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You are Dustin a boy who loves big fat women has the power to make women large more inside

You are Dustin a boy who loves big fat women has the power to make women large more inside

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You are Dustin a boy who loves big women the bigger the better but the world you live in frowns on women been fat or over-weight by the smallest amount. So all the women are thin or average and hate to gain weight leaving you to your cartoons, anime, manga's and other stuff. Some time fantasying about making one of them big and soon that fantasy comes true as you are giving the power to make big and fat as fat as you desire them to be. But that isn't all you are also giving the power to travel to other worlds to make girls of your fantasy huge fat blobs. So now you must travel to worlds and find the women you want and fatten them up to make your ultimate fat harem of girls.

1.) Only women can get fat no male weight gain one bit

2.) No male slash female is ok as long as the main male character is involve

3.) You must pick up at lease one girl from each world you choice so if you choice to go to the Naruto world you mut make one girl there part of your fat harem and be fatten up. After that you can then make up a new world that he can go to.

4.) The worlds you go to are only limited by your own imagation so hope plenty of you know a lot of manga's, anime's, cartoons, game what ever. As long as it has hot girls to fatten up.

5.) No loli stuff if you choice a girl that is young age her up to 17 years of age or older like say choose Yukari from Rosario+Vampire she must be aged up from 12 to 17 so no children as part of the harem.

6.) Ok new rule going to worlds with animal characters are fine but they most be made anthro like girl which means she can be animal but also look like human female like any anthro girl. So like you can go to a world with animal characters like Sonic Hedgehog but make them more female and older if you most. You can also have it that Dustin can also turn girls into anthro girls if you so like for example say go to the Pokemon world and turn Misty into fish like girl or something as long as she still gets fat. Now rules for anthro girls they most have hands, feet, breast, pussy, all that like a human girl. But they can make there skin into scales, give them webbed hands and feet, wings tail stuff like that change most anything else or add things to them. Also with mermaid characters you don't have to change them much thay can have there fish tail but give them the ability to split or turn there tail into legs to let them on land or have sex ok.

7.) Weight gain doesn't have to be realistic though make it slightly realistic like making a girl go from 90 pounds to 500 in a hour or so is fine.

8.) Now how large the girls get well the only limit is don't make them as large as a Continent. So a girl can't become as large as the United State's or even a planet remember they are to be part of a fat harem and the guy needs to be able to please them after all.

9.) Sex senses are fine after all got it over 18 rating so go crazy

10.) Only slight toilet stuff like farting, burping a bit slobbishness but no crapping or pissing themselves ok I am ok with some slobby stuff not a lot those.

Well that is all have fun with this all.
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