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The boys of anime/video games somehow control the bodies/minds of girls from their series.
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Chapter #6


    by: Starfighter364
Ok, now for the invention in question, maybe one he creates after they meet the Zygarde Core Bonnie names Squishy. In order to try to figure out more about Squishy, Clemont uses it to try to connect Ash and Squishy's minds telepathically, but things go wrong, and Ash absorbs Squishy, although no one but Ash realizes (Ash keeps it a secret) as no one can see it happen through the smoke of the invention's explosion. Ash remains himself in body and mind for the most part, but is aged over the next 6 hours to be 16, has the Pokémon desire to mate (ramped up by the fact that he's raced passed puberty, and is feeling it all of the sudden), and also seeks to have all 49 of the Zygarde Cells under his domain possess girls.

Ash can either control cells and girls directly in the traditional way for possession, or separate his mind enough from them to give them some independence, but they will be loyal to him, and see themselves as extensions of Ash. At first he won't have their memories, but he can access their minds whether controlling them directly or having them be drones, but he'd have to go through them individually. Any human girl possessed will, over the course of an hour per year become Ash's age, and can't be unpossessed.

The Zygarde core that is the counterpart to Squishy is will also be connected to him due to his strong aura, and won't be able to be controlled by others without Ash being under control, but it doesn't seek to possess others with its cells. As Serena and Bonnie are nearby, Ash sends two of his cells into them that night when they are in their tents (as in, one for Serena and Bonnie, and one for Ash and Clemont), with everyone but Ash asleep. The cells can enter a girls body to control them through any openings, but he naturally feels the desire to insert the cells into the girls mouths or vaginas, the mouths because of simplicity, and the vaginas because he is in direct control upon entering, and will feel the aftermath of any pleasure he induces.

You have the following choices:

1. Ash absorbs Zygarde

2. Another invention

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