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You have an item you want to sell on E-Bay. It's junk, but convince me to buy it!
I recently had a bitter experience with E-bay. I won't go into details, let us just say, I will never go E-Bay again! This little contest is for all you B.S.ers out there. I will give you an item each week with a brief description of that item, and its flaws. You convince me to buy the item with your creative description. The person that convinces me to purchase this piece of junk will get 3,000 gps.

*Smile* You can enter as many times as you want!*Smile*

*Exclaim* *Exclaim* *Exclaim* *Exclaim* *Exclaim*

Your next item to sell is a doll. You got him at a garage sale, and it seemed a good bargain for such an interesting antique, even though the face was cracked and the paint was peeling. When you brought the doll home, strange things started happening; Bumps in the night, things moving on their own, eerie giggling sounds in the middle of the night... You've tried throwing him away, but the very next morning, he is glaring at you from the living room sofa. *Worry* You've decided the only recourse is to sell the doll on E-Bay and ship it far, far away. Have fun putting a creative spin on this one!*Note1*

A photograph of one of my dolls, for "Sell It"

*Shock* *Shock* *Shock* *Shock* *Shock*

Have fun and good luck convincing me to buy this creepy piece of junk!

*Snow2* *Snow2* *Snow2* *Snow2* *Snow2*

*Exclaim* *Exclaim* *Exclaim*

Steev the Friction Wizurd Winner of this round, And my one and only entry! *Bigsmile* He would have won anyway, his description of the bike was dead on! *Laugh* Next item up for sale, just look up top for details!

*Heart* *Heart* *Heart* *Heart*

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 09-01-05 @ 1:57pm
Just as an example: Victorian lawn decoration with lots of character. Naturally weathered.

B.S. Artist: doglady @ 09-01-05 @ 4:47pm
Add Charm to your garden.Vintage Garden Gnome,slightly maimed.Lost his hand in the Labrador Tennis Ball War.See him peeking out behind a plant,very cute!

B.S. Artist: Roscoe @ 09-16-05 @ 9:16pm
Need sophisticated elegance on your lawn? Here’s your right hand man! When stationed at Saudi Arabia Airport, Hertz Cars clients voted him Most Helpful Staff Member. Falsely convicted of theft, he was punished, deported and seeks pastures new.

B.S. Artist: Stretch Longfellow @ 10-14-05 @ 4:10pm
1 RARE garden gnome Only 3 garden gnomes out of 2005's January production in the entire world has a missing right hand. I have one that I would be willing to part with for a meager sum of 2,000 GP. Think of what it could go for in two years!

B.S. Artist: Lynn @ 10-14-05 @ 6:18pm
This unusual, friendly gnome will be a lovely addition to your garden. Place fresh cut or plastic flowers in the vase opening (where the hand usually is) and your garden will bloom year round. A unique piece, full of character.

B.S. Artist: Auntie Flamingo @ 10-14-05 @ 10:51pm
Increase the visual value of your estate with this one-of-a-kind statuette. Unique, sculpted features makes this item light weight figurine a must have for your collection. Bidding will start at 2,000 GPs for this spectacular decorative piece.

B.S. Artist: Madison @ 10-14-05 @ 11:35pm
Adds an instant homey touch to your lawn or garden! The character this one item can put into your house and surrounding property is amazing! A slight chip in one hand due to transportation issues, but other than that, looks to be brand new.

B.S. Artist: ridinghhood--p. boutilier @ 10-15-05 @ 9:54am
Rare lawn gnome from the estate of Lama Rama Dama Ding Dong. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Ponder the mystery at your front door. Bid high.

B.S. Artist: Zuly @ 10-16-05 @ 5:55am
This lawn gnome will bring your garden back to life with its beauty and craftsmanship. Imported from the Taiwan where it was meticulously handcrafted and painted by specialized workers. You can be sure that this piece of art will always bring you smiles.

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 10-16-05 @ 8:13am

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 10-16-05 @ 8:54am
Okay, new item posted. Go for it!

B.S. Artist: Bluestone @ 10-16-05 @ 9:58am
Heirloom framed portrait of a young Southern gentleman in a white suit. Lovingly passed down thru generations; will bring tears to your eyes.

B.S. Artist: Helen Aussie Writer/Editor @ 10-16-05 @ 3:06pm
Elvis is still the King. Feel closer to him than ever before. A truely sensual realistic experience. Go back through time - see him on stage, touch and smell, Devine.

B.S. Artist: Murphy. Is. Back. @ 10-17-05 @ 2:58pm
Celebrate Elvis' life (and death) with this 100% Elbonian Velvet rendition of the King himself! Masterfully created, and then expertly aged to show the idea of what Elvis looks and smells like RIGHT NOW! A perfect conversation piece!

B.S. Artist: River Song @ 10-19-05 @ 3:02pm
The one and only, HAND MADE beautiful velvet portrait of the King of Rock and Roll is now available for YOU to own! The only one left in the world! Completely one of a kind! Bids are coming in fast, so bid now to own this once in a lifetime treasure!

B.S. Artist: Allister1963 @ 10-21-05 @ 11:42am
Heirloom for sale – Elvis on Black Velvet by Felix– Change of circumstances forces sale. Minor damage adds authenticity. An Investment for the future. You’ll want to save this for the grandchildren.

B.S. Artist: ♥Flower♥ @ 10-21-05 @ 7:24pm
Forget Fabian, Forget Elvis, Forget Colonel Sanders... I've got the romantic portrait to melt your socks off. He's dreamy. Get him now. Authentic Eighteenth Century Faux Frame adds to the mystique.

B.S. Artist: Ruth Haggett @ 10-22-05 @ 4:09pm
Portrait Of Elvis,"THE KING",With Strategically Placed Holes.To Get The Full Effect Of Being With "THE KING"Stand With-In A Foot,Take A Deep Breath,And Let His Feline Instincts Bring You There. This One Of A Kind Portrait Can Be Yours.

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 11-30-05 @ 10:34pm
CLOSED FOR JUDGING!Great job folks! Sorry it took me so long to get back to the contest. Winners posted within an hour! I will post a new Item so You all can get started with your sales pitches!

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 11-30-05 @ 10:45pm
*Heart*New item posted, have at it!*Heart*

B.S. Artist: SliceableKitty @ 12-08-05 @ 4:04pm
Haunted cookware set! When I purchased this cookware from Sears seventeen years ago, it had a non-stick coating. But now, the coating has mysteriously vanished! Clearly, this is a work of the supernatural! Don't miss this unique haunted item!

B.S. Artist: Nick Taylor @ 12-09-05 @ 8:24am
This cookware was originally used by Elvis Presley! Yes, that's right, the "King of Rock and Roll" used this cookware. AND IT STILL COOKS PERFECTLY!!! A MUST BUY!!!

B.S. Artist: MandiK~ : p @ 12-09-05 @ 9:21am
Purchase the very first set of non-stick cookware used by budding personal chef Heather P! Each piece will be autographed by this culinary phenome who has rivalled her classmates at the French Culinary Indtitute!

B.S. Artist: Bluestone @ 12-17-05 @ 12:08am
HOLY COOKWARE!! Miracle pot displays image of the Virgin Mary making the "peace sign" in Teflon outline. Your kitchen will be blessed and your life will be forever changed!! FREE SHIPPING buy NOW!!!

B.S. Artist: dreamer hates finals @ 12-18-05 @ 8:06pm
Beautiful, atuhentic set of cookware ready to use. It has that nice, cooked-in look, and that down-home feel that most modern cookware lacks. If you don't need it to cook, it can add charm to drab kitchen walls. Yours now for only 2,000 GPs!

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 12-20-05 @ 7:53pm
Good news folks! I have extended the contest until Christmas Eve night! Just think, you might find 2,000 gps in your WDC christmas stocking!Happy Christmas Shopping!Ravenwand

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 01-08-06 @ 9:47am
*Heart*Winner announced and New item up for sale! Congratulations to Bluestone for his/her winning entry. have fun and good luck in the contest!*Heart*

B.S. Artist: Bluestone @ 01-10-06 @ 2:51pm
I've been holding onto this personal stash of Beatles memorabilia since the night I snuck into their hotel room and gathered astonishing evidence of their wild revelries. I hate to part with it, but some lucky fan will win the jackpot with a high bid.

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 01-19-06 @ 5:01pm
Come on, Y'all, no way to earn 2,000gps if ya don't enter anything! I need at least seven entries to reward the prize.

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 02-26-06 @ 10:23am
Come on! I need entrants! Surely you can convince me to buy a bunch of used kleenex!*Bigsmile*

B.S. Artist: Forge @ 10-02-06 @ 3:12am
Knick Knack paddy wack, get your Brick-A-Brack here... Famous throw aways if your either nostaligic about Elvis or looking to build a mural or paper mache? ... Kleenex and Gum - pre loved fun for everyone!

B.S. Artist: phyduex @ 11-08-06 @ 4:14am
U could shop all over town, ransack neighbors trash. . .who needs THAT headache?! Everything needed 4 Martha Steward's "We Tissue A Merry X-Mas" centerpiece has already been painstakingly collected 4 U! Supplies won't last!

B.S. Artist: Maryann @ 04-28-07 @ 2:29pm
Won't last long. Up for auction are cigarette butts from the Marlboro man, and double mint gum chewed by a set of twins. I can't say their names, but a New York minute comes to mind. Also thrown in are a few more famous suprises. Good luck!

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 06-30-07 @ 4:42pm
Congratulations to Phyduex! Winner of this round, finally got enough to do it! We Tissue A Merry Christmas made me giggle! Way to go! Next item up for sale, just look up top for details! Ravenwand

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 09-23-07 @ 9:27am
Wow. Four months and no sellers. Do y'all want the gift points, or what? Put your hip waders on and deal out some B.S!

B.S. Artist: Steev the Friction Wizurd @ 11-17-07 @ 8:59am
Antique bicycle. Natural weathering gives it great character. All original, including tires and seat. No flimsy alloys used in construction, just pure strong steel with an oxidized finish. May require minor maintenance to put in optimum running condition.

B.S. Artist: Starr* Rathburn @ 04-19-08 @ 12:31am
That's a great picture, but after reading Steve's great entry, I don't know how I could compete. I think he's got it covered!

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 04-20-08 @ 11:40am
*Bigsmile*Congrats to Steev the Friction Wizurd !!! You win, amongst all your competitors! Gps are on their way! Next item up for bid, Enjoy!

B.S. Artist: Steev the Friction Wizurd @ 04-20-08 @ 2:28pm
Crack head baby doll with rolling eyeballs, painted lips and nasty vertical scars on both eyes. Scare your 6-year-old straight: "And this is what happens to babies who smoke crack..."

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 04-20-08 @ 9:53pm
Tired of a lonely silent existence? Well your lonliness will soon be over! This doll will fill your house with laughter and surprise around every corner! (No refunds, no returns, one way shipping only)

B.S. Artist: Summer... who's she again? @ 04-27-08 @ 10:22am
Lovely past-its-prime antique doll for sale! Going cheap in price, but not in quality. Guaranteed to liven up your house! Also able to teach your 6-yr-old a lesson: Don't take drugs.

B.S. Artist: Simplicity-In-A-Jar @ 04-27-08 @ 10:45am
Vintage Doll! Made waaaaaaay back then, this doll was actually owned by Princess Ding-a-ling. Selling cheap! Buy Buy BUY! Disclaimer: Please keep in safe or in a safe area where it can't escape.

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 04-27-08 @ 12:26pm
I've changed the font size, so the entries won't be so miniscule! And you can use emoticons and writing ML.

B.S. Artist: wolfepack on the prowl @ 04-27-08 @ 1:37pm
Flaws provide character right? Well this has plenty of it. This one of a kind doll is full of surprises. It's always up for a good giggle. Apply cosmetics as needed.

B.S. Artist: Starr* Rathburn @ 04-28-08 @ 8:32pm
Full-color Doll with engaging eyes, red *Kiss*, and (mostly) benign expression. A sure win at Hallowe'en! Come by to let us convince you of its merits. *Bigsmile*

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 04-29-08 @ 6:41am
OT Starr, that is actually one of my dolls! My son is creeped out by it, but my daughter and I think he is cute as a button. Photoshop helped me make him more hideous.

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 11-18-09 @ 7:53pm
Well, I'm trying to resurrect this contest, so hopefully, we'll have some entries. Doll is still for sale, convince me to buy it! (Jees, it's been over a year!)

B.S. Artist: Ravenwand, Rising Star! @ 11-18-09 @ 7:57pm
time for a new font!!!

B.S. Artist: CopyPaper @ 06-14-10 @ 4:14pm
Vintage item - the only one originally made for a little old lady who liked to blow up dolls as a teenager. Hand-painted by armless chimpanzees. Also makes Julienne Fries. Guaranteed not to rust unless you leave it in the rain.

B.S. Artist: Steev the Friction Wizurd @ 06-14-10 @ 10:27pm
5 years ago you started this In&Out!!! Seems like just last year.

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