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Mike discovers a remote that allows him to fuse people together. Hijinks ensue.

Mike discovers a remote that allows him to fuse people together. Hijinks ensue.

This is an interactive story containing 348 chapters. Each chapter tells part of the story and often ends with multiple choices. Make a choice and move to the next chapter in your story. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition!
The creator of this Interactive Story provides this information and guidance:
Mike discovers a remote that allows him to fuse people together. Needless to say, he ends up getting into all kinds of crazy situations.

How the Remote Works
The Fuse button - fuses two people together
To fuse two people together:
1. Select first target
2. Select second target
3. Press Fuse button

The De-Fuse button - splits a fused person back into the original two people
Has no effect on normal people
To de-fuse a fused person
1. Select target
2. Press De-Fuse button

The Reset button - undoes all fusions
Only works once a day

With the exception of the reset button, the remote only works on targets within visual range.

The remote can also fuse people with inanimate objects and animals but this may cause unexpected results

Only people holding the remote are aware of changes.

General Writing Rules:
These are the guidelines for adding to any of my stories. I reserve the right to delete any chapters that break these rules.

1. Use good spelling and grammar. I will fix small mistakes, but I will delete chapters that are too hard to read.
2. Keep the story in third person and past tense. It's jarring when these randomly change.
3. Be consistent within a story branch and maintain the established continuity of the branch.
4. Keep characters consistent with their bios. It's okay to expand upon what's in the bios, but don't have characters act completely out of character or change established details about them.
5. Avoid adding too many one sentence or choice chapters. These are fine for earlier chapters in a branch to get things started, but after that point it becomes annoying and doesn't add anything to the story.
6. Don't write something completely different than what the option you selected says.
7. Try to avoid leaving only one option at the end of a chapter.
8. Sex is fine, but please try to be at least a bit realistic about it. Most people don't have sex constantly.
9. Try to avoid killing characters, especially the main characters. It's fine to include character death sometimes, but it's not really the focus of the story.
10. Please try to avoid adding to chapters that obviously violate the rules. I'd hate to delete a good chapter because it was added to one that broke the rules.
11. No promoting hate speech or being otherwise disrespectful of others.
12. Most importantly, have fun and don't be afraid to add! The story isn't going to write itself you know...

You can find a list of characters below that you can include. Feel free to introduce your own, as long as they don't conflict with any characters listed here. I might even add your character to the official list!

Michael "Mike" Hunter: 15 year old boy. The main character. He has short dark brown hair and is 5'7". He likes baseball and rock music. He's smart but he's also lazy and doesn't apply himself. He's not popular but he's also not "uncool" either.

Megan Hunter: Mike's 17 year old sister. She has long light brown hair, C-cup breasts, and is 5'5". She's very smart but unlike her brother, she is also very motivated. She's taking mostly honors classes. She's nice and relatively popular.

Alexis Hunter: Mike's 13 year old sister. She has shoulder-length dark brown hair, A-cup breasts, and is 5'1". She's slightly tomboyish and extremely bratty at times.

Grace Hunter: Mike's 49 year old mother. She has shoulder-length light brown hair, C-cup breasts, and is 5'4". She's nice but is very busy.

Philip "Phil" Hunter: Mike's 50 year old father. He has short dark brown hair and is 5'11". He's a typical dad who enjoys watching sports, playing golf, and telling terrible jokes.

Kobe: The family dog. He's an energetic golden retriever.

Mocha: The family cat. She's a dark brown cat who likes cuddling.

Jonathan "Jon" Mills: Mike's 15 year old best friend. He has short dark hair and is 5'8". He has similar interests to Mike but he is much more hyperactive.

Jessica Mills: Jon's 18 year old sister. She's prissy and bitchy and is the captain of the cheer squad. She has long, straight dark hair, a gorgeous figure, D-cup breasts, and is 5'5". She and Jon do not get along at all.

Marisa Martinez: Mike's 15 year old friend/crush. She's a cute girl of Hispanic descent with curly shoulder length dark hair and B-cup breasts. She's 5'3" in height. She's very nice and very girly.

Diego Martinez: Marisa's 17 year old brother. He's handsome and athletic and plays several sports at school. He is also quite popular with the girls. He's 6'0" and has neatly combed dark hair.

Daniel "Danny" Martinez: Marisa's 13 year old brother. He's a typical annoying younger brother. He's constantly pestering his older siblings and is fond of pranks. He's 5'5" and has shaggy dark hair.

Isabella Martinez: Marisa's 11 year old sister. She's extremely girly and she's super nice. She gets along really well with all her siblings, except for Daniel for obvious reasons. She looks up to Marisa quite a lot. She's got long curly hair like Marisa, stands at 4'9", and has small budding breasts.
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