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MONSTERS! Fighting alongside of humans? That's just not right. Or is it? 8,860+ views.

MONSTERS! Fighting alongside of humans? That's just not right. Or is it? 8,860+ views.

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*Note, this takes place in the same world as John Wolfstone and Vegetarian monster, so characters and places from those stories, as well as the world that they are based off of, can be used.*

Just for you to know, this is based off of the following "static" interactive,
 Army of Humans and Monsters  (18+)
When a human joins the Army, he finds many monsters, but they are his allies. 3,790+ Vs.
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Check it out if you want to, especially if you want to add to characters that I have already created in this story. Enjoy!

By the way, I got that story made into a book. Check it out.

Army of Humans and Monsters-The Book  (18+)
This is the book version of my Army of Humans and Monsters
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Oh, here's a Christmas story that takes place in this world.
A Monster Soldier's Christmas  (13+)
A soldier's Christmas Story.
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In a world were monsters exist, and tend to eat humans, the military is very strange, as it has many rules that all soldiers, no matter their rank, species, or branch of service, must follow.

1. No soldier is allowed to kill, or eat, a fellow soldier, unless there are specific reasons for dong so. These reasons include if someone has broken the major laws of the military, if there is no other source of food, or as part of the funeral of a fallen comrade.

2. While sexual relations between soldiers and their comrades are tolerated, even though those between different ranks are slightly frowned upon, no soldier is allowed to rape another, soldier or civilian. *Note, when it comes to sex, I'll allow gay/lesbian, straight, or bisexuality. Just try to keep it casual, to a degree okay.*

3. Soldiers are not allowed to eat those under the age of recruitment, and are to give those that are, that are served as part of a meal, the option of joining the military. *note, bringing in new recruits, or child meals, is a way to make a bonus in one's pay*

4. Soldiers are to respect their comrades, regardless of race.

5. Soldiers are to listen to their officers, regardless of the officer's race. *note, those human officers can kill the strongest of civilian giants with no problems, due to the training that they go through.*

Those who break the rules can be executed or given a dishonorable discharge.

However, there are benefits to be had as well.

1. No civilian authority can touch those in the military.

2. A soldier's family is considered to be military property, and thus protected from being harmed by civilian authority.

3. Should one be killed in combat or training, the medics with magic are taught a highly top secret spell that has a high chance of bringing one back to life, over ninety-nine percent. Of course, when it comes to humans, even magic users, there is a thirty percent chance that they will be turned into one of the undead, either a zombie or vampire.

4. Should one be unable to be brought back, usually because their body was totally destroyed, and they are a ghost, they can still serve in a few ways, such as spying and target practice.

5. Should one receive an honorable or medical discharge, they, and their family, are still under military protection, as well as their assistance, in any matter, whether it is business related, family related, and so forth.

Soldiers come from all backgrounds, from homeless, to convicts, to the wealthy.

Should they make it through training, they are branded with an iron, marking them as professionally trained soldiers.

Serve your country, Soldiers.

Tell me what you think, and be honest. (rate and review fellow writers)

*Note* I'd like to dedicate this to anyone who is, or was, or knows someone who is, or did, serving in the military.

*Timeline Note* Prologue takes place in our equivalent of WW1. Jenkins and Redclaws are part of the equivalent of the Allies, the US Army to be close to it, in the equal to the Western Front.

The present day soldiers, that are training now, may fight in the Middle East, or any other place, like special operations in the Pacific, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe. The weapons can either be equivalent to those that are being used currently, or more futuristic, and did I forget to mention that there are magic users guys.

Also, you can be an officer, who could have fought in equivalents to WW2, Korea, Vietnam, the First Gulf War, or any other such thing. As for the enemy, if it fits the environment, go ahead. Also, demons can be part of the military, though they cannot harm their comrades, that's in the contract that all soldiers sign.

PS, when it comes to dealing with the enemy, well, I think that some of our boys deserve a little treat for all of their control, for not eating their comrades. (A giant licks his lips as he picks up an enemy werewolf, that had tried to eat his human comrade, who is now whimpering in fear, as the human soldier whistles a tune, and walks away, as the werewolf begs for mercy, before the giant eats him alive.)

By the way, here is a list of things I've made.

Things I've made.  (ASR)
A list of things I've made.
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