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a "nonsensical" writing activity. Shssh! Activity in Session!

Wonderland-BannerWonderland Banner
Based off the beloved children's literature "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" by Lewis Caroll, this is an activity designed to get you - sometimes - thinking out of your comfort zone.
You will experience the 'sensical' and 'nonsensical'; going through each adventure just as Alice did!
Only when you complete all the challenges, can you claim your rightful crown as Queen (or King)!

*Announce* Rules of Engagement *Announce*
*Crown* Prizes *Crown*
*Chesspawnw* The White Pawns (Players) *Chesspawnw*
*Trophyg* Hall of Fame (Past Winners) *Trophyg*
*Rabbit2* Into Wonderland *Rabbit2*
*Horsehead2* Through the Looking Glass *Horsehead2*
*Tackr* Forum Posts *Tackr*

*Crown* You must create a blog/book item to keep all entries for this activity.
Any and all challenges requesting you to post links to your entries must lead directly to said book/blog.
You must also enable comments for your item.

*Suitheart* All entries can be no higher than the 18+ rating.
Please keep to word or line count and place those within your written items. No exceptions. Any item without this is automatically eliminated from consideration.
                             *Bullet* Stories and poems can be connected to each other or can stand alone.
                             *Bullet* Judging will be based on overall quality of stories/poems/tasks and not just on any particular one.
                             *Bullet* Judges can either review and rate every item they read or simply give a general comment/rating. Since we might have a lot to read, please do not expect as many detailed reviews.
                             *Bullet* Entries will be judged on creativity - how well the challenges were carried out - how cohesive the stories (if all are connected) are or how well-rounded each one is, as well as spelling/grammar - please be sure to keep this in mind while editing your stories.

*Crown* You must post each adventure in order. You cannot skip or move ahead. Once you complete each adventure, you submit your completed responses in a post. For example, if you have completed the section "A. Down the Rabbit Hole", create a new forum post with that header to alert the judges.
                             *Bullet* With each post, you will be checked off as having passed that stage.
                             *Bullet* You cannot post a new section until previous has been noted by judge(s).
                             *Bullet* You can continue to work on the other sections, while waiting for approval in this forum. Remember the key is to post IN ORDER.

*Suitheart* Note that once final judging commences you cannot edit your story. If we notice a modification date after the deadline (the 31st of March), it will be disqualified.

*Crown* Sign ups begin February 1st, 2024 and ends February 25th, 2024. No more participants will be accepted after deadline.

*Suitheart* Activity officially begins February 27th, 2024 and ends March 31st, 2024; 11:59 p.m. Writing.com Time.

All ‘Queens/Kings’ (anyone who finishes the challenge) in honor of eyestar~* will receive the:
*Crown* Exclusive "Mona's Wonderland” MB + 20,000gps
Merit Badge in Mona's Wonderland
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs
Our way of celebrating just how much she loved this challenge and inspired others to do the same!

Wonderland Awards
(based on the judges' decisions)
*Trophyg* Best Book/BlogQueen Alice Plaque (200,000gps) + Exclusive 'Queen Alice' MB
*Trophys* 1st Runner UpQueen Alice Ribbon (170,000gps) + Exclusive 'Queen Alice' MB
*Trophyb* 2nd Runner UpQueen Alice Ribbon (25,000gps) + Exclusive 'Queen Alice' MB
(however if less than five qualified entries, prize(s) will be awarded at judges' discretion)
Merit Badge in Queen Alice
[Click For More Info]

Congratulations on your new merit badge! Thank you for supporting the Writing.Com community with your inspirations, participation and activities. We sincerely appreciate it! -SMs

Best Book/Blog:
Gervic in Wonderland  (E)
My Wonderland adventures are kept here...
#2313223 by GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale

1st Runner Up:
Most everyone's mad here. A cyberpunk reimagining of Alice In Wonderland.
#2314762 by Jeremy

2nd Runner(s) Up:
A Wonderous Tumble   (E)
my 2024 Compendium
#2313325 by H❀pe

Waltzing In Wonderland  (13+)
A book to hold all writing for 'Wonderland.'
#2314394 by Choconut

*Crown* Princess Megan Rose 22 Years | *Crown* Dragon is hiding | *Crown* Chrys O'Shea
*Crown* QueenNormaJeanGreeneggs&vegham | *Crown* Amethyst Angel🌸📝🪽 | *Crown* Rhyssa
*Crown* Sox and Sandals | *Crown* Elycia Lee ☮

*Crown* Princess Megan Rose 22 Years - "Wonderland Going Down The Rabbit Hole 2
*Crown* Dragon is hiding - "Invalid Item
*Crown* Chrys O'Shea - "Down The Rabbit Hole
*Crown* QueenNormaJeanGreeneggs&vegham - "Wonderland - Version 2024
*Crown* Amethyst Angel🌸📝🪽 - "Angel in Wonderland
*Crown* Rhyssa - "Slipping into Madness
*Crown* Sox and Sandals - "Wonderland Again.
*Crown* Elycia Lee ☮ - "Wonderland 2024

"[Queens/Kings] Wonderland Hall-of-Fame

*Suitclub* iKïyå§ama
*Suitclub* Lornda
*Suitclub* StaiNed-House Targaryen
*Suitclub* Scotty1615

------------- Ready to Play? Let's Go! -------------

A. Down the Rabbit Hole

B. The Pool of Tears

C. The Caucus-race and a Long Tale

D. Advice from a Caterpillar

E. Pig and Pepper

F. A Mad Tea-Party

G. The Queens Croquet Ground

H. The Mock Turtle's Story

I. Alice's Evidence

White Pawn (You!) to play and win in nine moves

A. Looking Glass House

B. The Garden of Live Flowers

C. Looking Glass Insects

D. Tweedledum and Tweedledee

E. Wool and Water

F. Humpty Dumpty

G. The Lion and the Unicorn

H. Its My Own Invention

I. Queen Alice

Life, what is it but a dream? - Lewis Carroll

*Suitdiamond**Suitdiamond**Suitdiamond* The Generous White Knights: *Suitdiamond**Suitdiamond**Suitdiamond*

[Refresh to load countdown.]
until deadline!

a huge thank you to the lovely Lilli 🧿 ☕ and "The Quills for the award recognitions.
Merit Badge in Quill Honorable Mention
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Congratulations on being named Honorable Mention for Best New Contest for  [Link To Item #2212324]  at the 2020 Quill Awards. *^*Delight*^* For more information, see  [Link To Item #quills] . Signature for those who win an honorable mention at the 2020 Quill Awards

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