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2023 Sign-ups are CLOSED. A month-long novel-planning challenge with prizes galore.

Sign-ups for Prep 2024 open Sept. 1!

October Novel Prep Challenge
aka: The Prep / PrepMo / OctoPrep
The juggling octopus that embodies October Prep month.
You CAN win National Novel Writing Month.
For more information about NaNoWriMo: nanowrimo.org  

What is The Prep?
The Prep is a month-long, community-oriented challenge that takes place every October, designed to help you plan a novel prior to writing it. The Prep was created to coincide with NaNoWriMo, but it can be used to prep any novel project. You don't even have to have a novel idea to participate! Your first assignment, on Oct. 1st, is to come up with an idea, and we provide you with brainstorming tools, plot generators, and a whole community of other novelists to help you along.

The Prep Rules:

*Checkr*Each day in October, complete an assignment from the Prep Calendar. The exercises will help you develop your novel-length story before writing it and prepare for the marathon writing of NaNoWriMo  .

*Checkr*Spend at least 15 minutes working on the required assignment each day (no maximum.)

*Checkr*Log your first completed assignment by the end of Oct. 3rd (based on your local time zone) using the Entry Form.

*Checkr*You are never required to link your actual writing. Just tell us you finished the assignment. You are on the honor system.

*Checkr*To compete in one of the four "Contest Rounds," submit your entry via "October Novel Prep Contest Rounds [E] in addition to logging on the Entry Form for Prep assignment credit. NOTE: You are never required to compete in Contest Rounds or link your work. However, you are still required to complete and log the assignments on Contest Round days even if you choose not to compete. NOTE: Contest Round deadlines are based on WDC time, not your local time zone.

*Checkr*Contest Round submissions may be any rating.

*Checkr*Prompts, name generators, brainstorming software and other writing tools are provided but not required. They are simply inspirational tools to get your muse working, since you don't already have your characters, background stories, and settings worked out. Find the writing tools at the bottom of the calendar.

*Checkr*The point is to get you disciplined into writing every day, but life sometimes interferes. Therefore, you may work ahead or fall behind and catch up later, so long as you don't exceed 72 hours between logging completed assignments. Exceptions available for restricted internet access if arranged in advance, or for verified natural disasters, so long as you continue to work on assignments offline. Please email Brandiwyn🎶 for options.

*Checkr*If you exceed 72 hours between posted assignments but still complete all the required work by October 31st, we have a special prize just for you, so please don't give up!

*Checkr*The forum may be used for questions, brainstorming about your work, stumbling blocks you're facing, general encouragement of each other, or anything else you would like to discuss related to the Prep, your novel project, or NaNo in general. So that young writers may participate in the Prep, please keep dialog 13+ and below.

The Prep Prizes:

Contest Round prizes:
*Bullet*1st Place gets a 1st place awardicon and 20,000 Gift Points
*Bullet*2nd Place gets a 2nd place awardicon and 10,000 Gift Points.
*Bullet*3rd Place gets a 3rd place awardicon and 5,000 Gift Points.

Cheerleading prizes:
Our Cheerleading team will award the following prizes at their discretion*:
*Bullet*1,000 Gift Points (unlimited)
*Bullet*5,000 Gift Points (unlimited)
*Bullet*Cheerleading Merit Badges
*The more you support your fellow Preppers, the more prizes you win!

October Novel Prep Challenge Grand Prize:
Successfully complete all of the required assignments by October 31st without exceeding 72 hours between logged assignments and win:
*Bullet* an Exclusive "OctoPrep" Merit Badge.
*Bullet* participation in the elite "NaNoWriMo Sprint Writers Forum [13+] during November.
*Bullet* access to the life-saving "NaNoWriMo Brainstorming Forum [13+] during November.

November NaNoWriMo Grand Prize:
Successfully complete NaNoWriMo in November and win a NaNo Winner Merit Badge.
         Eligibility requirements for this prize:
         *Bulletr* Complete at least one Prep calendar assignment by 10/31.
         *Bulletr* Provide your NaNoWriMo author name via the Signup Form.
         *Bulletr* Your NaNoWriMo account   must reflect at least 50,000 words by 11/30.

Tokyo: [Refresh to load countdown.]
Mumbai: [Refresh to load countdown.]
Moscow: [Refresh to load countdown.]
York: [Refresh to load countdown.]
New York: [Refresh to load countdown.]
Nashville: [Refresh to load countdown.]
Reno: [Refresh to load countdown.]
Honolulu: [Refresh to load countdown.]
South Pole: *Confused* 🤷‍♀️ Prolly depends where you're standing
North Pole: Only Santa Knows *SantaHat*

The Prep Personnel:

Click to Meet Your Prep Leaders
Your Leadership Team consist of executive leaders, writing coaches, tech support and administrative support. Your leaders are here to help you, answer your questions, explain assignments, coach you in your writing, fix technical problems and keep you informed. Throughout October, we will send out a daily email announcing which participants are still in the running for Merit Badges.

Want to serve on the Leadership Team?
"Prep Instructions: Leadership Team [E]

Click to Meet Your Cheerleaders
Your Cheerleaders are here to motivate you, reward you for motivating one another, and nudge you when you're close to a deadline. Our Cheerleaders will award "Cheerleading" Merit Badges, GPs and other goodies to anyone offering encouragement, whether a contestant or external general supporter.

Want to serve on the Cheerleading Team?
"Prep Instructions: Cheerleaders [E]

Click to Meet Your Contest Round Judges
Your judges are here to select the winners of the Contest Rounds. Prep participants may serve as judges but are not eligible to compete in the Contest Round(s) that they judge. They are still eligible for the Grand Prizes and to compete in the other Contest Rounds.

Want to serve on the Judging Team?
"Prep Instructions: Contest Round Judges [E]

Click to Meet Your Sponsors
Without the support of these generous sponsors, we could not fund your prizes. Donations are always much appreciated. Please send them to Group#1474310. You can also contribute and encourage one another by buying "(de)Motivational cNotes [18+] or "[ASR] (de)Motivational cNotes [ASR].

If you would like to help but are not able to donate GPs or time, consider donating one or two of your FREE monthly Merit Badges. They will be required on Nov. 1st and/or Dec. 1st. All you have to do is save them up (don't award a Merit Badge to anyone for 30 days prior), and then coordinate with the Leaders to award a badge to one of our winners on each of the award days.

Click to Meet Your Teammates
This group houses both your fellow participants and Prep funds. When you sign up, we will automatically add you to the group to receive daily emails. There is no maximum number of contestants, so bring your friends!

Good luck and happy writing!

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Important Prep Links:

*Bulletr* Sign up using the (2024 Signup Form pending)
*Bulletr* See assignments on the (2024 Assignment Calendar pending)
*Bulletr* Log assignments on the (2024 Entry Form pending)
*Bulletr* Monitor your assignment progress on the  2023 LOG  
*Bulletr* Compete in the "October Novel Prep Contest Rounds

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