything happens, it isn't Harry's fault, ever. Plus, he's so entitled to things.

He's middle aged so he is pretty clueless for someone that age who has kids. I don't out much hope and I feel for Charles, even though I don't like Charles.

Kate and William, too. Anyone in the path of Harry's jealousy can be hurt.

Take care and I hope everything goes your way today and always!

Friday the 13th. I called my Urologist's Office but no call back. I will have to wait until next week. My Urologist will have to do that procedure again. Good thing I am not scheduled for my other surgery, yet. This is so annoying. On to the weekend. Maybe a miracle will happen.

I am glad Mr. Hooves got his bed. I know what you mean about your back. I can't get off the floor. I can bend down. I can no longer get on the floor and sit. I am glad the bed is nice. I am glad the Health Care People are helpful. Medicare knows people get old and need more health care and help. They should pay all of it. THAT is why they are in the business. Like at work. The companies didn't want to pay for things. Too bad. You signed up for this gig. Some clown is getting rich off the mentally ill and elderly. It is so annoying. That is my soap box speech.

Monday, a guy is coming over to work on our computer. He is a friend. He is bringing his wife and one year old kid with him. I haven't been around a kid that young in awhile. Hopefully, things will go alright. We need a new computer. That will help solve a few problems.

Bella *Cat* scratched my back foot. She ran over my foot and still has her hind claws. I was wearing socks but still needed a band-aid. My knight in shining armor fell off the tree and broke his arm and foot. That is my Friday the 13th.

Harry. Poor little rich, whiny Prince. He is second best. I don't know. I still think I should take him and Meghan out of my curio cabinet. I will put them in Ray's pool barn to be with a stray mouse that comes to visit. Shame on me.

Not much else going on. I did vacuum. get the tree down and cleaned the bathrooms. I did laundry. I was busy today.

I do hope Mr. Hooves will get better. He wants to do things on his own. I keep doing things on my own. I get so down, too. I hope you have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Praying things get better. Thanks for listening.

Hi on Saturday, January 14.

I hope it is a good day for you. Who fell out of the tree? I hope everyone is okay and the scratch is healing. The good things about weekends (if someone isn't in the hospital or rehab place) is that no health care happens much. I don't know why they can't return calls anymore.

Tell Miss Bella be careful and give her a hug! *Cat2**Heartv*

We take it day by day. I don't think anyone is coming today so we get a break. Mostly he is resting during the day and up a lot at night.

I made a nice breakfast today and yesterday and he seemed to like that. But I get tired after a while sometimes. Maybe today I can rest a little, too.

Sometimes I am so tired, I can hardly stand up.

I don't know where this is headed. Maybe they will tell us soon or maybe they don't know. The bed makes his getting around easier so I am thankful for that right now. I was able to get his meds yesterday at Target and to stock up on some groceries. It is scary to leave him for any time, so I do it in short spurts when I have to run errands.

Take care and I hope your computer gets how you want it.

Sometimes technology makes things tougher.

Enjoy some rest time this weekend!

The Urologist's Office called and said I have a UTI. So, they had to wait to see what antibiotic I need. The Nurse called today and the Lab didn't get back with them. I have to wait Monday. This is nice. NOT! I think I may need to be in the hospital for IV's. I hate to say that but enough is enough. I just hope they have a miracle Med for me and I get straightened out.

My knight that fell off my tree is a knight in shining armor ornament. I bought this ornament in Michigan at the Christmas Store in the English section. I really like this ornament. I have to super glue his arm and foot back on. Friday the 13th is hanging on with me. Like seriously. I am sorry that you thought it was a human. We don't need someone falling out of a tree.

I do hope you are feeling better. I had to take a Xanax. My stress level is off. I did sleep almost 7 hours for once. I do hope Mr. Hooves had a better day and is having a good weekend.

I watched Just Shoot Me, The Partridge Family, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, Murphy Brown. I should watch a movie or my Newhart DVD tonight after Ray goes to bed.

I got some nice reviews here. I may write something for Bards Hall this month. You pick a character from your favorite show and write a story for them and how you would change the story line.

Bella *Cat* wants to play throw the milk ring. She left one the other day by me at the computer and I didn't see it. She has them all over the place. She didn't scratch my foot today.

No snow *Snow5* It is supposed to rain *Rain* Monday.

That's all that is going on. Have a good week. I am glad the new bed helps Mr. Hooves. Thanks for all you do. I am glad you are here on this journey with me.

Hi on Monday. It is January 16.

We take it one day at a time.

I hope you get the medicine that you need today and start getting better.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet from us! *Cat2**Heartv*

Some days are better than others. Sometimes Mr. HOOves has weakness on one side. I do not know why. But it seems to come and go. So if he has it, he rests and we try again for him to get on the walker.

Glad that it wasn't a person that fell. Probably just me being confused from lack of sleep here.

We are up and down all night and sometimes he can't get up to walk and we have to wait. In the middle of the night, that is scary and he won't let me call for help.

One day at a time.

We watched a show called The Guardian during the day and Downton at night.

I hope to go to the grocery store today. We are supposed to have one lady come that I know of this afternoon.

Take care and know I am thinking of you, keeping you in my prayers. I hope things get better and we get some answers that make sense as the new week begins..

We got a new computer today. The man and his wife came over with their baby. It went well. The baby *BabyBoy* and Bella *Cat* got along. The baby petted Bella. She didn't mind. She played with his ball and the cord on his toy truck. It took 6 hours to download everything. We got a new keyboard and mouse. The baby*BabyBoy* was good. It may take some getting used to this new computer. The man's wife and I watched the dinosaur *DinoTrex* movie.

I do hope Mr. Hooves feels better today and can do more. I do hope you are doing better as well.

We went to town to get my antibiotic. The nurse called at 9:15 this morning. I will be taking my antibiotic twice a day. I will start tonight. We got McDonalds while we were in town.

I watched Gilligan's Island last night.

Not a lot to tell. It took all day for the computer to download. I made a new friend today. It rained *Rain* all day. Not hard. It may rain *Rain* tomorrow as well and then again Wednesday.

I went to Church yesterday. A new lady with an emotional support dog will be coming to Church. It will seem strange and nice to have a dog in Church.

You are in my prayers. I hope things get better for you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. January 17.

I hope today is good to you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Heartv*

I hope you enjoy your new computer. It is good to make a new friend at any time. That is always a blessing.

We did okay during the day, but then last night Mr. HOOves fell again. Had to call EMTs. They came and helped him up and he refused to go to the hospital and cannot remember how he fell so it could be the drop in blood pressure. So, today the Occupational Therapy lady is coming. I called her and told her what happened and she said she would not make him do strenuous stuff and would check him out from last night.

It seems like we take one step forward and three steps back. He just sleeps and sleeps right now. I don't think we are going in the right direction. Sometimes, it's like he's not himself now anyway.

The EMTs were here at midnight. Some remembered him from their visits here in early December.

I don't know where we are headed. I was so hopeful that bed would make a big difference. He likes it, but he's not awake much now.

Take care and I hope today is good to you.

I feel like things are not getting better right now. But I have hope.

Another day. I am so sorry that Mr. Hooves fell again. Seems like we have days when we think things will be alright and then they aren't. Life is like a roller coaster. I hope and pray things get better for you. I get tired of dealing with medical stuff. I get tired of Medicare deciding what they don't want to pay for when we need things for our health. That bothers me. I hope the Nurse can help Mr. Hooves.

It is hazy and chilly. It is going to rain *Rain* and snow *Snow2* the rest of the week.

Bella *Cat* has been quiet today. She was up yesterday and was intrigued by the baby that was here. I don't know how she would react to a baby every day. I am too old for a baby *BabyBoy* in my house. It was nice one came for a visit. Bella *Cat* is sleeping.

Things are quiet on here. I haven't written anything. Just Blog entries. I don't have many ideas right now.

I heard Harry's book sold 3 million copies already. I don't think I will be buying it. I get tired of the Royals secrets and scandals. I always thought Harry was quiet but he isn't. He is troubled.

I do hope you are able to get things done and go grocery shopping. I go see the Dentist next week. I will be glad when these visits are over. I hope to get my UTI problems taken care of. I did better the other night.

I am making noodles for supper. I haven't cooked much lately.

I do hope Mr. Hooves will get better. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Wednesday, January 18.

We take it one day at a time.

The nurse helped us with wound care and wrote directions for me to wrap Mr. HOOves arm. I hope I can do a good job with it.

Hoping your day is good and things go your way!!

Give our best to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg*

I need to get some sleep. I cannot sleep very well. I hope maybe tonight I can get some rest. We will see.

When I say one day at a time, I try and focus on what's good. Some days it's hard.

We will see how it goes I guess. We started re-watching Blue Bloods. I can only do what I can do I guess. I don't even really understand what that means.

It will be good if I can do a good job at cleaning and rewrapping his arm. He hurt it when he fell, but is lucky he didn't hurt anything else. I hope no more falls, but I am so afraid it will happen again.

That's about all for today.

I wish you only the best and that everything goes good for you today and always.


I didn't like doing wound care but as a QMA, Nurse, I had to. It took me 2 or 3 tries but I did it. What I hated was trying to do it with one hand like in First Aid. Why they think we had to do this, I don't know. An administrator from another facility laughed at how I did it. He was a jerk. I told him to buzz off. I got the job done and I wasn't bad at it. You may not get it the first time but keep trying. You don't get it wrapped too tight. Ask Mr. Hooves how it feels and put your finger under the bandage to check. If you can wear gloves. I hope I am being helpful. We had a man at work who scratched the crap of his leg. It started to bleed. The mental health made the patients buy their own supplies. The man had 2 bandages left and their was no cling wrap. I used the 2 bandages, 2 by 4 and wrapped his leg with Walmart bags and scotch tape! I had to make do. The one CNA went to Walmart after breakfast and bought bandages and didn't charge the facility or patient. Anyway, I made do and the boss knew I had to make do. I was proud of myself.

The computer works great. My new photos I download to use on, I had a heck of time trying to find them. I did find them and put them in one file so I can use them. I learned how to transfer my pictures. I was upset and shed a few tears. I hate upgrading and change. Like new Fax machines at work. They always change things. I hate change. I won't need to call the computer man at least. Three cheers for me!

It is going to rain *Rain* I feel cold. I always do. It is 40 Degrees.

Ray is working in his shop. He has shoulder pain and he had that stroke 7 years ago and he has to be careful standing up at times. Sometimes, Bella *Cat* gets in the way but she can run like the Roadrunner in the cartoons.

I do hope you will get more sleep. I will be up early if Ray goes to Walmart. I hope things get better for all of us. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for keeping in touch. Later. I wasn't try to be bossy. I don't know a lot of things but I try to be helpful with what I do know. Have a good day. Give Mr. Hooves my best.

Hi on Thursday. It is January 19.

I hope it is a good day for you and you didn't have to get up too early. Thanks for the tips on the wound care. It went well. We both felt good about it. I did what you said and didn't do it tight and kept asking him. The nurse gave us supplies and I ordered some more. She said she would get the doctor to order some more, but that's dealing with the Dr's staff, so I don't look for anything to come quick. Thanks again for the help! *Heart*

Give Miss Bella our best. *Cat2**Heartv*

We all have to take it easy and be careful. I am so scared Mr. HOOves will fall again and do more injury to himself. He is not scared even though he is the one that gets hurt falling.

I don't know if that's a man thing or a brain thing from him having brain radiation. He doesn't think like he used to sometimes.

I went to the grocery store fast yesterday. Occupational Therapist and Phys Therapist are supposed to come today. No one came yesterday. I hope they don't tire him too much.

We watched Blue Bloods all day and night.

Since we both enjoy that, it's good, better than Most shows. I think that NCIS and Blue Bloods are like that for us.

Take care and I hope that today is a good day for you. Thanks again for the help!


I am glad my suggestions helped. I helped Ray wrap his arm after his surgery. Sometimes, I think I chose the wrong job to be in but when I can help myself and others, I feel I did a good thing by working in nursing. I do hope Mr. Hooves is feeling better and come spring, he will be back to himself. My cousins had Covid. The daughter got it from being on an airplane! I won't be making any plane trips. I haven't been out of the house since Sunday. I may go to to Church Sunday but it may rain *Rain* or snow *Snow2* It is trying to rain *Rain* right now.

No Walmart trip so I slept in. Ray did bring me home a chocolatey cake roll with butter creme frosting inside. I love cake rolls.

I do hope the Occupational Therapist came over. I hate therapy but I needed it after my surgery for my wound care and of course, learning to walk again. I will no longer let an occupational therapist overstep their boundaries with me. That happened to me. I met a lot of workers like that. I had to remind myself what my boundaries where at my job when I worked.

Sorry Mr. Hooves doesn't always remember things. That radiation is rough. I hope he will be alright and remember things again.

Bella *Cat* is back in the computer room with me. She is just lying on the blankets.

I am not feeling better, yet. It takes medicine forever to work for me. My leg pain is better after I get up and get moving. That is some good news. We do need more good news in our lives.

I watched the movie Peyton Place. I liked the series Peyton Place. I can watch them on YouTube. I watched all The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Hope Lange was in the Peyton Place movie.

Have a good day. Almost the weekend again. I hope things will get better for you and Mr. Hooves. Thanks for all you do. I am glad I could help. Later.

Hi on Friday. January 20.

I hope it is a good day for you and pain free. Moving helps sometimes.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet! *Cat2**Heartv*

I don't have much to report. We take it one day at a time. I see some improvement, but then not so much. I do not know why that is. He was too tired for the phys therapy guy to come yesterday so I told him that. The Occupational Therapist came. Today home health aide is supposed to come at the end of the day. That is all I know of so far, but the day is early.

Not getting much sleep. He sleeps a lot during the day but is up and down all night. I don't know why. I can't sleep during the day. Have to get up with him every time as he uses the walker and I don't want him to fall. He promises to call me if I am sleeping (I sleep on the couch next to him) but sometimes I think he forgets what to do.

I hope and pray that there will be no more falls.

I made bacon and eggs this morning and toast. He ate quite a bit so that was good.

Maybe I will get some takeout later on today.

Our friends came by to visit him and he fell asleep.

But I know he appreciates it and them. They are the ones who helped me get him home and in the house.

We watch Blue Bloods now. All day and all night the TV is on streaming Blue Bloods. We both like it so that's okay.

I loved the new Newsletter. I think your analysis of the characters made a lot of sense.

Take care and enjoy your Friday. Mr. HOOves has been home for 2 weeks today. I hope things start to really get better soon!

Today we got snow *Snow2* It is chilly. Ray went to Walmart and I didn't even hear him leave. I got up and listened to music. I watched Bachelor Father. I watched my soaps later, The High Chaparral and Family Affair.

Glad Mr. Hooves had company and ate some bacon and eggs. I am making bacon and eggs tonight for supper. I didn't cook much last week. Mom loves to cook and I hate cooking.

Bella *Cat* was busy with Ricky this morning and her milk rings. She has been feisty. I hope she likes the new dry cat food. We have turkey lunch meat to give her for a snack.

Jane's bad boys remind me of guys I knew. The good guys are the best. I married one. I was glad I could put together a newsletter yesterday.

Did you get this Trinket?
Purple Dragon Princess  (E)
Purple Dragon and Princess Prose.
#2286906 by Princess Megan Rose

I was thinking of making a Merit Badge for:
Purple Dragon and Princess Image
Let me know what you think.

I felt better last night with my bladder. Sometimes, I don't have pain and on TV a commercial for pain medication comes on. Guess who has pain? Me! Like shut up already.

Home Therapy helps. I know I will need therapy when I get leg surgery.

I hope Mr. Hooves has a good day and night. I hope the weekend goes well.

I changed bedsheets today and washed bedding all day. That is done for awhile.

Have a good weekend. Hopefully,. Mr. Hooves will feel like dancing an Irish Jig. Later. Thanks for the Awardicon and review of the Jane Austen Newsletter.

Hi on Saturday. It is January 21.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good.

Give my love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartv*

Your merit badge will be beautiful if you pick this design! Thank you for the Trinket, too! *Heartv*

Sometimes Mr. HOOves has weakness where he can't get up. Then it seems to pass. It is when he has weakness sometimes that he falls. He needs to wait until it passes. But will he do that. That is what I worry about. He gets really angry at me. Sometimes, I am afraid of being hurt by accident because I don't think he means it but things frustrate him.

He wanted something from our favorite Italian place that we went to all through the pandemic. The owner had called and said anything they can do to help. So, I called in an order and picked it up a little while ago. They didn't charge me anything. I left something for them in the tip jar, but they wouldn't let me really pay. Such nice, caring people. They were kind to me and to us.

We go through the weekend. I think a social worker is coming on Monday. I hope she will be able to help us some, but I don't know what she will say.

We take it one day at a time. Watching Blue Bloods.

That seems to help sometimes.

Take care and enjoy your weekend!

I hope the snow isn't too much there!


I haven't done much. I did dishes in the dishwasher. A quiet day. It is chilly and no sun today. I have no ambition. I am just relaxing. We live each day as it comes. I feel better now then when I first got up.

I am thinking of ordering The Princess and Dragon Merit Badge. I haven't had a Merit Badge in awhile.

I watched Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, Alf and With out A Trace. I watched Murphy Brown this morning.

I do hope Mr. Hooves will get better. I hope a Social Worker has answers. That was nice that you got some Italian food from your favorite restaurant. That is good Mr. Hooves wants to eat something.

I wrote an item about Downton Abbey for The Bards Hall Contest. I picked Mary Crawley and Downton Abbey as my prompt. It took me longer then I thought it would. Sometimes, I win Second Place, Honorable Mention or First Place. I didn't win last month.

We have no snow *Snow2* but we may get snow *Snow3* tomorrow. It is supposed to snow in the morning. I won't go to Church if it snows.

Bella *Cat* played this morning. She is sleeping. She has hairballs problems right now.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you.
Hi on Sunday. It is January 22.

I hope that today is a relaxing day for you and things go your way.

Give our love to Miss Bella and we hope she gets her hairball issues resolved! *Cat2**Heartp*

That merit badge or whatever you decide will be lovely! The colors are so pretty!

We continue to take it one day at a time.

I got two subs and angel hair with meat sauce to have here. Today we had some of the steak and cheese sub. He doesn't eat a lot, but at least that's something. He drinks Boost, but not as much as he should.

Seems to have no energy, but neither do I. But today he slept from 4 am until about 11 am. I know that because I was awake then. It seemed to help something. I hope now he has no more falls and continues to build strength.

Changed one of the furnace filters this afternoon. The other one is harder to get to. I may have to ask a neighbor. My brother did it for me last time in December. It is so hard to ask for help for small things like that.

We watch our Blue Bloods. Starting over now we are in Season 3.

I hope for things to get better, but I try to do my best with the challenges each day gives me. Sometimes he has weakness on the right side, which scares me because of falling. No one seems to know why this happens.

Take care and have a nice Sunday.

It snowed today. Not much. It is 30 some degrees. I didn't go to Church. I got up 15 minutes late. I have no ambition. I need to clean bathrooms. I am not quite better, yet. Tomorrow I go to the Dentist.

I can't change filters or lightbulbs. I can't reach the light or stand on a chair. Maybe someday, I will be able to do more. I hope so.

I hope Mr. Hooves feels better and gets his strength back. Surgeries, radiation and procedures can take a lot of a person and he or she will never be the same. It was that way after my bowel obstruction surgery. I worked but it was hard for me. I don't wish problems on anyone. We work through our challenges every day. All we can do is do the best we can.

I ordered the Merit Badge. Hopefully, it won't take long. I decided we need a dragon and Princess Merit Badge. I don't mind giving my badge out if someone wants to trade or if I do a contest.

I watched A Hard Day's Night last night. We watched Mash last night. The movie. We started watching the series. I like the actors in the series better then I did the movie. I am not a fan of Donald Sutherland. We watched Crazy Like A Fox. I don't remember that show. It seems like a good show. I got to watch The Brady Bunch this morning and The Flintstones.

I hope you have a good week. I hope to get something done. Game Night Tuesday. I am always thinking of you. I pray things get better for all of us. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is January 23.

I hope that today you feel good and things go your way.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

For now, we take it one day at a time. That is all I can handle.

The social worker, nurse and Phys therapist came out today. It was busy and tiring. Mr. HOOves is worn out. So am I. He did good with the phys therapy, but the blood pressure dropped for the nurse.

Still watching Blue Bloods up to Season 4.

Your new badge will be wonderful. I can't wait for it to be up. I hope it comes at just the right time! *Heartv*

Nothing is normal here or how it was. I have to make some calls tomorrow, but the social worker gave me a lot of information. I hope it all helps.

Take care and enjoy your game night tomorrow. I hope it is a lot of fun and you get to visit with the pups.

I went to the Dentist today and got my second teeth cleaning. I have cavities to get filled. I can have gas because it makes things easier for me with the Nocaine and procedures. After that, I can get my knee replacement. I have another procedure that can wait. My UTI. Not better, yet. The Dental Hygienist said a lot of her patients have been having UTI's. I hope I get better. At least, my Doctor Ap[appointments have slowed down.

Normal. I almost forget what normal is. I am glad Mr. Hooves had the Nurse and Therapist come over. I agree. It can be tiring. I remember how it was for me 9 years ago. Sorry Mr. Hooves B/P keeps going down. Mine always wants to be over 130. When I see the Oncologist, I go sky high. I do hope Mr. Hooves makes progress. I hate mornings. Maybe it is because I worked midnights forever.

I watched Alf today. I watched an episode of Alf dreaming of Gilligan's Island and the cast members were on there except the Howells. They died in real life.. Tina Louise wasn't. She complained she didn't like being om Gilligan's Island. Boo Hoo. I would have been glad to be on that show.

I watched half of Aqua Man at the Dentist's Office when I was getting my teeth done. It is a good movie. Maybe I can watch it sometime.

The Merit Badge is done but not in the shop. It turned out real pretty. I love it.

It is supposed to snow *Snow2* Wednesday. We may get 3 to 5 inches. It was 30 Degrees today.

Bella *Cat* played today. She had turkey for lunch. She is sleeping.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I hope we can write about happy things in it someday. Later. Here's to better days.
Hi on Tuesday. It is January 24.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go good. Also, I hope game night tonight is fun.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

We have Occupational Therapy coming today. The Insurance called to say they authorized the hospital bed. We got two bills for ambulance rides. Save here, spend there.

But we take it day by day and that helps. Last night, I slept for about 4 hours. That is the most I have slept in one go in a long time. Then I slept some more shorter stints. I think I got a lot of sleep last night. Still, this morning was a little tough.

Mr. HOOves needs to be more forthcoming with the health care people who come to the house. He still thinks I can lift him when I can't. I don't know what it will take to convince him. He says, oh yes I know, then still expects me to lift him off the chair. I can steady him, but shouldn't be lifting him up.

I have lost 30 pounds. I was not overweight. I am somewhat frail now. My brother is very worried about me and my brother doesn't worry generally. He saw me is why.

This morning, I went to the post office to mail six bills. Three for health care, power, credit card and water bills. That is a lot for me to have collected to mail. I usually rush over when I have a couple. Mr. HOOves has to swear to behave for me to go. He has his phone, but he has to promise to not jump around. Literally. I have to trust him some.

There is an outfit here that the social worker told me about where they help get people safely to doctors appts. It is seniors helping seniors. Some is private pay, but it will be worth it not to be scared to death all the time of falls.

Mr. HOOves wants someone to do the floors. He loves the floors. That is his priority. The floors. I swiffer pretty often. They are hardwoods. Boo loved them.

We do our best.

I am sure your badge will be awesome!

Sms always makes such lovely things out of your designs.

I am on leave from W. Cramp because of Mr. HOOves situation.

I miss doing it, but right now anything can happen that would interfere. It's very unpredictable.

Take care and I hope your day is a good one!


I hope Mr. Hooves will feel better and be able to do more for himself. I do hope you get the help you need. I am praying for you and thinking of you. Having health issues is no fun. I can't see my Urologist until March 1 so I will talk to his Nurse if I don't feel better. I don't have bad symptoms but just annoying. Therapists are good but sometimes you run into one that isn't. I hope you will feel better and get more sleep. I hope Mr. Hooves will be better. That is good the insurance will pay for the bed. Insurance is there to benefit people. I hate when they don't cooperate. No one asks to be sick. Hopefully, therapy will be a big help to Mr. Hooves and they are kind and caring.

I saw that you weren't doing Writers Cramp. I haven't done any entries lately but I would to check everyday to see what the new prompt is.

We are getting 3 to 5 inches of snow *Snow2* It will start at 4:00 AM in the morning. I can go to Game Night without any issues. The snow may just be an inch or two like it was at Christmas.

My Merit Badge is out and in the shop. I sent you one.

I did get some laundry done. Ray went out and bought home KFC. Bella *Cat* had some chicken. She has been eating chicken *Chicken* lately. She is taking a nap on the quilt in the Doll Room.

Sanditon 3 comes out in March. I guess what I watched last year was Sanditon 2. Oh well.

Have a good day. I hope today will be a good day for you. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Wednesday. It is Jan. 25.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go your way. Thank you so much for the beautiful badge you designed and gave to me! *Heartv* I love it!

Give Miss Bella love! *Cat2**Heartv*

We take it a day at a time here. Home health is coming in a little while. The washing machine isn't working right. Life goes on I guess. We have to keep things balanced with the schedule so too many don't come at once. It is a lot to organize.

Did game night go good? I hope it was fun. One of the care workers really helped with something we were struggling with yesterday. I hope it continues to get better.

I don't know where we are headed so that's taking it day by day and not counting on things too much to go right.

There is not much to count on right now. Still watching Blue Bloods and enjoying it. We love that and NCIS. I like both shows and he loves both shows. So, we watch together and enjoy. It works out okay.

I haven't paid any attention to the Prince Harry nonsense. It doesn't seem like much to me. I wonder how the rest of the royal family feels about his mean revelations.

There are mean people in every family I think. Harry is the mean one, along with Meghan.

So, the rest have to work around them and try to avoid them if possible. That's what one does with someone who is just plain mean. It's do that or set up to be hurt over and over again.

Well, we try our best and look to the light as much as possible.

Take care and enjoy your Wednesday!

We do face each day as it comes. Somedays, I think things will be okay. I just pray things will work out. I do hope Mr. Hooves is having a good day. I didn't sleep well last night. It would be nice to have a day without medical things. I don't have any new symptoms. I hope you and Mr. Hooves feel better. I think winter makes things worse. We have snow *Snow1* today. 3 inches and it is going to snow *Snow3* more the next 4 days. Oh joy.

Game night. I had an adventure. I got in the door and let the dog *Dog1* out. They have a fenced in porch and outer gate. Missy was out by the other gate, I asked if she was supposed to be out there. They said yes. The next thing I knew my Game Friend's husband J said Missy is outside the other gate! So, J got in his motor scooter and my Game friend D went outside with no coat on. They decided to take the van as Missy was running into the woods. I moved my car and went down the road and pulled into the Church. I said a prayer and came back. I couldn't run outside and neither can Mom. J and D both have heart issues. The neighbor was out looking for her. The van was by the woods. Missy came back! Barking at the glass side door. Mom said is that Missy or her sister? We didn't need both of them getting out. Peanut was in the living room and came running out and Mom let Missy in. J and D didn't have their cell phones. I got in the car and their van was coming back. I stopped and told them Missy was home. They were happy. I went down the road and this where Al Capone buried dead bodies. There was mist and fog by that one woods {not the ones Missy ran into} and the road is a downward slope like a ski slope. I turned around a near by house and went back to my friend's house. The dogs were sitting on J's lap and Missy acted like what is all the fuss? D and J didn't feel well for awhile. I am glad Missy didn't run to the road. The gutter man had been there to fix the gutters and left the gate unlocked. I never know what will happen on Game Night anymore.

There are mean members in every family. I got mad at a lot of aunts and uncles. Jealousy over money and Grandma favoring one grandkid over another. Ray's family. There were problems. Just like a soap opera. There haven't been any family problems in quite a few years.

Bella *Cat* played with her squid. She ran behind the door in the computer room and batted at me. It must be the snow affecting her. I wish I had her ambition. She does know how to have fun.

That's all that is going on. I hope things are going well your way. Thanks for all you do. Maybe we have good adventures and less bad days. Later. Give Mr. Hooves my best.
Hi on Thursday. January 26.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well. Thank you again for the lovely merit badges! *Heartv**Heartb*

Love to Miss Bella! *Cat2*{e:heart]

That is a lot of doggie escape adventure for game night! That was always my biggest fear with Boo, that she would run off and something would happen. When I was a child, I had a collie. When he was 7, he ran off somehow or got out and got hit by a car. So, I was always extra extra careful about Boo. Still, there were some close calls as dogs are always looking to roam. What happened to you sounds a little like the hunt for Isis on Downton in the woods. I am glad Missy showed up and all was well. Hard on the humans.

Our washing machine is okay. That was a relief. We may have to get a stair lift as it is 14 steps up to the main bathrooms and bedrooms. The first floor only has a powder room.

Today we have the occupational therapy lady. She really helped us the other day.

We are trying to do our best to move forward. I have to jump up every time he gets up on the walker because of the fall risk. This is hard, but necessary.

Take care and I hope that today is good to you. We watch our Blue Bloods.

It is Thursday. We got 5 inches of snow *Snow4* and we may get more the next 4 days. it is cold. I am not going anywhere. It is winter. We get a break and now it is here.

I don't want no more doggie adventures. I am sorry to hear about the collie you had. Animals get hit on country roads. It is sad. At least we no longer have coyotes. They are in Indianapolis. The news said coyotes are in Indianapolis. I don't know they want to be in the city. I don't like coyotes. They are wanna be wolves and not majestic at all. They are just bad news. I hope no more dog adventures. I remember them looking for Isis on Downton Abbey.

Glad the washing machine is better. It is too bad we can't get free appliances after we had one for 20 years that breaks down. Our washing machine is getting old and I hope it holds out.

I have been watching Alf and The High Chaparral in the mornings. I haven't watched any movies.

No plans today. I did read my Animal Devotions. I have no ambition. I did sleep last night.

Bella *Cat* had turkey and chicken for lunch. She likes people food. She went and laid down. She wanted more food. I told her no dice. She has dry food 24/7.

Ray is going to Walmart before I get out of bed. I will unload the groceries when he gets home. I can watched Bachelor Father and Father Knows Best since I have to be up early.

I hope Mr. Hooves is doing better and things will be looking up. Have a good day and almost weekend. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is January 27.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go good and you feel well.

Give Miss Bella our love! *Cat2**Heartv*

Some days, it feels like we are going in the wrong direction as far as his strength and mobility goes..

We have 14 stairs straight up to the 2nd floor. So, they say we should get a stairlift, but that will be something of a project. I don't know. We have mixed feelings and don't want to rush into it, but it might be helpful. It's hard to know what company will do a good job.

Right now, we are confined to the 1st floor with the powder room. I can get upstairs with my cane, but he can't get up there. But then he's more and more not moving around that much anyway. We will see how it goes, I guess.

Taking it day by day I guess, more and more and trying not to plan for too much because things seem to change suddenly here in a scary way.

We hope for the best and count our blessings.

Watching NCIS and Blue Bloods. I get very little sleep at night.

Take care and I hope it's a good Friday and the weekend goes good for you!

Hi on a Friday. We got more snow *Snow1* An inch or 2. It is going to blow this afternoon. It is quiet and we may get a rain and snow mix tomorrow and Sunday. I hate this weather.

I know what you mean about stairs. We have 3 or 4 stairs to get in the house. Mom and Dad need to get chair lifts or I won't make it up their stairs. Mom and Dad aren't safe, either. I always wanted a Victorian Mansion or house with stairs but I know I wouldn't make it now. Glad you are staying on the first floor. Sad really. We get older and can't enjoy the things we used to do. When I had to learn to walk again, I have never been the same. Somedays, we don't know which end is up or down.

I hope to feel better. I may have to call the Nurse in Urology. I will see how I feel this weekend. I pray things will be alright. My leg pain is better today. We take all the good days we can get.

Bella *Cat* played today. She wants the new dry food we bought. I will just feed her that.

I do hope Mr. Hooves feels better and is getting stronger. I hope you are able to keep up. I take Vitamins and Probiotics. I am taking Vitamihn B 12 Shots. I have to go in Tuesday for one.

I have 3 Quill nominations but I try not to get excited. I am like Susan Lucci, Eric Kane of All My Children. She lost the Emmy Award 12 times and the thirteenth time, she won! Maybe I will be Susan this year. I write what I want and like. We won't everyone's writing. That is why there are a lot of genres.

Have a good weekend. I have been watching my Are You Being Served? DVDS. Praying for better days for us all. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is January 28.

I hope you feel good today and that things go good for you.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

The phys therapist said no to the stair lift. He said it would not work for Mr. Hooves now because of lack of strength. That might change, but for now he is confined to the first floor. So that answered that for now.

I tried to change my furnace filter up high yesterday. I couldn't do it and started to shake on the ladder. Thankfully, my wonderful neighbor (the deputy sheriff) came and did it for me. From now on, I will get it taken care of. I thought maybe I could do it because I did it (with a struggle) in the Spring. But I have lost a lot of weight and am shakey now on the ladder. So, I have to figure our something else to get that done monthly for us.

One filter upstairs is low and I can do it easily, but the one downstairs is at the top of the 9 ft ceiling. Oh well. I can still go upstairs, using a cane.

The Quills. It is an honor to be nominated. I like that she is doing it without the live ceremony online. I was humiliated once at one of those when they said I won, then that I didn't and some laughed about it, it was way back around 2014 or 15. I like that it will just be a straightforward announcement.

It's much more respectful of everyone who gets nominated. From what I see, Lilli will do an excellent job with it. I think she is very sensitive to people's feelings.

I hope it goes good for her and for everyone.

We watch our NCIS and Blue Bloods. Don't get much sleep, but one of those is always on now/ 24/7.

Take care and I hope that this weekend is nice for you and the snow goes away and it warms up some.

Sending hugs your way!


Saturday. Looks like we won't be getting anymore snow *Snow1* The sun *Sun* is shining today. I am better today but I hope to get better. I hope Mr. Hooves is doing well.

Sorry you got a No for the stairlift. I thought anyone could get one. I do hope Mr. Hooves can move on his own and staying downstairs is a good thing. You are safe on the first level at least.

Ray made vegetable *Onion* *Corn* soup. I made salmon loaf. Bella *Cat* got some salmon. I washed her quilt and she was so sad because it wasn't there. I told her I had to wash her and she would get it back soon. She hates when I wash her Tiger Towel. too. It is like Don't touch my blankets or toys. I put it back as soon as it dried and now she is happy. She is sleeping on it.

If I don't win a Quill, I like the way things are going with it this year. I wish everyone the best.

There isn't much going on. I watched Alf, Petticoat Junction, Murphy Brown and Green Acres. I may watch Just Shoot Me after while.

I do hope someone can help you with things you need done around the house. I can't do maintenance. I used to fix bed cranks at work before they bought new beds for the patients. I can use a screwdriver. I can't get up a ladder. I am afraid of heights. I just do what I can to keep the house *House* clean.

Have a good day. I hope to go to Church. I know there will be snow *Snow1* in the Parking Lot. I won't walk through gravel. Thanks for all you do. Give Mr. Hooves my best. I hope he is eating better and things look up for both of you. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is January 29.

I hope it is a good day for you and you got to go to Church like you wanted to.

Give Miss Bella our love as she enjoys her freshly washed quilt! Boo used to love fresh bedding. In her last year, I put fresh blankets in her sleeping places really often. *Cat2**Heartv*

Once again, we take it day by day. A lady is coming this afternoon. She will tell us the services she offers and the prices. I hope she is nice and will help with things like floors (light housekeeping) and getting him to the doctor and home.

I went to the post office and then the grocery. I go one place and come back in order not to leave Mr. HOOves on his own for too long. He isn't supposed to get up without me with him. Hopefully, he will stick to that as it seems he is so far.

We watched NCIS yesterday.

Not much else is really going on. We got refund checks from the local hospital. We met our out of pocket for Mr. HOOves and they charged us too much. It is hard to keep track of it all.

I hope that everything goes your way today and always.

Maybe most of winter and snow is behind you. I hope it is.

Take care and stay warm!


We got icy rain and it was slick. My mother and my Minister called. Church was canceled. I wasn't going out in the ice anyway. Mom went and got her paper and said it was slick. It is so easy to fall on ice. That I don't need.

Ray goes see his Urologist tomorrow and he is going to ask about my problems and my Urologist. Maybe he can tell Ray what I can do and who to see. Urologists are very few around here and hard to see one. Mine isn't helping me. I felt better last night. I can't see my Urologist until March 1. I am upset. I will need that procedure. Years ago, I had the procedure done. I pray I get answers. I felt better last night. It's upsetting. You know what I mean. You and Mr. Hooves are going through a lot. I can feel for you. I hope things get better for all of us.

Bella *Cat* was up and ate. She is milling around. I think she knows the weather is bad.

I watched Are You Being Served, The Flintstones and The Jetsons. I want to watch Fiddler On The Roof. I always loved that movie. I felt sorry for the poor Jews. I feel sorry for Ukraine. I love their President. I wish our President was like him.

We may watch Indiana Jones. The one with Sean Connery. I love that one.

I am going to fold up laundry and do dishes. I may do reviews.

I hope Mr. Hooves will get better and you, too. Thanks for writing with me and listening. Have a good day and week. I am like Frasier. I'm listening. I watch that show a lot. Later, my Dear.

Hi on Monday. It is January 30.

Sorry the weather was icy. Best not to go anywhere when it's like that and so treacherous. Hopefully, the weather will be nicer next Sunday. Doctors sometimes don't help at all and seem to make things worse. I hope you find one that is better.

Give our love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartv*

Some days are pretty rough. But then the next day might be better. So, we take it day by day. I wish I could get a block of sleep.

A lady came from the helping outfit. I hope they really do help us. We will see. She seems nice. I get nervous about things, but will put my faith in God and in people wanting to help sincerely.

Mr. HOOves does not seem to be improving. I wish I could say I see some improvement, but it is rough most of the time. I try not to irritate him, but that's part of whatever this is. Being irritable and not that nice. But he doesn't mean it.

Watching NCIS mostly. There are lots of episodes.

I try to find things Mr. HOOves might like to eat, but he doesn't get excited about food anymore.

Plus, I'm not the greatest cook. But I will keep trying to find things he likes and will eat.

I am a little down today. But things get better sometimes. I hope for that.

Have a good Monday and start to the week! Hope it warms up there!

Monday. A New day. No snow *Snow2* or bad weather. Just cold. It is going to be cold for awhile. I didn't do anything today. I just relaxed. I am not too peppy. I called my Urologist's Nurse and left a message. I suppose I will just have to get through the month while he is on vacation. Ray's urologist, I wouldn't be able to see for 6 weeks. I pray things will be alright.

We took out the carpet in the bathroom. The vinyl wood looks nice underneath it. We are getting a new toilet. We have a man coming to install in next week. This will be a good thing. I had to chase Bella *Cat* out. I was afraid she would get hurt. We had loose nails and stuff. She was okay later when I checked on her. She wasn't mad. She will probably check the bathroom out later.

I know what you mean about being down. Winter makes things worse. I do hope Mr. Hooves will feel better. I get tired of Doctors. When they get sick, they can think of how they treat their patients. We do live each day as it comes. That's all we can do.

Things are quiet on here. I didn't do a Dear Me Letter. I have no big plans. I just want to get my knee replacement and get through my other medical stuff. Not very exciting for a Dear Me Letter of plans for this year.

I watched Petticoat Junction, Alf, Father Knows Best and my soaps today. I got to watch Bewitched and That Girl.

I hope things get better for you and Mr. Hooves. I pray for all of us. Thanks for all you do. I am glad you are here. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is January 31.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Bella loves to explore. That is cute and I hope it all goes good with the new bathroom stuff.

Give her our love! *Cat2**Heartp*

We have one person coming so far today. It is the Occupational Therapist lady. The nurse couldn't get the blood from Mr. HOOves yesterday, so someone else will be coming to do that. The doctor ordered it.

There are so many things to consider health wise. But the primary care doctor is the one who orders everything even things relating to the cancer treatment.

Doctors aren't there that much for their patients. I do not know why. It has really changed. Maybe it is since Covid or maybe it has been a gradual thing. There are a lot of us who are getting older so it's not good when they let us down.

We watch our NCIS and Blue Bloods. I couldn't find NCIS this morning until I looked in our "watchlist" on amazon prime. That worked in finding it.

I am pretty tired, but things on the phone this morning have been better than sometimes. It seems like some of the health care people really do want to help him.

We'll see how it goes.

I used to enjoy judging Dear Me. Now, looking back, especially last year I think that writing the letter was bad luck for me.

Won't probably ever do it myself again or even judge it.

Superstitious I guess.

Take care and enjoy your Tuesday! *Cow**Hearto**Heart*

No call from the Urologist's Nurse. That isn't anything new. Doctors aren't there for their patients anymore. I get tired of it. I do hope Mr. Hooves is doing well today. I hope you are feeling well rested. It is cold. Ohio and some states are getting an ice storm. Been there.

I didn't do much today. I watched Alf, Petticoat Junction, The High Chapparal. I finally got to see Without A Trace. It wasn't on over the weekend,.

I haven't judged a contest in awhile. I just review. I don't write for contests much. Just Bards Hall. I do win once in awhile. I love the ladies who run it. They have some cute prompts.

Bella *Cat* is taking a nap. She played with her bell this morning.

We have the toilet man coming over Thursday. I need to get a Vitamin B 12 Shot this week, yet. Hopefully, Friday. I can be late on this. It is helping. At least something is helping.

Have a good day. Things are quiet at home. I don't want another drunk hitting our utility poles that's for sure. One year, a young girl on a snow mobile crashed into it. I like things quiet. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is Feb 1.

I hope it is a good day and start to the new month for you.

Give our best to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartv*

Over the past few months, the way things are gone, I hardly even glance at Newsfeed. It goes a lot better without that.

I log in and do our campfire and check my emails. That's about it.

It makes some of the stuff that goes on there seem far away. We do our thing here. We try and support the site and the good things we like. That seems like good goals to me. I love Bard's Hall, too. They put a lot of love into that contest, those two ladies.

You can tell when people put their best into things they do and it is always good.

Still watching our NCIS and Blue Bloods.

We will have a few people coming today. I hope it isn't too much for Mr. HOOves. They all seem to swarm in at one time here.

Some days I just feel like crying, but of course I can't do that.

Try our best I guess.

Health care. I don't know what it's really about anymore besides making people upset and waiting.

I hope for smooth sailing, but you never know. Things have been rough for a while, but I have faith I will know why and understand some day all that has happened.

Take good care and have a nice Wednesday!

We made it to February 1. I had to go to Bionics today. Foot braces. I am just wearing them at home. I won't wear them in public. I don't go out much. Ray and I went to Dennys. They were short of help. It took forever to get my pancakes I ordered. I had a ham, cheeses and scrambled egg sandwich. Dennys is more of a breakfast place. Some people bought their dog with them. It must have been a therapy dog. Pretty white poodle mix. Reminded me of Marty but Marty was blonde. Ray and I hadn't been out in awhile.

Healthcare. It took forever to approve my braces. Unreal. Medicare saying I don't need them. Believe me, I would be happy if I never needed any medical stuff ever again and you know what I mean. I pray for help but I feel God is on vacation but I have to have faith. Faith. At least the therapist brace man and I got along today. Last time, I didn't like his attitude. He was better.

I do hope Mr. Hooves will get better. Hope the health providers who come over are kind and considerate. I know what you mean about crying. I have had a few moments. My cousin doesn't want many people at her daughter's Wedding. It is in Michigan and she just invited my mother. Me. I may have leg surgery by then. I hope so. I don't know if I will be able to go or if I am invited.

It is 26 Degrees. Just cold. A little ice here and there. I have no ambition. Ray's parts for starters he works on, the order was late. An ice storm in Ohio where he gets his parts from.

The toilet man comes over tomorrow. I got to get my Vitamin B 12 tomorrow. It is supposed to be warmer tomorrow.

Have a good day. Let's have faith together. I am always thinking of you and praying. Thanks for all you do. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Later.
Hi on Thursday. It is Feb 2.

I hope it is a good day for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers for everything to get better for you. I hope it warms up some too because that makes things easier sometimes.

Give our hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Heartp**Cat*

Yesterday wasn't too bad. The nurse who came was able to get blood first try. That was a lot better. She said different things that made us reassured for a change instead of as scared. For me, anyway.

The PT guy came and so did the Home Health lady. It all went okay, but the scheduling of that many was a little stressful. Today, so far, nothing is scheduled. We will see how it goes. That can change as the day goes on. They all seem to call and swarm in at one time.

I hope to be able to go and get some groceries today, but it is rainy. We will see how it goes with how Mr. HOOves is, strength wise. Right now, he is sleeping.

I hope the bathroom installation goes smooth and things are good and everything nice.

Home repairs can be so stressful. I hope that it isn't that way for you.

At first my microwave didn't work this morning, but then it did. I think it reset itself. It is only 4 years old. It is an over the stove microwave. If it breaks I will get a counter top one. I am sick of the built in that breaks that often, if that is what has happened.

Always something.

Watching our NCIS. There is plenty of it to watch. We are on Season 15 now.

Mr. HOOves wants it on all the time. All night long where we sleep. I sleep on the couch and he sleeps on the hospital bed next to the couch.

Lots of waking up so not much sleep.

I hope that today is good to you. Medical stuff is such a challenge and sometimes the answers are contradicting each other.

Faith is the answer.

Take good care! *Heart*
Thursday. I didn't go get my Vitamin B 12 Shot but I looked in my Journal. I had my last one January 3. So, tomorrow is my day. I can have it early or late but today wasn't good for it. We got our new toilet installed. Bella *Cat* was looking and went back there after they quit making noise but we had to shoo her out. We told her to say good bye to the toilet man and she just yawned. He laughed. She went and took a nap.

I am doing laundry. I need to clean the kitchen. Hopefully today, yet. The house has been vacuumed. The bathrooms can wait.

Medical stuff is a challenge. Braces cost so much. Medicare paid 80 percent. I hate getting letters from my insurance. I felt better last night. I am trying to have faith and I pray all the time. I need to go to Church Sunday. That is my plan.

I watched Pretty In Pink last night. I may watch DVDS of other shows I have. I get tired of Murphy Brown. I love her and that. If I was a Journalist, I would want to be like her. Home Improvement. I have seen all of those. I watch Alf now. I hadn't seen Alf in 3 years or so. TV can be comforting. Our patients wanted their radios on all the time and their TVS. Higher ups told us to make them turn them off at midnight. We did and they got up and turned them back on. It got to the point, I was in charge of the night shift. As long as the volume was down, I said they could stay on. The one long haired guy that adored me, was 50 something would get out of bed and go outside and turn his Rock Music on his Boom Box at 5:30 in the morning. It was out in the country and there is one house next door and it was a quarter of a mile away. The grouchy Day girl came in and asked why I let him do that playing his Boom Box. I said he is an old hippie so why bother him? She asked him if I was an old hippie. I said Yes, I was and maybe I still am. I grew up on the 60's and 70's. Anyway, I understand Mr. Hooves wanting the TV on all night. It helps him relax.

Glad Mr. Hooves was able to get his blood drawn the first time. I have to use my right arm. I had too many IVS nine years ago. My veins in my left arm can't take it. I hope Mr. Hooves feels better. It is hard waiting everyday for things to get better. Faith is important. I do pray for everyone and ask for forgiveness. I get upset so easily. I hope you feel better, too.

It may snow *Snow2* tonight. Just a half inch.

I do hope today has been good for you. I have things to do on here this afternoon. You and Mr. Hooves are in my prayers. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is Feb 3.

I hope it is a good day for you and you can get what you need medically done good and efficient.

Give Miss Bella a hug! It is cute that she yawned when you said "say goodbye" and he laughed, too. Nice. *Cat2**Heartv* Seems like she wanted her house back so she could snooze.

Mr. HOOves has a port for the cancer treatment. It has to be flushed every so often. So, we asked the primary care doctor, but he doesn't order anything with ports. We asked the cancer doctor first, but he said ask the primary care doctor. Now, the primary care is saying the cancer one has to do it.

Yesterday was rough somewhat. But we got through it. Mr. HOOves is weak and his strength isn't returning like we had hoped. He basically walks across the room to his chair and back to his bed. That's about it for energy.

So, we take it day by day. Today, I know one is coming, maybe two. I had to say no to the third one. Too much for him in one day.

I don't feel like they are helping him, just documenting what is happening now. I hope I'm wrong about that. It makes me feel sad and lost for him.

We watch our NCIS. He loves that show. I enjoy it, too.

Take care and I hope everything goes your way today, or at least all that's important goes your way!


It is Friday. end of another week. I am having knee pain today. Ray took me to get my Vitamin B 12 Shot. I went to Barnes and Nobles. They don't seem to be selling Victoria Magazine anymore. Guess I won't be getting it anymore. I did buy a Queen Elizabeth Book. It was on sale. Prince Harry had his own book there but I wasn't interested. They had 20 some books on a table of him. I went to Ulta but they didn't have fingernail Polish Remover Pads. All they had was liquid. Had to go to CVS to get my Nail Polish Remover Pads.

It was snowing *Snow5* on the way to town. Lake Effect Snow. Coming home, it eased up. It is cold.

I hope Mr. Hooves will get stronger. Three therapists in one day is a lot. It is hard on a person. I remember having 3 Therapists after my surgery coming to the house. One was the wound care Nurse. I am sorry you are being stressed by all this. I know it is rough.

Bella *Cat* was ready to eat as soon as we got home She ate. She didn't say Thank You. .She goes to bed.

Ray went to Walmart and I stayed home. I was up early and cleaned the kitchen. I need to fold up clothes.

I watched Are You Being Served? I will watch movies this weekend.

I am thinking of you. I pray things get better for all of us. I watched Dr. Jeremiah this morning. He does have a way of putting me in a better frame of mind. Not much to say. Have a good weekend. Thanks for the Awardicon. It means a lot. Later. Give Mr. Hooves my best.

Hi on a cold Saturday Morning. It is Feb 4.

I hope it is a nice relaxing day for you.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heart*

People have been coming a lot. It is stressful. Yesterday one was supposed to come, but she had a car wreck and couldn't. Thank goodness, she is alright but it was disappointing because we both like her.

I learn one good thing and then some hard ones. That is how the home care thing goes. Sometimes I get very scared of everything. Other times, I just try to go with it. So much is out of my control.

He seemed stronger to me. Then someone said he was weaker. But then I think no stronger. I don't know who is right. I hope it is me and I'm not kidding myself.

Things happen that we don't expect. I made banana bread to get him to eat. He seems to like it.

The doctor's office gave me a couple of suggestions to help him. But they won't order stuff with the cancer port. So, I had to go back to the cancer doctor. First they said no have primary care order it, but now the nurse said she would give the order.

He is too weak to travel anywhere. I think he would need medical transport at this point.

It all scares me. But I try to do my best and hope for improvements.

We watch our NCIS all the time. I like it. It comforts me and takes my mind off things.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Hoping for better days.

It is late Saturday night. It has been cold here. I slept in this morning. I did dishes and vacuumed.

Sorry one of Mr. Hooves Healthcare care workers had an car accident. Glad she is alright. I hate when you have hope and a care worker says something that darts your hopes. I get very sensitive about that. I understand why you get scared. Sorry Mr. Hooves is still weak and can't travel. I do hope you get good positive advice from the cancer center.

I watched Laverne and Shirley, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Just Shoot Me, Alf and Murphy Brown. Ray and I watched Creature From The Black Lagoon. I have always liked that movie.

Bella *Cat* hasn't done much tiday. Just eat and sleep.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you and praying for you and Mr. Hooves. Glad you are here with me.
Hi on Sunday. It is Feb 5.

I hope it is a good day for you and the sun shines.

Give our love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

We take it day by day, hour by hour really. Things change. I try and do my best and get everything done that needs to be done.

This morning I got something done, I've been wanting to do for months. That felt good. Mr. HOOves rested long enough for me to do it. I have to be there every time he gets up and so far that has worked. He cooperates when I have to run errands. I try to be quick.

Still watching our NCIS. We are almost done with it I think.

I found this Swiffer stuff for hardwood floors. That is what we have. Mr. HOOves is hyper about the floors. This stuff really does good so far. That will be a good help, using it. Sometimes he gets in a rage about the floors so this will help (I hope)

We will see what this week brings I guess. Nothing is happening (that I know of) today. I hope it is just restful for him.

He flies of the handle a lot, but maybe today will be calm. Fingers crossed.

I hope everything goes good for you.

I went to Church. We had Communion. There was snow *Snow2* in the Parking Lot. Ray's cousin's wife walked with me to my car. That was sweet of her. I have known her and her brother forever. Her brother married Ray's other cousin. So, they are cousins in-laws. I have known them over 50 some years. They are nice. I was good friends with the brother more then her.

I do hope Mr. Hooves will have a good day. I hope he will get better. We live each day as it comes. We pray and the minister preached about God's timing and answer to prayers. I hope it happens and we can have patience. Sorry, Mr. Hooves gets upset.

Bella *Cat* come to greet me at the door as soon as I walked in. I reminded her to get back. I don't want her going out in the garage. She followed me around. She had already been fed.

I am going to watch The Addams Family today. I can't handle police shows. No other big plans.

Mom and Dad's Anniversary is today. Mom's Birthday is today. They stood up in Church today.

I go to the Dentist Tuesday. I can hardly wait. Game Night is Tuesday. My Game friend was at Church and said the girls are behaving. I don't want another dog adventure. Dashing in the snow. No thanks.

I hope your day went well. I need to clean house. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate all you do. I do hope things get better for you. Later.
Hi on Monday. It is Feb 6.

I hope that today is a good day for you. Yesterday sounded nice there.

Give our love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartg*

So far, today has been rough. The nurse is supposed to come in a little while. We will see how that goes.

We finished watching NCIS (for now) and have switched to Blue Bloods.

I am tired and that makes things more difficult. I hope things get better and Mr. HOOves' balance improves. It is hard sometimes to help him up, but I try my best to lift. He needs to get some balance when he stands or there will be more mishaps. I am so afraid of that.

Otherwise, something is going on, on our street. I hope they won't have to work on our part of it, but it looks like they might. I can't drive one of the cars so I can't move it.

When it rains it pours, I guess. They make a lot of noise with their equipment. Not promising.

Otherwise, things are quiet, cold and sunny.

Take care and enjoy your Monday!

Monday. Not having a good day. I got some knee pain. I am not too ambitious. Ray made hamburgers for lunch. The weather is clear. That is good. We are going to get rain *Rain* Wednesday and Thursday.

I do hope Mr. Hooves feels well. I hope the Nurse was able to help with things. I hope you are feeling good.

Bella *Cat* has been quiet. She hasn't ate much today. She did finish her breakfast and ate some lunch. I do worry about her. Most of the time she wants to eat all day. She has done this before.

I won Second Place in The Bards Hall Contest. That is good. There were 2 prompts and I like the one you woke up as your favorite character and could change the plot and I was Mary of Downton Abbey. I enjoyed that prompt.

I go to the Dentist tomorrow. Game Night tomorrow.

No word about the Princess and Dragon Awardicons, yet. It has only been 5 days.

I watched The High Chaparral, Alf, Home Improvement, my soaps and Bewitched. I did watch The Addams Family yesterday. I do watch a lot of TV.

Give Mr. Hooves my best. I am praying for better days. Have a good week. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Tuesday. It is Feb 7 already. Sorry to be late in the day posting.

I hope that you feel better today and that the Dentist went okay. Also, I hope it is a fun game night with no dog escapes!

Give Miss Bella our best! I hope she is well today and eating normal! *Cat2**Heartv*

This morning was rough. Then the Occupational Therapy lady came. It's been easier since she left. A home health aide will come later on I think if it all works out.

It is all kind of confusing sometimes.

We watch Blue Bloods now. Maybe back to NCIS soon at the beginning. We will see. It is comforting to us to see these shows. There are others I like, but these are ones we both like so he can watch what he likes now.

I went to Target to get his meds. Also, I went and ran a couple of errands for him. The pharmacist suggested some stuff to me. I hope it helps. I think in a lot of ways the pharmacist is more with-it than the doctor's staff.

Something is going on, on our street. I hope they aren't going to dig in our yard for the Internet. That's what it looks like and they have torn up yards on the other end of our street. That's all we need. Mr. HOOves won't like that.

Keeping a good thought that it isn't going to be that disruption.

Well, you never know what tomorrow brings. I am counting blessings. Things are hard, but at least he is still here.

I just hope that he starts to get better soon.

Take care and enjoy your game night fun!

Greetings on a Tuesday. I went to the Dentist. I got my cavity filled. It bothered me yesterday so I decided to get it done first. I had them use gas. Nitrates. It made the procedure easier. One more visit next week and I should be done. I get my procedures done so I can get knee replacement. So much crap to go through. I pray I get it all done. I get irritated.

I do hope Mr. Hooves gers better. Glad you are getting aides and nurses to help you.

We never know what tomorrow will bring. We have to live each day as it comes. I keep saying tomorrow will be better.

Sorry your roads are being torn up. We had guys working our roads last year and our mail was delayed. We were lucky to get out when I had a Doctor Appointment . It is like Dont touch my road and get out of my way.

Game Night. Mom is getting a Birthday Cake from our Game friend. I hope the dogs behave. No adventure.

Have a good day. Give Mr. Hooves my best. I am always thinking of you. You are in my prayers. Later. I appreciate you being here.
Hi on Wednesday. It is Feb 8.

I hope it is a good day for you and that game night was fun.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv**Heartg*

I think the home health people may be winding down. I guess they can't help him any more or something. He still can't get around much. Back and forth from the bed to the chair. That is it. Today has started out bad already. Maybe it will improve.

Maybe they only come if they can help him progress. He isn't really doing that. I wish he was, but he's not. If anything, he's getting worse right now.

We keep trying. Up and down all night long.

They took blood last week from him here. It's been a week today and we still don't know the results.

I don't see how they can help if they don't even look at the results of the tests they do. But that's just me. Medical stuff, as you know well, is very frustrating and upsetting.

I don't know , but I keep hoping things will improve.

We watch our Blue Bloods and hope for the best.

I try and keep it tidy, but it's a medical mess around here. Oh well. Take care and enjoy your Wednesday! I hope that things go your way.

*Cow* *Heartb**Heartv*
I am so sorry Health Care workers can't do anymore for Mr. Hooves. We try to get help for our health issues and then wonder if it is enough. You wait on calls and they don't come through because they take their time. I hope Mr. Hooves can get better and things will be back to normal for you again. I think of you everyday and pray. We have to have patience when it comes waiting for answers. That is hard.

Game Night went well. No runaway doggies. I got up to go the Bathroom and the one little dog was outside the door waiting for me. She wanted me to let her out and I did. She knows I sit by the patio window door and I always let her and her sister out. The gate was locked. She stayed in the yard.

I did laundry .I haven't done much. I watched Alf and my soaps. I did watch The High Chaparral.

It is going to rain *Rain* tonight.

Bella *Cat* had tuna for lunch. She doesn't want her dry food anymore. I will just feed her can until we can find something she likes in the dry food. we have 3 flavors and she ate some today but not much.

I did some reviews. I haven't done much here.

I hope things improve for you. Winter makes things seem worse. At least it does for me. I haven't been going anywhere. I go back to the Dentist next week. I hope I will be done for awhile.

I do hope you are sleeping good. I appreciate you being here. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is Feb 9.

I hope that today is a good day.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Heartv**Cat*

Game night sounds like a lot of fun. We always enjoyed getting together with friends and relaxing and visiting. Those things are nice to hold on to in tough times.

We take it day by day. Mr. HOOves was too weak for phys therapy yesterday. I don't know if that means they will continue it or not. After the therapist left, he felt a little stronger, but therapist saw what I meant about Mr. HOOves not being able to walk far (more than a few steps) without balance issues.

He is usually pretty good at hiding that from the health care people. I don't know why he does that because then he doesn't get the help he needs.

We finished our Blue Bloods and switched to Hawaii Five Oh (the new one). Then we changed to Downton Abbey and it's still on that. That's what we watched in the night. We are now in Season 2.

I went and got groceries and went to the bank this morning. The guy who helps me with my packages always asks about Mr. HOOves. That is nice. I had to tell him not better. That is kind of hard saying that. He's actually weaker at times.

Yesterday, I went and got a couple of Italian dinners and a salad from our favorite restaurant. They knew right away it was for Mr. HOOves because of what I ordered. They gave us a ton of food.

I run out of ideas to make and am overly sensitive about what I do bake and cook.

Oh well.

I hope today is good to you. I have sort of sighed and given up on the health care people letting me know much.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday!

Sorry to hear Mr. Hooves was too weak for his Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy is hard at times. Being in pain and not feeling well makes things worse. I do hope Mr. Hooves will feel better in time and can get some help. Treatments for diseases don't seem to help at times. You get to the point you hate to tell the Doctors anything. They find something else wrong. I have a Doctor I will be going rounds with in 3 weeks. We do pray for answers. Too bad we can't take one pill a day that cures everything. Maybe someday.

It rained *Rain* last night and is raining *Rain* today. It is windy and cold.

I did read my Queen Elizabeth Book. The Royal Family seems to be falling apart now that she is gone. I read Prince Charles is sick. You don't know how much to believe of the Media stuff.

I got brave and gave my new toilet it's first scrubbing. I folded up laundry and vacuumed. I wipe the kitchen all the time. I don't plan on doing much. I am going to read my animal devotions.

Bella *Cat* ate some of her dry food. She eats everything else I give her. She no long likes dry food. I am trying old favors she has left. They are good until 2024. She is back in her bed in the computer room.

I do hope you will be feeling better. I was up early. I watched Bachelor Father. I watched The high Chaparral, Alf and my soaps. I watched Are You Being Served? last night. I have all of those on DVD.

Have a good day. I pray things go well for you. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is Feb 10.

I hope it is a good day for you and things make you smile.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

I ran some errands. Post Office and Fresh Market. It was good to get out. People were nice. It is nice when people are kind.

I think with the royal family this is the problem I have now. Harry isn't kind. He seems mean to me. Diana was kind, as far as I could tell. But Harry likes hurting people. Same with Meghan, or it's how she seems to me. She likes conflict and nastiness.

I got a book by Angela Levin about Camilla. It is paperback. I was curious and Angela Levin seems knowledgeable when I have seen her commentary on YouTube.

Harry revealed things about other people that forced them into the spotlight. I think that is really awful of him. If he isn't kind, he isn't like his mother as far as I'm concerned.

We have been watching Downton Abbey Season 3 now and also Hawaii Five Oh, new version.

Not much else. We take it one day at a time. Some days are really tough.

Today is a challenge in other ways.

Take care and enjoy your Friday and I hope all goes good.

We have sunshine here. No snow *Snow2* or rain *Rain* for the next 10 days. Feels like spring. *FlowerR* but we know how that goes. Winter is hiding and has a plan. It always does.

Harry is a disappointment. Sad really. Meghan made him that way. Is that the Hollywood side of her? Diana *Crown* *Crown2* was so sweet. If she is looking down, I bet she is sad. Maybe Harry will see the light. I hope so. Camilla has been the quiet one. I thought she would be trouble but maybe she isn't. Charles and Camilla did hurt Princess Diana. I still don't feel she, Princess Diana was treated right. I loved Queen Elizabeth but she wasn't nice to Diana.

Every day is a challenge. I get through my days and do what I am supposed to do to be better. I can understand what you go through. I pray Mr. Hooves will get better. I hope it is just a matter of time and healing. we live each day as it comes and hope things will be better.

Bella *Cat* loves her cat food and she jumped on the bed before I got up. Ray was gone and went to Walmart and she wanted me up. I watched Dr. Jeremiah and got up and listened to my Playlist on YouTube.

I watched Just Shoot Me, Newhart, my soaps, The High Chaparral, Alf. Tonight Fire Country is on.

We may get Bob Evans Take Out tonight. I look forward to that.

I hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is Feb 11. My computer is acting up. It is old. I may have to get a new one soon.

We have one here, but I am not sure it even works. We'll see.

Hope all is good there.

Give Miss Bella *Cat2**Heartv* our love.

Taking it day by day. We are supposed to get a lot of rain tomorrow. Bleh. Today is cloudy and cool, but not that cold for Feb. We have lucked out with the weather pretty much.

We watch our Hawaii 5 0 during the day and Downton at night. Otherwise, it is me getting things and then taking care of him. He sleeps a lot and doesn't walk more than from the bed to the chair. I hope it gets better, but it doesn't seem like things are going that way. We pray for a miracle, but we've had them before.

Otherwise, I hope this computer lasts a little longer. It keeps flashing dark on me.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday. Sending lots of love and hugs your way today and always!

Sorry your computer is acting up Ours kept telling us to upgrade to Windows 11. It was slow so we got the new one. We got a new one 10 years ago. I hate updating technology stuff. Older folks got nothing better to do. Like with DVDS. I am not going to change over to Blue Ray. I had to give up my VHS Tapes. I don't buy many DVDS. I try to watch movies on YouTube.

I do hope Mr. Hooves is getting better and things will go well for you. I worry all the time. I have a Dentist Form from The Bone Specialist so my Dentist can sign it. I don't have one in the folder so I have to call and get one before Friday and drive to the office. DOES EVERYONE HAVE ALL THESE PROBLEMS TRYING TO GET A JACK ASS PARTIAL KNEE REPLACEMENT? Sorry. I have reached my limit.

Bella *Cat* is eating her other dry food again and playing. She looked out the window at the sun. She loves a sunny day. She laid with me last night. I think she is happy and content.

I worked on laundry. I did get some of my animal devotions read. I don't like to read like I used to. I do reviews on here. I will wait and get a new Danielle Steel Book later to read.

We are getting take out from a Pizza and Chicken Place. I like their warm submarine sandwiches and mushrooms. The pizza is good as well.

I watched Alf, The Big Valley and Murphy Brown. I am going to watch Green Acres and The Partridge Family today. Not very exciting. I have no other plans.

Hope your computer holds out. I hope Mr. Hooves is doing well. I pray for all of us. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Sunday. I hope it is a good day for you. Feb 12.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty!

Computer is still acting up. It goes black if I touch it wrong on the pad. I have to take my time and be careful. We will need a new one I think. This one is pretty old. Windows 8.1.

A friend said that Microsoft is doing something this weekend and her computer is acting up, too. I am not sure it's the same thing.

Mr. HOOves is not getting better. He is weak and getting more limited in what he can do. I wish he would get stronger, but so far it doesn't seem to be the case. He wants to do things, but they said no because his balance is bad. I am so afraid he will fall. He gets upset with me. It is not a good situation, but I keep hoping he will start to get stronger.

We watched a new Blue Bloods, Downton Abbey and Hawaii Five Oh. Rain today. But not the bitter cold we sometimes get in winter and that we got in Dec.

I am grateful for anything that makes things easier.

I have to be careful and not touch the pad below the keyboard. Maybe I can make this last a little longer that way.

Take care and thank you for the physical merit badge - so pretty! *Heartv*

Have a good day. Doctors make things more difficult don't they. It's amazing that people cope with them as much as they do.

Enjoy the Super Bowl if you watch it. We don't, but are rooting for the Eagles for a friend of mine.

Stay warm!

I went to Church today. We got a Valentines Day Treat. Candy. That was nice of our Minister.

I forgot to tell you I sent for the Physical Merit Badge of The Purple Princess and her Dragon for you. I am waiting for the matching Awardicon Set. It has been almost 2 weeks. I guess they take longer to make.

50 Degrees today. It is going to rain *Rain* Tuesday or Wednesday. No snow *Snow5* at least.

Doctors do make things difficult. Staff Nurse not calling you back. I am not pleased. I am feeling better but we will wait until March 1 when I go see my Urologist. I see the Dentist Thursday.

I vacuumed. I cleaned bathrooms. I cleaned the kitchen. I did laundry. I washed some of my rings that I wear a lot.

I know what you mean about having good Medical days and taking all the blessings you can get. I feel like the joke about old age. Everything hurts and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work. That is so true. I got up and got dressed. What more do you want? That applies to me.

We watched The Poseidon Adventure last night and Cocktail. I watched Chips, The Flintstones, Mama's Family and Gilligan's Island. Chips. Leif Garrett was on there. He was cute but it is like he had 15 minutes of fame.

Bella *Cat* played today. She is eating her dry food. I give her canned food, a teaspoon of it before I go to bed.

I do hope Mr. Hooves feels better and can do more. You are in my prayers. I hope you have a good week. I hope your computer holds out. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is Feb 13.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go your way and make you smile. Thank you so much for the physical merit badge you ordered for me! You are a treasure!

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Heartv*

No snow in February is a good thing. Yay.

Things go okay and then they get rough. It seems to be a daily thing. It will be okay and then not so much. Nights are hard and there is confusion.

But I will try and do my best. It's all I can do. The nurse comes today, this afternoon.

This computer is still having issues going black on me if I touch the pad, but I realized that in 2020 I got another computer when this one was acting up. Then I ended up sticking with this one, but I kept the other one and didn't use it. It's a Lenovo, that hasn't been turned on in almost 3 years since I got it. So, I do have a backup if this one quits completely. That was a relief and when I realized I had everything I needed to charge and use it. Just have to adjust to the new format some.

We didn't watch the Super Bowl, but I heard who won. My friend won't be happy, but I guess my brother is.

We watch our Hawaii 50 and Downton.

It is very sad here and sometimes confusing. But we keep trying and hoping for something to get better.

Take care and have a good Monday!

Monday. A new day. I called my Bone and Joint Specialist's Nurse. They don't give out forms to sign for the Dentist. They will take my word for it that I am free of infection. I will ask questions Thursday and have him, my Dentist sign my final procedure paper. If I am going to have surgery, I want to be clear. I told the Nurse about the Urologist and I will see what he has to say. They can check my urine and told me if I am clear. If I need dilation, I will get that done. Dilation is minor and I would be healed in a week for leg replacement. I will have ask my Urologist. I pray things will work out.

Ray needs insurance clearance in minor things for procedures for his Urologist. I wish I had my own private Doctors who came to my house and did things. Like I have millions to do that.

The Super Bowl. We didn't watch it but I saw 2 cute commercials with dogs on the Morning News. What happened to Budweiser Clydesdales and dogs commercials? I love them even though they made me cry. I hear the Chiefs won. Who ever they are.

What is with China sending crappy balloons with who knows what? They shot one down over Lake Heron. Lake Heron is 4 hours away from us. That is too close. Lake Heron is half as big as Lake Michigan.

I hope Mr. Hooves is doing better. I hope he can move on his own and won't need Therapists and Nurses.

Bella *Cat* played this morning. She is happy. She eats like she always does.

I just watched Alf, Home Improvement and my soaps.

Tomorrow, we want to go to Kate Spade. I am going to call and see if they got Valentines Day Specials. I won't be buying a purse. We are thinking of going to IHop. I hope they are better then Denny's. I wasn't impressed with Denny's.

I do hope you have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Give Mr. Hooves my best. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. Sorry I missed a day. I had a painful dental issue so I went to the Dentist yesterday afternoon. I have to have a root canal. I have never had one. I am scared and my tooth is hurting. It is set for the end of the month, but they might move it up if they have a cancellation. Or if it gets worse they might send me elsewhere.

Sometimes I am so tired, I can't even think straight. I hope that this week turns out good for you and you have better luck with medical people than we have.

Give our love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartv*

I am using this older computer for Writing.com and transitioning to the new computer for other stuff.

Watched Hawaii Five 0 but I am not feeling well so am dealing with that. The phys therapist wanted to come today, but I told him no because I don't feel well. Another lady who does home health might come and two was two much.

Our friends came over and brought us Valentines Candy yesterday. It was so nice to visit with them. Also our neighbor, who has the Corgi gave us a box of candy, too. Otherwise, we didn't pay attention to Valentine's Day, but it was nice to be remembered.

I hope that everything goes your way so you can have your procedure. I think all this shooting down of balloons is weird. I think they fly them over us and we fly over them all the time and the media just decided now to make a big deal out of it.

Take care and enjoy your Wednesday! I hope your trip to Kate Spade was good!

Sorry again for missing yesterday, but I didn't feel well enough.


I am glad you are alright. I am sorry you are facing dental issues now. I know about root canal. I had that done 18 months ago. My tooth hurt and I thought it was sinus. I had 3 different visits. Make that 4. They had Covid in the office. I had to wait 2 weeks to finish up. I hope they gave you antibiotics for now. Tomorrow, I get to go see the Dentist. Oh joy. I get 2 teeth filled. My Urologist's office called and I can't see the Urologist until March 22! I am so blanking tired of things. I guess I can go to Urgent Care if the need be. I live each day as it comes.

Ray took me to Kate Spade. I got a nice lavender purse with flowers on it and a matching wallet. Thank goodness for sales. They didn't have any nice jewelry. I got the purse. We ate at IHop[. What a let down. Just breakfast food and sandwiches. Friday, I am having lunch with my friend and mother at Bob Evans. At least at Bob's, you do get more for your money. I had chocolate chip pancakes and an Oreo Cookie Shake.

That is good you got Valentines Treats and got to see the Corgis.

Bella *Cat* wants to eat all the time. She is eating all her food again.

It has been so windy. We may get snow *Snow4* and rain *Rain* tomorrow. Rain *Rain* again Friday.

Not much is new. Sometimes, we don't know which end is up. I hope things will be good for you. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.