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Sin Bashing Permitted but No Hatred '
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Sin Bashing Permitted but No Hatred '
#2108333 by Chris Breva

I posted an article recently that started a fire storm on here. In the article i stated that the play, Corpus Christi, which is rumored to become a movie, was blasphemous and an insult to any Christian because the movie portrays Jesus and each of the disciples as homosexuals. I stated that I found the very nature of the movie repulsive because God's word says that homosexuality is a sin. I have since discovered that both the movie and the play are a hoax but the sentiment remains the same. If Jesus did anything that God's word commanded Him not to do or failed to do anything that God's word commanded Him to do then he would be a sinner as well and unfit to be made the perfect sacrifice for sin. Therefore my objection to the repugnant play is not because of the homosexuality but rather the blasphemous idea that Jesus was a sinner. if that's wrong, i'll be happy to discuss it at length with anybody. Since there was so much Over the past two days I have been called upon repeatedly to defend my beliefs. I have been called everything from a Nazi to homophobic, when in reality I didn't make a statement concerning my personal beliefs about homosexuality at all. What I stated was the opinion of the Apostle Paul when he spoke of homosexuality in Romans 1: 18 - 32. I personally don't care what people do with their lives. Anybody over the age of 18 is an adult and we are all creatures with freewill. Even God respects our right to make our own choices, even those choices he doesn't approve of. if he didn't respect that right he wouldn't have given it to us. However He does tell us what he expects of us, and He will hold us accountable for it. My personal opinion and one dollar will buy you a cup of coffee at some restaurants. However god's opinion decides the fate of your eternal soul.

This blog will be a place where i can freely discuss my "controversial" Christian opinions, which in reality aren't my opinion at all. They're God's! All too often Christians are accused of being intolerant because we repeat God's word. We're told that people don't care what our "book" says and all we're doing is stating our own opinions. This isn't true. We're stating the opinions of the God that our faith tells us wrote that "book". If anybody has a problem with his opinion they can take it up with him. He's coming soon!
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