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Hooves and I will be doing a Spring/ Summer Of Happiness Campfire for 2024.
Poser of me, my cats Bella and former cat Tigger by best friend Angel.
Hello! Welcome to Spring and Summer 2024! ♥Hooves♥ and I have been doing Campfires for quite a few years. We write what's new in our personal lives, the weather, The Royals, TV Shows and movies we like, my cat, family, Jane Austen and life in general, good or bad.. This is like a journal for us. Sometimes, we are happy and somedays, bad things happen. We go to Church and pray for God's help as we journey through life.

I chose a image of me and my cat as the cover art. Carol and I love animals and we will write about them at times. We hope you will join us and read our Campfires. We enjoy writing them. Feel free to email us about what you have read but be polite. We don't want to hurt anyone. We want good things in life and enjoy writing. Thank you for dropping by. Enjoy your visit.

Enjoy this picture of Carol and her husband Carol and I do enjoy doing Campfires.
February 10, 1984

A third Poser of Darcy and Elizabeth. Reminds me of Colin Firth. Notice the horse.

A Poser image by best friend of me, my cat Bella and deceased cat Tigger with wings.

A breath of fresh air. A new Campfire. Waiting to tell new stories. I am glad I have ♥Hooves♥ helping me with these Campfires. It is a pleasure writing with you and fun. You make me happy to be your friend. As we enter spring almost, we write a new Campfire.

I didn't go to Church. Mom has sinus issues. I didn't feel good when I got up. I was tired. I cleaned the kitchen and did laundry. I am glad I got a few things done. I have been behind on things.

There are a lot of new Merit Badges out so now, the StoryMistress can work on my new one of Elizabeth and Darcy but I called it a Jane Austen Story Couple.

Taylor Swift doesn't like The Kashdashians. NEITHER DO I! Is their father Bruce Jenner, the man who is now a woman? I have never liked The Kasdashians. They don't like Taylor. She is prettier and not trashy like them. Don't get me started. I just hope the game goes well for everyone even though I don't like football. Football will be over and now Basketball. Yikes!

I haven't heard any news about the Royals. I read Harry may be at the Superbowl.I did read Catherine is recovering at their cottage and has her own nurses to take care of her.

Ray is taking Mom to the VA tomorrow. Hopefully, they will get this settled. It has been 3 months since Dad died. I think of him everyday and see the picture of him and Mom on my Entertainment Center. I got a free dozen red roses for my rings purchase yesterday but I gave the roses to Mom. Bella *Cat* would chew on them and knock them over so I let Mom have them.

I hope you are feeling good. I am glad you did alright yesterday. The picture of you and Tom is on this Campfire. You can see him every time you write in here.

I watched Gilligan's Island last night. I want to watch some romance movies.

Have a good day and week. Thank you again for everything. Later.
Hi on Monday in our new Campfire! It is February 12 so we hope that the groundhog was right and it will be an early spring.

I hope today is a good start to the week for you!

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2* *Heartp*

Today, the plumber is coming. I have things that need to be fixed and looked at including a hot water heater and garbage disposal and sink drip. Hope it goes smooth without Tom being here. I hope it goes alright. I get anxious about everything these days.

We did not go to church, but I watched the later service on streaming. My neighbor had to see to her horse at the stables. Her horse is doing better so that is good.

I went to the post office and the grocery store after the rain stopped. The grocery store was mobbed. I guess that was because of the Super Bowl.

I had trouble with the streaming thing on Paramount Plus, getting to the right place to watch. I had to watch Reba sing the national anthem on youtube, but I saw most of the rest of it. I fell asleep at the end and missed it, but whatever. I don't think I have watched a pro football game in a long time. Tom never liked it either. I didn't care who won.

The camera work was different, more low to the ground. I think I could see it better the old way. Las Vegas looks nice and it went well for them I guess.

Taylor Swift was cute, but her boyfriend has a bad temper apparently as he was screaming in the face of his coach. I bet a lot of people watched just to see Taylor. I like her. I think some of the Kardashians are Bruce Jenner/Caitlin Jenner's kids and some are Robert Kardashian's kids. I am not sure which are or aren't, but they seem to be not the nicest. Taylor Swift has talent and seems nice so far as I can tell (which isn't far).

The commercials weren't great. I liked the Arnold Schwarznegar one with Danny Devito. No sign of Prince Harry or his minder while I was awake. It was nice to see King Charles out and about walking to church. I hope that he shares what he is doing for treatment eventually, especially if it is alternative things. He could help a lot of people and inspire them if he tries. I like that he told William to put Catherine first. Maybe Charles has changed and learned things. There might even be hope for Harry eventually in 30 years or so if he ever gets a clue.

I hope today is a good day and things get accomplished and they give us hope for the future. May we have a good campfire that comforts and lifts us up.

Thank you for doing this!


I hope for an early spring. I had to take mom to Immediate Care. She has a lung infection again. I took her to get antibiotics. Ray took her to the VA and each VA Place tells her something different. Now, she has to get a Doctor to sign the death cetificate and maybe she will get Dad's benefits. What a harassment. It has been rough. I just don't get it.

I watched the last half hour of Superbowl. I wanted to watch Tracker. I see the Chieftains won. I hate when they go unto overtime. Taylor Swift should be happy. I saw Reba sing The Star Spangled Banner on YouTube. She did a beautiful job. I think Taylor is too pretty for her boyfriend. I hope he doesn't use a bad temper on her. I guess football players are just rough.

I did watch Tracker. The main character is played by Justin Hartley. He was on the soaps I watch. I think it will be a good show.

I like the new Budweiser Commercial about the Clydesdales pulling the beer in the wagon through a snow *Snow2* storm. I love the Clydesdales. I always like the Clydesdale commercials. They make me cry at times. The endings are happy.

I hope the plumber fixed your sink. I hate getting things fixed,. Things always break down.

It was 40 some degrees today.

Our Game Friend is running out of money. The house in Mississippi had termites She had to replace all the appliances. She is going to sell the house and move back to Indiana. We left all the games at her house for Game Night. I was afraid her step kids and grandkids stoled them at Christmas. Mom says our friend dropped the games at her house before leaving for Mississippi. I am glad. I don't trust her step kids and grandkids,. It is hard to trust people online and i real life. Enough said. I think you know what I mean.

Ray is watching his shows tonight so I am going to stay back here and work on things.

Not much is going on. I hope you are feeling good. I hope sinus issues tonight. Tomorrow, I get my Vitamin B 12 Shot and then we are going to Mejer. I hope things get better for all of us. I guess there is no such things as a perfect year. I can always hope. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi. It is Tuesday, Feb. 13. The middle of the night with me awake. It happens a lot now. I am sleepy, but cannot sleep.

I hope today is a good day for you and for your Mom, too. I don't know why VA can't do the right thing for veterans and their families. We ran into a lot of that with medical stuff and then I did after Tom passed away. They don't make it any easier.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

The plumber came and helped me and looked at things and fixed things that needed it. He was very kind to me. I had told his son that Tom died back at the time it happened, but his son didn't tell him so it was news to him. He was really kind about everything and is a very nice person. Tom thought he was nice, too.

It is hard to trust sometimes, as you say. I hope things go smooth for your friend moving back. My brother is having trouble selling his house, but I think the housing market has slowed a lot. For a while it was good, but not so much now.

I watched youtube yesterday. Jon Stewart is back on The Daily Show. That surprised me. He agrees with me that both candidates are too old.

Sometimes people really go out of their way to be nice. It is surprising (in a good way) when that happens.

I didn't do much except wait for the plumber yesterday as it was a rainy day.

I might try to sleep now or watch something on youtube.

I hope the day turns out to be a good one for you.


I haven't been feeling great. Some back pain and my bladder was good last night. I think I need to take a Xanax. I hope my dilation of bladder takes care of things. My knee is better healing off and on.

I got my Vitamin B 12 Shot today. Ray and I went to Mejer to get some things, I eat frozen food. Tomorrow, we are having a roast, baked potatoes and rolls. This will be our Valentines Day dinner. *HeartB*

A semi pulled out in front of us today and so did a man hauling a trailer. They could have hit us! I shook my fist at the Semi Driver. I try to be a lady and not do rude, hand gestures if you know what I mean.

I got hurt by someone hurt here. A friend but we are friends again and worked it out. I am glad. I don't like losing friends. I am so sensitive anymore. I pray I get better physically and emotionally.

I did 24 Reviews for Anniversary Reviews last night. Ray watched his police shows so I did reviews. I need to write some things. I have ideas but getting them from keyboard to computer screen.

Glad the plumber got things fixed. I hate when things break down. I guess everything is fixed around here for now.

I read some of Endgames last night. The Queen got up at 7:00 AM every morning and had tea. A man played bagpipes every morning as a wake up call for the Queen. I don't know how I would handle being Queen and have to get up and get dressed every day. If I don't go anywhere, I don't get dressed. I like having quiet days. I don't do as more as much as I used to.

I saw an article abut the Dark Shadows Stars. Dark Shadows came on in 1966. It will soon be 60 years for them. I should start watching those episodes again. Fictional TV Shows get our attention.

Bella *Cat* had lunch early and all she wants to do is eat. I give her dry food. She does love her can food.

I hope you can sleep more. Me, too. I enjoy watching YouTube. I do think about you and hope things are going well. I treasure our friendship. Thanks for being with me and these Campfires. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. Happy Valentine's Day! *Heart**Heartp*

I hope it proves to be a good day for you and you feel better!

Give Valentine's hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat**Heartv**Heartp*

Yesterday I took a donation to Goodwill. Then I went and got a yummy Cobb salad at Chick-fil-A. Then I came home and worked on getting the tax information together. And I called and made the appointment at the accountant. Last year they let me do it all by mail. I hope I can get there and back to do it as it is about 20 miles away. I need to do it in person because there is so much different stuff like transferring of an account to me and donating that car. Sigh. Lots of paperwork to dig out.

Need to take a deep breath and go and take my own car for an oil change soon. Everything scares me. But I have to get things done I guess. My car is almost 20 years old and it scares me, but so does the idea of getting something different. What a mess.

I did sleep more last night. I think it was close to 7 hours so that's good, but I still woke up really early.

Watched youtube. Also, my yard guy came. So, I paid him for what he did right before Christmas so that was good. He didn't remember that I owed him money. So, did my neighbor as she has been looking for him to come. I told her that Tom always said to look for him after the Superbowl. So, I told the yard guy that was what Tom said. Yard guy said he doesn't like football. But Tom said he would show up about then because that's when yards need that weed and feed stuff I guess. Tom didn't like Pro football, either.

One good thing now, there is a lot more daylight time in the evening when the sun shines. Yesterday afternoon almost looked like Spring. *Tulipr**Tulipp*

Harry and Meghan are up to their antics, being mean by using their titles to make a website I guess. Who would trust them to buy anything is what I wonder, but I am sure that some would. They are mean to be doing this while Charles is having cancer treatment and Catherine is recovering. When people are mean like that in times of trouble, it is something that is hard to get over and forgive. I would be afraid to even click on their stuff.

But we all try to forgive and move on I guess eventually or avoid people who are deliberately mean. Life throws some curve balls.

I take it one day at a time. Maybe I am making progress, but it's slow progress. I am thankful for the blessings I do have.

Take care and enjoy your Valentine's!


Happy Valentines Day! I have got greetings here, a pink ribbon, a trinket and a Merit Badge. My Jane Austen couple Merit Badge is done and I hoped it would be in the shop today but not yet. I am waiting. It turned out nice.

I am feeling better. Not perfect. I am doing good. I drank some country time lemonade out of my Yellowstone Beth Dutton glass. Ray bought me home a donut with chocolate frosting.

Bella *Cat* woke me up at 3:00 AM. I told her no, it wasn't happening. It was way too early to feed her. I had to shut her out and I went back to bed. I slept an extra 5 hours.

I did watch Breakfast At Tiffanys last night. A good Valentines Day movie.

I got my Drivers License in the mail *MailP* . It didn't take long. I hate doing things by snail *SnailR* mail.*MailP* It takes forever for most of the time.

Harry and Meghan. Aren't they just ducky and lovely? I think they think of ways to misbehave. What will their kids be like when they grow up? I read William and Catherine are looking for a special prestige school for George.

I am making a roast for supper. Bella *Cat* will love roast. A good Valentines Day Dinner.

I watched Laverne and Shirley, The High Chapparal, Family Affair, my soaps and The Price Is Right.

Football *Football* is over, Now, it will be basketball *Basketball* Oh joy.

It is nice your yard gets done in the winter. The fields look barren and dry. No snow *Snow1* I will like it when the fields are green.

Have a good day. I hope you are feeling better. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Thursday. It is February 15.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give love to Miss Bella for me. I am still up early every day, too. *Cat**Heartp*

Yesterday I was up and got my courage up. I went to the car place and got my oil changed by myself. I was so scared and nervous, but I made myself do it. My brother is coming today and he said he would help me, but he didn't sound like he wanted to so I decided to do it on my own on Valentine's Day. It's scary because I would be stranded without that car.

I arrived when they opened at 7:30. No one was there but me getting work done for the first 20 minutes so I was first. I took my book to read. I was up before 4 so I was ready to roll to get there at opening time. Tom trusted this place. The guy did say I might want to leave it for them to look at something, but they say that every other time. He said I am doing a good job of keeping an eye on fluids and oil changes and tires. That surprised me. My car is almost 20 years old now. I am used to it. My neighbor goes there too.

Valentine's Day was a good day to go I guess. I hope the car keeps working. I am afraid of everything with them messing with it. I have to drive a ways to go to the accountant next week. I asked if it was good to do that and the guy said yes, it would get me to High Point and back.

Afterwards I went to Target and the grocery store. I couldn't believe the amount of flowers on sale both places and how much they cost. I haven't gone into a store on Valentine's Day in a long time. It was was like a different world I don't belong in.

Watched Youtube. It was sad about Kansas City. They seemed to have a nice celebration and then guys with guns ruined it and hurt children mostly. How mean.

The Harry and Meghan stuff. They are so insensitive to what Charles and Catherine are going through. I know people like that. Harry and Meghan aren't kids. Something is wrong with them. They seem toxic. It is hard dealing with people like that who have nothing kind or compassionate inside them. It must be really hard for the people who still love them to be treated like this by them.

This week, so far, I really did some stuff that scared me. I hope I can do things next week too and that I don't get too sad when my brother leaves on Sunday. That is the hardest time when he leaves and I feel abandoned all over again.

On March 28 Tom will have been gone a year. I don't know how to live without him still.

What a painful process.

Thank you for being my friend through it all and having such a nice place for us to write and look forward to sharing.

Enjoy your Thursday!


I saw the shooting on TV about the Superbowl Parade. I am like really, again? When does it end? What is with people? I just hate to watch news. The Superbowl was well guarded but I don't know about the parade. It happened so I am guessing it wasn't.

That is good you got your oil changed. I hated getting my tires changed or doing anything at the garage. I had to get new tires over 20 years ago and took it to the garage. So, I looked through a magazine and found an ad to take a Creative Writing Course so I sent for information. I took the course and found out about Writing.com well Stories then and now here I am after all these years. Glad you were able to get the car in.

I hope you and your brother have a good time and get to talk and he will open up and you can talk. It sounds like you are close but restrained at times. My mother and her brother were always at odds over my father. My father was a jerk at times but my uncle wasn't perfect. My aunt says he is still a jerk and a name I can't use. Now, my mother and her brother are close and Dad is dead. I love them both but my family was at odds. Sorry. I want you and your brother to have a good relationship. I have bee down at times. I hope you and your brother will always be there for each other.

It rained *Rain* today and now it is windy. It is cold.

Harry and Meghan. I don't know. The Royals. Everyone knows their business. That is sad. I read they said William was drunk because he slurred his words and was weaving when he stood by his father. Maybe William is stressed and not sleeping enough. Not sleeping enough will make you weave at times if you just stand there. They said does England really want William for a King? WE WANT HARRY! No way, Jose! I don't know. It is like a soap opera.

Downton Abbey is working on new episodes. I hope they show them on PBS like before. I read Canada gets soap opera episodes a day before we do! We have 4 soaps filmed here. Heartland, we are behind by a year and better. Maybe two. They are filmed in Canada. England will get Downton before we do in USA. We have to wait patiently like we did on the movies of Downton.

Have a good day and almost weekend. I will try to wrote a dragon story. Thanks for listening and all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is Feb. 16. More than halfway through February.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heart*

My brother is here. We went out to eat and my stomach got upset. We went to a used book place and it was a mess because they are moving to another city from here. I felt sick and had to tell him I needed to go home. He was okay with that. So, I came home and then after a while I felt better. My stomach still gives me a hard time since I had Covid and then the Shingles Shot.

We watched The Sopranos since my brother is watching that now. We watched the movie, The Holdovers, which I love. He enjoyed it, too.

My brother wants to go to the Caesars Casino in about 40 miles away today. I will try my best to be okay to do it. I hope I can do it and not get sick again. I don't want to not do what he wants when he comes all this way.

I felt good about getting that oil changed. It went okay and wasn't crowded doing it on Valentine''s Day. I also got my taxes ready this week. The tax appt is next week and also the next day the Grief Counselor comes. I called the plumber and he fixed my issue and was very kind to me. This week went good, except for my stomach. I wish it would get better, but maybe it is a stress thing.

That thing about William. He looks stressed like I felt. I think he is worried about too many things with his Father and with Catherine both being ill. He didn't look drunk to me. He looked exhausted like I felt for a long time and still do some days. He is a caregiver, but one who has lots of money and help.

Harry and Meghan are prancing around in Canada. It looks like they are spending charity raised money on themselves for private jets and wardrobes. They don't care. They promised Queen Elizabeth something about using their titles to make money and now she is dead, they break their word. I can't say how much that is disappointing that Harry would do that to his word to his own Grandmother.

But one of these days Harry will want something big and he will have to ask William for it or ask someone who loved William if William doesn't survive all this. That is my prediction.

William cares. I believe that. It is wearing on him. That same night he pulled it together and helped out and had a nice time with Tom Cruise. Harry and Meghan don't seem to care now, but they will some day because things will change. She already looks like her personality in the face. Her face looks all leathery and lined beyond her years. Harry's baldness looks ridiculous. They try to be glamorous, but they try too hard and it all seems forced and unnatural.

I prefer William's looks and the way he behaves. It only makes him more human to me that he dropped something and was a little shaky on his feet. I was shaky too, plenty of times. He will be a good King if he survives all this. I hope Charles fixes it so that Harry can never be king. Charles should have done that after the coronation, before he got sick. I think it is a big mistake that he doesn't crack down on Harry and company.

Now Charles has cancer and is in cancer treatment. It is a hard time for him to do things that he needs to do for the sake of his country. Either he will step up, or he will be a truly tragic figure, who only reigned a short time and couldn't preserve the monarchy. Camilla is stepping up for him and William is stepping up for him and Catherine. I think that Diana would have forgiven them (Camilla and Charles) because I believe she was kind hearted underneath everything. Harry and company, not so much.

It is too bad that Harry never got the help he needed, but I don't think he's getting it now, either.

They all have drivers and don't have to worry about oil changes.

Well, that's my view from here.

I hope it is a good day for you and everything goes your way!

Sorry to hear you don't feel well. Side effects of Meds and illnesses are unreal. I worry every time I take a new Med how it will react with my other Meds. I do hope you are feeling better and your brother can go places and enjoy things.

We got snow *Snow2* and it is still snowing *Snow3* It won't be staying. It is too warm. We are getting lake effect snow *Snow1* tomorrow morning and 28 Degrees tonight.

William. He may be stressed and not feeling well. He has his father and Catherine, Kate to worry about. Harry is partying and Meghan is bringing him down to a low level, the T word. Sad. Charles and his cancer. Cancer is rough. William has that to deal with. I know Princess Diana forgives him and Camilla. She was that type of person. Queen Elizabeth had a lot to deal with.

Tom Cruise hanging out with William. Leonardo Dicaprio hung out with Prince Charles years ago instead of going to The Emmy awards. He knew he wouldn't win for Titanic but he should have. Leo disappointed me. His attitude changed and he wasn't nice anymore. Johnny Depp disappears into his inner self. His marriage messed him up. I feel sorry for him.

I cleaned bathrooms and folded up clothes. I have been busy. I did watch the last half of the Crocodile Dundee Movie, the third one. He was able to charm lions by moving his fingers and talking to them.

I watched my soaps and Little House On The Prairie. I watched Family Affair.

Things are quiet on here. I did some Blog entries.

Bella *Cat* has been running around and gets extra snacks. I wish I had her ambition.

Have a good weekend. Not much going on. I appreciate all you do. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is Feb. 17.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give nice pets to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

It was a busy day for me yesterday. We went to Danville, about 40 miles away. Stopped at Biscuitville for breakfast. I felt better and was able to eat a bit and was okay.

My brother likes to go, go, go. Usually I have one outing a day and I come back and hibernate. We watch TV downstairs until 8 or 9. When I am by myself I come upstairs in the afternoon and it is warmer up here. Downstairs is chilly with the heat pump, but upstairs is toasty warm in winter.

We went to the casino in Virginia. It wasn't crowded, but as usual some people have to sit right next to me. So, then I moved, but it made me nervous about Covid. We stayed a couple of hours.

Then, later, we went to a grocery store here so my brother could get his provisions. Then we went to the close by Italian place. The waiter said he missed my dinner group from Thursday nights. That was nice. He is a nice young guy. I guess they didn't go there on Thurs. I had my brother here so I didn't go.

Watched a couple of episodes of The Sopranos. Then I watched a little Youtube and fell asleep.

Harry is a big blabbermouth every time he goes near the Royal Family. At least he didn't say what type of cancer Charles has. Probably saving that for his next book.

But he said he was considering American citizenship, which makes no sense. He would have to renounce his titles. That's what he and Meghan keep clinging to. He's not very bright. They supposedly don't want to be around the Royal family, but they want to be Duke and Duchess of whatever and have their kids be prince and princess.

Harry keeps doing things that are bound to stress out Charles and William, then he wonders why they don't adore him and Meghan. What a tool. The guy who interviewed him is Christopher Reeve's son. He's pretty sharp. I think it was for Good Morning America.

I hope I don't fall apart tomorrow when my brother leaves to go home. This will be a busy week with the tax appointment and other stuff.

Have a lovely weekend! Stay warm!

Ray went to Walmart and I stayed home .He always brings home goodies like McDonalds Breakfast.

I vacuumed. I watched ghost documentaries. I learned The Barker Mansion in Indiana I go to has ghosts but I never saw a ghost. The Alamo is haunted. Oh well. I watched Green Acres, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.

Mom called me on my cell so I answered and she is talking about 800 numbers and the date they were supposed to get back to her. I asked what she was talking about and she must have been on the house phone talking to my cousin and was unaware that she had called me. I hung up.

We got snow *Snow2* but just an inch and now it is just cold.

That is good you and your brother went out. You get to spend time with him. It is nice to stay home. I don't like going out every day. When I was younger and working, it was nice to go places.

My sinuses are flaring up so I am taking an antibiotic. I got my bladder dilated Thursday and I hope I don't need to go to Immediate Care. I will be awake so I won't be under anesthetic so that is good. I can take Meds and that. Sinus and the C word don't have the same symptoms so I know the difference. I bought new nose spray. I was hoping to go to Church tomorrow.

Bella *Cat* had a cheeses snack and ran around earlier. She seems happy. She likes to look out the window.

Harry is a tool. He is awful. Meghan wants to be Royal but they don't want the responsibilities that go along with it. Charles needs Harry right now but at least he has William, one good son. I worry about the US but I worry about England and I don't even live there. I don't know.

I watched Nine To Five last night. I like that silly movie.

I hope you will find comfort when your brother leaves. I pray for you and think about you. I pray for all of us. I am always glad we have the Campfires. Somedays, I don't hear from anyone except for here and you and that is how I got through Covid lockdown. Later, my Dear.
Hi on Sunday. It is way too early to be awake. It is Feb 18. We are planning to go to church later on. We will see.

I love the new merit badge - thank you so much!!! *Heartv**Heartp*

I hope it will be a good day for you today.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet for me! *Cat2**Heartv*{e:heartp]

We went to the Moose Cafe yesterday. Also the sub place and Sprouts then the post office. It's all about eating. I did not feel good, but then we came back and I felt better.

We watched The Sopranos and also Youtube. It is nice to have company. I hope I don't fall apart today when he leaves. Sometimes he can't hear me and it's frustrating having to yell all the time to get him to hear me. I am not always sure that he gets what I am saying to him.

He helped me with a light bulb and getting wasp nests down from high up. I hope I remember to ask him to replace the a/c filter today. We get on each other's nerves sometimes just like when we were kids. He's 8 years older than me.

Sometimes I don't get him and vice versa. He likes to pick on me. Mostly, I am used to it, but last year right after Tom died it tore me to shreds with him and that girlfriend of his (who died in Sept) picking on me constantly about things. I can see it more clearly now and ignore it when I need to. It's not like he lets me tell him what to do. I love him but we don't always see things the same way.

I saw pictures of her house for sale so now I know who was here criticizing me. It put it into perspective. She was not exactly coming from a Martha Stewart perspective in bossing me around.

It's cold here, but dry. The pollen is high. Days are longer and it seems like Spring is in sight.

I hope today is good to you. And I hope I don't fall apart when my brother leaves.

I didn't go to Church. I have some sinus infection but I think the antibiotic I started might be helping, I should call my minister and talk to her but I hate to bother her. I have been so down about things. Covid changed things even though we have been back to normal but I don't think we will ever be normal again. I just don't know. We do the best we can. I think of my father everyday.

I do hope you are okay and your brother leaving isn't so hard for you. I hated when I visited my sister in Florida and we had to leave, I even missed her fish. Silly as that sounds. They were interesting. I hope you have things to do to help you. At least you grew up with your brother. So, you have those memories and can still be close. That means a lot.

I am here doing reviews. I get upset when a member does a group or activity and doesn't do what they promised. I always do what I promise for activities and they give me points. Guess you consider them donations to other members who don't do their part.

It was cold last night so I had to use 2 blankets. We don't get a lot of snow *Snow4* but it does get cold.

I made tuna casserole and sugar free yellow cake. Bella *Cat* does love tuna.

I watched 2 Jane Austen Romance Hallmark movies on YouTube. The one was like Lost In Austen. The woman physically goes into the Pride and Prejudice book as a cousin of the Bennett sisters. The other movie had Allison Sweeney of Days Of Our Lives and she meets Jane Austen who helps her with her problems and her writing. I could use Jane Austen's help.

I watched Gidget today. They are having a Sally Field Marathon thing this weekend.

It is sad when people think they are better then you. Where I live, no one lives like Marta Stewart or Downton Abbey. We are country folks but I act like Lisa Douglas. I just don't want to live in the city. I like to dress up on occasion and go to the city for a few hours. Hooterville is home. Oh well.

I see my Urologist this week. No special plans. I hope you have a good week. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Monday. It is President's Day. Feb 19.

I hope today you feel better and that it's not too cold.

Give a nice pet to Miss Bella for me! *Cat**Heartt*

We went to church with my neighbor. My brother drove. It is the first Sunday of Lent. I am learning things. I wish Tom and I had gone to church, but we were different religions. I think he would have enjoyed this one. He always liked going to the book sale there. He would have enjoyed the people I think.

I don't feel great today. My throat is scratchy. My brother said his was too. The pollen count has been high here. Spring is on the way.

I know what you mean about being frustrated when people don't keep their commitments. I sort of try and find my way to enjoying things. I love writing in our campfires and it gives me enjoyment and a purpose. Other stuff. I don't know. I used to get very upset about it but it didn't do any good. When I mooed about it I was attacked and called names. Bullies on here are brutal and they travel in packs. Don't have the energy for that stuff anymore. It's not exactly letting it go, but it's like either they will do the right thing or they won't. It's out of our control. We do our best to enjoy and participate and support.

I hibernated after my brother left. Watched youtube and hibernated. I felt sad, but not abandoned so much, just sad. Did a load of laundry and drove around the block to keep the car moving a bit.

I hope this week proves to be a good one for you! I have to go to the accountant. Otherwise, I have the Grief Counselor coming, but I'm not sure of what else I'll do.

Take care and enjoy your Monday!


I still have some sinus issues. I am taking an antibiotic and I may use my Pur Mist Machine. I slept in until 8:00AM. I dreamed I was against to adopt a brown calf with horns. I have no place to keep one. Strange.

I am sorry you feel down about your brother leaving. I know that feeling. I hated moving when Dad was in the Air Force and leaving friends. I hated moving . I always wished the world was smaller and we could live close by to friends and people we love. It doesn't work that way.

I am going to make spaghetti pretty soon. Instead of having frozen foods. it is time to cook something in the Crock Pot. Spaghetti is easy for me to cook this way. I love throwing spices in.

NCIS is on tonight and I am not a fan but Duckie died and they are going to address this issue tonight. It is sad seeing the Corgi in the previews and that was his mother's dog and now his. Poor dog. Maybe Fergi wants another Corgi. I know it isn't real but David Mccullum died in real life. I always liked him in The Man From Uncle. I always thought his uncle had given birth to him! I was just 8!

My cousin wants to go shopping next week to the Mall. I haven't been there in 4 years before Covid. I don't even know how many stores are open now. I will be going to a few stores and taking a break.

I read Catherine is stepping down from Royal Duties until she gets better from her surgery. I know that feeling. Harry is a jerk. William is trying to help his father and prepare for his duty as King someday.

It is Presidents Day. Only Washington, Lincoln and the good Presidents deserve this day. They always have sales. I will see what kind of sales they have next week when I go out.

It is cold but no snow *Snow2* or rain *Rain*

I watched my soaps, Family Affair, The High Chaparral and The Price Is Right.

The Game Of Thrones is coming back in April but I will pass on that. Too much hard work. I need to do Alice In Wonderland next month and still am working on The Dragon Vale thing.

Bella *Cat* had more tuna. She lays with me in the recliner at night. I may go back to sitting on my couch. She may like that better.

Not much is going on. Thanks for all you do. Hoping for better days. Later.
Hi on Tuesday. It is Feb 20.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

I am sick. I think mine is sinus, too. My brother is sick too. Scratchy throats and congestion with sinus pressure.. I will have to re schedule my accountant and also my Grief Counselor. Plus let my dinner group know. I am coughing and cannot be around people. It must be this time of year and my brother and I were running here and there.

I know you know how it is. It is one thing after another. But we keep trying. I was up and down all night long pretty much. So now I am worn out. It is discouraging.

I didn't do anything yesterday except go and get myself something at McDonalds.

Watched Youtube and rested pretty much the whole time.

At least the weather is sunny and not rainy. That makes it less depressing to feel so sick somehow.

So, there will be another Game of Thrones. I don't have the energy for much in the way of activities. It is kind of a struggle just the little bit that I do. Those sound like things that are well run and good for the site, though, if they are.

Those are intense activities. I log in and write in our beloved campfire, and judge when I am supposed to and send a review or two independently. I don't want to let anyone down.

I hope today is good to both of us.

It is chilly here but calm. I still have sinus issues. We have to do what we can with symptoms and go forward. I am not having much back pain. I take the good things in life that I can get.

Mom got her internet and TV fixed. That is good news. I worry about Mom even though she drives me crazy. My cousin and I take her to Doctor Appointments and I help her all I can.

I can't do all the activities here. It is hard to get every Merit Badge there is. I enjoy the ones I get and make one when I can. We are here to have fun and share our writing and do what we can to help others and make friends.

I did vacuum. I cleaned my kitchen and ran a dust mop over the floor. I got a load of laundry done.

If you want to take a day off or two from the Campfire, I understand. I am always happy when you do write in the Campfire. It means a lot. Somedays, we enjoy life more times then others. I know I do.

Bella *Cat* always wants to eat. She lays with me on the blanket at night. I do love her. I think about Tigger *Cat* and I miss her a lot as well.

Things are quiet here. I may do some reviews. Ray is watching The Story Channel. Boring. He doesn't think my shows and doing writing is exciting. He likes to work in his shop.

Dolly Patron has a show coming on and some guests. There are dogs on there dressed like her in dog clothes and I think it will be cute. I can see me dressing my cat up. She would hate that.

I hope you are feeling better and things will be alright your way. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.
Hi on Wednesday. It is Feb 21.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! It is hard when we miss our beloved kitties and puppies. *Cat2**Heartv*

Yesterday, I did get in to see my doctor, which is kind of rare these days to do that on the same day. He gave me an antibiotic. So, I had to go to Target and get it. So tired, but I did get the medicine and something to eat at at the drivethru at Cookout and I came home. The doctor gave me amoxicillin. This is a bad sinus thing. Here's hoping that our medicines help us and we feel better.

Hasn't happened yet, but I did sleep more even though I am awake early. Always something.

I love writing in our campfires and look forward to it very much! This site has so many choices for us to have fun. It's such a blessing.

I had to cancel my tax appointment and the Grief Counselor and reschedule. Sigh. Well, at least I got the stuff ready for the taxes so in March I just have to go there. I was all ready to go.

My brother has something, too, but it doesn't seem as bad. He just has a scratchy throat apparently. I hope he doesn't get this the way I have it.

Watched the movie, American Fiction yesterday. I was disappointed in it. Oh well. I also watched Youtube. Not much going on there really.

I hope you feel better and better and can enjoy a nice day there.


I still have my sinus issues. I am taking Amoxicillin. My primary care doctor said I should take Zpak. Zpak intefers with my IBS med. I hate taking that. Mom is taking that. I feel better after I have been up 2 hours. I take Tylenol. I pur mist with my machine. I get my bladder dilated tomorrow and I am awake for that. It takes less then 10 minutes . I hold my Xalerto for 3 days. I pray things go well. I am happy to hear tour Doctor put you on Amoxicillin. Good choice. I will keep taking mine.

I read Prince William is banning Harry from being involved with Royal duties. Catherine is healing well. She isn't doing charity things.

Ray has been expecting a package from Fed Ex. They say on our computer email no one is home to receive the package. We are home. They need to knock on the door. A man said he stood outside and waited for Fed Ex and they went right past him. I don't know. Fed Ex is awful. I hope he gets his package today. Ray went to get his psoriasis shot.

I watched Little House on the Prairie . I watch my soaps. I keep saying I am taking a soap break. I get so bored. I ask myself why do I watch these soaps again?

I hope you are feeling better. I hope you get to go out with your dinner group next week. I hope to go shopping Monday.

It is chilly today. It may warm up. Bella *Cat* is pacing around. She wants lunch.

I need to fold up laundry . Thanks for doing the Campfire with me . I hope things get better for all of us. Have a good day.
Hi on Thursday. It is Feb. 22, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go well and smoothly at the doctor's appt. and it helps you feel better.

Give love to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartp*

The antibiotic seems strong and like it is helping me. I hope that yours is helping you.

When I wake up I feel icky, but then yesterday it was a little better. I hope it's that way today. The doctor said I'm not contagious after 48 hours of taking the medicine so I will try and go to eat with my friends. I am running out of things to eat here so maybe it will be good for me to get out. The restaurant is less than a mile from my house. It is basically right around the corner at the other end of a shopping center that winds around.

I watched Youtube yesterday, but that was about it. I was on here a lot, but wasn't productive. But I had a nice time being here. I appreciate the site and all that SM and SMs do to make it nice for us to come here.

Everything that I missed is rescheduled for at least two weeks down the road. My brother had a scratchy throat, but he didn't get sick like I did. When I was a kid I was more prone to sickness than he was. He jumped out of his crib and broke his leg when he was a toddler. Funny the things I remember now hearing about and living through.

I love doing our campfires. I look forward to writing with you. *Heart*

Harry and Meghan are entertaining in a weird way. It's like what dumb thing will they think of next. First they couldn't get away from the royal family quick enough. Now, they seem as if they are struggling to crawl back in and have a connection. Maybe it's so they can write about how mean the royal family is like they did before. How many times will Charles allow this to happen because he feels guilty about what happened with Diana.

Meghan wears a lot of clothes on a trip that's supposed to be for a charity. She likes to spend his money I guess. What does he earn besides what he was given and inherited from Diana. Meghan doesn't look particularly good in what she wears. She seems to make weird choices.

William is more of what I think of as a normal person. William and Charles are wealthy in ways that Harry will never be. If I were William I would steer clear of those two (Harry and Meghan) and I wouldn't want them near his wife or kids. I think that Charles and Catherine have illnesses that came on because of stress brought to them by Meghan and Harry (allegedly) and their antics.

William is worth hundreds of millions as Prince of Wales, Charles is worth billions as King of England. Harry inherited about 30 million or so. I don't know how much they got for the Netflix thing or their other contracts. They don't seem to produce much work.

I saw that Charles was meeting with the Prime Minister yesterday. He moved well so I was encouraged to see that. I hope he doesn't have to have radiation on himself. I think radiation is very hard from what Tom experienced.

I read that a female doctor named Wu is developing a vaccine for cancer. She is working at some clinic in Boston. The vaccines will be tailored to the genetic makeup of each person. I guess it is an extension of immunotherapy. Wow, if that could come to be in our lifetimes to have a cure for cancer. My aunt, father, husband, father in law and sister in law all passed away from cancers. If only Tom could have had a vaccine so he wouldn't have been so sick. But maybe his powerful spirit is working to make it better for the grandsons and future generations. How remarkable, if that could be true.

Not much else to report or write about.

Taking medicine and hoping to get better here.

Have a good day and I hope and pray it goes well for you at the doctor's office!

What a day. It rained *Rain* today. We are all ready to go to my Urology Appointment and the lights go out. Great. We fed Bella *Cat* and took off to my appointment. It took forever to get in. They bought in a man on a gurney who looked like my father. I had to look 3 or 4 times but it wasn't him of course. The dilation was quick. Now, I have burning and I am taking AZO for it. I am still taking my antibiotic trying to get better. We come home and no electricity, yet. We are on generator. It has been 5 hours. A lot of places have no power. Like really?

We do need a vaccine for cancer. My mother read they have a cure for cancer but won't release it because there are many people in the world. I have had a trace of cancer and precancerous. I hope I never get close calls again. It is scary. I didn't need chemo. Just surgery. It wasn't serious but the C word is always serious. I got a blood clot from surgery. I pray for a vaccine.

The Royals. Harry and Meghan don't want the responsibility of being a Royal. They want the glory. Harry has been bad over the years and Meghan is bringing him down. I hate when women bring men down to a low level. William needs to be the King. Charles is having problems and William is stepping in. Meghan wants to be the next Princess Diana. No way! Kate's got that. How did Queen Elizabeth do it all those years? I just pray for the Royals and the world.

The other day I was at Mom's and saw a young man who looked like Prince driving a car! I know it wasn't him. He is gone. I see people who look like famous people. Wishful thinking like I thought I saw Dad.

The Cranes are coming back. They fly south for the winter and now they are home. I haven't seen robins, yet or hummingbirds.

I hope you are feeling better. My sinuses get better. My Doctor says my bladder is good. The Urine tests don't show anything. Hopefully, my dilation will work. Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you.

Hi on Friday. It is February 23, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better and recovered from your procedure. I hope it helped. May the power come back on and stay on. It's good that you have a generator. Here, I would just be shivering in the dark, except for flashlights.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

I went out to eat last night with my usual nice group of friends. The doctor said it was okay since after 48 hours on the amoxicillin I wouldn't be contagious. I needed to get out and eat something different. It went okay and pretty smooth. I wake up this morning with a lot of congestion still. I guess it will take a while to get over this. But I did sleep a little later so yay for that.

Am thankful for all the blessings. Like the fact that I am sick this year with this instead of last year. Last year I had that root canal right when Tom was dying. If I had gotten Covid or a Sinus Infection I don't think I could have cared for him and he might have gotten it and suffered more. As it was, he never got the Covid and he died at home where he wanted to be and not elsewhere. It is hard when I find blessings in the timing of my sickness.

Here, on the news, they said we have gone more than 7 hundred something days with no snow. It will be a record if we don't get any this year. It's like our climate change has turned us into Florida or something.

Up in Maryland, just up about 300 miles they had plenty of snow. It's weird the way the weather patterns have changed. Today will be rainy I guess. I might have to go to the store,

Watched You tube as usual.

King Charles met with his Prime Minister. He looked okay so far, but cancer treatment can be tricky. Tom didn't lose his hair until the brain radiation. He tolerated the chemo and immuno pretty well for many months. Maybe King Charles can help find the cure for cancer as they monitor his treatment. I bet that would mean a lot to him.

Harry and Meghan. They seem to need money so they want to come back to get it from the Royal Family. That is how it seems and they do it when people are vulnerable, sick with things. How do people go through millions so quick and need more while others make do with very little. It's not like they are talented that I can see. But maybe they will find their way and figure out how to do good in the world. It is hard to know what to believe.

I see Taylor Swift is doing good in Australia and is so successful. Good for her. She has a lot of talent with music and songwriting. I don't see what talent Meghan and Harry have except for whining about his family and using them for money.

I wish I could find a good movie to watch. American Fiction was disappointing. I will look around on Netflix later on.

Take care and I hope that today proves to be a good day and the power comes back and stays on!


We did get our power back 5 hours later. We were the last ones to get our power back. I feel like Oliver and Lisa in Hooterville. We don't know why it went out. We had the generator. We may get snow *Snow2* tonight.

My bladder is healing. I took 2 more pain pills. It may take a few weeks. I am trying to trust my Urologist. I am not in pain outside of some burning but that is 90 percent better. I slept good last night. I shut the door so Bella *Cat* wouldn't bother us.

King Charles. I haven't seen pictures of him. I imagine treatment is taking it's toll on him. Meghan and Harry need to behave and just hibernate and stay away from people until they can play nice with others. Harry is spoiled and I bet Meghan was, too.

I haven't done anything today. Every time, I get my bladder dilated, it does a number on me. I have no ambition. I am still dealing with my knee and arthritis crap. I am not alone on this.

If Taylor Swift gets married, I wonder if she will quit performing. I wouldn't like being on tour all the time. I would want to write songs and make records but not do any touring. I couldn't handle that. Like Dolly Parton. Her husband never went with her on tour. He has a big pole barn that he does things in. Just like Ray. I am not famous and touring. I spend all my time on the computer.

Sorry, American Fiction is disappointing. You could watch the Jane Austen Romance Hallmark movies. They won't win awards but they are important to us who love Jane Austen. I watched An Officer and a Gentleman. I still need to watch movies this weekend. If you are bored, you can read this:
"Pride and Prejudice, Trapped In A Book For 30 Days I wrote this for a Blog entry.

Have a good day and weekend. Thanks for all you do. I do enjoy our Campfires. Praying for better days. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is February 24.

I hope that you are getting rest so that you feel better. This morning I woke up early as usual, but I slept again really soundly until 6. Then I wake up in a fog. The amoxicillin seems to be helping, but I still have that awful sinus congestion in the morning. You know how that is.

But the extra sleep after all this time is doing something. I'm not sure what, but it seems to make things a little easier.

Give my love and hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg*

Sometimes I try to do things that used to come easily to me on here. I get overwhelmed. Struggling to do things and focus is a challenge. But if I get better from this sinus infection maybe then things will be easier and more like they used to be and my sleep will get back to something approaching normal where I am not up at 2 am for the day..

I went to the close by grocery store and got Panera Bread Chicken Noodle Soup. It tasted good, but was expensive. Seven dollars for one lunch serving. But I think it was worth it. I microwaved it and ate it all. It was yummy. No soup that I've made tastes as good. There is a guy there that helps me out with my stuff as that's his job. He told me I look better now like I am getting healthier. I don't know what he's meaning. That was encouraging since I am sick. I lost a lot of weight, but have put some back on. I don't go there for a while then I go. I don't like the actual store as much as the one that's a little farther away. But when Tom was so sick, this was my go-to, because I could get right back, so the guy would ask about Tom every time I went for a while. Then when I don't go, I think he thinks something happened to me maybe. He had asked about who my brother was when I went there with him and his girlfriend. I said oh that's my big brother who helps me get through now. I give him money for helping me to the car. It's a long way to put the cart back there and he helps me. He's nice. He would always ask for Tom and I would say doing better or in hospice when that happened. Then he asked and I had to say Tom passed and I started crying right there at the grocery store so embarrassing on my part. It's an emotional place for me to go to sometimes.

Watched Friends, Sopranos and That Girl for a change of pace. Also watched my usual Youtube stuff.

Settling back into my lonely routine I guess. Tomorrow maybe we will go to church or maybe not.

I hope that today is good for you.

Ray went to Walmart before I got out of bed. I got up and watched The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. I have some back pain. I hope it leaves when my knee pain leaves. I did some laundry. Another day in Paradise.

We did get snow *Snow2* last night. Just an inch. The electricity went out for 10 seconds but that was it. I am glad. That was 11:00 PM. We are okay now.

I used to buy Panera Broccoli and Cheese Soup. That is good. Walmart and Mejer have it. I haven't bought any in a long time. Panera doesn't want to bring you your food and they have a tip jar. I don't leave a tip. They take your order and you pick it up. Like seriously? I like going to Chilis. I like being waited on and leaving a tip. They do earn it at least.

Bella *Cat* had fun running around. She had her lunch and quieted down. She went to bed.

I need to clean the bathroom. I haven't done much. I washed Bella's tiger towel. She will want that back.

I watched Dr. David Jeremiah. I like listening to him. I trust his views and sermons.

I watched Jane Austen endings to all her movies. Northanger Abbey should have been more gothic instead of just hinting. Persuasion,. I thought Captain Wentworth would never propose. I read the story. Darcy has the best proposal ever. Emma. She was a busy body but she ended up getting married. Pride and Prejudive will always be my favorite,.

Ray is in his pole barn. He has customers today.

I hope to go to Church tomorrow. It won't be that cold. Just hoping to get my parking space and avoid my aunt. We will see.

Things are quiet here. I hope you are feeling better. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is February 25.

I hope it is a good day for you and you can get some good rest.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet from me! *Cat2**Heartp**Heartv*

I am up early, but not as early as sometimes. The plan is to go to church. Still have a lot of congestion and coughing in the morning from the sinus thing. I continue on the antibiotic. I hope I can feel well enough to go and that it works out to be okay.

Yesterday I made the bed. That is a real project and can take as long as an hour with all the resting involved. Did some laundry and dusted some. I changed the lower furnace filter. Some days, I can barely go across the room to do stuff with this sinus infection. It really takes my strength such as it is. I talked to the yard guy and paid him for what he did on Thursday. I was too late back from my dinner group to see that he had done stuff. Sometimes I look and I think he did the front and then I'm not sure. He had done the front and weed and seeded and also had at some point weeded out Tom's Easter roses that he had in the front. I'm not always as observant as Tom was.

Watched The Sopranos, That Girl, Friends and also the Screen Actors Guild Awards Live Streaming on Netflix. They gave a big award to Barbra Streisand. She looked good. Tried to find some Mets baseball on Youtube, but didn't have much luck.

I went and got myself some McDonalds for lunch. That was the extent of my day.

I hope that today is a good day for you and things go your way.

I went to Church. I got my Parking Space. I sit with Mom. My aunt sit with her son like she is supposed to do. I got there early to get a spot. They had a meeting after Church but I didn't stay. They were going to discuss Meet and Greet. It will be a night thing. Vacation Bible School. They get a lot of kids for that. I wanted want to do that. It was a good Church Day.

It is 50 Degrees. It is chilly but no snow *Snow5* or wind.

I watched Dirty Dancing last night. I always loved Patrick Swayze. Ray and I watched 50's and early 60's Music Show. I like 60's Music from 1964 and up with Leslie Gore, Chad and Jeremy. Those other songs. I watched an Classical American Band Show that does songs from other singers like Heart, ACDC, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Journey and some other Rock I didn't know. Ray didn't like that. I liked most of it. I can't take all those 50's songs except for the ones they played on Happy Days and the 60's ones on Dirty Dancing.

We have to take Dad's truck in The light keeps coming on. My son is worried about it and he is taking it home to Oregon in April. I hope my son and I don't get into it. I was with Dad and Mom all these years and he isn't taking over. I needed his help with things years ago and he was in Minnesota and that. My one aunt, Dad's sister had better back off. Dad was a grouch at times and I will go Beth Dutton on my relatives if they get out of line. If you watch Yellowstone, you would know what I mean about Beth. I try to be nice but I get upset at times. I think you know how that goes with people at times.

We are going shopping Thursday. My cousin is in Michigan the next 3 days.

William is getting after Harry about things and wants him to stay away from Kate and Charles. Harry says he saw his mother's ghost, our Princess Diana when a leopard trying to attack him years ago. He has Meghan. She is worse then a leopard or a tiger. Like really?

My sinuses are better. My bladder hopefully will be alright. I get what you mean it takes longer time to do things. I take a break when I clean house for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

We had Pizza Hut Pizza last night.

Bella *Cat* runs around the house and lays with me on the blanket at night. She is a comfort and sweet most of the time. I do love her.

Have a good week. I am always thinking of you. I hope you feel better. Thanks for all you do. You are a treasure. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is Feb 26. We move through the end of February.

I hope that you feel good today and that this week is a good one.

Give nice pets to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat**Heartt*

Yesterday, we went to church. It was a different type of service. People spoke about an experience they had traveling last month. There wasn't a sermon. It was cold, I had to scrape off my windshield, but I did it. Still have this sinus thing going on.

After church, I went on my own to the post office and (not close by) grocery store to get a few things.

Came home and watched the later church service, but it was different speakers. The ones we had spoke softly and it was hard to understand, and they were emotional. It was kind of sad, but comforting, too.

Then, my upstairs big TV wouldn't work right. I ordered a new Firestick that should come today. I hope that fixes it. It is a lot cozier watching the TV upstairs when it is cold. My TVs are 17 years old. Things fall apart. My neighbor said they would help me later today if I need it with the Firestick. I hope I can figure it out so I won't be a nuisance.

The TV downstairs broke almost a year ago exactly and it needed a new firestick installed and he helped us. I miss having that TV at night, but once I went to sleep I slept okay. Maybe I should start turning if off at night and not fall asleep with it. I got in that habit when Tom would watch it 24/7 and I was sleeping on the couch next to his hospital bed for a while.

The TV on the antenna isn't working right either, but it could just be the antenna. Always something, but I'm hoping the downstairs TV will work okay. Fingers and hooves crossed.

When I could watch, I watched Friends, the church service on youtube, Blue Bloods new episode and The Sopranos. Blue Bloods uses a lot of actors from the Sopranos.

I will go and look at smaller TVs today. I need to have backup ones that work. Always something. I read a bit in the book Endgames.

Hope that today is good for you. Take care and enjoy your week looking forward to your shopping trip. I hope it will be fun.


I reached 50,000 Reviews.
Merit Badge in Reviewing
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Congratulations on giving your  50,000 th   review!
I think I will slow down on reviews.

Ray went to see our Stock Broker guy to get advice. I only went once. I don't like talking to investors.

Mom has a Firestick. She likes watching Dallas and Dynasty. She wants to watch movies.

It is going to storm tonight. Tomorrow night. I hope things are calm by Thursday before we go shopping

Ray bought home Arbys fish sandwiches and fries for me. He likes roast beef so he bought them.

That Nikki Hailey isn't getting many votes. Why is Trump running? I don't want Biden again. That joker. We need someone we can trust.

I read Animal Devotions. Church doesn't have the new Devotions, yet.

Our Game friend wants Mom to fly to Mississippi to stay 2 weeks. Mom can't find her way around to board a plane. She depended on Dad to help her. I am the same way. Ray knows how to do the plane thing and not get lost.

Have a good day. Hope you get a new TV. TVs and appliances don't last forever. They did years ago. Sad. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do.
Hi on Tuesday! It is Feb. 27, 2024. I hope it is a good day for you.

Big CONGRATULATIONS again on your 50,000 Reviews achievement!!!! That is quite remarkable. I can barely manage a review or two now and then now. You have stuck with it for all these years!! Bravo!!! I think mine is only 12,000 something after 22 plus years.

Give a nice hug from me to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartv*

Yesterday, I woke up and felt so down. But then I went to Target and looked at the TVs. I bought a Firestick there even though one was coming from amazon to my house. I came home and followed the directions and did it carefully. I took my time. And......


So far at least and there was a sound issue with the old one that we just lived with for years and years - that seems to be better!!! Yay!!! So, I could call my neighbor and say I didn't need for her husband to come and help me this year because I did it. I felt so good that I cried a few happy tears. Tom would have been proud of me doing that I think. It felt like the sun was shining on me for a time. Thanking God for all the blessings!!

At Target, I lifted the TVs. But theirs were twice as much moola as the ones on amazon. So I ordered a small (7 pounds) one from amazon 24 inch. It will come and then I will have a backup. It is a smart tv that doesn't need a firestick, supposedly. Then, when my brother comes (he is big and strong) he will help me if I need to get a larger one.

I sprayed for bugs some as I saw some weird ones outside my front door having a meeting when I got the firestick package. It is definitely spring like in the temperatures. I saw the yard guy across the street and next door, but I didn't have the energy to go out and chit chat with him. He looked busy and I don't think he did stuff in my yard that I could see.

I've been hearing that Downton Abbey is coming back as a series. This Neil Sean guy that I watch on youtube - he does London Scenery and historical things - he said that Maggie Smith will come back as a spirit like they did with Diana on The Crown. It sounds odd, but I will definitely tune in when it comes on.

When I did my thing with the Firestick, I also had to log in again to Netflix. That was a little tricky, but again I took my time and took deep breaths so I wouldn't have a crying fit or meltdown. I learned that Kohl's sells firesticks too. I didn't know that before.

I feel like my sinus infection is getting a little better, too. I am sleeping more. Last night I woke up in a fog, thought it was morning when it was only 11 pm. I took all my meds so today I can't take them again until tomorrow morning. One is blood pressure so I have to be more careful. But I slept more. Maybe I will sleep more again.

Watched Friends, Sopranos and Youtube.

I hope today is a good day for you and everything goes good. Spring is coming!!


It is 70 Degrees. It is going to rain *Rain* tonight and snow tomorrow. Thursday, it will be cold. The day I go shopping. Hopefully, it will be a good day. We will have to wait and see.

I a cutting back on reviews. I can't believe I have done 50,000 Reviews. I did some images, too because I like images as well to look at.

I heard Downtown Abbey is going to be a series. I just hope they don't ruin it. I wonder if they will age the kids. I think it will be on PBS. We don't have English Shows on our local channels.

My one soap just had a murder. I didn't even know the person was leaving. I saw it coming.

I guess the price of TVS have gone up. We haven't bought one in years. The Price Is Right is always giving away big screen TVS. Walmart has them on sale but I don't trust Walmart. We returned a VCR years ago. The printer was faulty and so were the answering machines. I will never buy an appliance at Walmart.

I get down at times. We have to take Dad's truck in to see why the light is on. Mom has to go back to the VA. I pray this is the last time. You would think they would have this set up better for military benefits.

Bella *Cat* had her lunch and tore up the rugs. I wish I had her ambition. She can be so cute at times.

I can't believe the bugs are out already. We get a stray bug. In Argentina, they have tons of mosquitos. They fly in swarms. I saw that on TV at Noon on the News.

There is nothing gone on. I haven't done much. I get upset about things. I hated calling computer people and insurance people and dealing with therm. I get nervous about things.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am glad we have the Campfire to write in. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is Feb. 28, 2024. One day left in Feb leap year. So, we are already two months into the New Year.

I hope today is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto*

Here, it was rainy yesterday, but it felt chilly. I went to Kohl's and also to Chick-fil-a and got a salad. That was my outing. I still have a lot of congestion first thing in the morning and not much energy the rest of the time.

The TVs now are cheaper, but I don't think they last long from what I am hearing. My old TVs are flat screens. One is 42 inches, one 50, and one 19 that I have on the antenna. The 19 inch one came free with buying the other two at Best Buy in 2007. I will try my best to keep them working with the firesticks as long as I can, but I do not want to be without a TV to watch. It distracts me and I am grateful for all the choices with streaming. I would never buy an expensive electronic device at Wal*Mart either because of their nasty attitudes I have seen when things go wrong. Somehow, I think of Target as being a little better. My first choice would be Best Buy, but it's farther away than I want to go right now. Always something I guess.

I hope that you get the truck fixed so it is okay. Sometimes warning lights on my car come on because of mileage and it just means to remind me to get an oil change. I hope it is something routine and nothing bad. Vehicles are such a worry. I am still hoping that the car I donated is straightened out, but I don't have a lot of hope there.

I get nervous about things, too. Tom was a lot better about dealing with things and not letting them get to him. He was totally different.

Watched Sopranos, That Girl, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Friends and Suits yesterday. Plus some you tube. I watched That Girl on Youtube instead of prime. I didn't realize I could do that. There is a lot of free stuff on you tube now.

The Royal Family. They have a lot of money, but the same problems everyone else has. But the money and being driven around definitely makes some things easier, but when things get tough, they have to deal with the press, too. Something does not seem right now about William. He has a lot to worry him I imagine. Anne is the one that might be able to lead them in a good direction, but I don't think they have figured that out yet. Not quite.

Harry and Meghan need money for their lifestyle of jet set and rich and famous. How are they making money. Beats me. So, I think they will try and get back into the royal scene because it's where the money and being driven around forever is. They had better do it soon because they are showing their ages now.

Queen Elizabeth held it together until she was 96. I don't know how she did that given who she had to deal with in her own family. Pretty amazing. She had a lot of faith I think. I am not sure the others think in those terms.

They are an interesting group. I don't like American politics at all because of all the lying, but British politics and royalty interests me. The press makes up things in both cases, though.

It's an interesting thing to study.

I hope today is a good day for you and things go better for your Mom with the awful VA. I think the VA is inhuman and cruel from my experience and they just don't care about veterans they are supposed to serve.

Hope you feel good and things go your way!!

We didn't get the rain *Rain* or storms. We got an inch of *Snow2* It is so cold and no sunshine.

I started The Alice Of Wonderland thing. I hope I can do it all again. It seems harder this year. I will do what I can. I have been invited to join The Game Of Thrones. I will have to think about that one. That was too hard. I guess I am getting old and need simple activities.

The Royals. Meghan and Harry should have stayed with the Royal Family. They could have had their own houses but be part of their family. Charles needs them and so did the Queen. Sad really. Didn't Harry's mother Princess Diana leave them money and the Queen as well? I know The Press aren't fun, either. I don't feel sorry for Harry and Meghan. They bought about their own problems.

Bella *Cat* and I played milk ring this morning. She can be so sweet.

Tomorrow, we go shopping. I haven't been to Macys since Covid started. I am going to the city. Tomorrow, I will be a Sweet, Sweet City Woman. I won't be a fool for the city. Not much I promise.

Tonight is Survivor. I do love Survivor. I am always curious to their new rules. They have been making it hard for the contestants the past 2 years. They no longer give them rice. They take the flint away if they lose a challenge. I don't think that is fair. I would never making it trying to play that game. I hate rice. I do love fish but I wouldn't want to spear my own.

I am back to doing my knee exercises. My knee wants to get stiff at times. Tomorrow, I will be doing a lot of walking. I do have places to sit down.

I hope you are enjoying watching shows on the Firestick. I watched Frozen last night. I enjoy watching her sing that song Let It Go. The Broadway Version is so good. I love that song.

I don't like US Politicians. I like the Royals better.

I hope you are feeling good. I hope you can go go out with your Dinner Group. Thanks for all you do. You are a treasure. Later. Praying for all of us.

Hi on Thursday. It is the middle of the night, but I am awake. It is Feb 29, last day of February 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you have a nice shopping trip.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Still have my sinus thing. The doctor renewed the amoxicillin and told me to take Claritin. I think the Claritin might be why I am awake at one something in the morning. I hope eventually to get some sleep. I will see how it goes.

It was cloudy and rainy. I went to Lowes and got some batteries, bug spray and furnace filters. Not too exciting, but I did get out. I felt really sad tonight when it rained hard.

Later today I need to get my prescription and I hope I can go to the dinner group okay. I will see how it goes.

I did not know Game of Thrones was coming again. I will probably lay low when that is going on. It scares me. People were mean and then held grudges afterward. I figured out that was what was behind some really odd and nasty behaviors on here.

I am so sick of the presidential election. They royal family are more interesting and real somehow. Our politicians aren't interesting to me. It's not like they ever do anything they promise much. People hate people because of who they vote for. I don't even want to know anymore who is running. It's all the same in the end.

I hope to get some sleep now. No more Claritin for me.

Take care and enjoy your shopping trip!

Mom, my cousin and I had a good shopping trip. I got some new pull on shoes that are silver sparkle, cologne, face cream, purple stone necklace. Macys is expensive. We went to the Candy Store. Mom went to Penneys. We ate at Olive Garden. Mom got sick and threw up. Her hernia is acting up. I got sick. My throat was acting up and I didn't feel well. No more noodles fettucini. The price was awful. I got lost going to the Bathroom. I am not eating at Olive Garden anymore. I am so tired now. I don't shop like that often.

You know I took Claritin, behind the counter. I couldn't sleep. I didn't take it anymore. With Xalerto, I can't take Claritin now of any kind. I hope the extra dose of Amoxicillin helps you.

It was cold today then got so warm. Like make up your mind. Now, I am cold.

I am going to watch Young Sheldon and Ghosts tonight. I didn't get anything done on my Alice In Wonderland. I will tomorrow.

I guess that Nikki person didn't get in to be a Presidential Candidate. Biden and Trump again. It will be a disaster. Why can't someone new run that is worth a hoot? Trump Bashing junk all over again. I will take The Royals for a thousand, Alex! I care more about The Royals then our country. Princess Catherine looks so pale. I have been there. I feel for her.

Not much else going on. My phone won't let me call out. AT7T is having issues again. I am tired of this, too. I hope I don't have to go to AT&T to get my phone looked at again. I hate that.

Ray had a Birthday today. He doesn't like Birthdays or get excited.

I hope you are feeling better. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is March 1, 2024. First Day of March.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better. Sorry that you guys felt sick yesterday in your outing.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat**Hearty*

Maybe today you can rest and recover from the Olive Garden rich food. Sounds like Macys was fun. I like Macys, but have not been in there in a while. Hope Mr. Ray had a nice birthday time. Sometimes quiet is best.

Yesterday, I went to the farther away Target and got the refill of the antibiotic. No more Claritin for me. The Dr. said that or Zyrtec, but I think I will stick to Robitussin for now. Tom had Claritin here that they gave him during Immunotherapy and Chemo.

So, it is now the month Tom passed. The one year mark will be March 28. I am so dreading that point. One whole year without him. Seems so unreal still. He was a big presence.

I went out to eat with the group. My passenger gave me a hard time, but what else is new. I really don't want to go to the place we went to again now. Maybe that will change, but it bothers me to go there without Tom since we went pretty regularly each week for years.

Got some sleep last night so that's good. I "slept in" until 5.

Yes, Trump and Biden. Like a bad dream. Will they still be running forever until they can't. It's so odd. Like it mattered a lot for a while, then not so much. Both those men are stubborn and think they are invincible.

I think the Royals will end up paying all Harry's bills and giving in to him as to everything he wants as far as money and security goes. They can't let him have bad debts because it reflects on them.

Then I believe Meghan will write her own "tell all" book. But who would believe it. Some would. She will say how impossible he was and how the royals never warned her or told her how to deal with Harry. Victimhood all over again. She is stubbornly never wrong like Trump and Biden.

I don't get the feeling that Catherine will come back to royal life. I think whatever she's got is really serious. No one has said that, but William's face says that to me. I think Harry marrying Meghan has brought the Royal Family to bad times. What can save them. Maybe Anne and her family could do it, but it would be a thankless job. Her daughter, Zara, is beautiful and she looks strong. Her husband Mike Tindal, looks normal.

In the end, Harry has stressed out Charles and Catherine to the point they are at with their health. Meghan could care less about any of them, I believe. If it doesn't benefit her, she's not remotely interested.

Is this a curse that has gone wrong. I don't know.

Alice in Wonderland should be fun. I hope enough do it this time so it can be followed through not like last time.

I find it frustrating when I participate and things aren't followed through because it's only me and not enough others doing it. But it is good to keep trying and maybe lower expectations some.

I hope you get your phone fixed. I would be lost without mine. I am so scared to do anything about the phone or the internet.

Taking it one day at a time. I watched That Girl and youtube. Went to sleep and really slept. Maybe I will end up back at the doctor next week for this sinus thing. Hope not.

Take care and get rested on your Friday!


March 1. Happy March! Ready to start a new month. I started out with back pain but am better. My bladder was great yesterday and now I am stressed,. Yesterday I shopped and was better outside of walking wears me out but I hope this passes. I am wearing those foot braces and I know how Fred Gwynne felt like when he had to wear them as Herman Munster. I am trying to be cheerful. Winter is almost over but it is cold today.

My cousin took Mom to her Eye Doctor Appointment. I couldn't take her last week because I had to get my bladder done. Mom is a pain about things but I do love her and try to take her to her Doctor Appointments and at Church now we do need each other. I am trying to be patient. I looked at Dad's picture last week and talked to him. Mom got the Doctor to sign Dad's death Certificate that Agent Orange killed him. Maybe she will get the other military benefits now.

This is a bad month for you. Tom died and you will be remembering this. Plan your private memorial service. Put some flowers on the table and read a Bible Passage. Pray and talk to Tom. This is how I handle things.

Meghan and Harry. I bet she can't wait to write a Tell All Book. Kate looks pale and I read her medical problem is serious. I pray for her an the Royals. Charles, too. We are facing another Trump and Biden Jack Ass Contest. I am not voting for neither. Trump can't fix things. I hope we can get someone that will. So sad. The Royals I feel sorry for. I feel sorry for us who are American Citizens. I pray things will be alright.

My phone is alright. I turned WiFi Calling on. I think the Mall blocks calls but if you need 911 and you are out, you will have to get a good Samaritan to help you. Yesterday, my cousin and I waited in the car for Mom and two Ladies came back with Mom. We thought she had fallen and was sick again but she got lost trying to find the car. We were driving Dad's car. I hate Dad's car. I get locked in and the car is weird. Anyway, the Ladies helped Mom. That was nice of them.

Sorry your passenger is giving you a hard time. Our Game Friend said she is selling the house in Mississippi .She wants Mom to help her find a house to buy. I hope it all works out, She had a beautiful home.

We do take things one day at a time. I hope things get better for all of us. Have a good day and weekend. Thanks for being with me on this journey. Think good, loving thoughts of Tom this month. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is March 2.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go good. Hope you feel well, but can relax some since it is the weekend.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartg*

Am trying to count my blessings, being thankful to God. March. Another week and the days will get longer with Daylight Savings. Once again, so far there has been no snow. That is so unusual here and has been a blessing, but it makes me believe in climate change more.

One year, I learned to love March because Tom started to recover. That was 2012 and he had more than ten more good years. I love St. Patrick's Day and easter and the flowers of spring and the longer days. So many things to be happy about in spring.

It is a hard time to sell a house this year. My brother hasn't had any offers on selling his girlfriend's house that she left to him. Nothing seems to be selling in his area. Some say it is the higher interest rates. Biden isn't good on the economy. But will Trump be better. Who knows. I don't have any idea how either one would be if elected again. I think they are both too old.

Watched That Girl, Sopranos, Comedians in Cars, Friends and Youtube yesterday.

I went to the post office and the grocery store. Got some panera soups at the grocery store I tried one called, "Autumn Squash". It was really good.

I slept a little better, until after 5 so yay.

The royals. I feel like maybe they are under some sort of curse. Maybe it has more to do with Diana than Meghan. I wonder what really happened the night Diana died. Why it took so long for her to get to a close-by hospital for help. Meghan and Harry kind of seem insignificant, like spoiled brats who will always try to force others to do what they want. They are both too old to be interesting much longer and way too old to be mean to her parents and his father. William is more effected by everything. Catherine. I get weird feelings about what is going on with her, mostly from the look on William's face. Whatever happens with Catherine, if it is bad, Harry and Meghan will be blamed in the end. Why. Because they stressed her to the point that she is deathly ill. People can do that if they are mean and selfish like those two seem to be. I don't think that Charles will be on the throne long because he isn't well enough or young enough to do it. Isn't that what Diana predicted and said she wanted. A quick turnover to William, but at the worst time possible now.

Charles didn't act to remove Harry from the lineup. I think that was a big mistake. But it is like a soap opera without a clear hero.

More interesting than the two old guys trying to be president next time, that's for sure.

I hope that today is a good day for you. I get confused sometimes on this site about what is going on.

Taking it one day at a time. Maybe after a year has passed things will be easier.

Take care and relax if you can!

We do have sunshine. I got my kitchen cleaned. Bella *Cat* got turkey lunchmeat and cat food for lunch. Ray went to Walmart and I stayed home. I didn't get up until 6:30. He left at 5:00AM.

Biden and Trump. Biden looks like he has aged. Two old men fighting for the Presidency. Trump lost and has charges against him. Biden don't know sickem. This is scary. I pray someone else steps up and runs and helps us out of this mess. We have 9 months, yet, Long enough to have a baby. We need a younger President. Like Dr. David Jeremiah says, can I get a witness?

The Royals. Kate looks bad. It is like a soap opera. I wish I could help the Royals. I wish I could help our country and the world. My cousin said stress can make us sick. I think she is right. I get stressed a lot. I hope Charles gets his treatments an gets well. William may not be ready to be King. I hope it all works out for him and the Royals. I am sad for them. Maybe the Royal Family is under a curse but I think we all have a family curse. I believe in those. I feel they could have done more to save Princess Diana.

I watched The Partridge Family, Silver Spoons and news this morning, I heard some people say satellites are blocking the sky and God can't hear our prayers. That is stupid. God can hear prayers and knows and sees everything. Dumbest thing ever I heard!

I made 2 Trinkets:
My Trinkets, Special Page 2  (E)
Another Page of Trinkets, Awardicons, Merit Badges and What Ever I Make.
#2291433 by Princess Megan Rose 22 Years

They are at the bottom of the page.

I hope you get a sign from Tom that he is with you. I talked to Dad's picture. I am doing okay but sometimes I cry thinking about Dad.

Ray went to Moms to take pictures of Dad's stuff in the pole barn. Some of his tractor friends are interested. There are tractors in the pole barn.

Have a good weekend. The afternoon is going fast. I am always thinking of you. I pray for better days.

Hi on Sunday. It is March 3, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you. Thank you for the beautiful trinkets!! *Heart*

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Heartp**Cat**Hearto*

Planning on going to church this morning in a while. I am up early, but not too early. Got some sleep on and off, which is a good thing. I still have sinus congestion in the morning. Maybe it just takes a while to get rid of it.

Watched Young Sheldon, Friends, That Girl and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Went to the post office, but came straight home afterward. At least I did that one thing yesterday.

Yesterday, I did very little, but I was tired. It's like I'm winding down in my energy I guess. If this sinus thing clears up maybe it will be easier to get things done. I hope so. It takes a lot of energy, it seems, to just go downstairs and drive to the post office sometimes.

I heard on the news that Camilla needs a holiday from her husband's cancer treatment. They live different lives from normal people. In real life there aren't many holidays from serious illness. She has a big medical staff looking after him I guess.

They live in such a different world.

I hope that Princess Catherine and Charles get well and recover. They have a lot of help and are still unwell.

I got some yummy Panera Bread soups at the grocery store that I can make in the microwave. Those are a nice treat. There is not much to look forward to without Tom. But I will do my best to carry on. Little things perk me up sometimes.

I hope today is good for you. Taking March day by day as it's all I can think of to do.

Have a nice Sunday!


I went to Church. They had communion. A little girl was there that hadn't been there in 2 years. She cried the last time she was there but today she was a good well behaved girl today. She is about 5 now. I am glad. Another couple at Church just had a baby but quit. The man said fatherhood is hard for him. The baby was premature and they couldn't leave the house. He got mad at the Board Of Directors and quit. He is a young man in his thirties and everyone else is 50 and over. Our church is for elderly people. Oh well.

I have been busy working on Alice In Wonderland stuff today. This keeps me busy. Check out my Tea Word Search if you want. I hope I did it right. I included Jane Austen and Downton Abbey.

Ray says he found my bike in Dad's Pole Barn. A sticker on it said I don't like Nerds. I don't remember that. I just laughed.

I went past Dad's grave and cried today. Just thinking about things. The original flowers are still there. I have been thinking about Dad. I will hope we get Dad's Grave stone ordered with the C130 Airplane on it.

Camilla. Charles needs her. That bag. Princess Diana would have stayed to help him. Kate looks bad. I feel sorry for her. I pray they will be alright.

It is chilly today. It warmed up earlier.

Bella *Cat* had her turkey lunchmeat. She got her belly full. She is always leaving milk rings in the bed.

I watched Mama's Family last night. My aunt, one I love, acts just like Mama. Too funny. I watch TV Shows and see myself and people I know. Dad was like Red Foreman on That 70's Show. Exactly and he treated me like Red treats Eric.

There was flashing lights, trucks and an ambulance by the school and country road where the new donkeys are. The cows were eating and the new donkeys were by the barn. I don't know why those vehicles and flashing lights were there. I hope no one was hurt.

Not very exciting. I hope you are feeling well. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is March 4, 2024.

I hope that it is a good day for you. Thanks for the invitation for your activity. I will be happy to read and encourage you in your wonderful endeavor!

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

Yesterday, I went to church with my neighbor. It was so foggy going there that if I had known I would have been scared, but we made it. By the time the service was over, the fog had burned off.

It was a different experience at church. The clergy guys were giggling all through the end of the ceremony. At first I thought the guy was coughing, but he was really laughing so hard.

They ended up, at the end of the service, telling us it was about the wine. The chalice was upside down and when the junior clergy guy poured it, it went all over and they were laughing all through the end of the service and when we went up to communion they were giggling. It was off to the side on the table where it happened so people couldn't see it except the clergy.

I am glad they told us why. It was really funny. They said they were glad it happened for our service (8 am) because the other one (10 am) might not have such good senses of humor. Tom would have loved it. It sort of made me think that Tom was there turning the chalice over. He would have thought of a good remark to make them laugh more. I am not good at that sort of thing. I so love that these guys have senses of humor and that they decided to tell us what was up.

It really lifted my spirits. There is a way to donate flowers for Easter in Tom's memory that might be easier than I thought. I am going to check into it.

Yesterday, I tried Flonase and Zyrtec. It helped and I was able to sleep good. I took it early morning yesterday and you do it once a day. It finally helped my congestion this morning and made it so I could get better sleep. Yay. Maybe I will get well now. I have to go to the Tax guy tomorrow about a half hour away. I am nervous. I hope there is no fog for the drive.

I watched That Girl, Young Sheldon, Suits, Friends and You Tube. I started to watch the movie, Guys and Dolls. Barbra Streisand said it was a favorite movie of hers when she was young. It's cute and I enjoy it. I may try and watch more old movies.

Not much is going on except me being anxious about driving so far tomorrow.

I hope that you have a good day and things are magical in your wonderland adventure!


I am having fun working on Wonderland. I get stumped over some of the subjects and assignments but I am working on them. I am thinking about things and using my imagination.

It is going to rain *Rain* tonight. They predicted storms last week and we got snow. The weather man isn't always right. As long as we don't get blizzards, I will be happy. The weather is quiet.

Our last church minister was funny,. God has a sense of humor. The minister will drop his Bible or flowers will fall off the piano or the microphone will bleep or fall over. It is Satan but we have to ignore him. Just laugh and go on with the service. You got wine at your Church. We get that awful grape fruit juice. I held my breath and nose and I can still taste it. I hate it so much. My mother laughs.

We can donate flowers at Church. We buy lilies and poinsettias. I don't but Mom does for the graves. I hate trying to carry them out.

I was up at 6:00AM. Bella *Cat* wakes me up and I don't go back to sleep. She thinks it's time for fun and games, She had her sleep .I love her but it is sleep time for Mommy until 8:00AM. Kitty gets to sleep all day.

Ray is in his pole barn and I am here on the computer.

I see pictures of Kate and she looks awful. I feel sorry for her. At least, she doesn't have a job to go to. I don't think she feels good. I wish they would tell us what kind of surgery she had. King Charles. Wow. Two family crisis's at once.

I hope the Flonase works. My sinuses are being good. I am glad of that. My back is better.

Not a lot to say. I just watched my soaps. They are so unreal. I had soap moments when I was younger. Now, I am a boring housewife.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. I hope you feel better. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is March 5, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel well.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

You are doing great with your Wonderland activity. Keep up the great work! I am enjoying reading in it and seeing where you go with it. It is good to have fun and to look forward to writing like that. You and the others will encourage each other, too, so it's all good! Yay!!

This morning I go to the next city to do my taxes. It is a far drive for me and it is a hard thing to do without Tom to do it with me. I am scared. The assistant is nice, but the tax guy is kind of blah. He's not a warm person. It's not an inviting activity. I am up early as I am anxious about it all. At least the weather is supposed to be calm today.

And, at least I feel a little better so far. The Zyrtec and Flonase seem to be helping. I still have congestion, but it isn't as bad as it was.

I called the church yesterday about giving for the flowers at Easter in Tom's memory. The lady I talked to was very nice. She said they would say his name in the order of service. They don't require a minimum amount. I told her what I was thinking and she said that was great. So, this coming Sunday I will put the money in the envelope and write Tom's information on the outside of the envelope and put it in the collection box. I will hear it when I go at 8 and be able to live stream it at 10 to hear it again.

Watched Young Sheldon, That Girl, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Suits.

Today is super Tuesday in my state. Primary Day. Whatever, it's not a good choice situation is it. Oh well.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go good.

I am busy with Wonderland. I appreciate your visits and reviews. I signed up for Game Of Thrones. I hope I won't be that busy. I will do my best. I don't go anywhere. I guess I will do things on here. I really need to read.

Bella *Cat* had turkey lunchmeat. Ray saw his Doctor and bought me home a donut He stopped by the Gas Station to get gas.

Princess Kate looks pale. I feel sorry for her. Harry and Meghan. She is mean. Maybe Harry is just making the best of his life with her. It is hard to say. Poor King Charles.

Trump and Biden again? I hope not. I would rather run away to Wonderland for real. Sad really. We had Elections today in some areas. Pre Elections.

This is the last year for Young Sheldon. I will miss it. I like the show. I would hate to be a genius and skip grades and be in college at age 13. You miss out on things. I would love to be smarter. Not that smart. It would make me boring and I am boring enough. I can't see myself liking equations and math. No thanks. Just let me write.

Mom bought lilies. She will put one at Dad's grave at Easter. She misses Dad. I do, too. It has been rough. I like flowers. I can't have them in the house. Bella would eat them and get hurt.

It did rain *Rain* last night. I heard it thunder when I went to bed, It is going to rain *Rain* this weekend.

Not much happening. I need to get my Vitamin B 12 Shot next week. I may stop in at Barnes and Nobles. I want my new Victoria Magazine.

Have a good day. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for all you do. Later. I will pop out of The Rabbit Hole again. *Rabbit3* *Rabbit* *Rabbit*

Hi on Wednesday. It is March 6, 2024.

I hope it is a good day and you feel well. It is exciting all the things you are doing in March. It reminds me of Site Birthday time - all busy and fun for Spring and it's at the halfway mark to site birthday so the perfect time! I wish I had the energy, but I will try my best to do what I can. I am (I believe) finally on the mend since I have been pretty sick since the end of December. I think the Covid lowered my resistance to things.

So far, Zyrtec and Flonase have helped me. The Zyrtec really changes how I sleep and I slept in this morning (for me) until after 5. That's a big change - I hope it lasts. I think today I will take the Zyrtec later in the day. I feel groggy when I wake up, but not as congested which is a big improvement. Yay!!

Give hugs for me to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

Yesterday I drove so far (for me) to the accountant. I drove to the next city, High Point. I was early, but he took me early. Thanking God for a safe trip.

The accountant looks and sounds like the Dad in Young Sheldon. He is nice and so is his assistant. She reminds me of the Mom in Young Sheldon, only prettier. I told them both that it meant a lot to Tom last year that they let me do it all by mail. It really did help us. It is one of the few things where Tom was lucid and he was nice to me and praised me for getting it all together in spite of the year we had in 2022. He actually was with it to look at the tax stuff that I put together last year.

It's hard this year that my Tom wasn't here to check me this time, but I did my best. The accountant was impressed about me donating the car. I didn't realize it was that unusual. He was surprised that I gave away the Audi and not my car. Honestly, I did not have warm feelings for the Audi, especially since the last time Tom fell it was because of that car. I did the best I could with it and it still worries me with that horrible DMV looming over it, not getting things right

Tom had life insurance on me that he owned and he was the beneficiary. I got rid of that because the insurance company was horrible to deal with. The accountant didn't seem too agitated about that.

Yesterday was voting here for Super Tuesday. I didn't vote. But I will in the Fall because I cannot stand one of the people who is running for Governor. I probably will vote but I am not sure. There is time to consider it, I reckon. President, both too old, whatever. I don't think my vote will matter there. Not much of a choice so far. Flip a coin.

I will give money for the flowers at church so that they will read Tom's name out on Easter Sunday in the order of service. That will be just a couple of days after the one year mark.

The Royal Family. I hope someone is taking good care of Catherine and that they really do love her and those children. I have her book about the pandemic in England that she edited. Based on that, I think she is a kind, caring person. She deserves better than what's happened.

Camilla is on a break. Time out. That makes me sort of like her. Charles didn't protect her from Harry. So, she does what she wants and also seems to step up when needed. If she needs a break, she needs one. I needed one plenty of times and it is probably why my health is deteriorating now. I didn't take those breaks that I should of. So, good for her being smart enough to survive.

The King should have neutralized Harry's ability to hurt all of the family. Maybe he still will do that. If not, William needs to step up. I like William a lot, but he needs to find his way to be more like Diana's brother and less like the royals.

Will Catherine survive it all to be Queen? I have no idea at this point. She has all the money and help in the world, but does her husband love her. That's the big question now. I am no expert on genuine feelings. She is sick and needs care. No one needs to know more than that about her "condition."

Harry and whoever he ends up with. He seems very selfish and self-centered to me. I never thought Diana was selfish. Not once. I know mean people who are mean during a person's most vulnerable time. That is how I see Meghan and Harry. Mean trolls and they are starting to show it in their aging looks. Who would want to be around them. Not me. They aren't nice to her father or his father. Seems like they just aren't nice.

I want to read that book Endgame because it is the Harry/ Meghan point of view. I want to understand their thinking.

Well that is all my thinking.

I hope it is a good day for you and you have fun with your adventures here. I watched Youtube and Young Sheldon yesterday and was very relieved that I made it (with God's help) to and from the accountant's office. It's the farthest I've driven myself in many years, at least three years I think.

Have a good Wednesday!


I was up at 5:00 AM. Bella *Cat* woke me up . I need to do errands.

Ray went to get a haircut. I am staying home this week.

The Royals. King Henry the 8th was mean and I wonder if Harry got that bad blood. That occurred to me. I thought Harry had an affair on Kate last year. I haven't read anymore about that.

Camilla. Karma. Charles wasn't nice to Diana and Camilla either. I hate saying that. I try to be nice and I am afraid Karma is out there so we need to be good to others.

I need to read Devotions and Endgame. I hope to sometime today.

Young Sheldon. I like George. He is nice. Mary smoking and likes the young minister but she loves George. I like when she wrote that erotic novel. Georgie is trying to be a good father. Inlaugh at that show. I love Annie Potts.

No rain *Rain* expected. Not until this weekend.

I guess Nikki Hailey is dropping out. Another Biden and Trump thing. I won't be voting. Politics are just awful.

I am watching Little House on the Prairie. We have a Harriet Olson around the corner. I hung out with a girl like Nellie.

I appreciate what you do. I hope you will will want to write again.

I got a nice short review about our Campfire. I appreciate those.

I think of those fire in Texas and I get sad. Cattle died.

Have a good day. I am always praying for you and thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is March 7, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you! You are doing great with your activities in March! Keep up the great work.

Give hugs to Miss Bella! *Cat2**Heartp*

We all have to find a way to enjoy ourselves here. It is good to steer clear of those who aren't nice to us. I find that to be a good policy and the only one that works for me. Forgiveness is a big challenge but the passage of time can help. Maybe some of the people who have been mean were acting on bad information. So, they can be nice when they aren't ganging up on someone like big bullies do.

Biden vs. Trump isn't much of a choice. I guess the State of the Union is tonight. It makes me so nervous to even watch Biden. He's so unpredictable with the not talking coherently and falling over. Youtube from England and Australia is full of examples of him stumbling with words and physically, too.

I am doing a little better here. The Zyrtec is helping me to sleep later. Yay. Also, my congestion is getting better. I took the Zyrtec later in the day yesterday.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube yesterday. It rained quite a bit. Today looks like better weather.

I hope it is a good day for you!

I am still working on Wonderland. I think I might just make it. It is hard but it makes you think. I love the song Alice by Avril. It inspires me to write Alice In Wonderland, items.

Tomorrow, Ray and I are taking Mom to the VA. Hopefully, this will be the last visit and she get the rest of Dad's benefits. It has been rough. The Military should have make things easier for grieving families. Mom is taking us to Bob Evans. This Bob Evans will at least take better care of us and wait on us. I hope and pray. I am tired of crappy service and food.

Bella *Cat* had tuna and should be happy. She loves jumping in the window and running through the house. She was in bed with me this morning. I slept in this morning. I had a Xanax.

This Biden and Trump thing is a nightmare I don't think Trump should be back in but I will choose him over Biden. Biden is like What's Up Doc? He is senile. Like can't America see that and say, No, you can't run again. Choose a man that is younger and fresh and new. Be a good candidate and make him our next President! I hope and pray something good happens.

I read in Endgame William said they should change the rules of the Royalty Manual. He may be right. The Royals have their problems as we know. William has a sick wife, jerk for a brother and a sick wife plus his father.

Glad Zyrtec is helping. My bladder is better most of the time and my leg, too. I still have issues that I am working through.

I watched Man In The Iron Mask last night. He was so cute and nice. He was beautiful and perfect. He changed so much. He lost his kid looks and all his looks. His attitude changed for the worst. I love Jeremy Irons and the guy who played in Secretariat. I adore the Man In The Iron Mask.

I am listening to Glen Campbell. I bet he is in Heaven and I wonder how him and my Dad are getting along.

Have a good day. I hope things are going well. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is March 8, 2024.

I hope that today finds you feeling perky and well rested.

Give big hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me and an extra helping of tuna sometimes soon for spring! *Cat2**Hearty**Tulipy* Bob Evans sounds yummy and I hope the VA starts acting nice. It's an election year and they reflect poorly on Biden so maybe they will do better if he ever wakes up.

I am so thankful that Zyrtec is helping me to get better and to also sleep a little more. I am a little groggy sometimes, but it's an okay kind of groggy not a feel bad type.

So, my passenger in the dinner group. She isn't happy with me. All she does is complain. She wants me to take her all over the place to eat when there are good choices within a couple of miles. I said no, I can't do it to drive all over like that, especially in the evening. I am getting a clearer picture on why her kids aren't around her here.

So, the other people said they would pick us up and take us next time, which is very nice of them and way out of their way. I rarely say no like that, but I just can't do it as I don't feel that great about driving in the morning, but in the evening (when we go) the reckless text-ers are on the road. I stay home. I might quit going if I feel like I'm being a nuisance. I don't really want to drive her any more with her nasty attitude. But I do enjoy the others.

She was even nasty to the waiter last night. He's as nice as nice can be. So, we get a nice waiter (I know they are rare now) and she's a mean customer. She's really old, but she's always been unpleasant about not getting her way for the 20 years I've known her.

Know where she wants to go? Olive Garden way on the other side (the bad side) of town. Olive Garden instead of individually owned restaurants, with home made food. I might end up bowing out because she is so unpleasant. I do like Olive Garden and their delicious salad and breadsticks. But I would rather (at this point) go there by myself than go with her. Maybe I will cool off by next week. I am steamed at her.

When I got home, my yard guy was here so that was good. We talked about the yard a little and I paid him. I asked him about what is in the crawl space under my house. He said a lawn mower, wheel barrow, and rakes and shovels. I can't bend like I would need to in order to get under there so it is Tom's secret stuff for now. It's like a secret hiding place under my house that I cannot go to.

Glen Campbell. Makes me think of the song, "Galveston" and smile. Tom was a Texan, born in the panhandle and raised in Houston. We went to Houston for a wedding of his niece and while there we drove to Galveston and Tom got a ticket for speeding. I love that song. Happy memories are lovely! *Hearty* That same nieces son plays for the St. Louis Cardinals now. Long time ago.

Watched Young Sheldon and youtube yesterday.

I hope that today is good to you.


Friday. Ray and I took Mom to the VA. There were two military Vets who just did military stuff so they took Mom right away. She was a Vet's wife and things went well. Mom is getting a nice sum of money. That is good. She may or may not the Agent Orange money but if she doesn't, she will still have more then she needs. That is good news.

We ate at Bob Evans. We got waited on . I had chocolate chip pancakes and a fried egg. Ray and Mom had breakfast food as well. We bought home chocolate chip cookies. Yum.

It rained *Rain* all the way there and back. It may storm tonight.

Sorry, your passenger complains. She must hate everything. The poor waiter. Sad. She should be glad she gets to go out. Some people are like that. Grandma would want to go shopping with us and then try to hurry us up. I had to tell her this is our shopping trip and my day off and I am not cutting this trip short. She was mad the one time but I was driving and this was mine and Mom's planned trip.

Olive Garden. I got sick last week when I went there. I hate driving to the bad side of town. Kate Spade is on the bad side of town. No one bothers us. Hopefully, we will always be safe there.

Bella *Cat* wakes me up early and I have to close the door. She uses her box a lot. That medicine really works on her. She is eating her dry food today. We gave her extra today.

I feel okay. I take my PRN Meds and they help with symptoms. PRN means as needed, not routine Meds. Like Tylenol, Imodium, Cranberry Tabs and my IBS Pill. I can take it routinely but I would rather not.

Hope nothing spooky lives in your crawl space. We have one, too. I never go down there. Mom and Dad had one downstairs inside the house. You can walk in but you have to bend down.

I heard Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Kelce broke up. I would hate to be in the Hollywood Spotlight. I hope they work it out. I am sad for her.

Glen Campbell. I loved his music and him. Galveston was one of my top favorite songs. I can't believe he is gone.

Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. You are a treasure. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is March 9, 2024.

I hope today is a good start to the weekend for you!

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Hearto*

Yay for the VA finally getting it right. It's an election year. But yay for any way they do the right thing!

It is raining this morning. I woke up at 4, but went back to sleep on and off and slept until 7. This is unheard of for me. I don't think I have slept like this in more than two years, since before Tom got sick. That is more than two years ago. Zyrtec has helped me, I think. I will keep taking it a few more days before I try it without taking it. I don't have much get up and go, but that's nothing new.

Watching Young Sheldon and Youtube. Also, went to Target and the grocery store near it. I got lunch from City BBQ.

Then I returned home. I don't have a lot of energy, but I have more than I have had in a while. Still don't get much accomplished, but this past week I did go to the Accountant in the next city so yay!

My passenger. I will do my best to be kind, but I will try my best to stand up for myself. I will go if they go this week as the couple said they would pick me up and then my passenger. Then we will go to Olive Garden and I will use my gift card I got for Christmas. I wouldn't get to go to Olive Garden way over there on my own.

Then, I will see how it goes and how nasty she is or isn't at Olive Garden, which is totally her way. I bet she will be shocked when she sees I have a gift card. Here is the thing. I really don't want to drive her anymore. I love going with the other people and I can put up with her if I don't have to drive her. She has done her best to ruin one of the few things I do but I guess I can do without it, too if it is too unpleasant. She makes me dread it.

The Yard Guy came again. He told me sometimes in summer he rests in the crawl space from mowing when it is hot. He says it is nice and cool and dry under there. I never knew where he disappeared to sometimes. I asked him to let me know if it gets bad under there, but he said Tom insulated it good so it's dry as a bone. Yay Tom!

Amazon delivered my package and sent me a photo. I was thinking wow the front of my house looks nice. Only it wasn't the front of my house. It was the front of my neighbor's house. She will give me the package when she sees me or when we go to church. This is the first time amazon hasn't got the house right. Sigh. It makes them more like the dreaded post office. But at least it wasn't porch pirates! It's nothing wonderful, just a tote bag from Daunt Book Shop in London.

Not much else is happening here. The front of my house looks good thanks to my yard guy. The back is getting there, but we pause for rain today.

Take care and don't forget to spring forward with your clocks tonight! *Clock*


Saturday. I got finished with Wonderland. I was surprised I got done so fast. I am the first to get the new Merit Badge for this contest. I am so happy. Next month, Game Of Thrones. I hope I am up for that Challenge. I will do what I can. Think of me.

I got some lower back pain. I hope this passes. I am wearing my foot braces. They are supposed to help. You get knee surgery, it messes up something else. I guess I have to give it time.

I hope your passenger behaves herself. I have been invited to be with the girls I used to work with. My one friend invites the Bosses! That is a turn off. I don't like having lunch with bosses who aren't very nice. I am leaving them in the past and not having lunch with them. I like having lunch with one or two friends at a time.

Porch pirates. My cousin has packages coming in from Amazon everyday. Her neighbors know this and her daughter a package that got stolen. This is out in the country. Unreal. Amazon sent another one and didn't charge for it. We always try to be home when we are expecting a package. We are back down a lane so they will probably leave us alone. We need to have a scarecrow sitting in a chair. They will think it is someone sitting outside except for when the weather is bad. Porch pirates wouldn't fall for that one.

Bella *Cat* has been good. She didn't bother us last night. I was up at 6:00 AM. Ray went to Walmart.

Glad the yard guy is taking care of things. That's good. Mom's neighbors help her. Mom got sick at Bob Evans She has a hitial hernia and she has to throw up sometimes. I have one, too but mine will give me chest discomfort at times when I was fast food.

Dad's oil light isn't coming on, on the truck but we need to take it and get it looked at anyway. Since my son will be driving it back to Oregon. I hope he takes care of the truck like Dad did.

I watched The Brady Bunch this morning. We watched a comedy spoof movie with aliens in a Star Trek rip off. It was something to watch.

I know. Tonight is change time, *Watch* *Clock* *Clock2* I will lose an hour of sleep tonight.

Have a good day. Glad you are feeling better. Praying for better days. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is March 10.

I hope it is a good day for you and that the sun shines there. *Sun**Tulipy*

Give my love to Miss Bella as you all adjust to the time change! *Cat**Clock2**Heartp**Tulipp*

I didn't feel great in the night, but I did get about 5 hours of sleep. The alarm woke me up. As far as I know, we are going to church in a little while. It will take some getting used to, this time change this year.

I wish there was a Bob Evans here. We had some similar places, but most didn't make it through the pandemic.

I hope that you can get the truck fixed and that the light is for an engine check or something like that.

You did great with your Wonderland Challenge! I'm enjoying my reading there. Yay!! I know you will have fun with Game of Thrones, too, whenever that is.

So, Oscars are tonight. I will probably just watch the highlights on youtube. Will Smith ruined the Oscars by getting away with what he did. I hope that this year no one hits anyone.

It rained most of the day yesterday. But it wasn't bad storms, so I am thankful. March can be tricky. It's a sad month for me now, but I will get where I look forward to Spring again. I am hopeful for that and to enjoy the longer days.

Watched Youtube, Young Sheldon, Suits and Comedians in Cars yesterday. I still have to decide what I'm going to do about going out to dinner in the evening. Maybe I will wait and see what happens this week and go from there.

Take care and have a nice Sunday!

I didn't go to Church. We changed time *Clock* and I took a Xanax last night. I didn't feel well this morning. Sinus issues. My bladder acts up. Dilation took 6 weeks to work last time. It is so cold this morning.

I did dishes and laundry this morning.

I entered Bards Hill Contest. I did a St. Patrick's Day poem. I surprised myself. I hadn't entered Bards Hall in awhile. I am still The Dragon Vale Challenge.

The Oscars are on tonight. I probably won't watch them. I have been watching the show Tracker. It won't be on. I don't know what I will be watching tonight.

Tomorrow is my hair day. I need to go to CVS. I haven't been there in awhile. CVS called and said I have a pill to pick up. I am not out of anything but I will ask which pill they have for me when I go in there. I need to pick up other things. I want more nail polish. My stuff is all old.

I watched The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family and The Flintstones. I watched three hours of Without A Trace yesterday. I always liked that show. I miss Cold Case. I liked that one, too.

I hope you are feeling well today. I hope things get better for all of us. I have no ambition. I get my Vitamin B 12 Shot this week but I don't think it will give me any ambition. Sometimes, I get up and get a lot done like I did today.

Have a good day an week. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is March 11, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you. I am up in the middle of the night as I cannot sleep again. I took the Zyrtec, but so far it isn't helping me to sleep. I didn't sleep much last night either. I wish I could get consistent good sleep. The power keeps going out for a few seconds so I have had to reset the clocks about five times so far. I do not know the reason for the power going out. It's windy, but not that windy.

We did go to church. I turned in the money for the flowers in Tom's memory.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

Sometimes I feel so alone. I guess it is because I am alone. A lot of people are it seems. I didn't really consider it until it happened. I guess one is never prepared for loss and the aftermath.

I wonder sometimes if I will ever be happy again. I mean really happy and content so that I sleep well. Doubtful.

Watched Young Sheldon, Comedians in Cars, You Tube and Suits.

They put a photo up of Princess Catherine, then said it was "manipulated." I wonder what has really happened to her. And I believed the photo was real when I first saw it until they started explaining the problems with it. Something is very off about the whole situation. And Meghan and Harry did this strange thing in Texas. It's like they are all nuts and where is King Charles. So odd. Camilla went away. That seems like a smart move right now.

Diana's brother has written a memoir. It comes out on Tuesday. I have always liked him so I will probably get it.

Not much is going on here. I may try and sleep at some point going forward if the power stays on long enough.

Have a good Monday!!

Sorry to hear you couldn't sleep. I slept good. I got up and got my hair done. I hate walking on her stones. They are embedded into the ground. I had to use the cane. I hate that. She helped me. She raised her prices. She is $30.00 higher then my regular Beautician. Unreal. She is younger. My regular lady will be back next month. I will be so happy.

I went to CVS and got my pills. I bought nail polish and Womens Probiotics. I bought stamps. I saw a chicken crossing the road in the country. She was red, gold and brown. She was pretty.

I went to the cemetery. I saw graves decorated for Easter with eggs and bunnies. So many headstones have tractors. Some have angels. I want a Jane Austen silhoutee and books on mine. I don't want to leave, yet. Mom has flowers on Dad's grave. I will be glad when we get his headstone with the planes on it. I heard Cat's In The Cradle today and thought of Dad. It described him and I. We weren't close but we were alright the past few years. Dad was always in Vietnam and taking trips here and there. At least we were there for each other.

The Royals. I wonder about them. Sad really. They have their problems. Kate. 2024 isn't being a good year. I pray things get better.

Bella *Cat* woke me up at 3:330 AM. I had to shut the door on her.

I know it gets lonely for you. I hope you can find comfort. Sometimes, it is so hard. I am always praying for you. life is so unfair. Glad you have friends. I hope your brother visits soon.

My phone is acting up. Ever since AT&T had their problem. I can't make phone calls when I go somewhere or get them. We are going to take my phone in tonight.I need to get it fixed.

Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Spring is coming and summer. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is March 12, 2024. I got the call to pick up the tax stuff so it's to the next city I go. Hi ho. Hi ho.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Tulipp**Hearty*

So, I slept good last night. Really sound and I had a dream that had Tom in it. I saw him and he was fine. We didn't interact that I can remember, but he was fine and healthy in my dream.

I found it to be comforting. Maybe he is happy I am getting the taxes done. That seemed to please him a lot last year. What do you think?

The sun is shining and no rain is predicted until Friday night. Good news.

Watched Young Sheldon and Comedians in Cars. Then I fell asleep.

I figured out that on Youtube, Neil Sean is posting his videos at 8 my time now instead of 7. Guess he doesn't have the time change. I will change my checking to later. I enjoy how he talks about London and history, in addition to the crazy Royals of today. He gives facts instead of the gossip.

The British news stations are better than ours because they tell the truth about our politicians and don't hide anything. I do think they hide and cover up for their own government and the royals a bit. Neil Sean isn't mean, but he doesn't cover up that I can tell. I love it when he posts videos on the Kitty Cat who lives at #10 Downing Street. He's a cat lover, I believe.

Catherine. I saw the picture from the magazine that looked like it was superimposed in the family picture that was released on Sunday. I don't know what to think. Poor Catherine. I wish William would get a serious clue. I am now beginning to wonder if it all was a dumb cosmetic thing that went bad.

So much vanity seemingly involved. I am also beginning to think William might be as thick as Harry is. Charles did a video and he looked like the treatments aren't agreeing with him. Wow. Scary. Maybe he will teach people about cancer treatment and that it's not what they say it is (in my opinion)

Meanwhile, Princess Anne and Camilla look like a million bucks. What's wrong with this picture. LoL I do enjoy Anne. She should be in charge. I bet she would scare Harry and William into shape.

I hope you get your phone fixed. I am hearing a lot about AT&T these days. I wonder why they can't get it together. I imagine all the phone companies will have issues though, if one does.

Take care and keep a good thought for me driving all that way again.

I hope your day is a good one!


I just got home from The Doctor. I got my Vitamin B 12 Shot and next blood test order. I see my Doctor next month. I hope nothing else goes wrong with me. Always something.

We went to Mejer. We just bought frozen foods.

I got up late. I don't feel well in the morning. My friend wants Mom and I to meet her tomorrow morning at 8:00AM! I told Mom no. That is too early. I will get up at 7:00AM but I am not rushing around.

Mom got a new phone. I got my phone fixed. I a glad of that .My phone said I was with Verizon! No way. We quit them a long time ago. They took out the bar in back and fixed it. That AT&T shortage messed up my phone.

Tom is probably happy you got the taxes done. Ray took ours in. He used to do this in January. Not anymore. Anyway, they are with the Accountant. I hate taxes time.

I read Catherine has an eating disorder. She is sick an frail. She looks bad. Harry wants to drop his and Meghan's Royal titles. Like really. Camilla is a deserter. King Charles needs her more then anything now. I hope Kate didn't have plastic surgery. That is so vain .

I like watching YouTube. I enjoy all the music that I find. I get to watch movies as well.

I hope you are feeling well. I am always thinking of you. Things are quiet on the site today.

We are having pork chops and Bella *Cat* is running around. I always give her pork chop.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I hope the long drive was good for you. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is March 13.

I hope it is a good day and you feel better.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Hearty**Cat2**Tulipy*

Yesterday went well. I drove over and picked up and paid for the taxes to be filed by them. Thanks to God for getting me there and back safely. Now, they will email me when it's done and taxes will be done for the year. Yay. On the way back I stopped at Wal*Mart Market Place and the grocery store I like. I got some more Panera soups on sale with a coupon to celebrate getting the taxes done.

Later on, the yard guy came. He did a lot out back- it looks so much better.

I enjoy Youtube because every day there is something different. I do searches for Royal Family and also the commentators I like, such as Neil Sean. I type in "Neil Sean's latest" to search. He seems like a nice man who films his short things (they are rarely more than 5 minutes long) all over London. So, you get to see what the flowers and trees look like over there. It's like traveling there for free. I wish someone like him would do reports from Ireland, but England is nice, too. He reports a lot on the royals, but on entertainment stuff, too. He complains about food prices like I do.

I also watched Young Sheldon and a movie that won the foreign language Oscar. It was in German with subtitles and was called "Zone of Interest". It was quite disturbing about Auschwitz. I rented it to watch when I heard about it, but it wasn't great. Too depressing I guess about what humans are capable of.

The Royal Family. Always something in the news. I don't know what to make of Princess Catherine and those photo shenanigans. First they say William took the photo, then that she fiddled with it. But then her picture from Vogue in 2016 is the same exact expression in the photo. Eight years later and exactly the same after major surgery doesn't seem logical to me. And I'm someone who would believe William and Kate over those two in California any day of the week. But something isn't right. I hope I'm wrong in what I suspect.

That's a good distraction sometimes to read about the Royal Family dramas and squabbles amongst themselves. It's funny that I can tell what they need to do, but I can never tell what I need to do in real life.

Today, my Grief Counselor is supposed to come. I always look forward to it when she does. I tell her things and she helps me see what they mean. Then, I have to figure out about tomorrow. I'm not sure I feel up to going and all the drama involved there.

My yard looks nice, thanks to my yard guy friend. Yay. I wish I could get around better and I am trying. Uneven ground presents a challenge.

I hope that today is a good day for you and you feel well!


Mom told me the wrong time about having lunch. My friend is a hour ahead of us. We were on the road and realized it was the wrong time. Mom needed to get some cereal and her medicine. Her medicine wasn't at Walgreens {they should it be at Walgreens and she needs to call her Doctor} We wasted an hour and was going to be late for lunch and our friend had to go get her hair done and we would have been rushed. I told Mom for now on, it will always be 11:00 AM and 10:00AM our time. my friend is always rushed and her hair do consists of a bun on her head, I thought she did it herself. She buys falls for her hair. She is old Pentecost. I love her but if I went to her Church, they would throw me out thinking I was a Jazabell like Dolly Parton's song. Go figure. We will have to schedule for another time.

Mom and I went to Ross Dress Shop. I don't like their stuff at all. I went to Cato and bought a nice blue flowered top. We ate at Bob Evans. I had mashed potatoes and noodles and potato soup.

I feel the same. I get back pain. I hope this passes someday. My sinuses were acting up last night. I slept 6 hours. I hate mornings trying to get around. I like taking 2 hours to relax so I can start my day.

I heard about the photo switch shennigans about The Royals this morning. What is with them? I bet it will take Kate awhile to heal. Why don't they just tell us what is wrong? I give up. I guess they are telling to tell is it is none of our business. The media is always buzzing around trying to get information. Like really?

I never heard of Neil Sean. I have a mix of songs on YouTube and YouTube makes me oit a playlist of songs and I click on it and they play all the songs I listen to on YouTube. I like that.

That's good the yard guy does a nice job. He sounds like a nice guy.

That's about it that is new. I should do some laundry. Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later

Hi on Thursday. It is March 14, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you. I can barely keep up with setting the clocks, but it seems tricky living close to another time zone. When I call Texas, I have to keep in mind that they are an hour earlier.

Give Miss Bella my love! *Cat2**Hearty*

Bob Evans sounds yummy. I have a stomach thing going on. We decided not to go for our dinner group tonight. There is more than one reason going on not to go. I don't feel well and can only really have soup right now is the main one. We may end up not going anymore is what I suspect. It's just too stressful and tricky with the one person being so difficult and demanding.

My Grief Counselor came. She always helps me. I will miss her when the year is over. Life has changed so much for me since the pandemic and all the loss during and afterwards. All I can do is keep trying my best to live my life. I try to be kind, but I don't want to end up being hurt all the time. It's tricky.

My taxes are all done for the year, paid for and filed. Yay. I always hate doing it, but am glad to have it behind me. The accountant was nice to me and so is his assistant.

Watched Young Sheldon and Friends to try and lift my spirits. I don't know why I get so depressed sometimes all of a sudden. It's like a panic sets in. Then, I shrug it off and clean something or go somewhere or go shopping and it distracts me. Then I am relieved to come back home when I get here. I am thankful to God for all the blessings, it's just a big adjustment to the way things are now.

The Royal Family. I hope they can be happy. I guess no one is totally happy. They have round the clock medical care, big staffs and attention and they still can't get things right. It looked as if Catherine superimposed an old picture of herself from a magazine. Maybe she just doesn't want to look ill or older or too puffy face. .

No one does I guess. I try not to look in the mirror much these days.

Here I am up in the middle of the night. The Zyrtec didn't work this time.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go good.


It rained *Rain* all night and this morning. It is going to rain *Rain* It stormed and kept waking me up. I slept alright. Waiting for the *Rainbowl**Rainbowr* and a leprechaun and his gold *Gold*

Mom is trying to figure out what insurance policies she needs since she doesn't drive and my cousin drives Dad's car to take Mom places. My son will need insurance for the truck. Mom can buy it now and my son will buy insurance as he he will be driving it to Oregon. Progressive and Allstate are not good insurances. We use State Farm. All insurance is expensive. Mom has to pay insurance on the golf cart. Dad use to drive it and Mom wants to learn how to drive it. *Golf* Dad never played golf but he liked driving it.

I hope your Grief Counselor helped you today. It is good to get comfort and therapy for this. She has been helping you all along. That is a comfort.

I saw pictures on TV of the semi running into the restaurant. The restaurant is closed. That will involve a lot of money for repairs an damages. I would hate to be eating in a restaurant and have a semi truck crash through. That would spoil your dinner.

Sorry you aren't feeling well. I have been eating less and eating shredded wheat for my IBS and troubles. I hope this helps. I am sorry you won't be going out with your dinner group tonight.

Some man who is a widow is being friendly with my mother. He was Dad's friend and his wife died and Mom looks like her. Mom doesn't want another man. After what our Game Friend went through. No way. Mom likes her independence even though she misses Dad. She always teased she wanted someone like Horatio of CSI:Miami. Me, too. We are just teasing. Like my crush on Johnny Depp. I am an old lady. I hate that term. We were all young once.

Bella *Cat* was up. She hated the thunder this morning, She laid in bed next to Ray before I went to bed. I think she was afraid of the storm.

Princess Kate. They won't tell us anything but I hope she gets better. I pray for the Royals.

Have a good day and feel better. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. You are a treasure.

Hi on Friday. It is March 15. The Ides of March, 2024. Beware the Ides of March.

I hope it is a good day for you and the storms have passed. We are supposed to get storms this afternoon here. I hope that you feel good leading into the weekend!

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartg*

I stayed home last night. The yard guy came but he did the yard next to mine, aeriating and seeding and mowing. He had his mower on my driveway in front of my car so I told not to forget it because I can't move it. He is good natured and looks out for the neighborhood.

Tom had planted Easter roses in the front. They are light pink and cream color. They came in really full this year, so the yard guy was asking me what they were. I think Tom moved them there a couple of years ago, but they didn't really do much until this year they exploded with blossoms.. My tulips bloomed pretty and so did my daffodils. I imagine the storm will take out the daffodils and tulips this afternoon.

I have decided I cannot pick up my dinner passenger anymore. I use a cane and am wobbly myself.

I get there to pick her up and she doesn't bring a cane, only a huge, heavy walker. So, I have been bringing an extra cane. But every time I say, I can't lift the walker.

Then she says she can do it. (Now, if she could really do it she wouldn't need a walker.) But it's a move to force me to do it. Believe me, if I could do that I would, but I am struggling myself. I do not want to fall as I am on my own and would have to bother my brother. She lives in a facility of many people, she is taken care of even though none of her kids are close by. They could all (there are 3 of them) get here in a half day.

Her meals are included. She's been there a year and has not gotten to know anyone.
They have all sorts of activities, including Bingo. She could have invited our dinner group to Bingo, but no. She doesn't like the time it happens. She's way older than me, but come on. They have her in an independent apartment and she needs help more than that, but whatever.

I can't do it or argue about it anymore.

Once she's done crabbing about the walker, she hates every place we go that's close. She spends the whole time (the last few times) fussing that she wants a different type of food or to go somewhere else and she takes FOREVER to order. When she's not fussing about that, she's being nasty to the waiter because she RARELY likes what she is served even though she takes forever to order it. Sounds like fun, right?

My husband was the only one who could say rude things back to her and she still liked him. He had the magic gift of gab.

To tell the truth, it was a relief to have a break after her performance last week, which was off the charts. The waiter is really nice, by the way, and he has the patience of a saint.

Anyway, that's the dilemma. I think we won't do it much longer because of her antics, but maybe it's time. I don't really like to go out alone after 4 anyway because that is the crazy driving time and it scares me.

Watched some sitcoms to laugh and cheer up. I watched Young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. Plus You tube.

I pulled some weeds and blew out the garage leaves and the deck. Spring.

I hope today is good to you! Thank you for reading!


The Ides of March. It is chilly but warming up. I had to go to CVS and get my Xalerto and other Meds. I saw my minister there. She said she missed me being at Church. I hope I feel good Sunday with everything. My minister has knee pain and I bet she is facing knee replacement. She can handle surgery better then me. I feel like everyone handles surgeries better then me.

My cousin called me on the way home. Since I was by her house,. I stopped to see her new dog. So cute. At first, the dog was afraid and I told her I love animals more then people, she came up to me. I petted her. She is so sweet. She looks like a Jack Russell but is taller. My cousin's aunt is sick and she has to go see her. They aren't going to Michigan this weekend. They will be taking both dogs. The new dog likes to play and the Gimme is older and he doesn't like to play. Sometimes, I want to get a dog but we have Bella *Cat* and she wouldn't like that idea.

Sorry about your friend. I have had friends who don't like anything and I went to my friend's rubber stamp parties and two ladies there didn't like cats. The cats would come and sit on my lap. It is hard being around people who don't like anything and make it all about them. I lose patience with these people. I know what you mean about your passenger. At assisted Living wouldn't seem so bad. I wanted to work there but the one job I got at the Nursing Home next to it, they turned their one assistance wing into total care with just one staff member. I took the full time position at the place I worked for 30 years instead because I was going to work 2 part time jobs. I am not sure that was a better deal but I am retired now. A rich farm family put their grandmother and mother in Assisted Care because the one grandson wanted her house and he got it. They put up a smelly hog farm but my father-in-law had a pig farm so I guess I shouldn't say anything.

I hope to watch movies this weekend. We have no plans. I hope I feel like doing things this summer. My husband goes to Farm Shows and I want to go to Lake Michigan. I missed out last year.

Have a good weekend. Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend. Time for Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder music. I am starting now. I am going to watch As Luck Would Have It. Later, my Dear.

Hi on Saturday. It is March 16, 2024. St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow. *Shamrock**Heartg*

I hope it is the start to a good weekend for you and you feel well! *Heartg**Shamrock**Heartg*

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat* *Heartg*

The new puppy sounds sweet. I would only have one pet I think because I know with Boo, she would have had a hard time adjusting to another one to be center of attention. You can always visit other humans who have pets and most pets love visits and meeting new people.

My brother has bonded with his girlfriend's sister's dog. It is good for my brother to take care of the pup and the pup is always happy to see him for their outings. I think it makes them feel happy in a time of sadness and is a great comfort.

If we ever hear from Arlington (the VA) I will consider a pet. Plus, I would like to be a little stronger on my feet and completely well for a time. My congestion is better, but not all better.

Watched Friends, Young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory and Everybody Loves Raymond. I seem to sleep better if I watch comedies in the evening. That Irish Movie, As Luck Would Have It. I might watch, but it might be too sad to watch it without Tom, but it might be okay. I never know what will be comforting and what will be sad. In past years, I enjoyed watching St. Patrick's Day on QVC. I did that a little last year with Tom.

I went to get a tuna sub yesterday, then stopped at Kohl's on the way back. I cannot find some things at home I was looking for. I wonder if I got confused and donated the wrong things to Goodwill of mine. Or else I put some of this stuff in other places that I don't remember about. I have been slowly donating my stuff that doesn't fit and Tom's stuff, but there is still plenty here of both of ours.

I hope that you have a nice day today. The weather here is supposed to clear up, but a frost is coming next week so I can't plant flowers yet.

Take care and enjoy your St. Patrick's Day weekend!


The Day Before St. Patrick's Day! *Shamrock* *Gold* 55 Degrees and windy. Ray went to Walmart and I got up early to unload groceries. I will need a nap today. Bella *Cat* was running around and meowing and got yelled at when she jumped on the Dining Room table. She knows better then that. I watched Sabrina The Teenaged Witch and Full House. I watched Murphy Brown and The Big Valley.

I wrote a story about a Celtic Woman soldier and green dragon and fighting ogres, gargoyles and a sea horse. I wrote it for a contest here.
A Battle Of A Different Kind  (ASR)
A Celtic Irish woman who is a warrior takes on a new battle she isn't accustomed to.
#2316123 by Princess Megan Rose 22 Years

Glad your brother is bonding with his girlfriend's dog. Pets are confused when they lose their owners. It is so sad, I love other peoples pets. I get to love them and they get to take care of their needs.

I am sorry you are still congested. I woke up that way but it passed. I feel alright. I don't think we will ever have a day that we feel perfect. I know I have an issue everyday. That's life.

We had three cranes in our field yesterday. We saw 50 cranes 3 weeks ago. I think they came back for the summer. The baby donkeys are growing. They seem to like the other donkey but not the cows.

Things are quiet on here,. I finished my story. At first, I didn't know which way to go with this.

I watched clips of Game Of Thrones. That is a rough show. A Princess and dragons. The dragons don't always get a happy ending. I like stories when animals get a happy ending.

Ray went and bought some used auto parts for his shop. Those are toys for him to play with. I teased him about it.

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for being here. *Shamrock* *HeartG*

Hi on Sunday. Happy St. Patrick's Day! *Shamrock**Heartg*

I hope it is a good day for you and you have the luck of the Irish today - all good!! *Shamrock**Gold**Heartg*

Give Miss Bella a big hug from me! *Cat2**Heartg**Shamrock*

Am getting ready to go to church if all goes well. No rain in the forecast until late in the week. This week ahead I will have to stand up for myself. I am not good at that, but I will try my best to put my foot down on certain things.

My brother does love the little dog. The dog is the late girlfriend's sister's dog. My brother takes care of the sister too. It's his #1 priority looking out for the sister now. She isn't well, but has a little dog to lift her spirits. The dog lifts my brother's spirits, too.

I went and got gas yesterday. Also watched Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Big Bang Theory, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Young Sheldon. I seem to sleep better when I watch comedy shows instead of dramas or mysteries. Also watched Youtube.

I cleaned the downstairs floors and part of the upstairs floors this week. Something.

So, there were awards to honor Diana. Meghan picked that day to launch something that I'm not really clear about. She's going to be selling something I guess and have a cooking show on Netflix. So, she's going to teach how to cook and sell things like Goop. I don't really know about Goop either. Is it pots and pans? Whatever. I'll take Martha Stewart's advice before Meghan's. Plus, I can't imagine giving Meghan and Harry any payment info. More for younger people who are more trusting than me, I guess. The thing is if it doesn't work, I think they think they can just run back to Charles. But I'm not so sure Charles can help them now.

Harry is on a ski trip. What about those kids of theirs, do they ever go anywhere I wonder. I'm old and never go anywhere, but kids should see things and learn.

I would trust Catherine, I bought her book about the pandemic used and it all was fine. I don't know how to photo shop either.

Well, it's off to church in a little while. I like the longer days, but still have so much sadness.

But St. Patrick's perks me up with earing my green top and my claddagh ring and pin.

Have a nice Sunday!


Happy St. Patrick's Day! *Shamrock* *Shamrock* I am listening to Danny Boy. I will be listening to other Irish songs. Danny Boy makes me cry. I watched As Luck Would Have It. I love the scenery and that castle. When do I leave? I watched an segment about Ireland today about an old castle and the beautiful land. St. Patrick is important.

I went to Church. The one man is so nice. I always hug him. He was sick 2 weeks ago. I asked if he was feeling better. He said he did and asked if he looked it. I said he looked handsome and sexy. I saw his wife and she laughed. I told her I love her husband and I love her, too. The minister doesn't need knee surgery now. I am glad for her. Arthritis is awful. So is knee surgery.

I ordered the Merit Badge. I asked Gaby if she cared and showed her the picture.. She said it was alright and to go for it. I don't want to hurt anyone here It looks like GOT. I may give it to GOT members whose stories I like. I am sure it will be beautiful. I have been watching clips of Game Of Thrones with the dragons and the wolves, I love wolves and dragons.

I wrote a poem for she doesn't wear green. I didn't turn it to Writers Cramp. It is a Blog Entry.
"My Poem Green No

That is sweet there was an Awards thing to honor Princess Diana. I never heard of Goop. Meghan is no Martha Stewart and she isn't a great Princess. I play one in here but I think I would be better at being a Princess then she is. Harry is never home. Shouldn't he be spending time with his family? I feel sorry for Princess Kate. I hope she is getting better. I call her Kate.

Ray is out in the pole barn. I may watch TV but I have things to do online. I may watch TV later.

Bella *Cat* had tuna and her lunch. She is doing good.

I know what you mean about standing up for yourself. I need to talk to Mom. Family things. Sometimes, Mom needs to be quiet about family things. She upsets me. My cousin and husband, she tells things to and not me. I feel caught in the middle and like I am getting shafted. We will see.

I hope you have a good week. I hope today was good for you. The Claddagh Rings are so pretty. I may get one someday.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is March 18, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go well!

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Shamrock**Heartg*

One of my sisters in law and my niece called me. I think they knew it would be a tough day for me. I didn't even anticipate it would be so hard.

It was a rough day and someone on this site here wasn't particularly kind. It's someone I know is mean from past experiences. They, apparently, picked yesterday to bully me some in a sneaky manner. So, I had a meltdown after that. I cried and cried. But I did not do anything drastic as this person has wanted me to do and pushed for, for a while in a very underhanded way.

I steer clear of this person and have done that for many years. I don't know why they choose to bully me now and then, but there it is.

Then I withdrew, regrouped and watched the Irish stuff on QVC like Tom and I used to do together. We even did that a bit last year. It helped. I basically fell apart yesterday, but then I started watching that and then I watched Young Sheldon, Big Bang Theory, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. It helped.

I went to church with my neighbor. That was a good start to the day, but then it went downhill. Then I had news about the health of someone who is way younger than me. Life is short.

This morning, my congestion situation is better. There are many blessings to be thankful for. I need to put my foot down and not be a chauffeur anymore since I cannot lift a heavy walker in and out of the car, which is what is being demanded. I just have to say no and face the music there.

Today will be a better day I hope. It is my other sister-in-law's birthday. I hope I can get hold of her.

Take care and enjoy your Monday! Stay warm if it's chilly there like it is here!

I know today is hard for you. I send prayers your way. I hope you are feeling better and that there has been some good news for you today. I will always send good wishes your way. I am sorry that someone was rude to you today. That wasn't necessary. Someday, that person will have someone be rude and they can think about how they misbehaved.

We got snow *Snow1* flurries today. We got some last night but it isn't staying. I am glad. It looks like it wanted to do more then flurries but I am glad then it decided not to snow *Snow3* anymore. It is still cold.

Mom and I had a long talk and she got Dad's Agent Orange money. We got my end of the will all taken care of and my son gets a good share. I prayed about this and God listened. I am so thankful. I would hate to be a millionaire and be worried about millions and billions of dollars. I have everything I need. I just need less arthritis pain an feel great all the time.

Glad a family member called you and reached out to you. I hope you get to enjoy the relative's Birthday tomorrow.

I am trying to be thankful for all my blessings. We get so down and people struggle and some are millionaires and billionaires and I ask myself how is that fair? Guess I will never understand.

I watched Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley and last night I watched Murphy Brown and Wings. I also got to watch The Munsters. I watched Gilligan's Island yesterday. I do enjoy the old shows.

I hope you are feeling better and things got better for you .I am always thinking of you. You are really special and have been my friend for years. You deserve good things and no one being unfair to you. Here's to better days. Thanks for being there for me. Thanks for always listening to me.

Hi on Tuesday. It is March 19, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and the sun shines brightly on your kingdom.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat**Hearty*

I am glad to read that your Mom got her business with VA squared away. That is great news and I am sure it is a wonderful relief for all of you. Job well done!!! Yay!!

Yesterday, I started out full of anxiety. But everything went well. I had to do a couple of things I was so worried about and anxious about, but it was okay. I talked to my other sister in law, who is very good to talk to. It was her birthday. She reassured me about a couple of things that I needed to hear and that was a huge relief.

I also put my hoof down about my passenger. I wasn't mean about it, but I said I can no longer do things this way. Everyone was mostly as nice as they could be and understanding, too. Whatever happens, at least I know I did the thing that wasn't easy, but was right. I took a chance that I would be hurt and crushed, but it was okay so far. Change is going to come as it is inevitable. I made an effort and also confronted things I had been avoiding and it was a good day. Really, that is so rare and I am so grateful for a good day like that.

On here. What happened to me is a form of gas lighting. If I am particularly vulnerable, as I was on Sunday, it works. Sometimes, this person has tagged me and I don't even look. What do I care about such silly antics. It is like a fly on my hide, to be swatted away at this point. I know this indivdual has a better side. This time of year seems to bring out their mean nature. It's a pattern of behavior. When this individual was mean to me the first time, it was around this time and that was nearly ten years ago. They are capable of being nice so let's hope they go back to that for a while because There is the ability and power to hurt others here besides me.

I did nothing and do not go near that one's realm with a ten foot pole. Keeping my distance. Sometimes right after Tom died, I didn't even look when tagged. With a few people on here, I should go back to that policy.

Oh, it's them. Don't look, don't care. It's partly my fault for even looking at the nonsense.

Speaking of nonsense. The Royals. The video of "Catherine" and William. What a strange series of events. First a weird photo and then a video that looks nothing like her in the photo. I hope Catherine finds her way to health and happiness, whatever the situation. I get the feeling she needs to be rescued, but I'm not exactly sure what she needs to be rescued from. Maybe it's the public curiosity about her or being targeted by Meghan. Sad situation.

Harry and Meghan and their new "brand". It's called American Riviera Orchard. Sounds like a nursing home name from a Seinfeld Episode. But there are a lot of Baby Boomers now so maybe a nursing home theme might sell. She is going to have a cookbook, I hear. That might actually be a good idea if it's true and she knows what she's doing there. I wonder what their new brand will be after this one. She doesn't look particularly well and of course Harry has that peculiar thing going on with his hair pattern. So, it doesn't look like what's cooking has agreed with them, but whatever. Odd.

I watched Everybody Loves Raymond, Big Bang Theory, Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Young Sheldon. Plus You tube.

I hope that today is a good day for you.


It is windy today. No snow *Snow2* or rain *Rain* A little chilly because of the wind. I have been busy. I finished dusting, cleaned the bathrooms and cleaned the kitchen.

Thank you for the reviews and Bo and Sprinkles ribbon for my Bo and Sprinkles story. It means a lot.

We took Dad's truck in yesterday. Dad has always went to the Walmart Auto Service Center. They closed that shop down. Now, you have to go to Chrysler. We took the truck there. The truck needs a part. They ordered it and said the truck will be ready by next week. I will have to drive up with Ray so he can bring it home. I had to drive there yesterday when he drove the truck there.

I don't blame you for not wanting your passenger. She seems ungrateful and needs to be considerate and not make it all about her. I know people like that. Patients I have taken care of and other people in life. Sad really.

Harry and Meghan again. They want to be in the news. They seem to find ways to do so. Ray says Catherine was in a video on the news and looked well. I hope she is doing well. Meghan and a cook book? I find that hard to believe. I didn't know the Royals knew how to cook .Catherine might. I am not a great cook but I cook a few things that Ray and I both like.

I get hurt by things here. I turn the other cheek and if it gets bad, I block them. I don't want to but sometimes, it is the only way to solve a problem with that person. I feel hurt but like Elsa of Frozen, I let it go. I remember the good reasons why I am here.

I watched my soaps, Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, The High Chaparral, The Price Is Right.

I slept in this morning. Sometimes, you just need to.

Have a good day. I hope you are feeling well. I pray for better days. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Wednesday. It is March 20 now, 2024.

*Tulipy* Happy Spring! *Tulipp*

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel good. Hopefully, they will fix the truck nice and it will be fine. You are doing everything right to get it fixed so fingers and HOOves crossed that they will do a good job then your son can have a nice truck to take care of. *Carg*

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Hearty*

So, a week from tomorrow will be one year since my Tom died. My life has changed so much.

On here, blocking makes sense in most cases. Sometimes are better than others for letting go of things. You are right - there are plenty of good reasons to be here. Thank you, my dear friend, for reminding me of that. *Heartv* One bad apple doesn't spoil everything. *Apple*

Princess Catherine. That video of her and William walking at the Farm Shops in their area puzzled me. Then I realized, if that is her, that she is one of the few people who looks way better without makeup.

Back to a bad apple. No wonder Meghan is so jealous of Catherine.

I've seen Meghan without makeup on that Netflix video. Yikes.

Catherine should never wear makeup with that skin she has.

Meghan Markle. *Monster7*

I hope that Catherine is left alone to recover fully. And that William is taking good care of her. She is way too thin.

I saw Charles yesterday and he looked better. I hope it's just immuno therapy he's getting. I think if Tom had received just immuno and no radiation or chemo, he might have made it.

I wouldn't buy anything from Meghan and Harry, if I could help it because I don't find them to be trustworthy. I got Harry's book used so he wouldn't get any moola from it. Same with Endgame - I got it on amazon, used.

Yesterday, I watched Big Bang Theory, Friends, Young Sheldon and Youtube. *Tv*

On the thing with my former passenger. I hope things go okay the new way and she gets to be in a better mood with the situation since I will not be driving her anymore, but we still will be going to a close by place. Just not as close. I'm compromising on that and will get myself there with God's help, which I am very thankful for. I'll go by myself and meet them there. She needs a man (he's 6'4") to help her get her walker in and out of a vehicle, who can lift the walker and also deal with her. She listens to men better than women.

His wife and I both have difficulty walking (and use canes) at times so we can't lift her walker. Case closed. (I hope) We will try and see how it works. Hopefully, she will quit griping about wanting to go farther to eat since she's not doing the driving. Our thinking is that she might settle down with the fussing.

Let's keep our fingers and HOOves crossed for a good day!


Spring but it is chilly here. Sunny but where is the warm weather that goes with spring? *FlowerR* *TulipR* Hopefully, it will warm up like yesterday. We have a little wind *Wind*

They called Mom and told her they have the part and the truck will be fixed. They ruined the tire but they will replace that. I would hope so. Another time, we had something worked on, they destroyed a part but replaced it free of charge. Unreal. We are waiting on Mom to call.

I saw a segment of Princess Diana's life this morning. Her and the children. She married Charles and he tried to kiss her and she turned away. I get that. She looked so sad that one time in India. William and Harry were so cute. Princess Diana was the Peoples Princess. Catherine does look pale and make up doesn't seem to make her look better. Meghan looks like a witch. I do hope Catherine recovers. Surgery is your abdomen and legs is the worst. It takes forever to recover. My hernia surgery was rough years ago.

I saw that Reba called Taylor an entitled brat because she was drinking when Reba sang the National Anthem .Reba says she didn't say that. Taylor was drinking and I would think she wouldn't behave like that at a game or an event in public. I am disappointed. Set an example.

Bella*Cat* needs an appointment. I need to call tomorrow about that. She isn't due until May 18. I will get her in.

Things are quiet on here. I haven't heard about my new Merit Badge, yet but it is still early. I may be able to give it members of the GOT Team I am on. I hope it will be done soon. I always get anxious.

I watched my usual shows today. I like to do coloring on my phone when I watch TV. I need to read Devotions.

I hope you are feeling well. I know how you miss Tom. I admire you for taking care of things. I hope better things are ahead of you.

Have a good day. It will soon be another weekend. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is March 21, 2024.

Hope it is a good day for you and not too windy or brisk.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

It is supposed to be a little warmer here, than get colder again. I guess this is the time of year when it is changeable.

Yesterday, I had a bad migraine, but it passed. Then I slept until almost 7 this morning. I needed the sleep, but now I feel drowsy. It's weird like it's hard to wake up.

Tonight is our dinner group. I will meet them at the restaurant. We will see how it goes. The difficult passenger wants to be catered to and have us go all over the place to suit her. She then will say there is something she doesn't like about the food or the prices. But sometimes, she is nice. Maybe we will get lucky and tonight will be one of those times. Fingers and hooves crossed, but I have learned that nice times are few.

She keeps us wondering, I guess. I put my hoof down on my contributions.

I saw that Reba denied saying that stuff about her. There is a lot of made up stuff in the press because Taylor Swift is so successful that they want to bring her down for some reason.

Same with Princess Catherine. She's so admired that then they try to attack her with this and that when she is vulnerable. She needs to focus on getting better.

My hope is that Prince William will assert himself on some of this. Same with Prince Charles. I am surprised William doesn't take charge. He could if he wanted to, but I think he's the only one who can.

So, they say Meghan will have a cooking (?) show on Netflix. So where is it. I am bored.
I would watch it to see if it's good. Why would she throw out a name without a show on. Odd timing. Odd name. She wants to take advantage of Catherine being sick maybe, and rushed things out.

I wish that Rose person would take appropriate action if the rumor's aren't true. Maybe that will expose who is behind the bad rumors. I know I have my suspicions about who is behind it.

Charles should remove Harry from the lineup if what I think is true, is true. He should have already taken him and his kids out of the lineup and replaced them with Anne, her kids and grandkids. In a life of bad decisions, at least Charles is consistent.

Watched Big Bang Theory, Friends, Young Sheldon, Everyone Loves Raymond and Youtube. Sitcoms are good to watch at night.

I hope that today is a good day for you and the sun shines brightly on your pasture!

*Rabbit* *Eggg*

They called Mom and said the truck is fixed. We picked the truck up and Ray drove 2 miles and the oil light came back on! Mom has to call them again and make an appointment. My cousin said she had the same problem and they got it fixed and the light came back on. A few days later, it never came back on. We will wait and see. You can't trust any repair man.

I did laundry today. I watched Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days and The Price Is Right. I watched Little House On The Prairie. Johnny Cash was in this one. Johnny Cash was always a favorite with me.

It is going to rain *Rain* tomorrow or snow *Snow5* Where are you spring? Why can't I find you?

I hope your passenger will be happy and like the food and the service. I have seen people be mean to waitresses and it is uncalled for. I had a waitress throw cole slaw over my fries. Most waitresses are nice and patient. I try to be patient and nice.

Prince William needs to be King. Men younger then him have become King. If I was Royal, I would probably fight over the crown. If I was a Princess, I would just enjoy it. I think it would be easier to be a Princess then a Queen. Meghan's cooking show would be a comedy. You put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up. I wonder if she can even boil water.

Catherine needs to focus on getting better. Surgery is painful on the abdomen. I feel for her. At least she has help with the kids. William needs to help his father right now and I hope Anne is helping as well.

The media loves gossip about any celebrities. Taylor is an easy target. Reba is not a mean person. I hear she may be getting another show. I hope it will be a comedy. She does good with that.

I hope you are feeling better. I am okay today. I slept in this morning. Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. I am glad you have been here with me all these years. You are one of my first five friends. Enjoy your dinner group tonight. Feel better. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is March 22, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and the sun shines on you. Hope they get that truck fixed right and no warning lights come on. It's scary getting anything fixed these days, especially vehicles.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet from me! *Cat2**Hearty*

Yesterday. It was different. I felt different about some things. I got there first and chit chatted with the guy who said he was interested in Tom's car when he really wasn't. It seems he is my friend again.

I went by myself and met my friends. They picked up Ms. difficult. She could have brought her walker, but chose not to even though she's been fussing at me to lift it and bring it. Now, she has a strong person to do that and she doesn't want it. And, she was nicer, not fussing about going other places. For her, it was good behavior, on her best behavior.

It is scary going by myself that time of day, but she's better off, and better behaved apparently, riding with them. I will try my best going forward.

I have been cooking myself breakfast. That has worked out to be good. I couldn't do it for the longest time and was getting mostly take out when I ate. This is helping me somehow. It's simple, just two scrambled eggs and toast. I was cooking for Tom and he didn't really like anything for months. I would eat what he didn't eat. I ended up not liking anything either for a while, but the eggs and toast taste good so far now. I guess it is baby steps back to living.

I am paying more attention to things about when people are being kind and when they aren't. Maybe it's part of healing and getting stronger. I wonder.

Watched Youtube and Young Sheldon, but that's about it.

On here, there is so much I do not understand so I will try my best to observe and learn maybe. I just don't get so much of it.

Royal Family. Catherine is the class of the group. William had better figure out who he is pretty soon for her sake. Harry should be removed from the line up of succession. If they don't do that then they deserve what comes down the road.

I am re-reading an old favorite book, The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Re-reading books I love with big print. I got a big print Pride and Prejudice to read after The Lovely Bones.

Take care and enjoy your Friday!


We took the truck in. I drove my car and Ray drove the truck. The one road is closed by the dealers and the light is just flashing at the stop light. I hate that. You have to take turns and I went to the Bank Parking Lot by accident. I was upset. I let Ray drive home. The truck is in the shop. I hope it will be fixed.

Mom spent the afternoon with us. We had tuna fish and Mac and Cheese. Bella *Cat* had tuna.

Ray got picked for jury duty. That is unnecessary. Maybe they will just send him home.

We got *Snow1* flurries this morning and it is going to snow *Snow1* and *Rain* over night.

Sorry your breakfast didn't work out. I had a McDonald's Bacon and Cheese Bagel. They messed up my order.

Glad you are still friends with the man who didn't want to buy Tom's car. Glad your passenger was calm.

I read Catherine has cancer. With King Charles, William has a lot to deal with. I hope everything works out with them. I pray for all of them.

I have been unhappy lately. I hope things get better. I hope you are feeling better. I appreciate all you do. Have a good weekend. I am always thinking of you. Heres to better days. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is March 23, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and they get that truck fixed. Why are they in the business of fixing, I wonder, if they don't fix the vehicles right the first time. It's scary when we take things to fix one thing and they mess up another. Like doctors.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

So, I saw that statement that Princess Catherine posted. She is brave. I hope and pray she has a good outcome from her treatments. But Tom had surgery, then they said no cancer, then they said oh wait it is, cancer. Now they see it, now they don't apparently. I should have known for both Charles and Catherine that when they said no cancer at first, that wasn't the real story.

William certainly has a lot on his shoulders. I am sorry that I was thinking he wasn't doing what he should. I have been in his shoes, it's impossible, being a cancer caregiver. At least we know she's getting the best of care so she has a good chance. King Charles needs to take care of business while he's well enough to do it and by that I mean making sure Harry isn't in the line of succession.

I still think William should let Harry have it at some point, and by that I mean a public statement on how Harry and his low-life, troll's entourage have stressed people into being sick.

Catherine is (in my opinion) much more beautiful without makeup.

This time of year is hard every year. This year it's a year since my Tom died so it seems tougher, but nothing will ever seem as tough as last year I guess so that's something maybe. The surgery that started the whole thing was January of 2022. Lately, I feel like I'm emerging from the fog of the whole thing in a way.

I hope things get better and you can feel happy and I can feel happy again.

Maybe as we move into spring things will perk up.

I watched Youtube. The Trolls that were being mean about Catherine are quiet now. Maybe trolls everywhere will got back into their huts.

Hope so.

Have a good day in spite of Trolls!



Saturday. The threat of snow *Snow1* and rain *Rain* left. It is still 30 some degrees. I did laundry. I watched Alf. They are having a Marathon. I watched Silver Spoons, Murphy Brown, Green Acres.

I had a visitor last night. Bella *Cat* went to bed *Bed2* in our room. I heard banging noises by the patio. I got up and opened the blinds. I expected to see Bigfoot! It was a big, orange and brown raccoon. I turned on the light and he looked at me. He is beautiful. He knocked down the thermometer off the meter pole. I wonder if she was a she and and if she is pregnant. She was huge. We haven't left any left over meat and eggs by the cornfield in awhile. Raccoons eat things left in the cornfield. Either them or a possum.

I saw a robin yesterday and bluejays and cardinals. The little donkeys are growing and so are the calves.

The Royals. Why did it take 2 months to diagnose her unless they were just being quiet about things. Catherine is young so hopefully, she will get better. I hope King Charles did as well. William is taking over. He needs to tell Harry off and show him where the land lays as my grandmother used to say. It really has been a mess and I am sad for all of them.

I am trying to be happy. This week was a bad week. Maybe next week will be better. Mom is going to my Aunt's for Easter. Ray and I have no plans. Maybe we will have a ham I throw in the Crock Pot.

We may get Take Out. Last time, we tried to order chicken, they didn't have any. I wanted to try their pretzel stick and cheese. Maybe we will have better luck tonight. I won't bet on it.

Downton Abbey started filming Season 7. They will be shown on PBS next year. They still want to do another movie. I can't find out what it will be about. I am curious. Something to look forward to.

I slept 5 hours. I hope you are feeling well. I appreciate all you do. Enjoy the weekend. Later, my Dear.
Hi on Sunday. It is March 24, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and the spring sun shines brightly for you! *Sun*

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartg*

My sister in law emailed me that she was on a religious retreat and saw Lenten Roses like my Tom planted after we talked about it this week. It makes us feel he is truly with us now. It was so kind of her to let me know. That started my day in a good way.

It is supposed to be a hard freeze tonight. I hope the Lenten roses out front make it. He planted a lot out back, too so maybe some will.

I am tired (woke up around 4 something and stayed awake) but I think I will try to go to church in a little while, with my neighbor. I feel like I need to do it.

Princess Catherine. She looked so tired when she gave her talk. I feel so sorry for her. I wish they would just give her immunotherapy and not chemo. Maybe with advances in medicine someday it will be vaccines and immunotherapies and not that horrid radiation and chemo, although I know the cancer industry makes a lot of money from the harsh treatments.

Meghan and Harry seem pretty self centered and mean in my view/opinion. I wonder about the two of them as parents. Wait til those kids write their books.

Raccoons scare me. I have seen them bare their teeth. *Raccoon* I do like the song, Rocky Raccoon, though.

Watched YouTube and Young Sheldon. I watched a Doris Day on Youtube. It had Jack Lemmon and it also had a cute Basset Hound. It was called, "It Happened to Jane." A friend recommended it to me.

I hope today is good to you and the start of a much better week.

I didn't make it to Church. I didn't feel well. I have sinus issues, my IBS and I worry I have a hernia. Ever since Princess Catherine announced her problem, I have been worried. I hate when I get like this. I felt sorry for Princess Catherine. She was on TV and talked about her problems. I feel sorry for her. Now, Meghan and Harry afe acting all caring. Like really?

Lenton Roses sound nice. Are they red or white?

I watched Alf, Silver Spoons, The Partridge Family and Gilligans Island.

I was up at 4:00 AM. Bella *Cat* woke me up. I slept an hour after that.

No raccoon visits. I always hear weird sounds at night.

We got take out last night. I got pepperoni pizza and Ray got chicken. Bella *Cat* loves chicken. She had some. They didn't have the pretzel stick I wanted.

I watched Dracula last night with Jack Palance. I didn't like him as a vampire. Dan Curtis directed it and I liked him. He produced Dark Shadows.

I hope you are feeling good. I hope you have a good week. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is March 25 , 2024.

I hope that you feel better and it turns out to be a good day for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat**Hearty*

The Lenten Roses that Tom planted are cream colored and a sort of pale pink color. They look more like a flowering bush than the usual rose. They are softer looking and fill in. They didn't bloom last year, but it says they take a while to bloom, like 3-4 years. So, he must have transplanted them 3-4 years ago. Something compelled him to do that and now a year after his death they bloom to comfort those who loved him. He was always doing things with his plants outside.

It was Palm Sunday at church so, no sermon. I am learning about church as I go. It was really cold and windy this morning. We did that and came back and a little later I went to the post office. That was all that I did.

Watched Young Sheldon and a movie called, The More The Merrier, one from 1943. It was cute - a friend recommended it to me. All that was on Youtube.

Princess Catherine. She did a difficult thing and some of the people who made fun of her should be ashamed. But they aren't wired like that if they are narcissists. They aren't capable of genuine remorse or even human feeling, some of them. I hope she recovers and goes on to live a long life in spite of awful trolls she has had to deal with. Cancer care people are sometimes trolls, I'm sad to say. Her video made me feel so sad. And it got me angry at the trolls, especially the ones she is related to by marriage.

They will never succeed with their own plans, as long as they are cruel towards her.

Diana had her brother to tell everyone off after she died. Catherine needs a version of that to tell off her trolls, while she is fighting this disease. I won't name the trolls, too many to name. I sure do hope she recovers and goes on to lead a healthy, happy life. That Princess of Wales job seems to have dark forces at work against it and her.

There are trolls in life. Cancer is a troll. I think there are a few around everywhere. For a long time, they can push others down, but eventually they are exposed if they don't change their ways. They are exposed as trolls and no amount of anything will be able to hide it when that time comes.

As I come up to a year this week - a year after Tom died. I feel sad and I know I dealt with trolls along the way. I am still dealing with some of that, but thanks to Princess Catherine, I know I'm not alone in that.

So, there are saving graces everywhere.

I hope today is good to you and there are no trolls!


Thanks for telling me about the roses. They sound beautiful. I love roses. Mom put artificial flowers on Dad's grave. She will probably make him a special wreath of flowers like she does my grandparents. Dad's Birthday was this month. I thought about him.

Princess Catherine I feel so sorry for her. She is a Princess and Lady. I am glad she did her video talk and she knows we care about her. Trolls. They are always out there to hurt others. The media included, The media can report the news but they need to care and don't keep going on about the bad things. Ease up. Like seriously. I hope King Charles problems and Princess Catherine's problems will reunite the Royal Family and Harry and Meghan will care. Mom says families should be together. She is so right. I pray for that.

Princess Diana wasn't happy. Sad. Maybe Charles will think about her now. Diana's brother told the Royals off in a speech and I can't blame him. I hope Princess Diana is at peace now.

I am listening to Dr. David Jeremiah. I read Devotions today and Bible Passages.

I have sinus issues today and I think my hernia is acting up. I hate telling my Doctor anything. He gives diagnoses that are wrong. I read sinuses and GERD act up together. I am stuffed up. I guess I need to Pur Mist.

My raccoon *Raccoon* didn't visit last night. I hope he doesn't. Ray left him noodles in the cornfield. I hope he will be happy.

Not much going on. Thanks for all you do. Still waiting to hear about the truck. We are expecting *Rain* We need *Rainbowl**Rainbowr* I know I do. I hope you are feeling at peace with things. We just have to pray. Later.
Hi on Tuesday. It is March 26, 2024. Thanks for fixing my date mess-up yesterday. *Hearty* Sometimes, I think my brain takes a vacation from the rest of me.

Give nice pets to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

I hope the sun shines on your pasture *Sun* and you feel better!

I am up early today, but not as early as sometimes. A bridge I drove on a lot in Baltimore has collapsed. Scary to think of it, my friend tells me it is the bridge on 695, which is the Baltimore Beltway. Francis Scott Key Bridge. I hope everyone is okay. My friend called me before 7 to tell me. I live way south of there, so I don't get what she is doing alerting me at the crack of dawn, but whatever. I would have to drive more than 300 miles to get to that area. Not happening.

Yesterday, I went to the post office and the grocery store. That was my outing. I need to go in to the bank to take care of something, but I could do it tomorrow or today. Big decision whether I will put it off. Last year I just let it go because Tom was dying. You have to physically go in to the bank to get the good interest rate. Always something to take care of, I guess. Last year, it didn't matter. It still doesn't really. Just something to do and check the box.

Someone told me to read a psalm a day. I am on my second round. I might write about what I read. I do not always understand, but the language sometimes is beautiful. I feel like I am listening to God, and he is trying to get through to me. What can I learn. A lot.

Watched a movie called "Theodora Goes Wild," on Youtube. I had watched the first part of that movie a long long time ago and could never find it to watch the ending. Years and years went by. I am talking about 30 years. The movie was old then, when I saw it on TV, it came out in 1936. So, I finally saw it to the end yesterday. It was cute, but not great.

Also watched Young Sheldon and Youtube. My brother also loves Young Sheldon.

I started looking deeper into some things here, right here. Like I look at who is doing this and that to further this or that activity. Who is "helping out". So, that way I see who is making decisions more clearly. I always had my suspicions about this but I look and say wow, I was right about it.

But then I think okay, HOOves, so you were right, what difference does this really make? Not much really.

This person is part of something that hurts others. Do they know that is the next question. Do they know and they don't care. You get insight into the character of what I call enablers. Paying their dues to get what they want, without really looking at who and what they enable.

But what will it truly mean, in the end. Hurting more than encouraging isn't something to aspire to. Speaking of that...

The Royal Family. I hope Charles and Catherine are getting good rest and healing to come back stronger than ever. Catherine did that statement about her health on a "Bench". The irony of that wasn't lost on me. Meghan and Harry called her weird children's book, The Bench. What goes around comes around with those two.

Meghan is going to sell stuff, but is still getting her act together to do that, apparently. What have she and Harry been doing for all these 4 years besides trashing his family and making money from trashing his family. Why is her act not together and if someone sends her money will they ever get what they order. I wonder, but I won't be buying there. I bought Catherine's book on the pandemic that she edited. I got it right away.

Will Harry ever wake up. Doubtful, but I do hope he's never elevated to King of England. Right now, he's 5th in line for the throne, behind William and his 3 kids, if he's not removed by Charles. I wonder if Diana will help Catherine get better. That's what I would do, if I had the power.

Maybe Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, needs to make another speech, this time defending Catherine. Someone like that needs to speak up and Charles and William don't seem like it's in the cards for them. The speech, all those years ago, didn't bring her back. But still, someone needs to stand up against Harry and his entourage.

I wouldn't be brave enough to do it either.

Hope that today goes good for you and your glorious spring is well underway!


We went and got the truck. The man says they drove it around three times and it is fixed. I hope so. The traffic wasn't bad today. I did alright. Mom and I went to Martins Grocery Store. I did get some chicken tenders that Ray likes. I bought some chocolate bunnies. Things are so expensive at this store. At least I had my card. I keep it in my Audrey Hepburn Wallet. It has Audrey's picture of her on it and it is vinyl. I keep all my cards in there. Some stores want you to have a card. Like I don't carry enough cards.

I was up at 4:00 AM with Bella *Cat* I finally got back to sleep. I am good for awhile with sleep. I hope so. I fall asleep like an old lady. I am an old lady. I saw an old friend I used to sell Avon with. She is 80 now. She has had health issues. I know the feeling. She used to drive school bus and be the secretary. She said she doesn't go anywhere. She just stays home with her cat. In Avon, she and another Avon lady got into it at a meeting. Avon ladies fight over sales and customers and who earned this reward and that. I guess I was competitive but I sold what I could. I always had my Nursing job, too.

I am stuffed up. My hernia acts up but it has before and I hope it passes again. I am tired of going to the Doctor. I see my Doctor in 3 weeks. I had heart xrays and chest xrays last year. I just hope I don't need another stomach xray. Mom's hitial hernia makes her throw up. Ever since Princess Catherine has had problems, I do to now. Power of suggestion? I felt so sorry for her. I am sure her problems are worse then mine. I pray for her. Maybe sitting on that bench gives her comfort. We do find comfort where we can. I know I do.

I saw pictures of damage to the Francis Scott Key Bridge. That was awful. Mom, Dad and I lived in Maryland and we never went to Baltimore. We never saw the bridge. We spent a lot of time in Washington, DC. That bridge is a mess and is sad. I pray no one got hurt.

I know we get hurt on here as well as life off this web site. I don't think I will bid in Auctions anymore. We can't have every Merit Badge there is so just enjoy the ones we get and the good reviews and greetings from members. That is what I am trying to do. I try to be Susie Sunshine.

It rained *Rain* last night and may rain *Rain* tonight and was cloudy and sunny for all of 5 minutes.

I need to read Devotions. I try to keep ahead of them. I have Dr. David Jeremiah books to read.

Have a good day. I hope things are going well. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for listening. You hope keep my spirits up.

Hi on Wednesday. It is March 27. 2024.

I hope that you feel better and it is a good day for you.

Give love and hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

Last night I slept good. I fell asleep before 9 and didn't really wake up until after 6. I think that has happened maybe 5 times in more than a year at most. And I still feel fired. LoL

Yesterday, I went to the bank and took care of business. The lady was really nice. It is so much easier to do stressful stuff when people are nice.

It is raining this morning, but it's supposed to be nice after that and continue nice through Easter.

That bridge in Baltimore. I have been on it, but it isn't the one I went on mostly because it goes east of the Baltimore Beltway. Someone told me exactly which one it is and I think I've only driven on it a hand full of times, if that much. It goes to an industrial area but there is an Irish pub type place near to it that Tom and I went to a couple of times. How can that happen. People pay a lot of taxes in Maryland. A lot and this is what they get from their politicians - bridges that don't hold up. My brother says that one was built in the 70s before they put in the safer standards after that and that politicians blocked fixing it. Mostly Democrats because that's who runs Maryland mostly. Scary.

My brother says he is coming on Friday. That will be nice if it happens.

On here. There are two individuals who targeted me, about a year apart. Or maybe it was bad timing on my part and I just got in the way of their yearly seasonal wrath.

As time goes on, I hear about others who have had a similar experience to mine with the same people. Interesting how that seems to resurface over time.

I bid in auctions now and then because I enjoy it and sometimes if can be fun if I am not hung up on winning. If I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it, but it helps me to support the site and maybe win something. There is more good there than bad usually. Maybe?

But there is plenty here to enjoy without giving in to some individuals controlling ways. If someone calls me names because I don't agree with them, it says more about them than me.

I try to move on and forgive. That's the best I can hope for and I'm not there yet, but I guess it's part of the life journey. If I were smarter I might have just agreed all those years ago and gone along to get along. LoL But I'm not that smart and way too stubborn.

People should be nice and forgive, including me. I should do better. My feelings have been hurt, but I hope I never hurt others, even the ones who targeted me.

Maybe it all stems from some offline upset that I know nothing about. That's what Tom suspected. Now I have my own offline hurt that is far more severe than anything they could dish out here.

Moving through the pasture.

Watched Young Sheldon and a couple of old movies. One was "Kept Husbands" from 1931 and the other was "Palm Beach Vacation." I saw the movies on Youtube. My friend keeps telling me to watch this or that on there. They have a lot of 30s and 40s movies for free.

I also watched other youtube stuff. I like the way Princess Catherine has defeated her enemies. Very admirable.

Not much else is going on.

I hope today is good to you.


Is hazy today but trying to be sunny. A little chilly. I did fold up laundry. I feel better today just stuffed up. Ray went and picked up some parts for his shop, He took a picture of a cat *Cat* that looked like Bella *Cat* Bella *Cat* has a sister that looks just like her but she is bigger. This cat *Cat2* belonged to the man Ray got his parts from. Tortoise shell cats are few around here. I have a novelty cat. I made Bella *Cat* an appointment in May but they already had her scheduled. I jus hopet Ray gets jury duty done before next month. He helps me take her to the Vet.

Mom and I are having lunch Friday. This time we got the right time and Mom isn't going anywhere before we have lunch. Hopefully, this will be a good lunch with no problems. Going to Christos.

I hope your brother comes Friday and things go well. My son is coming home April 20 and his wife April 25.

The Merit Badge is done, Just waiting for it to b in the shop. I got a neat Badge from Rachael. A beautiful black dog.

The bridge in Baltimore thing is sad. They should reinforce all the Bridges but they will say it costs money. You have a disaster and it cost lives. Like seriously? Just spend the money already. I didn't know Maryland paid a lot in taxes.

I watched Little House On The Prairie, Laverne and Shirley, my soaps {they are really getting to be too much!}Last night I watched The second movie of Alice In Wonderland with Johnny Depp.

It is nice to support the site. I am all for that. The Auction. I don't know I will bid again or not. I will see. Rachael always has the best Auctions. Other online stuff. We just need to move on and forget about the bad things.

I made spaghetti last night. Ray likes it more then me.

Have a good day. Not much going on. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Up early before 4. It is Thursday, March 28. 2024. A year to the day that Tom passed away here.

What a year it has been. It rained all day yesterday and into the night. I still hear it on the skylight.

If I am honest, I am a mess. All over the place trying to figure out what to do to comfort myself. It's just not happening.

I hope today is good to you and the sun shines for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Hearty*

That is Rachel's beloved pup, Alfie. Such a lovely tribute to him. She loved him dearly.

There are wonderful things to comfort us on this site and sometimes they come unexpectedly.

I did a bunch of dumb stuff yesterday in the pouring rain, no less. I'm not sure how I will deal with today. My dinner group is going out. I will meet them there. Will that be good to do that. I don't know. But I will try to do it.

Yesterday I watched a movie called, "It Should Happen to You," from the 50s on Youtube. Watched Young Sheldon and other Youtube stuff.

I still wonder how to carry on without Tom. I'm not doing a good job of it. Maybe more time will help.

I hope that today proves to be a good day for you.

I am thinking of you on this day. I al saying prayers for you and hope you found comfort today. I hope you had a feeling that Tom was with you. You are a treasure. I care about you.

I went to the hospital to get a blood test. I didn't have to wait long. I do hate registering. They have rules. I went to CVS. I got some Orchid Lipstick and mailing envelopes. I used to keep a lot o hand but haven't in years.

Ray took me to Barnes and Nobles. I didn't find the Victoria Magazine. I found Pioneer Woman but all she has is recipes. I don't like to cook. I cook the same old things. The things I like to cook Ray doesn't like so I cook them for myself. Tonight, we are having chicken strips. We went to Ulta. I got some lavender nail polish an a eye shadow compact of Amethyst Eye Shadows.

Tomorrow, Mom and I are going out to lunch with our friend. The new Marshall Store hasn't opened, yet. It will in 2 weeks. That may knock Beals out of business. Beals is selling cheap stuff.

I am feeling better. I woke up all stuffed up. That passed. Bella *Cat* wakes me up but I go back to sleep.

I wish I could give you words of comfort. I appreciate all you do. I hope your brother takes you out and you have good memories about Tom. It is always hard to find comfort. I watch That 70's Show because Red reminds me of Dad and makes me laugh. Try to think of good memories of Tom. Say prayers and read the Bible. I thought of you today. I always send out warm greetings and thoughts.

I hope my new Merit Badge will be in the Shop. I think of it as a special Badge and getting a new Merit Badge cheers me up as well as having one commissioned. I don't know if to have an Awardicon made of it or not. I will need to keep points ahead.

Have a good day and I hope you did alright today or yesterday or when ever you read this. Thanks for all you do. Later. You are treasure.
Hi on Friday. It is March 29, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and the sun shines on us. *Sun**Hearty*

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me. *Cat2**Heartp*

Yesterday started out rainy, but then the sun came through, so it was a mixed day in more than one way. I got through it, with help. Went to the church and said prayers. I lit candles here.

I put together Easter bags from Fresh Market for my brother and neighbors.

I was grateful that some thoughtful people sent me flowers in his memory. *Heartp*

The yard guy came and his mower got stuck in the mud. It's a huge riding mower and is still out back, stuck until it dries out. Tom would have told him it was too wet to mow. When it dries out, hopefully he'll come and get it. It's a big zero turn thing. Tom would have rolled his eyes, but said the yard guy is a character. He really is.

I went and met my friends for early dinner. I am not giving her difficult self rides anymore, they bring her because I cannot lift her stuff (walker, etc). They pick her up and meet me. She decided to be difficult to the owner, sending her food back and being unpleasant. I went home alone, but I get here and there's the yard guy mowing.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube.

It is more than a year now since Tom has been gone, but really longer because he wasn't himself with the illness for a while. Yesterday was hard, but not as rough as some days. St. Patrick's Day was more difficult. I never know when a day will hit me like that.

Take care and I hope that today is a good day for you. My brother says he is coming so if he does that will be something to look forward to.

Have a good Good Friday!!


I was gone all day. Mom and I were supposed to have lunch with our friend. Our friend has hip and back problems and she is laid up. Mom and I went to her house and spent the day. She has a new dog that is hslf pomeranian. He is only eight months . He is brown and his eyes match his coloring. He is so pretty and sweet but he bites the cats gently and they fight back. I was loved by a dog and 2 cats. One cat is a gray tabby and the other is all grey. They like being petted. The.third cat laid on the bed. He was angora type but not friendly. I walked past him to go to the bathroom. I told him l love cats and wouldn't hurt him. I didn't pet him. I love my friend's pets. So pretty.

A small tornado blew away her add on room. It was a sun room. Now, it is a nice front room like mine after being rebuilt. I wanted a sun room like her and Ray wanted a room ediion. I am glad we did. Sun rooms get too hot and aren't built wel. l My friend"s new room is neat. Two Amish men built it.

My friend has a care giver staying with her. She is on oxygen.
Poor woman. Seems nice.

Mom and I ate at Bob Evans. I has shrimp and potato soup. Mom had pot roast.

I am sorry your friend didn't enjoy supper. I have a relative who sends her food back to be recooked. I just eat what they bring me.

I hope your brother is therr and you have a good weekend together.

Going to rain *Rain* tonight. I will be home all weekend. I hope you are feeling good. I am tired. Have a good weekend. I am glad you got flowers and well wishes about Tom yesterday. I am always thinking of you and praying. Later.
Hi on Saturday. It is March 30. I hope it is a good day for you and the weather cooperates.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Hearty*

That sounded like such a lovely adventure with all those kitties and the Pomeranian puppy. I love animals and how comforting they are. How does she take care of them being confined like that? Does the caregiver care for the animals, too?

I can get around, but am still wobbly with a cane, getting tired pretty easily. I worry that I wouldn't be able to walk a dog like it needs to be walked, but then I think dogs are confined in the shelter, but then I get hesitant about it. Tom was against it and he thought neither one of us would live long enough to take care of a pup. But then I think well if I get an older dog it might be nice for the dog and for me.

My brother is here and got here safely and went and got his hair cut. We went out for a late lunch/early dinner type thing. It was good to go out a little farther away.

The mower is still stuck in the mud in the back yard from the yard guy. He tried getting it out again (while I was at Target so not here to see it) and it ended up in a worse place. I hope now he waits until it's dry back there. There was a lot of rain, but now it's clear.

The front yard looks so much better than last year. I just hope the yard guy doesn't end up with the mower here for months and he can get it out safely. It's a big riding, zero turn type mower.

Watched a lot of Young Sheldon with my brother.. We both love that show. I also watched a little youtube.

I hope that today is a good day for you and the weekend is nice for Easter. Sending hugs and prayers your way always.



Saturday. Day before Easter. It rained *Rain* last night. I was up at 8:00 AM. I got to sleep in. I washed rugs and vacuumed. I emptied all the trash cans. I was hoping to clean bathrooms but maybe tomorrow.

I am sorry to hear the mower is still stuck in the mud. I have seen farmers get their tractors stuck in the mud. I guess they are anxious to farm and take chances. I hope your yard man gets the lawn mower unstuck.

I see my Doctor *Doctor* in 2 weeks and we have things to go over. I hope he has answers. I have no symptoms of infection and I take my oxygen, pulse and Temp everyday. Every thing I look up says IBS and Diverticulosis. I just hope I don't have a hernia. I try not to dwell on it. Since Princess Kate got sick and had her surgery then I got symptoms. Working in Nursing, the power of suggestion. I hate that. I know enough to think the worst of my medical issues. Ray may need shoulder surgery, so I have to be well to help him. A hernia surgery, you are only laid up for 6 weeks. Not like knee surgery. Three months and I am still healing. Unreal. Some days, I can walk great but outside nerves me up. I got up my friend's steps yesterday. I always have the cane with me but I try to do it on my own outside. Inside, I walk without it. I wear foot braces inside the house and walking wearing them is a victory.

Th care giver probably helps with the pets. I would think that would be a requirement as a care giver. My friend thinks she will be better in a couple of weeks. I hope that she is.

I had a Burger King Cheeseburger for breakfast and the onion rings for lunch. Ray bought me that yesterday and since I had eaten at Bob Evans, I just saved them for today. I fed Bella *Cat* *Turkey* lunchmeat. I made strawberry *Strawberry* jello and bananas *Bananas* for tonight. Tomorrow, we are having chicken *Chicken* for Easter *Rabbit3* *EggG* Dinner. I have chocolate bunnies *Rabbit2* *Rabbit* for desert.

We watched the new Aquaman Movie, I like the man who plays him. Amber Heard. I don't care for her but she is a good actress. The movie had great special effects.

Things are quiet on here. I did some reviews. I wrote a Blog Entry for your Prompt.
"Flowers Of The Field

Glad your brother is with you. I am always thinking of you. I hope you have a good dinner. Thanks for all you do. Have a Happy Easter. *Rabbit3* *Rabbit3* *EggB* Praying for better days. Later.
Hi on Sunday. The last day of March, 2024.

I hope it is a Happy Easter for you and you feel better and like things are getting better today. It is challenging to get around sometimes. I don't use my cane inside, except on the stairs. Outside on uneven ground is a different story. When I get a shopping cart at the store I use that and put the cane in it. I will have my cane for church this morning.

Give an Easter hug to Miss Bella for me! *Heartp**Cat*

My brother and I went out for lunch and dinner after I finished on here yesterday. The mower is still stuck and the yard guy didn't show up yesterday. I never know with him. Except for the mud and the mower, the yard looks pretty nice this year. It's really a tribute to Tom and the yard guy.

We will head out for church later on. I hope it goes smooth with the reading of the names and the flowers.

Watched Young Sheldon mostly and a little Youtube.

I have many blessings to be thankful for and am glad my brother is here to keep me company. I don't know how I would have made it through the last year without you here and also my brother coming to see me.

I hope it proves to be a wonderful Easter Sunday!


Happy Easter! *Rabbit3* *Rabbit* *Egg2* *Egg1* *EggV* I didn't go to Church. Mom wasn't going to be there. She is at my aunt's house. I had my chocolate bunny. *Rabbit3* We are having chicken tonight.

Sunny *Sun* but chilly. Going to rain *Rain* tonight.

I cleaned bathrooms. I watched The Partridge Family, Silver Spoons, The Flintstones and The Jetsons.

I made an Easter Trinket:
My Trinkets, Special Page 2  (E)
Another Page of Trinkets, Awardicons, Merit Badges and What Ever I Make.
#2291433 by Princess Megan Rose 22 Years

It is the last one at the bottom.

Glad you and your brother went out for dinner. That is nice. Restaurants around here are crowded on Easter, Mother's Day and Father's Day. My son used to take me to Applebees on Mother's Day when he was home.

I am feeling so so. I am not sick but I am not feeling my best. As long as I don't get a bowel obstruction. I can't handle another one of those.

We watched The Ten Commandments last night. I always loved that movie. I read about Moses in the Bible and I always think of Charleston Heston. He was Mom's favorite actor.

I am always thankful for my blessings. We do need our blessings. I wish I felt at peace about things in my life. I am trying.

Bella *Cat* had her turkey. *Turkey* She will get chicken tonight.

Not much is new. I am still waiting for my Merit Badge to come out. I was hoping it would be out in time for Easter. *EggV*

Have a good day and week. I will be busy with GOT. I hope I get through that okay. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is April 1.

I hope it is a good day for you, you feel better and the sun is shining the day after Easter. There is a big wild bunny in my yard - it has stare-downs with the corgi.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

I totally forgot to bid in the auction. I knew all day there was something I was forgetting and I woke up at 4 something this morning and suddenly remembered, but it was too late. That is so unlike me, but my brother is still here so it's probably just too many things to think of.

We went to church and it was lovely. I had donated for the flowers in Tom's memory and I thought they would say his name as that is what they normally do. But so many people donated for Easter that they couldn't read the names in the service. The names were in the program instead, two full pages of names donated in memory of people. I might try again on his birthday. *Rabbit**Eggg**Heartp*

We watched a lot of Young Sheldon episodes. We also went out to eat at The Moose Cafe and another place later. Neither place was crowded. The food at The Moose wasn't as good as usual.

The mower is still in my back yard. I hope the yard guy comes and gets it out before it rains again. He has disappeared now, as he does.

Have a nice Easter Monday - April Fools! Thank you for the lovely Trinket. I hope it is a good week for you and you feel better every day!


It rained *Rain* all night and is drying up. It is going to *Rainbowl**Rainbowr* tonight.

I feel better physically today but not perfect. I am hurt by things on here but I look forward to my new Badge coming out. I am busy with GOT. I hope I can finish and keep up. I like doing stories but reviews. I don't want to hurt anyone. Everyone enjoys writing and doesn't want to be hurt. I will try to be honest and helpful.

I am glad your brother and you are enjoying your time together. That's good.

I am glad the flowers worked out. My mother bought lillies but my uncle and aunt probably picked them up at Church. I know Mom wants them for the graves. That is good Tom's name is in the Church Bulletin. I saved the one from my Church with Dad's name in it.

I watched Home Improvement last night. They have a Marathon every Sunday night.

April Fools Day. No jokes. The computer was down at the Pharmacy so Ray couldn't get my Meds today. So, is this April Fools?

Bella *Cat* had her turkey. She sees the Vet in May.

Not much to say. Getting ready for the next rain *Rain* Hooe the lawn mower gets unstuck. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is April 2, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you get to feeling better and better.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat**Heartv*

Your new merit badge turned out beautiful! Thank you for giving it to me - that was a nice surprise to log in to. *Heartp**Heartt*

Things here can be difficult sometimes. I am not always sure how to handle things. I will pray for guidance to do the right thing and hope it all goes well.

My brother and I went to breakfast, then he left to go home. I left to go to the bank so ran an errand. When I got home I didn't feel as sad as sometimes. I just did a few things and it was okay. Not great but okay.

All day I was thinking about that mower. No one came. But then around 6:30 who do I hear starting up the mower? He is quiet going into the yard so it's like all of a sudden a loud noise, which startles me from my Young Sheldon watching.

So, he worked at it, but it was still pretty stuck. I told him what my brother suggested, but he didn't like the idea. Then I went in and didn't look for a while, and it sounded like the engine but the wheels not going. But then I looked and all of a sudden he broke free. Yay. So I went out and then he is mowing the rest of the yard so I was nervous about getting stuck again but he did it okay. Then he tells me he didn't bring the right trailer so he will leave the mower on the other side of my deck from where it was stuck and pick it up later in the week. So, the mower is still here, but in a different spot. I hope it doesn't rain again. He said when he returns he will use it to mow out front and then load it on his truck. It seems like that mower spends a lot of time in my yard. It is funny in a way, but not funny in another way.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube. I got a few things done and made myself some Panera soup for dinner.

Tomorrow the Grief Counselor comes. Then, on Thurs, I go for my 2nd Shingles shot to CVS.

When I go somewhere I am always relieved to make it home ok. It is like I feel happy to come home to my house now where before I would come in and feel so sad that Tom wasn't here. Time is helping a little bit I think.

Take care and I hope today proves to be a good day for you - thank you again for the beautiful badge!!! *Heartp**Heartt*

We have had rain *Rain* and it is going to rain *Rain* tonight and snow *Snow1* and be cold. Like really? I am surprised we don't have fog. It is going to be in the 30's. What a weird spring!

I watched a news show about two baby seals that were rescued and released back to the ocean. I just wanted to hug them. I hope and pray they make it They were black and didn't know what to do when they first came out of their crate. They finally went into the ocean. I would be sad if I helped raised them and then had to release them. I guess that is why I didn't have a job taking care of animals.

I am sad your brother left but at least you felt alright with this and at peace. He made you happy. I am happy to hear that. A little time is better then no time at all.

I am busy with GOT and some of this takes awhile. I get to write some stories.

My new Badge cheered me up. I try to do positive things here. GOT is working out. That Auction hurt me and that is all I am going to say. There are some members you just stay away from.

The mower and the yard guy. Seems like he is always goofing up. If he does a good job and is just slow , I guess you need to be patient. I am not patient. I complain and get upset but I am working on being patient. Hopefully, your Yard guy's got this.

Ray bought me home a donut and my favorite chocolate roll cake. Bella *Cat* had turkey lunch meat. She is content. She slept with me in the recliner. I fall asleep and don't get to bed until 4:00 AM.

I hope you have a good day. I will be home this week. Just watching it rain *Rain* Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Wednesday. It is April 3, 2024.

I typed a whole long entry, then pressed the wrong thing and it went way. LoL HOOves. It's like I'm having a delayed April Fools Day here.

I hope that today is good for you in spite of the weather. It is raining here. Yesterday it was in the 80s and I had to turn on the a/c.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

On here, we try our best to be positive and have fun. It's all we can do sometimes, to try. It doesn't always turn out good, but sometimes it really does. I love doing our campfires and look forward to it every day. There is always something fun going on it seems.

Yesterday I watched Young Sheldon, an old movie from the 30s and other stuff on Youtube.
*Cow* *Tv*

I went to Kohls and the grocery store and was happy to return home. The lawn mower is still here, but hopefully the new spot it's in won't get muddy. Our yard guy is truly a character. Tom rarely raised his voice to him and Tom was one who would yell and get it out there and let it go. He was really patient because the yard guy has done some nice work for people and he's very conscientious and even shy about taking money. He works a full time job 6:30 AM to 3:30 PM before he does lawns as a side thing in the afternoon and on weekends. He's a busy bee. *Bee* Just sometimes forgetful about where he leaves stuff, but I do that too sometimes.

I get nervous about stuff on here, but then it passes. You will have fun with Game of Thrones and get immersed in that and it will be good I hope!

My Grief Counselor comes later today.

Take care and have a good Wednesday!


It is rain *Rain* again. I am thinking of Prince. He died this month. Okay. He died 7 years ago .I am thinking of Purple Rain. I should watch his movie again. It isn't raining purple rain *Rain*

Ray went to Jury duty but they sent him home. They didn't need him. They can't call you back for 2 years now. They only had six jurors. When I did it that one year, they had twelve. I hope they don't call on me. I can't and told them that three years ago. I didn't hear back.

There is fun things to do on here. That is why I stay. I try to overlook the negative things. I'll get by.

I did laundry. I vacuumed. I am working on Game Of Thrones. Alice In Wonderland was easier.

The lawn mower is still there. Oh my. Dad had two lawn mowers. Ray was able to sell one of them. My son had a push lawn mower. He didn't take care of it. Psychologists. He is just like Frazier and Niles. He likes Rock Concerts, not opera.

I was up early at 6:00 AM. Bella *Cat* wants fed. I always feed her. I watched Family Affair and Classic Concentration. Old game shows. Gilligan's Island Cast was on Family Feud but Bob Denver wasn't. Strange.

I am trying to feel good. I think I am stressed. I am hoping spring when it finally is spring, will be perky. It is still 50 Degrees and 30 some at night. We haven't had the snow *Snow5* mix.

I hope you are feeling good. I hope things are going well. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Hoping and praying for better days. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is April 4 so 4/4. 2024.

I hope today isn't too cold and it's a good day for you. It is in the 40s here this morning. I had the a/c on for a couple of days in the 80s. It was turned (by me) to a/c last night so the house is like a freezer. I had to hobble downstairs to turn the heat on.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday my Grief Counselor came. It was good as always. She will come one more time and that's it. After she left I fell asleep on the couch for several hours. Then, last night I slept on and off until 6. Lots of sleep.

I go to get my 2nd Shingles Shingrix shot this morning at CVS in Target. I am nervous about it, but I don't know why.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube and a movie called, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. It was made in 1936. It was cute.

If all goes well with my shingles shot reaction and otherwise, we go for dinner tonight. Yesterday the difficult passenger called me again. I'm not picking her up anymore and she doesn't want to get that. They will pick her up as they have an SUV to hold her big walker if she chooses to bring it.

If they aren't going, I'm not going to come and get her on my own. My goal is to get better with my own walking and be able to do it without the cane. The Grief Counselor thought I did the right thing setting boundaries with this person and this activity. After Tom died, I was afraid to say no to much of anything. I hope I can continue to be strong and not give in. I let my brother and his (now deceased) girlfriend push me into buying a new mattress when I didn't need one a year ago.

Something is better. When I go out and then come home, I am glad and relieved and thankful to be home now. Before, I hated coming in without Tom here. Tom and before that Boo. It has been a long time since I was happy to be home really. That's a big improvement with baby steps I guess.

The big mower is still in my yard. Sigh. Maybe he will come and get it by the weekend. Hope so.

I hope you get into a routine and Game of Thrones is fun for you and not stressful. When I didn't want to do it, people held grudges that I didn't realize until much later on. I did do it once, but just once is all. It was stressful, but it would have been totally fun if I would have managed it better than I did. I should have turned the computer off when it got intense.

I learn as I go here. I should not donate auction packages that aren't fulfilled instantly by me anymore. It's too stressful with the whole Arlington thing looming over my head. Hope it works out.

Take care and enjoy your Thursday! I hope everything goes good for you!


We are getting rain *Rain* It is very light. It is still cold. It was cold in the house at 3o some Degrees so I wore a sweater. The heat wouldn't come in until later for the temperature in the house thing. I finally got warm. I had my blanket around me on the floor and Bella *Cat* laid with me. She likes being with me but she can be ornery, too and nip me.

I hope your shingles shot works out for you. I am afraid of reactions. I get my Vitamin B 12 Shot once a month. I have no reactions I know of I get my blood test results in 2 weeks when I see my Doctor. I always worry about those.

I hope things go well with your dinner group. At work, we had people who were something else. The one woman who worked there loved you one day and hated you the next. Your former passenger. I get that. She sounds like she is unhappy. Sad. Grandma says you need to feel sorry for them and not censor them. I forgive people but I still hurt. Like things on here but like Elsa, I let it go.

I know you miss Tom and Boo. I would miss Ray and Bella. Mom misses Dad. Dad was rough on Mom and acted like she was dumb. Mom depends on me and my cousin. Our Game friend is happy in Mississippi so I guess she doesn't miss us.

Mom and I are going to Marshall tomorrow. It's Grand Opening was today and I don't go on the first day. Tomorrow, will be the second day. Mom says she is afraid things will be picked over. They planned for this you can bet. They will have plenty of merchandise.

Sorry, your Grief Counselor sessions are over. I hoped she helped you. Can you still go to as Grief Support Group?

Bella runs around like she has spring fever. It is so funny. She can be so cute. I wish I felt like running like that.

We have been watching Mash, Frazier, That 70's Show and tonight is Young Sheldon and Ghosts.

Game Of Thrones is hard and so many things to do. A month isn't long enough. I will do the 21 doors and some stories. I can't do everything. The prompts are great but a lot of work. I hope I can finish this. I am trying.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I hope you are feeling good. I am always thinking of you and praying. Later.
Hi on Friday. It is April 5, 2024.

I hope it warms up some and is a good day for you.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet from me! *Cat2* *Hearto*

Yesterday was an odd day. Nothing happened the way I thought.

I went to CVS. Even though THEY are the ones who scheduled the 2nd shot they said that because of February having fewer days in it I have to wait a few days or else insurance won't pay for it. So, I have to go back next week. The pharmacy is about ten miles away so it's not close, but I will go back and try again. They also didn't have all my medicines ready for pickup and the good pharmacist who worked there has left. He was the manager so now they fall apart without him I guess. Sigh.

Then I got a call that the others aren't going to eat out last night because of illness. But they want me to let the difficult passenger know about it. I called her and told her that they are not well enough to go and I can't do it either. They are afraid to call her. She lives in a place where they give her meals so she eats out every single night if she wants to so it's not a big deal she's not going for her. It's a bigger deal for me and the others to go out. I am nice to her even though she has been mean to me. She's better on the phone than in person.

Then another strange thing happened. It was around 6 PM. I heard a noise, but I can't see the side of my house it was on from upstairs. So, I thought it's the lawn guy. So, I put on my jacket and I get my cane and purse and go down stairs. When I get down there, I look out and the mower is gone from where it was. So, I go outside, but there is no sign of the guy or the mower and it is quiet.

It's like he vanished!

I called him but got his voice mail. I don't think he knows how to work his voice mail. I said on it that the mower was gone and my gate was wide open (which it was) so I hope he has his mower. I never heard back.

But then I had to go out on the side of my house and shut my gate. That was difficult because I have to be really careful (using the cane of course) on the uneven ground as my house is on a slope. But I did it and closed the gate. I really hope it was him, but he leaves his key in the mower so who knows. He left the gate wide open.

The Grief Counselor comes one more time in May and then that will be it. She has really helped me to cope. I told her Tom's shoes are in the garage and I see them when I come in and it makes me sad, but I can't get rid of them. She said a solution someone had to this type of thing was to put the shoes in a bin, so I'm not getting rid of them, but I don't have to feel such sadness every time I come home or go out. So, I put them in a bin in the garage that I have Boo's things in so Tom is kind of with Boo that way. She helps me with different things like that.

You will do great with Game of Thrones. Just pace yourself and do your best and it will be fine. Don't let them wear you out and take breaks. I see how it goes from afar because I wouldn't do it again.

If I had just said no, now and then, and turned them off, it would have gone better. One time, I said no to being on the team, but I agreed to cheer and they were nasty after I did that because they wanted me to be on the team. I spent a lot on cheering that year and all I got was abuse from the team I cheered for. Later on they paid me back for not being on the team (and not in a good way), but they lost anyway. They still do their best to bully me when they are bored, this particular team. I don't know if they have ever won. The one year I did it the team I was on won (not theirs), but it was so stressful it wasn't worth it.

Watched the movie, Born Yesterday from 1950. I also watched Young Sheldon and started it over again. Watched that and Youtube.

Meghan Markle went to a Children's Hospital and posed with sick kids. That was on Youtube. Gee, I wonder why she did that.

The world is mysterious at times. My yard guy is a man of mystery. LoL

The case of the now missing lawn mower continues.

I hope that today is good for you!


Mom and I went to Marshalls. I bought a picture of a cat dressed like Queen Elizabeth The First. She is wearing a blue dress. She has a cream tabby face. The picture was high up and a nice young man got it down for me. He was so nice. I bought a new zip up cosmetic bag with white daisies on it. Mom said I have a thing for cosmetic bags, We ate out at Bob Evans. I bought chicken and noodles and mashed potatoes and had chocolate cake and ice cream. I hadn't left the house in over a week. We were going to Kroger but my cousin called and said her brother-in-law was coming to town to take Mom to Lowes to pick out building supplies to make the stairs for the front door. I am so glad. I can't get into the house, The cement step is too high and Dad had problems, too but was too stubborn and tight to buy what was needed. Now, it will be fixed. I will feel safer.

I am sorry the lawnmower is gone,. You could write a story about it. Did it fly off? Hopefully, no one took off with it. I hate when things like this happen and makes you wonder. I heard a horn honking outside the garage this morning as I was getting ready to leave. I opened the door. No one was there. It was windy and drizzling so maybe the wind made the noise.

Bella *Cat* wanted to play throw the milk ring this morning and we did. She laid on the lighthouse blanket on the bed. She looks so pretty and sweet. She was glad when I came home.

Is Megan Markle playing Princess Diana and trying to do good? What a brat!

I am doing Game Of Thrones. I got a late start this afternoon. I have wrote some stories.
Game of Thrones and Dragon Chronicles  (ASR)
I will be keeping my Game Of Thrones Stories here
#907647 by Princess Megan Rose 22 Years

I want to write a story about a mermaid and a unicorn. I need to think of a story.

Sorry, your group couldn't go out for dinner last night. There will be other nights.

Ray went to Walmart and I stayed home. I got up later and watched The Brady Bunch.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. You are a treasure. Later.

Have a good weekend. I hope you are feeling well.

Hi on Saturday. It is April 6. 2024.

It's still chilly here, but I didn't feel the earthquake. Maybe it was because I was in a car wash when it hit, washing off the green slime of spring.

Did you feel the earthquake?

Give Miss Bella a nice pet for me. *Cat2* *Heartgr*

So, there will be an eclipse on Monday. Maybe it is related to the earthquake that hit the east coast yesterday. Plus it is colder now, which is weird. On and off, I slept until 5:30, which is good for me.

I do not know about the yard guy yet. Hopefully he has his mower. He doesn't know how to use his smart phone right so I doubt if he got the message or saw that I called him like ten times. I can't text or receive texts on my dinosaur flip phone. Tom had texting blocked on both our phones. I doubt if he (yard guy) can text. If his phone is turned on he answers it I guess. Otherwise, who knows. The mower could be in Florida now, for all I know.

I probably underestimate the yard guy's skills - I've done that before.

Watched the movie, Mr. Roberts yesterday. It has a great cast. I particularly enjoyed Jack Lemmon and William Powell in it. Jack Lemmon won his first Oscar for it. I don't really like Henry Fonda or James Cagney. Also watched the 30s movie, My Man Godfrey and some youtube stuff. Fell asleep relatively early last night.

I went and got that car wash yesterday. Also went to the post office, Office Depot and the grocery store I like best. I was glad to be home. The rabbit was in my front yard a bunch. Maybe the rabbit is glad that the big mower is gone. So, it hangs out in my yard because it is quiet. I have dogs on either side, but I don't have a dog anymore, myself, to scare the rabbit. *Rabbit*

We will see what today brings. Every day is an adventure in new things.

Royal Family. New books to read about them. Authors rehashing old books with updates that are already outdated because of the health problems of Catherine and Charles.

So, Meghan Markle uses sick kids to help make her appear nicer. I wish that was surprising, but it's to be expected, I reckon.

Have a nice Saturday as the crow flies and the rabbit hops!

I heard there was an earthquake yesterday but we didn't feel it in Indiana. We had a small one 3o0some years ago and it shook the earth. In Tennessee, there was a small one when my parents and I lived there.

We heard a banging noise this morning. It wasn't an earthquake. The garbage man left us a new garbage dumpster. I thought it was a farmer. Farmers are so noisy with all their farm equipment.

I did dishes today. I folded up laundry. I did GOT today. I was happy that I won Writers Cramp. I had to enter Writers Cramp for GOT. I saw your prompt. I may write a Blog Entry about a bunny .

Monday. The Eclipse. I will look at it from the window. Ray said we can wear welding masks. He has two of them. I don't think so. I will feel like I am in Star Wars or something. or a warrior in combat.

Your lawn mower. Maybe it is flying towards Michigan. Like on Home Improvement, Tim's grill was cooking and went into the air and landed in another part of Michigan. We have found balloons in the field. Once an air balloon crashed in as farmer's field near by. Once something flew out of the sky and landed in the field across the road. The sheriff came out but I didn't see anything.

Bella *Cat* is taking a nap. I was up at 8:30 and I am still tired. I am going write some more things on here. I should read Devotions.

It is chilly here. The fields are flooded because of the rain. We are okay. Our fields aren't flooded. That is a good thing. I hate when fields flood. I drove by one yesterday and I had to drive where there wasn't much water. *WaterDrop*

Have a good weekend. I hope you are feeling well. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for vall you do.

Hi on Sunday. It is April 7 already, a week into April of 2024. Everything is blooming here.

I hope it is a good day for you and you continue to enjoy things here.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

The mystery of the missing riding lawn mower is solved. The Yard Guy

came and mowed these yards here (3 yards) yesterday bright and early. He does not know how to listen to or retrieve messages on his phone. He can just answer it apparently, if he hears it.

What happened was he had a plan to get the mower on Thursday and drive it way down the street, mow there, then mow up on my end. But he did it really quick. He walked into my back yard, opened my gate and drove all the way to the other end of the street. He mowed one line of mowing and the belt broke. So then his nephew had to come and get him and help load the mower onto the nephew's truck.

This ended up being good for me because I think he was thinking he would leave the mower in my yard again (that's why the big gate was open) When I say this guy does not normally move quickly walking, it's an understatement. But he was speeding away on a riding mower so fast that there was no sign of him or the mower by the time I got my act together and walked (carefully) down the stairs.

So, all's well that ends well because he's got his mower and he mowed my yard yesterday (Saturday) and the other two here and then he took his mower and drove off. Not leaving it in my yard.

I was relieved that he has it and also he said he does not leave the key in it, which is a good thing. Yay.

Other than paying him and finding out the story, then my neighbor and her adorable corgi came out to pay him. But I didn't take treats for the corgi in my pocket like I usually do. She said when she went in, she gave him some treats and told her they were from me.

I saw the rabbit again from my window.

Did laundry and floors upstairs.

We will go to church in a little while. Other than doing house stuff, yesterday was quiet. I started the car, but didn't drive anywhere.

Watched an old movie from the 30s, First Love. I didn't care for it. Also watched Young Sheldon and You Tube stuff.

I am sort of enjoying watching an old movie every day.

My way of retreating from the world. I try my best to be kind but sometimes I just get sad at what transpires.

Hope your Sunday is a good one and proves enjoyable and worthwhile.

I made it to Church today. We had communion. Seems like she holds us over late. I am always the last one out. I hadn't bee there in 2 weeks. I hope to go more since it will be summer someday I hope.

It is windy and we got rain *Rain* I drove past to see the baby donkeys and baby cows. The cows are growing. They are so cute. They had plenty of hay today. I am glad of that.

Sorry, you didn't get to give the Corgi his treats but at least he got them later. I love Corgis. I love all dogs.

The man came and got his lawnmower. That's good. Sounds like he isn't always with the program.

Ray and Mom sold some stuff out of Dad's pole barn. We could give it away but other people getting rid of things charged us. My husband's family charged his family to store grain in the grain bins. I was told that is business.

Sounds like you have a pet rabbit. That one rabbit stayed by my house for quite a few months. It is hard to make a pet out of a wild rabbit My cousin tried to raise a baby rabbit but he died., That was so sad.

Tomorrow is the eclipse. I will try to look out the window for a quick peek. I think it sounds scary. I will see what tomorrow brings.

I am trying to do GOT Reviews. I am taking as break. I need to do 10 but I have just done 4. I get so tired. I was up at 7:00 AM.

Going to watch Country Music Awards . If I get bored, I go watch something else.

Have a good day. Happy Eclipse Day! I hope you are feeling well. Later.

Hi on Monday. It is April 8. Eclipse day 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and that things go well here on the site.

Yesterday, we went to church. It was a nice service.

On the way back, I noticed that the "Check Engine" light is on in my car. Always something going on I guess. I will call about it today and take it in tomorrow as I do not want to be out and about during the eclipse. The car seems to run okay, but it is 20 years old now, so whatever. I will get it checked out, but I don't want to get stranded out and about and then forget about the fact that it's an eclipse. I will try my best to play it safe.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet from me. *Cat2**Hearty*

There is not much going on because I'm not going anywhere. I need to go and get my medicine and go to the post office, but that's all on hold for now. I really depend on my car so it's a scary time.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube. I tried to watch a couple of old movies, but they weren't very good. One movie had stuff cut out of it on Youtube. That was the movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. I remembered the part that was cut from it. I guess that's what happens with some of the stuff people put on youtube.

Again, I hope it is a good day and things go your way. I guess it will get dark outside during the eclipse, like in a storm. I hope it doesn't scare the animals too much.

Have a good Monday!


Hey! Happy Solar Eclipse Day! I looked out the window and didn't see anything. I saw the pictures on TV. Seven years ago, I was retired and went outside to see the eclipse but it was cloudy and I saw it peak through the clouds. I was afraid I had damage my retinas but we just got a teaser. Today, it was dark and I looked out the blinds but couldn't see anything. Ray was outside wearing his welding mask and he went behind the pole barn and then he put gas in his tractor. Bella *Cat* snuck up behind me but I didn't want her to see it. I didn't see anything. I saw it on TV. At least my eyes are safe. The light on the pole barn came on. It looked dark in the house but not like nighttime. I decided to put my roast in the Crock Pot.

Thanks for ordering me a Merit Badge for May for my Anniversary. It means a lot. Thank you for the Merit Badge and reading my Game Of Thrones Journal. I appreciate it. I am busy this month with GOT.

Mom is getting a deck put on her front entrance. I can't get in her house. The step is too high so now I will be able to go in Mom's house next week when it is done. Dad couldn't walk all that well but he was stubborn about doing it.

I do hope your car is alright. I hate when the Check Engine light comes on. Ray is a mechanic, was and knows these things. He told me last week to help with his starters and I told him to help me write for Game Of Thrones. He said he can't write. He isn't a writer and I told him, I am not a mechanic. There you go. My friend was a mechanic. More power to her. She was good

I have to take Mom to the Doctor Thursday. My cousin will be in Michigan. I hope it works out.

I watched CMT last night. They had a segment dedicated to Toby Keith. That was nice. There are so many new singers I barely know. Country music isn't country anymore. Sad really.

I watched my soaps and a Home Improvement Marathon last night. I am too lazy to put in a DVD but maybe I will tonight.

Have a good day. I am always praying for you. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Tuesday. It is April 9, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and things go alright with everything.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

I leave shortly for the car repair place. Tom trusted them so I have to trust them. I do not know. My car is 20 years old this month, so I will see what they say. It has relatively low mileage and we have taken care of it. It might take a long time waiting, but I will take a book with me to sit and wait there. I only hope they will be straight with me.

I did not go anywhere or really look outside during the eclipse. I didn't want to see it. It didn't get as dark as it gets sometimes here with a bad thunderstorm. But it did seem very cloudy.

I walked out to get my mail, that was all and I did that early when it came.

Watched You've Got Mail and Scoop on Netflix. Also watched Youtube.

Making house entrances more accessible is a good thing. I hope it all goes smoothly.

On here, I regret doing something I did with the best of intentions. Now, it hangs over me. Never again is all I can do now. I won't commit to anything that goes on for weeks again.

It's totally my fault as I should have known better. The whole thing makes me very sad really.

Oh well.

Take care and I hope today proves to be a good one for you!

I hope your car is repaired. I hope it doesn't have to stay over. I hate leaving my vehicle and waiting for them to call. Like Dad's truck. It had to be there twice.
it is fixed at least. Biden wants us to drive electric cars! No way! He can....... you can fill in the blanks. They are over priced. I like driving the car I already have. A chevy Cruz. Works for me.

We are supposed to get rain *Rain* tomorrow. We may get 2 inches. That we don't need. We will see what happens. Some farmers' fields are already flooded. I hope the rivers around here stay down.

Bella *Cat* tried to crawl in the cupboard before I had a chance to close it. She has been sleeping. She tried to wake me up at 2:00 AM. I had to shit the door on her. She doesn't sleep all night.

GOT. I am at Door 19. I have 3 more to go. I am tired out. I have been writing extra stories. This takes time. I like writing Fairytale and Fantasy section. There are 50 of them but I can't come up with a story for each one. I have been writing the dragon ones. I want to get done before my son comes home in 2 weeks. I will be spending time with him. I hope he is in a good mood.

I am taking Mom to get a blood test Thursday. I don't know how much time I will be spending on here. I think she has to get a procedure done, too. It may be a long day. I will just have to wait and see,

I watched my soaps. I watched Murphy Brown and cartoons last night. Some of those cartoons are dumb. We do watch MASH and Frazier.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. Later. I am always thinking of you.

Hi on Wednesday. It is April 10, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you!

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Hearty*

Yesterday, I was up and got to the car repair place before they opened. So, before 7:30 AM. The guy said they were so busy that it would take hours so he said it would be better to come back today (Wednesday). I told him what light is on and showed him the picture in the manual. He said it should be okay for me to drive if it seems like normal, which it does except for the light.

He said it could take 1-3 hours to do the "Diagnostic" on it.

It was sad at the car place. There was a guy with a truck to be fixed that looked like he lives in his vehicle. He had his dog with him. So, that's who was ahead of me. I decided to leave them to it to fix that guy's truck. So sad. The dog seemed real sweet.

The repair manager said I would be okay driving locally, but not to go on any long trips until he checks it out for me. I depend on my car so this is very upsetting and scary, but I will keep trying. I do not feel great this morning, but will see how it goes. I'm not going over to that waiting room to be sick if I can help it, that's for sure.

Someone told me it could just be my gas cap not being on right so I took it off and put it on, but the light still didn't go out. I had just gotten gas shortly before this light came on.

He wouldn't give me an appointment and said it's first come, first served when I called to begin with. Then others were there from the day before. I am very scared about this.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube to perk myself up.

I went to the post office and the close by grocery store.

I am trying my best to take care of things.

On here, I made a huge mistake doing something. And I should have known better than to take a chance like this. I only hope I can do what I need to do to get it over with and move forward.

I do love the site and I don't want a group of bullies in my face again.

It seems like nothing I do right now turns out right. But I will pray for God's help in knowing what to do and how to be.

Take care and I hope that today is a good day for you!


GOT is a lot of work. Two more doors to go. Mom has to go to the Doctor tomorrow. I have to take Mom out Friday to get her taxes done. I will be busy. Ray and I went to the furniture store and bought a new recliner and couch. I can start sitting on a couch again. The recliner an couch will work out. The couch is gray and blue and the recliner is a blue green color. It has a lift on it with controls. We need that.

It is going to rain *Rain* tomorrow but it won't be as bad as they first thought. That is good.

Glad your car is alright for now. Just be cautious and get it done when they are ale to do it. I hate getting repairs done on cars or anything. Sorry to hear about a man that looks like he lives in his car. The dog. How sweet. Dogs and cats don't know they are poor. You just give them food and love. I get so sad seeing a person with a sign needing money and have a dog with them. I want to cry and give them all my cash in my purse.

Taking care of things. I help Mom. I get upset. Lately, ,I have been busy on here. That will slow down. I worry I have a hernia and seeing my Doctor next week. I hope that goes alright. I get so stressed. Mom didn't help herself. She always depended on Dad. Now, she depends on my cousin and me.

Ray and I got Wendys Frosties today. I tried the new orange one. It is good.

We will get our new furniture next week. We need it.

Bela *Cat* has been good. I don't know how she will like the new couch and chair. She looked so funny at that new picture I put on the wall of the tabby cat wearing a blue queen Elizabeth dress. She stares at it .I told her it is her ancestor, the Queen.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. Hope you are feeling well. Survivor night. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is April 11, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you there.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

Yesterday was a big day. I heard from Arlington. Tom's ceremony will be in late June. I only hope I have the strength to get him there and do what needs to be done. I will need God's help to guide me and hopefully, my brother's help in getting him there.

Also, I took my car first thing. It was rainy. The repair guy ran a diagnostic and said it was a very small thing that could be the gas cap being old. He reset the light and said if it comes back on, I need to come in and leave it to be fixed. My brother will need to help me to do that, too.

I don't feel well as this stress has gotten to me.

Watched Young Sheldon, a movie called The Farmer's Daughter and other stuff on Youtube.

It is hard to concentrate.

Everything upsets me.

I hope that life is treating you well and things go your way.


Ray took Mom in for a throat test. It was raining *Rain* and I didn't feel well. M bladder is acting up. I suppose I will have to do a urine test Monday when I see my Doctor. Mom's test is fine, Her hitial hernia acts up and mine does, too. Ray went over to Mom's because the golf cart needs a battery. It has run down. It is hard to keep up with Mom because I don't always feel my best. If Ray has surgery, my cousin will be doing more. I will be attending to Ray. Ever since Covid, life has sucked. I hope you don't mind that term. I get so down.

Bella *Cat* woke me up at 4:00 AM. I went back to bed. I dreamed I put her in a big make up case and zipped it up. Like really? The one character on my soap has spilt personalities and after working in mental health I question my sanity.

I am only doing a few reviews today. I am overwhelmed. I hope it is all worth it. Reviews of 1,500 characters is a lot. I will work at my own pace now.

I hope you are feeling better. Glad you heard from Arlington Cemetery. Seems like everything takes a year. A year can be long when you have to wait. I hope you can go there and get closure.

I hope your car is fixed. I will never get an electric car. Who can afford one? Let Biden buy everyone one. Dang politicians. Don't get me started. My Doctor is Indian and thinks America is perfect. It isn't.

I take Mom to get her taxes done. I hope that works out. I hope she doesn't need anything else I am not being selfish but I have my issues. My son will be here next weekend and take care of things.

Have a good day. My one cousin tells me things will get better. I pray he is right. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. I am glad you are here. Later.

Hi on Friday. It is April 12, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and everything is good.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me. *Cat2**Hearty*

I talked to the guy at Arlington Cemetery again yesterday. He had said I bring Tom's container with his ashes and a flag to the admin building of Arlington cemetery in June.

So, I asked about the flag, whether that means I have to buy it. He said I should take Tom's Death Certificate and DD-214 to the U.S. Post Office and they will give me a free flag. So, I took those in. There were two women at the post office, one nice, one not nice. The not-nice one said I have to go to the Cremation place and get something in addition to what the guy from Arlington said. I do NOT want to go back to the Cremation place as it's in a not-nice, industrial area and it gave me the creeps. Plus, as you know, my car is iffy right now.

But the other lady took the time to double check and she said for me to sign the bottom of the DD-214 (what they get when they come out of the service) and give her the copy of the Death Certificate. So, I gave her those and she gave me the flag. Then she said thank you to me for Tom's service and she said we wouldn't be free without people like my Tom. The mean woman made me grit my teeth, but the nice woman made me cry for happy reasons. She as so kind and helpful.

I also had to measure Tom's remains container to make sure it was no more than 9 inches by 9 inches by 9 inches. If it was I would have had to go back to the Cremation place so there was a double threat of going there where I dodged a bullet so far.

I was so relieved with not having to go to the Cremation place. I came home and I slept and slept in the middle of the day. I slept more than three hours. I am up early bird now, but I went to bed and slept then at 9. It was like I slept in a way I haven't since Tom was so sick starting more than two years ago.

My brother says he will take me up for the ceremony, but he wants to stay in Maryland instead of Virginia. He doesn't want to stay close to the cemetery. That will make it tricky getting there over the Beltway, but I don't have a choice.

My nephew, who is my brother's son, used to be in the honor guard at Arlington Cemetery, years ago. My brother knows his way around there and he's willing to take me.

I found out something yesterday that surprised me a lot. It is good to know things about people's motivations. This was kind of a shock is all I can say. An understandable shock.

Watched Young Sheldon and You Tube.

Today, I have an appointment for that second Shingles/Shgrix shot. I hope it goes okay and the car gets me there and back. I go this morning. Plus, I need to go by the post office and mail a bill that came yesterday.

I hope today is good to you.

I took Mom to get her taxes done for Dad's benefits. Since Dad died, Mom has had one problem after another. His Social Security number was all screwed up. She got the wrong SS number. Finally getting benefits. They didn't believe Dad was in Vietnam because the planes were parked in Thailand but they learned the gunfighters flew into Vietnam and he did get in contact with Agent Orange. It made him sick. It took years like that Camp Dejune thing. Either way, Agent Orange was unnecessary. So, was the tanks and leaky gas at Camp Dejune. My uncle was lucky he wasn't sent there when he was in the Marines. My other uncle was there but that's before the oil leak thing. Like really.

I took Mom to the Golf Cart place and they will repair it. The battery was dead but now has more problems. Ray and Mom are going in tomorrow to take care of that. Mom and I ate at Christos. I had pancakes and bought the rest home to Ray.

On to your news. Glad the container will be working out for the cemetery. I went to Arlington Cemetery years ago. JFK's grave is there. The eternal flame is so neat. I have a postcard of that. If I remember, each grave gets an American flag. I an glad your brother will go with you. It will be special for both of you. Will they do the gun salute? This was done at Dad's funeral. It makes me so sad. Will they do a special reading? I am happy that has worked out for you with Tom. I will be thinking of you. I don't blame you for not wanting to go the Cremation Place. Going to sad places like that is so creepy. They should give you a flag without any problems. Mom got the US Flag and a special case for it. My cousin bought her the case for it for Christmas. I salute Tom and all the military men. Hopefully, the US will enough brains to stay out of future wars. We do need our military more then ever.

Sorry those ladies were rude to you. The VA people were stupid. One person said one thing and another said another. Finally, someone cared and went to bat for Mom and thigs worked out. Why are people so rude?

You mentioned the Beltway. I remember that highway. One time when I was ten and we lived in Maryland next to the Beltway, a car was going the wrong way and about ran into people. Mom and dad didn't like that highway.

I am thinking of Prince today and I want to watch Purple Rain tonight. Maybe I need to write something about Prince. I just watched the video of Prince and Purple Rain. I always cry.

It stopped raining *Rain* but it is windy. I hope it calms down.

Have a good weekend. I am glad for your news. Thanks for all you. Hugs to you. A Salute to Tom again. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is April 13, 2024.

I hope it is a good weekend for you and you feel okay.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

It is rough dealing with government things now - it seems tougher than before. And medical things are the same way. More difficult and overwhelming. I am sure they have some difficult stuff to throw at me between now and when we go there. They say they will have the gun salute for him.

I only hope I can be strong enough to do what I need to do getting there and such, walking with a cane.

Got my second shingle/shgrix vaccine yesterday. This was the third try to get it. My arm is really sore now. And I feel real tired. Anxious, but tired.

I also mailed something at the post office. I went those two places and the sub place and came home. And rested. Now, I am up so early again. Maybe I will sleep a little more, but the arm is pretty sore. I got the shot on the side I don't sleep on but it's still bothering me. Always something.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube yesterday. There is a lot of stuff on about the death of OJ Simpson. That whole thing with that trial seems so long ago. I guess it is about thirty years ago now from when it started. There is a lot on youtube about it. They don't know anymore now then they did way back when. I watched the trial of it with my Dad. My Dad has been gone close to 29 years. That was how long ago it was. I still don't know the answers completely. I didn't think the prosecution lawyers proved their case. But then, after that, OJ Simpson ended up in prison anyway like someone who felt guilty or something. I guess no one will ever really know what happened unless Simpson wrote out something about what happened. But then it would be hard to believe him. But they said all his kids loved him.

I wish I had a golf cart. That seems like a nice way to get around. I wish here they would let us use them in the road and have special lanes and such. It sounds like a better way to go, more relaxed.

Not much is happening here.

I hope it is a good day for you. You have honored Prince very nicely with the lovely badge - thank you!


Have a nice Saturday!


It is sunny today. No wind or rain *Rain* I woke up at 4:00 AM but did go back to sleep. I fed Bella. I got up and watched Murphy Brown and The Partridge Family. I had to go to the Pharmacy. I got my Xalerto. At first, she said they didn't have anything for me. She checked again and got out the bottle and got it to me. I thought only the Pharmacist could do that. The Tech didn't have to count the pills. It was in a bottle ready to go. She put a label on it. It is the right pill. I got up and my answering machine said my pills were ready. I already picked them up.

Mom called and I was busy with things here. She doesn't always got her stories straight. Like really? She asked why I am crabby. I try to take care of things in my life and hers. It was about the golf cart. Dad was supposed to keep it in the garage. There was no room. The truck is here and my son is driving it to Oregon and now there is room in the garage. A man is coming to get the golf cart and fix it and then bring it back.

The one donkey was lying down and the other cows got new hay and were eating. A big tractor that took up the road was coming down the road and he took up the whole road. He got off. I am glad. This tractor was hauling something behind him.

I hope your arm feels better. I was told when I get my Vitamin B 12 Shot to move my arm a lot. This is so, it won't hurt. They have vaccines for everything. I haven't got my last Covid shot but maybe someday.

I filled up my new Make Up Case. I need to do laundry.

I almost wish the month was over. With GOT and things. I don't know. I get tired. I hope my blood work is good but I only sleep 6 hours.

I remember that OJ Simpson mess. It was on TV for a month. I can't believe they showed his trial on TV. Who wanted to see that all day? Now, he is being remembered. Like really?

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Sunday. It is April 14, 2024. I am up early before 4. Can't sleep, but might try again before getting ready for church.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartg*

I did some laundry yesterday and that was about it for me. I had a bad migraine in the afternoon and my arm hurt. It is still sore. But I will try my best on going to church today. My blood pressure was way low. When it does that I'm supposed to stop one of the medications until it goes higher again.

Sometimes I wake up and it is a panic sort of feeling. Like how can I possibly manage this, getting this all done.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube yesterday. The yard guy came. He said he felt tired, too. I told him only do what he feels like doing - the yard will still be there. It was a day when everyone I saw or talked to said they were tired. I know I was. Maybe it is the pollen or something like that. It was a sunny day.

I have made mistakes in doing things on the site. I still make them. I'm in the middle of one of my own making right now. My attitude now about things is I do my part and let it go. Either people will do what they said they would or they won't. It's out of my control, since I only control what I do (hopefully).

People say things to me about what's going on with other people, who weren't nice to Tom. I am trying my best to be forgiving because that's what Tom wanted and I know it's what we are supposed to do. But I do not seem to be able to forget what went on. It comes back in flashes now.

On Youtube they still have stuff on the Royal Family. Harry and Meghan seem to have a new project all the time that they don't really follow up on. Wasn't she supposed to have another podcast or something? And I saw them at some polo thing, without their kids. And her teeth look different, larger, like horse teeth. How does that happen at her age. Is she cooking with a show on netflix or selling jam? I wonder if and when she will be cooking there.

They are distracting. I bet they give King Charles and William a migraine with all their antics. It's so bizarre with their appearance, between Harry's hair and Meghan's teeth. And one minute she looks heavy at a Children's hospital and the next she is so skinny. I guess they give me something to wonder about when I'm not worrying about my own list of things to do.

My friend told me Iran was about to attack Israel. I said if they do that they won't announce it ahead of time. Next thing I know, Iran is attacking Israel only the Iron Dome is protecting Israel.

That just seems so strange to me, but I'm glad they have the Dome to protect them.

Oh well. I hope that you have a good Sunday and things go your way on here and otherwise.


I went to Church today. Someone parked in my handicapped Inspot and I parked next to her. She drives a van and takes people from assisted living. She is nice. My former Vets daughter said I look beautiful in my dress and hats. She says I am like sunshine and she looks forward to seeing what I will be wearing. Just when I was about to give up on people. I felt good.

It is 80 Degrees. The wind almost blew my hat off. Going to rain*Rain* Tuesday night.

I read in the headlines that Harry and Meghan are killing him. I don't know what it was about. Harry looks like a werewolf. Sad really.

I have been watching Without A Trace. I may watch CSI: Miami and Gilligans Island.

Bella *Cat* runs around. She hud behind the door and wanted to play bat the hand. She does love to eat.

I know it is hard to be forgiving. I don't talk to a lot of people at Church. Things changed at Church . Today was a bright day for me. I get so hurt by things. Like on the site but we live and learn. I am sorry people weren't nice to Tom. I don't get people. At my job, I put up with crap. I don't anymore. I just avoid people who try to hurt me.

I see my Doctor tomorrow. I hope that goes well. The highway is being worked on.

Israel . What a mess. Iran. Makes me nervous . I pray for all of us and them. I hope we stay out of war. Biden doesn't have a brain. Hopefully, we can offer support but don't send troops. It is scary.

Have a good day. Thanks for your reviews. They mean a lot. I am always thinking of you . Later.

Hi on Monday. It is April 15, 2024. Tax Day.

I hope it proves to be a good day for you!

Give a nice pet to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

We went to church here, too. The weather was nice. The service was good - uneventful, but good. No warning lights came on in the car, thank God. Church was the only place I went.

The yard guy did a bunch of stuff I wanted him to do on Saturday. Tom's Lenten Roses look pretty again now that he weeded them with the trimmer.

Watched an old movie, The Thin Man. It has a cute dog in it named Asta. I also watched Young Sheldon and Youtube and a couple of shows my cousin recommended. One was Bob Heart Something and the other was The Neighborhood. I didn't care for the second one. I think Bob Heart Something has the same writer as Young Sheldon.

My brother likes to boss me. I told him that the Grief Counselor told me something and he was arguing with it. He thinks what works for him should work for me. He doesn't feel or think about things the same way as me. Things upset me that don't upset him. I told him what the solution is, according to the Grief Counselor. He's like, oh you don't need to do that, just do what I did. He can't seem to accept that I'm different.

He was the one who insisted I needed the Grief Counselor. Then, he argues and contradicts all of her very helpful suggestions. I don't get it.

I told the Grief Counselor, I have a hard time going through Tom's clothes and shoes and such. But I also have a hard time just seeing them in his closet. So she said a solution would be to put them in bins on the floor of the closet. So, I'm not getting rid of them, but I won't see them every time I go in the walk-in closet he used. I'm going to try it, but my brother tells me it's stupid, just get rid of everything. I guess that's what he did, but he also has a lot of bins. I will get my own rather than argue with him, but whatever.

I did not have much energy yesterday, maybe because of the Shingles Shot. My arm is still pretty sore. I cannot carry and mess with the bins yet anyway. Not ready.

Forgiveness. It is a big challenge. But holding on to upset takes a lot of energy, too. It's tiring.

On here. It's like how do I manage to get into these stressful situations. It's from trying slowly to get more involved, but then jumping back when I make a wrong move. Taking chances on here doesn't always work out well. It mostly happens when people don't follow through on their promises.

The Royal Family. Princess Catherine and King Charles are so sick. It doesn't stop Harry and Meghan from anything. Normal people might be impacted. Not those two. I know someone whose father got a terminal disease diagnosis. She chose to throw herself a big party shortly after that. That would be the last thing on most people's mind. Who does that sort of thing.

It's like there is something wrong with the thinking mechanism. Maybe they can't help it and that's the reason to forgive. They don't know any better. When did that become an excuse, I wonder.

On here, when people don't keep commitments, I am starting to think that they do it all the time and don't know any different. It's not a deliberate thing, it's more of a second nature type of thing. So, in my head I have lowered expectations considerably. That makes it less fun, but less upsetting in the long run.

Anyway, I hope that today proves to be another good day for you! Hope the sun shines brightly!


I saw my Doctor today. My A1c is good and so are all my blood test results. He checked my Urine. No infection. He asked if I was stressed. I told him I get nervous every time I have to see him. My bladder was great .He checked me for a hernia. I don't have a hernia. I have pain but like I told him I didn't have abdomen issues until I heard about Princess Kate. He said I have sympathy pain. My Doctor says King Charles has pancreatic cancer, I said I haven't heard that. He said Prince William will be King and I agree. He likes Harry and Meghan. Like are you kidding me? My Doctor is having knee replacement. He asked if it hurt. I told him it is the worst pain ever. I am sure he can handle it. He is stubborn and that is what his Medical Assistant said. I got my Vitamin B 12 Shot. I come home and I smell like alcohol and bleach. At least his office is clean. My bladder acted up before we left this morning. I was doing good before that. Like Taylor Swift's song You Need To Calm Down. That is me. I pray to calm down. My blood test was great.

Putting Tom's clothes in bins. I understand and I agree. You don't want to get rid of them but you want some of his things with you. You loved him and you need things to remember him by. Your brother needs to understand and be patient. We all handle grief in different ways.

It is real warm today. Ray and I went out for donuts. WE celebrated. He is out with his tractor. I did laundry and ordered my iron pills. I vacuumed. Bella *Cat2* is taking a nap.

I won Honorable Mention for my St. Patrick's Day Poem in Bards Hall. The other contest about the dragon images and Celtic woman, I don't know, yet. I am waiting . We will see.

My cousin and Mom came and got Dad's truck. She is getting patio furniture for the gazebo. She wants to get new steps for the back garage. The steps that were built with the house are terrible. Dad was in denial. He managed but struggled. With steps and a railing. I can get in Mom's house now. I haven't tried, yet but I am going to. I think I will be alright.

I don't think I ever saw The Thin Man. I watched Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden last night. It was awful. He didn't sing all his own songs and when he sang some of his, they were off key. I don't know, I am glad I watched him on TV and didn't pay to see him.

Have a good day. Take your time with Tom's clothes. Keep a part of him with you always. I am praying for you always. Thanks for being a treasure. Later.
Hi on Tuesday. It is April 16, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you get to relax some.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice pet! *Cat2* *Heartp*

I heard that there is controversy about them cutting off the Billy Joel thing before the last song. It sounds like it was poorly done. Maybe he is getting too old to do it anymore, too, if the songs didn't sound good. Disappointing. I didn't even know it was going on so I missed it. I saw him in person in the 80s when he was young.

To me, it's like Paul McCartney. I don't want to ruin my memories of the Beatles by seeing an 80 year old struggle. I hear he's good, but it's all relative at that age. I never saw the Beatles in person, but they don't exist anymore. Young Billy Joel doesn't exist anymore except in memory.

It is good to have safe access to your Mom's house. Now it won't be such a struggle.

Congrats on the Bard's Hall Hon Mention! I love that contest! It's one of the very best and they are so professional and reliable about it! Yay!!! Way to go!!

On here people don't always do what they say for whatever reasons.

Most of my past upsets were because I didn't feel like people were fulfilling their promises and commitments. When I questioned that, I was called names and ordered around by bullies. Not the way to go with me.

There is a lot of control that still goes on. Sigh.

If Charles has that kind of cancer, wouldn't we know it? I hope that's not the case. William has a lot to deal with.

Harry and Meghan. Really. They are so selfish. Harry thinks people will watch him play polo? It doesn't look like much fun for the poor horses.

The Thin Man movies are old, but hey have a cute dog (Asta) and a lot of humor. They were really well written.

Yesterday I watched Youtube. I fell asleep, woke up and thought it was morning and took my medicine. Then I realize it was only 8 in the evening, not the morning.

Went to Target and got a bin and put Tom's shoes in it. It's a start. Also went to the grocery store and then bank.

I hope today turns out to be a good day with no doctors!

Tuesday. Going to storm tonight. Itis going go frost this weekend. First, it is hot then it is cold. I didn't sleep so good last night,. I did get 5 hours sleep finally, I did laundry and cleaned the bathrooms.

The Billy Joe Thing. The stupid golf game ran over and Tracker was late along with 60 Minutes. They were so anxious to show the news that they cut off Billy's song and it had a minute to go. THAT wasn't nice. The Billy Joe Concert was a disappointment but he and his fans didn't deserve that. They are reshowing it Friday night. Years ago, they cut off Metallica's speech when they won an Award. They didn't deserve that. Two Guns and Roses members got the Award for best group and were drunk carrying glasses of liquor on stage and using the F word and they cut them short. They had no brains and spent time in Rehab. They needed to be off the stage. Heaven forbid. They cut those stinking sports shows short. I HATE SPORTS! Enough said. You get the idea.

Some Rock Stars are too old to perform. I just want to go to YouTube and watch them. I got no desire to see singers in person in concert. If I see them out somewhere, I would be nice and talk to them. I would want their autograph. No more concerts. I am too old.

I get hurt by things on here. I am done with contests unless Bards Hall gives a prompt I can think of something to write.. I do enjoy writing for them. No more month challenges for me. Ray says I stress myself out. I am doing some stories for GOT. There are some good prompts.

The Royal Family. I don't know. I pray for them. It has to be a hard time for them. Poor William is in charge now it seems. King Charles probably feels sick. I feel for him. Catherine. She is so sweet. I pray she will be alright.

I hope you have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later. Stay safe.

Hi on Wednesday. It is April 17, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me. *Cat2**Heartp*

Yesterday was uneventful. I cooked myself breakfast. Then I went to Lowes and got a few things. Followed up by the grocery store and then Goodwill to make a donation. It felt good to do it, but also good to make it home safely.

I got a big bin at Lowe's but then I had trouble getting it up the stairs, but I managed to do it. One stair is more narrow than the others on my steps. I discovered that while moving the bin from step to step. But it worked out okay and I am slowly filling the bin. Way back in the closet in a place I can't get to, Tom has these golf clubs. LoL Always something with him. They might or might not be antique ones. The one I managed to get out of there wasn't. He had them in the garage too - random golf clubs. Maybe for going to the range? He couldn't walk far enough to play anymore.

On here, I see things. They don't rise to the level to hurt me anymore. Why. Is it because I'm not trying to write or compete, I wonder. I just think, okay. A while ago, I would have been in that group doing things in a herd, but feeling slightly uneasy about it. Now, I just think okay these are the ones who haven't experienced what I experienced and may they be spared that horror show forever.

Royal family. Meghan and Harry at the polo posing place. Polo looks like they are being mean to horses. It makes me feel ill to watch it because I am seeing it from the point of view of the horse. My neighbor I go to church with has a horse she cares for every day. She goes to the stable to care for her. I don't know about "sports" that involve animals who have no choice. At least with the running of the bulls, the bulls could maybe run away. There is no escaping rich polo guys like Harry with spurs. Gross.

His father is fighting to live and Harry rides around playing polo. Gross again since he's almost 40. A middle aged guy. Gross.

Meghan has made this jam. It has no ingredients on the label. I can go to the grocery store and buy jam or pay her a lot of moola for something when I can't see what's in it. Where is the Food and Drug Administration on this stuff. The people gushing over her jam I have never heard of. I don't see Oprah gushing yet. Doesn't Oprah gush over every move Meghan makes.

At least with a cooking show, Meghan would be teaching the peasants (like me) who don't play or attend polo how to cook. I can put in the ingredients so I know what's in there if I try it. I think she would be smarter doing that if (and it is a big if) she knows what she's doing.

Do we trust them to send the right thing?

Watched Young Sheldon and Bob Heart Abishola. Same writer. I don't like the laugh track on the Bob show.

Not much else going on. I am in a holding pattern waiting to get the email from Arlington.

Take care and enjoy your Wednesday!

It rained *Rain* last night and this morning. Now, it is windy *Wind* I was going to CVS but Ray had to pick up some medicine in a town 35 minutes away. It is a small town that has a military academy and a nice lake and fake lighthouse. It is nice but it just a one way street now and rich people live there. Our pharmacy doesn't have Ray's med so he had to go pick it up in another town, this town I just wrote about. I was going to CVS but Ray has to go back to our Pharmacy so I will just stay home. I hate when it is windy and chilly.

Doctor asks me why my bladder acts up and I don't have an infection. It is stress. He hates my Urologist and always puts him down. My bladder has been acting up. If I don't drink caffeine at night, I am better. I take a Xanax. I have to stretch it out. My Urologist will say he dilated my bladder and it is fine. I pray it is. Maybe when my son gets here, I will be calmer.

Ray just got home. I have 5 Meds. The Doctor refilled everything.

My beautician is home from Texas and she has pneumonia. I called my other girl around the corner and she will do my hair Tuesday. I need her to make my red hair darker this time.

I don't like them wearing spurs riding polo ponies. That is animal abuse, England or the US. I didn't know that they did that. At least, running of the bulls, they get even! Meghan is a pain. They have no health issues. They are one big pain!

I may do some reviews here. I am not going overboard. I did all the doors. That was 50 things. GOT is the hardest activity. This isn't personal against anyone. The host is excellent about thinking up prompts. I am too old to do all the extras but we don't have to. I am trying to get extra points for the team. Once when my son comes home, I will be busy.

Glad you made yourself breakfast. I have been eating English Muffin Bread. It is good. I hope Meghan didn't make it. I don't plan on eating anything she cooks. Like she doesn't have a maid that cooks? Seriously.

Stairs and I don't get along. I do okay with two or three. I know what you mean. I have two in the garage. Maybe three. I used a walker for Therapy and had to go up and down stairs. Our Lowes doesn't have stairs. I grab a cart when I go in. Glad you did alright. Golf clubs. I can't carry them.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. Later.

Hi on Thursday! It is April 18. 2024.

I hope that it warms up some and is a good day for you. It is warm here, but it was cloudy yesterday with some rain.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2* *Heartp*

Yesterday, I went and got my hair cut. It feels better. I made a stop at the post office. Then I went to look for some shoes at a couple of places. Stopped at the grocery store and the bank, too. It felt good to get my hair cut. It is the lady who cuts my brothers hair, too, that cut my hair. She is nice.

Tonight, our group is supposed to go to dinner, which means I meet them at the not as close Italian place.

I heard from Tom's sister. She and her husband are coming to the service. They live on the west coast - Washington State. It is nice they are coming. It is a nice tribute for Tom.

No matter how this thing goes with Arlington, I know it will be me that's blamed because Tom left it to me to do everything. It's just like taking care of him with health things only it's not life and death now, just death. The caregiver doesn't get help, but gets the blame in the end for the choices the patient made To care for a terminal cancer patient is a challenge. Stress situations don't usually bring out the best in people. I will do my best and let it go. It's not like most of these people jumped up to help when it was needed. I heard a lot of crickets.

Watched the usual Young Sheldon and Youtube videos.

I remember doing Game of Thrones. Once. That was plenty for me. What I found most frustrating, at that time, was doing the work all month long to have people who weren't doing the work and who joined late come in and lecture me about how much more I needed to be doing. We won that year, but it didn't feel like winning in the end. It felt like an opportunity for people to be overly and meanly competitive and abusive. Not nice.

She runs the activity well, but it's some of the individual team leaders who fell short.

I particularly remember Eyestar was always nice to everyone no matter what team a person was on. People like her stand out as they were always trying to be kind. She rose above the behaviors of others. She managed to be loyal, but not a bully. Very nice person, different than most.

Prince Harry. He is lecturing about travel now. It makes no sense. What is up with his teeth and Meghan's teeth? She looks so brittle and skinny.

I don't get why Harry is still in line to be King. They just float around playing polo and making jam, having a ball while Catherine and Charles fight cancer. I know people like this, who give themselves big parties while others suffer. It's gross. I felt like polo was mean to the horses. I wish the horses had a choice.

I bet the horses aren't impressed.

That's about all I have today. Take care and enjoy your Thursday!

I am trying to be happy. My son will be here Saturday. Every time I see my Doctor, I get stressed out. I pray and go forward.

It rained *Rain* yesterday and it is supposed to rain {e:Rain tonight.

I ordered The Game Of Thrones DVDS. They will be here Saturday. I will be busy watching them.

Harry and Meghan. They love being in the lime light. Harry is neglecting his father. He doesn't deserve to be in line to be King. I agree with that. That's sad he isn't there for his father. Charles and Catherine. I pray they get better.

I hope things go well with your dinner group. It is nice to have somewhere to go and meet with friends once a week.

Eyestar was nice. She liked my Jane Austen Newsletters. I enjoyed having her as a judge for Alice In Wonderland.

Arlington. You did all you could to make arrangements. It has finally happened. Things should go well. I will be thinking of you.

We get our new couch and recliner tomorrow afternoon . It will look different. I wonder how Bella {e:Cat} will like it. I am sure she will get used to it.

Have a good day. I am always wishing good things for you. Praying for better days.

Hi on Friday. It is April 19, 2024. Another weekend comes our way..

I hope today is good for you. It will be nice having your son visiting this weekend.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

I saw this thing where Prince William was cooking bolognaise sauce yesterday to feed people in need. He was chopping and stirring and adding ingredients with an apron on. I thought to myself, I would rather watch him cooking than Meghan cooking and lecturing, with that snarl of hair of hers flying all around the food William is pretty cute (and cheeky) sometimes. It just struck me as funny with Meghan numbering her jars of Jam so she can know who commented the way she wanted about it.

What a contrast. William seemed very relaxed and at home in the kitchen. I would watch a Prince William cooking show. Meghan, not so much. *Laugh* I dont hear her great friend Oprah endorsing her jam. I hear crickets from Oprah's house. Same with Gayle King. Crickets so far.

I get the feeling that neither Catherine or Charles are doing well. William has a lot on him.

Did you know that Charles makes jam and sells it and donates it all to charity? People dislike Meghan so much that Charles Duchy of something or other jam sold out. *Laugh*

Game of Thrones the TV Show. I watched most of it, but not all. In the early episodes I liked the dire wolves. The little guy and the bald guy (Varnys) were favorite characters. But, in the end, I didn't like it enough to keep watching. They lost me. But some parts were good.

There are some actors from Downton, quite a few.

I watched my usual Young Sheldon and Youtube.

Our dinner was nice. It seems to go nicer when we have a break. I met them there as I am not being a chauffeur anymore.

I am doing my best with the Arlington thing. It is going to be difficult.

On here. I am almost done with something I shouldn't have said yes to in the first place. It will be a relief when it is in my rear view mirror.

Take care and enjoy your Friday.


We got our new furniture. The recliner is a lift chair. Ray will be using that. It is green colored. My couch is blue and white varied. I will be using the couch. It will take some getting used to. I can get off and on but I was so used to the recliner. Bella *Cat* is nervous and not liking it. Cats do notice these things. I hope she gets used to it. The furniture was made in Tennessee.

Glad Tom's sister got back with you. It took years for me to be able to be friends with Ray's sister.

The Royals Cooking Show. Prince William. Meghan. I had to laugh at this. I could never have my own cooking show. I microwave everything or throw it in the Crock Pot. I do fry pork chops and use pans to make potatoes, gravy and that. I just cook on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Like last year. Cooking With Megan. Oh yuk. Me Megan, not that Princess .Prince William. I would cook with him.

I am doing a few stories for GOT still. I think we are getting burned out. I can't hack doing 1,5000 Characters Reviews. I just want to do stories. I love writing. I will do simple reviews.

I called my Urologist for an appointment. I can get in May 1. Wow! I used to have to wait 6 weeks. I was feeling good until Monday. I think it is stress. I will do a UA next week. My UA was negative but I will still get one done. Stress. My other Doctor upsets me every time I see him. I think am doing too much writing here and that but I am not mad about it. Hopefully, this will pass. I don't want surgery. At least, I can sit on my couch if I get the S word. That knee surgery was bad. I have felt like this before. I am so happy I can see my Urologist early. My Urologist will say nothing is wrong. I hope he is right. I am going to push him to do another test. It's simple. We all know no medical procedures are fun.

Things are quiet here. Everyone is still doing GOT.

It rained *Rain* last night for 3 hours. It passed.

Game Of Thrones will be sad I am sure. I can always fast forward and try not to cry.

Have a good weekend. Thanks for all you do. Praying for better days. I hope my kitty is speaking to me. Later.

Hi on Saturday. It is April 20. 2024.

I hope that it is a good day for you and you feel better and get to have a nice visit with your son.

Give love to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday I went to Kohl's. Retail therapy I guess you could say it was. I got myself a tuna sub afterwards and came home.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube. Also saw a 1940s movie called "This Thing Called Love" on Youtube. Someone recommended it. It was cute.

The Royal Family stuff. I watched some of that, too. They have their issues like everyone else I guess. Netflix should get William to do a cooking show instead of Duch-ess Meghan. I would watch William. He's cute in the kitchen. I might tune in on Meghan once just to see what gives though.

I notice with this jam that Meghan is going to sell. People pose with it, holding it up in their hands - no faces, but none of it looks like it's been opened or tried. Plus some of the pictures look like it's settled to the bottom of the jar and the other stuff looks wilted. Gross. Harry did some weird travel video that makes no sense.

Meanwhile, Charles and Catherine fight cancer, but Charles sells jam and his is selling out.
And Harry plays polo and Meghan makes weird looking jam to send out. It's not like they would be welcome at Charles and Catherine's respective bedsides, but still. It's so odd. It's like Harry and Meghan are the Addams family, with Gomez playing polo and Morticia making weird concoctions in the cellar. Creepy!

On here, I got the thing done I needed to do. I will try and be more careful in the future. I just do what is comfortable because if I over commit it will upset me. I don't want to upset myself over stuff here. Too much still to be upset about offline.

Take care and enjoy your visitor! Have a nice weekend!

We picked up my son. He was in Chicago teaching at a college the past 3 days. The traffic was lousy. We picked him up at the train station by the place where I had my Physical Therapy. He rode the train in from Chicago. He will pick up his wife at the airport next week. He took the truck to Mom's. We bought him to our house and we had cake. We will be making plans to go to Pizza Hut and watch movies over here. We plan on having a good time.

Bella *Cat* slept on the red blanket on the couch with me for a half hour. The chair, she doesn't like. She did come see my son and mother. She tries to be friendly.

Meghan is making jam. Really. I will need jam later so maybe so I should get some of hers? I like Smuckers or the stuff I can get in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Mom used to make jam. The Addams Family wouldn't want Megan and Harry. I would rather stay with The Munsters. I do love The Addams Family. Grandmomma could throw Meghan and Harry to the alligators.

Ray went to Walmart. I wasn't out of bed.

Mom isn't going to Church. Jason doesn't go to Church. I am not going. I sit with Mom when I go. It is going to be 30 something like it was today. I get so cold. I was cold today.

I am just doing a story a day for GOT. I have done so much. We got 2 more days of Raven Challenges. It is hard to keep up with. I think I did aplenty. I was the first to complete Door 21, the last one. I lost the one contest. I should be used to that. I won't be doing contests for awhile.

I hope you are feeling good. I am feeling alright. Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Later. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Sunday. It is April 21.

I hope it is a good day for you, you feel well and have a nice visit with your son.

Give Miss Bella a nice pet for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

Yesterday, I only went to the post office. The yard guy came and ended up doing the front yard only. He does four yards at a time, a little here, a little there so while he's here I never know where he is. But I listened for him in my yard and got out there and paid him when he was.

Other than that, I watched the usual Youtube stuff and then later on I watched Young Sheldon.

We are headed out to church in a little while if all goes well.

Meghan made a bunch of jam, but no one can buy the jam yet. She sent it out as gifts to "influencers" that I never heard of. They are supposed to review it. But no one can buy it. It doesn't really make sense. Only a handful out of the fifty she sent to have reviewed it. They show pictures and some of the pictures don't look too great. It's very odd. I am beginning to think she and Harry are just not all there in thinking things through and following through.

I suspect she sent one to Oprah and I haven't heard her carrying on about the wonderful jam yet.

Meanwhile, King Charles has this line of products called High Grove, where all the money goes to charity. His jam has sold out because people don't like Meghan and they have decided to support King Charles and buy all his jam. He didn't ask for it. I would buy his jam if they sold it on amazon, but it's sold direct. Meghan hasn't even revealed her prices yet, but Charles are a little expensive, but not unreasonable for what you get.

It sounds like Game of Thrones has been rewarding, but a lot of hard work. As long as it is positive and people are nice, it is good and produces a lot of good work I think. Yay for the positivity part. I have to admit, though, that I see things that make me want to run the other way.

I hope that today proves to be a really nice day for you.

I didn't go to Church today. Mom didn't so I didn't go. Yesterday I felt good. Today, I don't know. Sinus issues. I got laundry done and my dishes. I still get pain. Sometimes, I wonder if Doctors know what they are doing.

It has been 36 Degrees and gets up to 40 Degrees. It doesn't feel like spring weather. I know that

King Charles is selling jam. Go Charles ! Meghan is pathetic. We should feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for Catherine . I think about my problems and Catherine is worse off then me. She is handling it. Poor girl. She has my support.

Game of Thrones. Wednesday we don't have to do anything. I am okay with that. Some things I can't figure out. I just do stories now. I did all the other projects.

I hope Church went well for you. Say prayers for me. I don't have a good attitude at times. I hope that changes.

Have a good day. I am always thinking of you. Thanks for all you do. You are a treasure.
Hi on Monday. It is April 22, 2024. We continue through April. It rained here yesterday and was chilly, in the 40s. I turned my heat back on.

I hope today is good and you feel better and are having a nice visit with your son. You are in my prayers to have everything go good for you and to feel better. *Heart*

Give hugs to Miss Bella, for me, as always. *Cat2**Heartt*

We went to church in the rain. The regular ministers are gone to Costa Rica for a mission. So, we had a substitute, but he was good. Easy to understand. He and the Deacon did the service. It was nice and I thought his sermon was good.

My neighbor witnessed me signing one of my documents. Then I came home and focused on scanning the documents and emailing them, signed. It seems like I was able to do it, with God's help and help from a dear friend. The only thing is the documents are upside down in the computer, but they can print them out there or whatever. I guess they will let me know if I need to do it again. Hope they do and I don't.

I watched a movie, Woman of Distinction with Rosalind Russell and Ray Milland. It as entertaining. Also watched Young Sheldon and Youtube.

The Royal stuff. Harry and Meghan keep starting projects and not following up on them. Odd. She was going to make a movie of the book, Meet Me at the Lake. No movie. She was to have a new podcast with Lemonada. No podcast. Now, it's this cooking show that isn't in any schedule. Plus a company called American Something Orchard that has nothing for sale after more than a month of "launching."

I begin to wonder about what goes on. Cannot believe that Charles hasn't removed Harry and his kids from the line of succession. Every day that goes by there is puzzling.

I feel sympathy for Catherine and William. and Charles about his cancer treatments and Camilla in her worry about Charles.

The apparent lone responsible grown-ups in the room are just Catherine and William. The only ones maybe. I bet William will remove who needs to be removed and he won't be slow about it. I get the feeling that all the brains in the group are in William and Catherine's heads.

Oh, then there's old Meghan, again, who made jam, but no one can buy it.

Maybe her cooking show will teach normal people how to make it? She looks so odd and brittle now. I don't feel sorry for her or Harry, though. I do feel sympathy for those children they appear to be raising?

On here. Is Game of Thrones winding down or more intense? I think take deep breaths about it and log off and take breaks is the key. Make it worth it for you and rewarding for you. You have done some fine work!

A month from now, the prizes will be given by then and it will be a (hopefully) nice memory as we move toward the site birthday time, which is a favorite!

Take care and have a good Monday!


It is still chilly and a little windy. Mom went grocery shopping with my son and they are going to see that dread aunt of mine. No more said. My son and I are having movie day this week and his wife will be here. We may go out for Pizza Hut.

Not much is new. It takes the mail forever. I am waiting on my Game Of Thrones DVDs. We can never get snail mail to move. Better then Pony Express I guess. Pony Express, the mail and riders got kidnapped. I think the mail gets kidnapped at times.

The Royals. Charles is having his own problems plus family things. Cooking with The Royals. I am trying to figure that one out. I hope Catherine gets better. Poor girl. I feel sorry for Charles as well.

Mom sold stuff out of her pole barn. I can't believe the money people pay for junk. Dad's pole barn looked like Pickers. All the junk they get out of pole barns, One time pickers were afraid of an ostrich and a donkey. They climbed inside a barn with a hold big enough to squeeze in. Dad's pole barn is all one floor and is easy to get into this but inside. What a mess!

i watched The Huntsman movie the other night. Two mean Queen sisters who hated each other. The one sister had a man set fire to a baby's cradle and killed the baby. Sad. The Queen changed into ravens and evil demons. The Queen sisters ended up killing each other at the end of the movie. Medieval shows get violent. So is the Bible and all those wars. Violence is everywhere.

I vacuumed. I need to fold up clothes and maybe clean the kitchen. Tomorrow is my hair day.

I did one story for GOT. My team is No. 3. Every time, I play, it is always No. 2 or No. 3. I am sure trying to win. I will try td a story every day until May 1.

Bella *Cat* is trying to accept the new furniture. She lays on the couch with me if I put the red snowflake blanket on that she loves. She sniffed the chair when Ray sit in it this morning.

Have a good day. Going to rain *Rain* tomorrow. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you. Later.

Hi on Tuesday. It is April 23, 2024.

I hope you have a good day and the visit with your son is going good.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

Today was supposed to be a lunch day out, but one of the people is having health problems so she called me and cancelled yesterday. I am not that disappointed as I wasn't sure I wanted to do it anyway.

I went to Target, the grocery store and chick-fil-a. I got a Cobb salad at chick-fil-a.

I am working a little each day on putting Tom's clothes in bins to keep. It is so I don't see his clothes and picture him here all the time. I don't want to donate them yet - he had a lot of clothes and always looked nice. But this way I can go in the walk-in closet without feeling so sad all the time. It really is helping to do this - it was something the Grief Counselor suggested.

I had emailed the paperwork to Arlington on Sunday, but I haven't heard anything back that they got it. If I don't hear by tomorrow, I will call them. I hope I did it right.

Watched a movie called, Lady in a Jam yesterday from 1942. A friend recommended it. It was definitely a comedy. Funny at times and weird at others. I watched Youtube, also.

Royal Family stuff. Another day when Harry is still in he line of succession. I think he's 5th in the list, so it goes William, George, Charlotte, Louis and Harry. Harry was a cute kid, but he is different now. I keep losing respect as they keep Harry in that lineup. Without the Queen at the helm, no one seems to have much sense.

Meghan has this jam she's promoting, but it's not for sale. Charles has a farm store that sells High Grove products, including jam. His store is sold out of jam. Melissa McCarthy (who I normally like a lot) is defending Meghan from her critics.

Who defended Queen Elizabeth from Meghan and Harry? No one really came to her defense after that Oprah mess.

Meghan did Deal or No Deal. Then she did a minor role Suits. I knew her from Suits before the royal stuff because Tom watched Suits and I watched with him. On there, I thought she was okay. Then I heard Harry was dating her and I was like, oh yes the girl from Suits. I hope they will be happy. How did it end up where it is now. I'm not clear on that but I don't like that they were disrespectful to the Queen in that Netflix thing. Plus, the Oprah thing seemed very rehearsed to me so I didn't like that either. It made me not like Oprah and I can't stand Gayle King gushing about it all and Oprah and Gayle King telling people what to think. Gross.

Game of Thrones. You have done good work you can be proud of. That's a good outcome I think if you have done a lot and had some fun. I hope that is the case.

I hope today is good to you and you can pace yourself here and enjoy it some.

It rained *Rain* this morning. I got my hair done. There was a golf cart in my path. I thought my beautician, her husband left it out and I will do what I can to walk around it. Her husband walks out and said he is my escort. He will drive me up to the door. I got in the golf cart and I got a ride to the door. Her lane is hard to get past with grass and big stones imbedded. It was nice. Saved me the walk.

You watched a comedy Lady in a Jam. Are you sure it wasn't Meghan? I had to laugh. The Royals are cooking. Louis has a Birthday today. Who baked his cake? William? I had to smile at this. There are too many ahead of Harry for the throne. Harry was cute as a kid. We never know how family members will change. I have been so hurt by family members. Like The Royals. Everyone knows your business. I wouldn't want that. I just tell a few people my problems. The Royals are competing against each other. That is sad.

Oprah has been a pain for years. I lost respect for her. She did have a house 30 miles from us and when my cousin's future husband's place burned down, Oprah gave him 10,000 Dollars. The house was just a get away house in Indiana. She sold it years ago.

I hope it helps you putting some of Tom's clothes away. I pray you will find peace of mind. It is hard to find peace of mind. Even the most sincere Christian has problems overcoming obstacles.

Sorry you had to cancel lunch plans. I have done that more then once. I am supposed to have plans with my son Thursday. At least things are calmer with him and Mom now since the funeral. Mom was out of sorts.

we had Pizza Hut pizza the other night. We may get fast food tonight.

Bella *Cat* is being calm and quiet. She follows me around when I get ready to leave.

Have a good day. I am off to do Game Of Thrones. Tomorrow, we aren't allowed near the forums. I get a break. Thanks for all you do.

Hi on Wednesday. It is April 24, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you are enjoying a nice visit with your son and daughter-in-law.

Give nice pets to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heart*

That gentleman with the golf cart saved the day. I love it when people are so kind and thoughtful in an unexpected way.

It is quiet here. Nothing planned (that I know of) for today.

Thanks to God, I did hear a confirmation that all my scanned papers got to where they needed to go. That was quite a relief and I am grateful that I was able to do it. I stressed out a lot about it.

Watched Youtube and Young Sheldon yesterday. Not much else. I took a break from the old movies. I think that a new season of Brokenwood Mysteries is about to come out. I always enjoy that quirky show.

Royals. They released a photo for Louis' birthday. He's pretty cute. Charles gave out some honors. Who knows why. But Harry is still in the big lineup apparently.

Oprah likes to tell people what they should do, but then she does the opposite (taking weight loss stuff instead of eating healthy for instance). Gayle King specializes in bossing others about what they should think about things. What a pair.

Meghan Markle agreed to do a podcast for something called Lemonada, but now it's delayed a year. That's because of this cooking and jam stuff. She, apparently, commits here and there but has a little issue with the follow through. Harry does what he does, whatever that is.

On here. I tried a few things. It was okay I guess. I like the new achievement badge incentives. They are fun for me somewhat. Little by little. Inch by inch. I still see things, but then sometimes people are so obvious that it makes me smile.

More power to them I guess. LoL

I wish everyone well.

I hope today proves to be a good day in your pasture!

What a day. My son, mother and I went to order a headstone for Dad's grave. It is a sad place. They had all kind of headstones. One with the last supper. They had all kind of headstones. We chose a black one with etched roses. We ordered a C130 for it. It may take a year. It will be shipped from India! They had etched pictures of Princess Diana. I wanted to buy it but it wasn't for sale. They had brochures of stones for animals. This place was by the lake. It was cold. I couldn't stay outside too long. They were helpful.

We went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought a Victoria magazine. I bought Danielle Steel"s new book Never Too Late.

We went to Walmart. I bought Pioneer Woman bowls. I need bowls with lids. I bought some goodies and movies: The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas and Ferris Buellers Day Off.

I am tired. We got home late.

I got my Game Of Thrones DVDS in the mail today.

I am glad your paperwork for Tom's memorial in Arlington is confirmed. That took forever for you.

I wonder how long The Royals will be cooking. Lemonade thing. Looks like Meghan Markle's acting days are over.

People at Walmart were nice today. It wasn't crowded at this one.

I hope you get to go out with your dinner group tomorrow.

My daughter-in-law comes home tomorrow. I am not going to Chicago with my mother and son. My son will still out too late. I have never liked Chicago. I will see them tomorrow night or Friday.

I need to do a UA at the hospital tomorrow.

Have a good day. Thanks for all you do. I appreciate you cheering me up. Later.

Hi on Thursday. It is April 25, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel okay to do things.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday, I went to Lowe's. I got a short hose, a plant, batteries and a few other things. Then, I went to Target. I need to go back and get one more bin for Tom's things. I am working steadily on the closet and it looks different now and that is better for me. I don't know why I didn't get that yesterday. I got small cranberry juice and a small box for photos. I looked at luggage, but I have enough Vera Bradley bags - almost more than I can carry and those are lightweight.

It will give me something to do today.

Yesterday, I went out on my deck to plant the little plant I got. The corgi was out and he came to the fence and barked at me. He was cute. I think he was looking for Tom. I told him, "hey".

It felt good to have gotten that paperwork done and printed and scanned it okay. I didn't think I would be able to do that and NO ONE I know could tell me how except one person tried to explain it to me and without that, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Many people try to pretend they know things when they don't have a clue. It sort of exposed who is full of it.

Someone was in my face, pressuring me to do something after this person literally did nothing to help for a year. Like really. After all I've been through (and this person never did one single thing to help me) they want me to jump around to suit them. Unbelievable. This person actually suggested something that I still can't get my head around. I still love Tom and he is the only one for me. I don't get why someone, who I have known a long time, doesn't get that.

I watched Young Sheldon and Youtube stuff. The Royals released a photo of Prince Louis for his birthday. It's a cute photo. People should get out of Catherine's face over her photography. She takes nice pictures.

I would probably watch the first episode if Meghan Markle cooks, just to see if she's helpful. I saw an old thing of her explaining how she makes toast. It was bizarre because she was more intent on waving her manicure around than actually making something. She was very bossy.

On here. Game of Thrones. I keep my distance, but am supportive. I donated to help the whole thing and I read and do my thing. For donating I said could I have the white wolf badge. She does a good job, but likes to build up the suspense and that involves waiting. A month from now, no one will remember who won. I was on a winning team and it was like okay, it was good for the leader of my team, Hannah ♫♥♫ but it wore me out and left me feeling distant, like I was done. That was maybe nine years ago. But I didn't forget that empty feeling at the end. I was a worker bee and we won, but it was like okay what was all the stress about.

And Hannah ♫♥♫ worked hard, but where is she now I wonder. Why leave like that. And I think she demoted herself for some reason before that. Things didn't turn out good, but she was a creative force. People come and people go.

Other things, like site birthday, it totally fast paced and fun. Lots of surprises that are encouraging. It's different. I might have to pace myself sometimes there, but it's more like a week than a whole month.

Yes, dinner group is today. I go on my own. Maybe I will try and go to Target and get that last bin later on today.

I hope things go your way today and always!


Hi on Thursday. It is April 25, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel okay to do things.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday, I went to Lowe's. I got a short hose, a plant, batteries and a few other things. Then, I went to Target. I need to go back and get one more bin for Tom's things. I am working steadily on the closet and it looks different now and that is better for me. I don't know why I didn't get that yesterday. I got small cranberry juice and a small box for photos. I looked at luggage, but I have enough Vera Bradley bags - almost more than I can carry and those are lightweight.

It will give me something to do today.

Yesterday, I went out on my deck to plant the little plant I got. The corgi was out and he came to the fence and barked at me. He was cute. I think he was looking for Tom. I told him, "hey".

It felt good to have gotten that paperwork done and printed and scanned it okay. I didn't think I would be able to do that and NO ONE I know could tell me how except one person tried to explain it to me and without that, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Many people try to pretend they know things when they don't have a clue. It sort of exposed who is full of it.

Someone was in my face, pressuring me to do something after this person literally did nothing to help for a year. Like really. After all I've been through (and this person never did one single thing to help me) they want me to jump around to suit them. Unbelievable. This person actually suggested something that I still can't get my head around. I still love Tom and he is the only one for me. I don't get why someone, who I have known a long time, doesn't get that.

I watched Young Sheldon and Youtube stuff. The Royals released a photo of Prince Louis for his birthday. It's a cute photo. People should get out of Catherine's face over her photography. She takes nice pictures.

I would probably watch the first episode if Meghan Markle cooks, just to see if she's helpful. I saw an old thing of her explaining how she makes toast. It was bizarre because she was more intent on waving her manicure around than actually making something. She was very bossy.

On here. Game of Thrones. I keep my distance, but am supportive. I donated to help the whole thing and I read and do my thing. For donating I said could I have the white wolf badge. She does a good job, but likes to build up the suspense and that involves waiting. A month from now, no one will remember who won. I was on a winning team and it was like okay, it was good for the leader of my team, Hannah ♫♥♫ but it wore me out and left me feeling distant, like I was done. That was maybe nine years ago. But I didn't forget that empty feeling at the end. I was a worker bee and we won, but it was like okay what was all the stress about.

And Hannah ♫♥♫ worked hard, but where is she now I wonder. Why leave like that. And I think she demoted herself for some reason before that. Things didn't turn out good, but she was a creative force. People come and people go.

Other things, like site birthday, it totally fast paced and fun. Lots of surprises that are encouraging. It's different. I might have to pace myself sometimes there, but it's more like a week than a whole month.

Yes, dinner group is today. I go on my own. Maybe I will try and go to Target and get that last bin later on today.

I hope things go your way today and always!

Hi on Thursday. It is April 25, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel okay to do things.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday, I went to Lowe's. I got a short hose, a plant, batteries and a few other things. Then, I went to Target. I need to go back and get one more bin for Tom's things. I am working steadily on the closet and it looks different now and that is better for me. I don't know why I didn't get that yesterday. I got small cranberry juice and a small box for photos. I looked at luggage, but I have enough Vera Bradley bags - almost more than I can carry and those are lightweight.

It will give me something to do today.

Yesterday, I went out on my deck to plant the little plant I got. The corgi was out and he came to the fence and barked at me. He was cute. I think he was looking for Tom. I told him, "hey".

It felt good to have gotten that paperwork done and printed and scanned it okay. I didn't think I would be able to do that and NO ONE I know could tell me how except one person tried to explain it to me and without that, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Many people try to pretend they know things when they don't have a clue. It sort of exposed who is full of it.

Someone was in my face, pressuring me to do something after this person literally did nothing to help for a year. Like really. After all I've been through (and this person never did one single thing to help me) they want me to jump around to suit them. Unbelievable. This person actually suggested something that I still can't get my head around. I still love Tom and he is the only one for me. I don't get why someone, who I have known a long time, doesn't get that.

I watched Young Sheldon and Youtube stuff. The Royals released a photo of Prince Louis for his birthday. It's a cute photo. People should get out of Catherine's face over her photography. She takes nice pictures.

I would probably watch the first episode if Meghan Markle cooks, just to see if she's helpful. I saw an old thing of her explaining how she makes toast. It was bizarre because she was more intent on waving her manicure around than actually making something. She was very bossy.

On here. Game of Thrones. I keep my distance, but am supportive. I donated to help the whole thing and I read and do my thing. For donating I said could I have the white wolf badge. She does a good job, but likes to build up the suspense and that involves waiting. A month from now, no one will remember who won. I was on a winning team and it was like okay, it was good for the leader of my team, Hannah ♫♥♫ but it wore me out and left me feeling distant, like I was done. That was maybe nine years ago. But I didn't forget that empty feeling at the end. I was a worker bee and we won, but it was like okay what was all the stress about.

And Hannah ♫♥♫ worked hard, but where is she now I wonder. Why leave like that. And I think she demoted herself for some reason before that. Things didn't turn out good, but she was a creative force. People come and people go.

Other things, like site birthday, it totally fast paced and fun. Lots of surprises that are encouraging. It's different. I might have to pace myself sometimes there, but it's more like a week than a whole month.

Yes, dinner group is today. I go on my own. Maybe I will try and go to Target and get that last bin later on today.

I hope things go your way today and always!

Hi on Thursday. It is April 25, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel okay to do things.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday, I went to Lowe's. I got a short hose, a plant, batteries and a few other things. Then, I went to Target. I need to go back and get one more bin for Tom's things. I am working steadily on the closet and it looks different now and that is better for me. I don't know why I didn't get that yesterday. I got small cranberry juice and a small box for photos. I looked at luggage, but I have enough Vera Bradley bags - almost more than I can carry and those are lightweight.

It will give me something to do today.

Yesterday, I went out on my deck to plant the little plant I got. The corgi was out and he came to the fence and barked at me. He was cute. I think he was looking for Tom. I told him, "hey".

It felt good to have gotten that paperwork done and printed and scanned it okay. I didn't think I would be able to do that and NO ONE I know could tell me how except one person tried to explain it to me and without that, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Many people try to pretend they know things when they don't have a clue. It sort of exposed who is full of it.

Someone was in my face, pressuring me to do something after this person literally did nothing to help for a year. Like really. After all I've been through (and this person never did one single thing to help me) they want me to jump around to suit them. Unbelievable. This person actually suggested something that I still can't get my head around. I still love Tom and he is the only one for me. I don't get why someone, who I have known a long time, doesn't get that.

I watched Young Sheldon and Youtube stuff. The Royals released a photo of Prince Louis for his birthday. It's a cute photo. People should get out of Catherine's face over her photography. She takes nice pictures.

I would probably watch the first episode if Meghan Markle cooks, just to see if she's helpful. I saw an old thing of her explaining how she makes toast. It was bizarre because she was more intent on waving her manicure around than actually making something. She was very bossy.

On here. Game of Thrones. I keep my distance, but am supportive. I donated to help the whole thing and I read and do my thing. For donating I said could I have the white wolf badge. I don't mind waiting.

Other things, like site birthday, is totally fast paced and fun. Lots of surprises that are encouraging. It's different. I might have to pace myself sometimes there, but it's more like a week than a whole month.

Yes, dinner group is today. I go on my own. Maybe I will try and go to Target and get that last bin later on today.

I hope things go your way today and always!


Hi on Thursday. It is April 25, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel okay to do things.

Give love to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartt*

Yesterday, I went to Lowe's. I got a short hose, a plant, batteries and a few other things. Then, I went to Target. I need to go back and get one more bin for Tom's things. I am working steadily on the closet and it looks different now and that is better for me. I don't know why I didn't get that yesterday. I got small cranberry juice and a small box for photos. I looked at luggage, but I have enough Vera Bradley bags - almost more than I can carry and those are lightweight.

It will give me something to do today.

Yesterday, I went out on my deck to plant the little plant I got. The corgi was out and he came to the fence and barked at me. He was cute. I think he was looking for Tom. I told him, "hey".

It felt good to have gotten that paperwork done and printed and scanned it okay. I didn't think I would be able to do that and NO ONE I know could tell me how except one person tried to explain it to me and without that, I wouldn't have been able to do it. Many people try to pretend they know things when they don't have a clue. It sort of exposed who is full of it.

Someone was in my face, pressuring me to do something after this person literally did nothing to help for a year. Like really. After all I've been through (and this person never did one single thing to help me) they want me to jump around to suit them. Unbelievable. This person actually suggested something that I still can't get my head around. I still love Tom and he is the only one for me. I don't get why someone, who I have known a long time, doesn't get that.

I watched Young Sheldon and Youtube stuff. The Royals released a photo of Prince Louis for his birthday. It's a cute photo. People should get out of Catherine's face over her photography. She takes nice pictures.

I would probably watch the first episode if Meghan Markle cooks, just to see if she's helpful. I saw an old thing of her explaining how she makes toast. It was bizarre because she was more intent on waving her manicure around than actually making something. She was very bossy.

On here. Game of Thrones. I keep my distance, but am supportive. I donated to help the whole thing and I read and do my thing. For donating I said could I have the white wolf badge.

Other things, like site birthday, it totally fast paced and fun. Lots of surprises that are encouraging. It's different. I might have to pace myself sometimes there, but it's more like a week than a whole month.

Yes, dinner group is today. I go on my own. Maybe I will try and go to Target and get that last bin later on today.

I hope things go your way today and always!


Hi on Thurs, April 25.

This won't be long - I tried to post earlier and it wouldn't let me although it did update the date on the campfire. If this doesn't work, I will try the computer downstairs (the newer one) later in the day.

I couldn't post in tech support either so I emailed SM and you. Did you get my email?

I hope it is a good day for you and for Miss Bella. *Cat2**Hearty*

I went to Target and Lowers yesterday. There wasn't much else going on.

Watched Youtube and Young Sheldon. Will try and go out tonight.

I am glad I was able to get my documents in and they let me know. That is a blessing I am so grateful for.

Take care and enjoy your visitors! *Heart*

I am doing better with pain. Mornings are hard. Doctors are no help with pain. I pray. I went to the hospital for a UA. Hopefully, it will get back to my Doctor before Wednesday when I go see my Urologist. The Lab is more accurate then my regular Doctor. I was feeling better with my bladder. I had to wait for my handicapped parking space. The Lab was quiet and I told the Tech that and she said shhh. Don't jinx it. I know what she means. My job was quiet at times then all cane broke loose. Anyway, that's done. I hate going to the Doctor and hospital.

I have been named Princess Of The Realm by Stephb. This has perked me up.
"Princess Of The Realm, Thanks Steph

The site being down. Too much GOT traffic but after tomorrow, the forums will be closed. I am tired. I can't get things to post at times for Newsfeed. Our Team is No. 3. I can live with that. I did get your email. I got the Campfire 4 times. I hate when technology breaks down.

I hope that person leaves you alone. I keep getting reviews for GOT and these people never talk to me otherwise. Like really? Ray said I stress myself out. I don't think I will take on projects that last a month anymore. The white wolf badge is beautiful

The Royals. They make us forget our own problems. Cooking. I wonder if they will win Awards. I had to smile. Making toast. Does Meghan have special powers for making toast? I had to laugh. I put butter and strawberry jam on mine.

The Corgi. Dogs miss people who are nice to them. Their memories are more then three months. I come home once a year to Grandma's and the cat knew me and slept with me. She never forgot me. The Corgi remembers Tom,

Ray is always going to Lowes and Menards. If that makes him happy.

Bella *Cat* will need more to eat afterwhile.

My son and his wife may stop by. I will be glad to see her.

Hope you have a good dinner. I am always thinking of you and that person needs to let it go. It will soon be the weekend. Thanks for all you do. I may do more GOT. Later.

Good Morning! It is Friday, April 26, 2024.

Sorry about all those entries yesterday. I kept trying and trying and retyping. All in a panic because it wouldn't post. I made lots of tries.

I hope today is better and that it is a good day for you.

Give nice pets to Miss Bella Kitty! *Cat2**Heartp*

Once I saw that SM was aware of the issue I went away for a while and then it was fixed. Tom always said leave it in good hands with SM and give him time, he can fix anything. At first, I didn't know if it was just me and my old computer so when I saw that others had issues and SM was on the case, I knew all would be well. I could hear Tom's voice telling me to chill. Unfortunately, that was after I posted so many entries in my frantic efforts! *Blush*

Yesterday, I went to Target and the bank. Then, later on, I went to dinner to meet my friends. I had lasagna. It tasted good.

The yard guy was here when I returned, but he didn't do anything in my yard. He said he will come today or tomorrow to do it all and trim this one bush that goes crazy every year. He also picked up his trimmer that he left here last week. I hope he did - I went in before he did that.

Watched Young Sheldon and You Tube.

This thing with the Royal Family. The Strawberry Jam competition. Meghan sending people bowls of lemons with her jam to famous people. Buckingham Palace sells jam, apparently. Who knew? William and Charles, apparently also sell jam and gives the profits to charity. The best looking jam, so far, is Buckingham Palace because they showed it being spread on scones and crumpets. I still don't want to spend a lot of money on strawberry jam, but I would consider a gift box from one of the Royals in England sometime. Not Meghan. Some of her lemons that she sends with the jam look dodgy. Plus, not trusting her with the money would be an issue. I know, if I got bad jam from her, nothing would be her fault or Harry's. That's kind of a problem when they don't identify their ingredients on the labels, that I can see.

I would look in on her cooking show, just to see what's what, (if it ever makes it to Netflix) but if it's her talking about herself endlessly then I would back away from it. It took me a long time to get through that Netflix Harry and Meghan thing because it was them endlessly whining and talking about themselves and every move they made. She, especially, really drones on about meaningless stuff that I can't make sense of, visualizing your own empowerment and such nonsense. The dogs and the kids appeared fleetingly and they were far more interesting to watch. Archie looked cute and seemed sweet, but more mature than both of his parents put together in his too short time on screen. I hope I'm alive when Archie writes his own tell-all about those two.

I still wish I could focus reading better, but maybe time will help and getting through this whole Arlington thing will help to.

Hope so. And, I hope you have a good day.

Did GoT really cause the site problems because of too much traffic? I guess that's lots of activity, which is a good thing.

Take care and enjoy your visits!


The site had a glitch yesterday. I understand all the extra Campfire entries. Not a problem. I think things are fixed now. GOT is winding down. Me, too. I can't think of any more stories. What ever happens, happens. The Storymaster is great at his job. I wouldn't be writing if it wasn't for him and this site. I figured things I wrote no one would ever read them. They do here. Everything you write is here on the site. I am glad.

My cousin fell and he has a lot of back pain. He had to call an ambulance. He sees a pain Therapist. I hope I don't need to see one. The knee replacement causes other pain. Some days, I feel good. The weather being cold isn't helping.

Meghan's Cooking Show. I wonder why the Royals want to cook all of a sudden. Are they firing their cooks? I wouldn't think so. They need their cooks. It is too hard to make jam. I was going out with a guy in college who said we were going to can after we got married. I am glad I didn't marry him. I will play Doris Ziffel. I will buy go the the store and buy jam, take off the labels and say I made it. I love that show. I watched Green Acres last night.

My son called. He and his wife will be over tonight. Mom,. too. They were in Chicago yesterday. My son likes to stay out late. Not me. I am too old.

I am watching Game Of Thrones. It is a rough show. Some of those men are mean. I have only watched 4 episodes.

Bella *Cat* is taking a nap. She runs around in the morning and then she snoozes.

It is going to rain *Rain* It is supposed to rain *Rain* all weekend.

Have a good weekend. Thanks for all you do and being supportive. Praying for better days. Later.

Hello on Saturday. It is April 27, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you are having a nice visit with your son and his wife and feeling good for it. Sorry to read about your cousin falling. That is a terrifying thing to happen.

Give Miss Bella Kitty a nice hug from me! *Cat2**Heartp*

I remember watching Game of Thrones somewhat. I lost interest and never finished it because it was too much for me, with the violence and such. I could sort of see where it was heading after a certain point.

The Royal Family. I didn't realize they were so in to the gift shop thing. It never occurred to me that they would sell things like jam and such. What a surprise. I hear Charles will resume his duties getting out there with people. I don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling about things with him or with Catherine about their health, though.

Yesterday, I ran a few errands. Got myself a tuna sub. The yard guy came and mowed the front and back. He does a nice job of it. I don't think he left anything behind this time. Yay.

We are not going to church tomorrow because my neighbor has company. I can watch the later church service on the live stream.

Watched Young Sheldon and Youtube.

I worked more on putting things in bins to organize and de-clutter. Inch by inch, row by row, I'm getting it done. Maybe, with some glitches, but moving forward.

Every day brings a new challenge. I only hope I am strong enough to get things done coming up.

It seems like the site is back to normal. Yay SM!

I hope it proves to be a good weekend for you and not too rainy.

It is cold here. I don't feel my best. Arthritis thing. I am hoping with warmer weather, things get better. I was up early and vacuumed. I folded up laundry. I watched Full House, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, Murphy Brown and Green Acres.

My son and his wife came over late last night. They were shopping at Walmart. We had chocolate cake and talked.

The Royals have a Gift Shop. No surprise there. I like jam but buying jam at Gift Shops is always expensive. I have Mom buy strawberry jam in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I just buy Smuckers. I feel sorry for King Charles. I pray for him and everything he is going through. Kate, too. I wonder if William will be ready to be King. Maybe Charles will get better and be alright.

I wrote a story for GOT. I am out of ideas. We are almost done. Our team has worked hard.

Bella *Cat* has been playing with her milk ring. I threw it for her and she ran after it. She went to take a nap.

I was up at 5:30 AM. Ray went to Walmart. I will be tired. I am not a morning person.

It is going to rain *Rain* later, It is windy now.

My one aunt has heart problems. She is Dad's youngest sister. My mother and my son and his wife went to visit her today. Seems like my family is getting old and I am, too. I wish I was young again.

Have a good weekend. Thanks for all you do. I am always thinking of you.
Hi on Sunday! It is April 28, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and your nice visit with your son and his wife is continuing.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

This weekend has been quiet. I will watch the church service on the live stream. Am up early as usual, but don't have to go anywhere as my neighbor and I aren't going to church today. I will try for a little outing later on.

I did some laundry and a little cleaning. I went out and gave the car a little exercise. The yard guy didn't come. Sometimes he shows up and sometimes he doesn't. I never know. But when he does come, he makes the yard look nicer so that's a good thing.

Watched Friends on HBO Max. A bunch of episodes. I got rid of Brit Box and picked up Acorn. I was thinking of maybe getting rid of Max, but it has things I want to watch so not yet. I might get rid of Paramount Plus. Netflix is the one I like best at the moment. Also watched some boring stuff on Youtube.

Royal Family Stuff. I guess King Charles is returning to public duty this coming week. I hope he's truly well enough to do that. I also hope Catherine is getting better.

That jam stuff is so odd. I don't get what they are trying to do. It's like back away slowly from the whole Meghan and Harry situation. She's not selling it so what was the point I wonder.

Is Game of Thrones over here? I don't really understand much there, but that is probably for the best. I hope it was a rewarding and fun experience, besides the pressure and stress of it. For me, way back when, I know at the end I was tired from all the work.

I hope today proves to be a good day for you and you feel well.


It is Sunday. I didn't go to Church. Mom didn't go. My son and his wife didn't go. My son and his wife are always doing something. Last night, he found his ceramic cookie monster he used to keep coins in. I suppose he will take it back to Oregon with him. I made him a ceramic blue care bear and Gizmo and cabbage patch boy and girl. I used to do ceramics for a couple of years. My son and his wife are leaving Tuesday. We will have some time together.

I wrote a poem in my journal for your prompt Ring Of Flowers.
"Ring Of Flowers

I don't blame you for canceling your TV cable subscriptions. We just get Digital channels. I watch my DVDS a lot. Game Of Thrones is rough. When I get done with Season 1, I will take a break and watch movies.

That is good Charles is returning to his duties. He has had a rough time. I can feel for Catherine .

I am done with GOT . I may write one or two more stories. I can't think of anything. I have worked hard on this.

It rained *Rain* last night. Ray is mowing grass.

I am doing better today. I am watching CSI:Miami. I need to work on laundry.

I hope you have a good week. Thanks for all you do. Praying for better days.

Hi on Monday. It is early in the morning, April 29.

I hope it is a good day for you and you continue to have a nice visit.

Give hugs to Miss Bella Kitty for me! *Cat2**Heartp*

We didn't go to church so it was kind of an empty Sunday. I drove a little - went to get my lunch at McDonald's drive thru. Otherwise, it was pretty quiet, although I did see my one neighbor when I returned from McDonalds.

I made a bed up, which is a big project. Did laundry from that.

Watched Youtube, Friends and Young Sheldon. Youtube has such a variety of things to watch. I don't know about some of the streaming services. I think Netflix has the best variety of things, consistently.

I have so much anxiety about getting Tom to Arlington now. I have to call them in the morning and make sure it is okay for people to make travel arrangements. Then I have to make some arrangements for me and my brother.

It is a lot to worry about.

At least my yard looks nice now, for the moment. I am so thankful for all the blessings from God. But it is hard times now, it really is.

Royal Family. Charles will be back this week if all goes well. I'm not a big believer in cancer treatment, but I can see the point in him living his life and doing what he enjoys for the rest of it.

I guess Harry will be back in the UK for something or other next week. I wonder if Meghan will show up. I'm thinking she won't, but you never know. I think it's the Invictus Games or the anniversary of something related to that.

I hope today and this week are good for you!


My son leaves tomorrow. I went over to Mom's. The new rail and steps outside are nice. I was able to get up them. That is good. I bought home the blue care bear I had made in ceramics. My son and his wife have so much stuff to load up and take home in the truck. They are making extra stops and will be home Sunday. My daughter-in-law's mother is taking care of the dogs. They have a long drive to Oregon. I pray they will be alright. We didn't get our movie night. He had other stuff to do. They shopped while they were here.

I went to CVS. I got some pills and Aspercreme. I have arthritis issues in other areas. I hope I get better.

I do hope things go alright at Arlington. Mom showed me Dad's old uniform today and hat. She is putting the flag in the display case. It was sad being at Mom's today. I still think of Dad. I kept it together. I understand what you go through. I can't believe it took a year. At least you got it done. Have they given you a date?

Things are quiet on here. I think I am done writing for GOT. I have no more stories in me at this time.

It rained *Rain* today. Going to warm up.

I watched some Hallmark Roya Romance movies yesterday. One was a murder mystery in a castle in Modern Day England. I thought forget that. I watched one about a Princess who did flower arrangements and didn't want to be a Queen. The ones who are Princesses don't want to be and the ones who aren't want to be. Go figure. I sometimes wish I was a Princess.

My son's dog got to see her mother and spend time with her They showed me pictures of them together.

Have a good day. I hope you feel well. I get tired. I hope the warmer weather helps me. Thanks for all you do. I see my Urologist Wednesday. Later.
Hi on Tuesday, the last day of April, 2024.

I hope it is a good day for you and you feel better.

Give hugs to Miss Bella for me! *Heartt*

Hope you are still having a nice visit with your son and that he and his wife have a smooth trip back to the West Coast.

Yesterday, I talked to a lady at Arlington and got more information. We do have a date and reservations (plane for some and hotel) can be made. It will be toward the end of June.

I have been checking into hotels up there. They are so expensive. Everything is an extra add-on, nothing is included anymore up there in that area. I hope to make the reservations I have to make soon.

Watched Season 10, Episode 1 of Brokenwood Mysteries. I love that show! They will be posting a new episode every week for a while. I signed up for Acorn again to watch it. Also watched Young Sheldon, Friends and You've Got Mail. Also part of the 2nd Thin Man movie. I bought the movie, Witness for the Prosecution.

Went to Goodwill to make a donation and to the bank, but that was all.

Hope to go to the Post Office and maybe Target today, plus the Grocery Store I like. Later on I will do that I hope.

My batteries in my downstairs firestick leaked and it made a loud popping noise. But then I looked online and found I'm not the only one. I guess it depends on the batteries. Odd.

Royal Family. I saw Charles went to a Cancer Center to visit patients today. Good for him, living his life again. At some point, I wish treatments would give way to living as far as goals go. I think Charles might be on the right track.

I hope that Catherine feels better and stronger every day. Getting her rest, hopefully.

So, Meghan and Harry are going to Nigeria. He thinks England isn't safe, but Nigeria is. Maybe it is like that for all I know. I have no idea but it's not like they are really Royal anymore. Charles needs to take care of business in that department so it's just Harry and Meghan private citizens visiting and not Prince and Duchess whatevers. First Meghan said she was really from Malta, then traveled