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A monthly contest for animals lovers of all kinds. Round Twelve. (CLOSED)
Welcome to Eternally Our Friends Poetry Contest..

*Heart*Round One*Heart*
Please read rules


          Welcome back to everyone!! Round One for this contest is up and running with a chance to show me how you love your animal friend. This contest is open for everyone who wish to enter a poem of its standards.

There are only a few rules that apply but please take in consideration that its only fair to place a few expectations.



         1. Your poem entered must be about an animal.

         2. You may enter As Many poems for this contest and may & edit them as much as you like until the closing date!!

         3. Please (do not) write about death or injury's or even mistreatments of an animals.

         ( For I am highly SENSITIVE to all living animals )

         4. Your poem(s) must be within a loving form to show your true appreciation towards animals.
( I will not tolerate any discretion towards them in any dark form), if so it shall be disqualified.

          5. Your poem(s) can be of any length at all!

          6. Previously awarded poems are not permitted *Smile*

          7.All entries must be received by the last day of the month, no later than 6pm WDC time. and be posted in "bitem format" This link explains how to do so,

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by A Guest Visitor

          8. If for some reason I do not receive at least 6 qualifying entries, I will only pass out 1000gp's to each entry and maybe a small prize to the poem that really touched my heart.




*Note4* First place winner will receive a 10k Award-i-con

*Note2* Second place winner will receive an 5,000 in Gp's

*Note5* Third place winner will receive 2,500 GP'S

*Note1* Honorable mentions if selected will receive 1000 GP'S

*Heart* Prizes may increase depending on donations! *Heart*

The judging will be done by myself this round!! Unless someone would like to e-mail and offer help!!

          Donations are welcomed at anytime!! *Smile*

Kind donations, *Kiss* =Means the person has donated more then once!!

Much Thanks for your donations


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Good Luck! *Wink*


          A special thanks to, StaiNed Boo! who had a greater influence on this contest!!
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by Captaintaya  •  06-26-09 @ 8:31 pm

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