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Review for my contests. You choose the contest.
*Reading* *Reading* Reviewer's Club *Reading* *Reading*

If you like to review, I need you. I need reviews from time to time for my contests (most of which are fundraisers). I am willing to pay for the reviews through the Reviewing Credits System. You are not obligated to review for every contest. You can choose which contest you would like to review for. I will send emails out to members when new contests come up. You have the opportunity to sign up and participate for that particular contest. I will pay at least 100 GPS for each review.
The reviews may or may not be for the contest entries. They may be as part of the prizes. I will specify it in the emails I send out and you can choose what you would like to participate in.


*Bullet* Reviews must be public. Otherwise I will not be able to pay you through the Reviewing Credits System.

*Bullet* Reviews must end with "Reviewer's Club". So that I know which reviews are for me.

*Bullet* For each contest I will have you send me an email when it is over with a bitem link to the items you reviewed.

*Bullet* Items reviewed must be static items unless otherwise posted.

*Bullet* New guidelines may be added at any time if I see fit.


*Heart* A link to the Reviewer's Club will be posted in each contest leading back to you as a member and hopefully getting you more exposure.

*Heart* Sometimes I will put a direct link to your port in the contests.

*Heart* You will benefit from the Reviewing Credit System.

*Heart* You will become an expert reviewer over time. *Smile*

Please click links below for further benefits and information.
"Reviewing @ Writing.Com
"The Review Mixer
"Daily Review Rewards


*Kiss* As an added thank you, I will sponser items in your port from time to time.

*Kiss* I will offer free sigs from time to time.

To Become a Member

Review this item as a sample review just like you would one of the reviews for the contest. Please make it public and end it with "Reviewer's Club"
*Note1* Note: this will not necessarily be a paid review.

I will then add you to the group.

GP donations are accepted and greatly appreciated for this group.

To donate simply go under "My Gift Points"
Put the # 1006606 in the 'Group's Item ID' text box and the amount of GPS you would like to donate in the 'Number of Gift Points' text box.
Make sure and press the 'Confirm Gift Point Transer' button. *Smile*

*Star* GP Donators:
Helen Aussie Writer/Editor

Thank You so much *Smile*

  Group Members:  20 Members

  Group Gift Point Balance:  24,825 GPs

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